c.300 Seleucid capital:  SELEUCIA on the Tigris from 311, moved to SELEUCIA-PIERIA until 246. 301 CAH 7.1-179
c.300 MEGASTHENES former Seleucid ambassador to India 302-291 writes  Indica  4 vols.
1. Geography & cities
2 & 3. Government, caste system, religious customs
4. Archaeology, history, legends
300 B76 VI-479
no date: OCD 665
c.300  Letter of JEREMIAH  written in Hebrew or Aramaic by a Jew in Babylonia.  Supposedly written by Jeremiah and sent to Jews in Babylon.  An a-logical rant against idolatry, with no relation to the book but  Jer. 10:11 . 300 B76 V-544
c.300 DURA-EUROPOS founded on mid Euphrates as a Seleucid military colony. 303 wikDE
300 OCD 422, wikDE
c.298 SELEUCUS, king of Babylonia 305, ruler of Syria 301-281, at Rhosus on Mediterranean coast of Syria, makes alliance with DEMETRIUS-I, marries his dau, STRATONICE. 300 DGRBM 3-925
299 lvPt1, lvS1
298 B76 16-503, CDCC 804
no date: B76 8-378
c.294 ANTIOCHUS, son of Seleucus falls in love with his stepmom STRATONICE.  Gets sick, apparently because of it. 294
B76 16-503
c.292 SELEUCUS, king of Babylonia 305, ruler of Syria 301-281, makes son ANTIOCHUS-I co-king and gives him the eastern empire from the Euphrates to the Indian Ocean plus his own wife Stratonice-I, on whom Antiochus had developed a crush.  Seleucus takes evetything west of the Euphrates. 294 CAH 7.1     294/3 lvA1 293 DGRBM 3-772, MCAW     293/2 CDCC 804, OCD 71     292 lvS1
c.290 BEROSUS, Chaldean priest of Bel in Babylon, writes (in Greek) a history and culture of Babylonia in 3 books dedicated to Antiochus-I.
1. From creation to the Flood.  Lists 10 kings before Flood.

COSMOGONY:  OANNES (½ man, ½ fish) and other deities came out of the sea and brought civilization.  Bel, lord of heaven, ordered a minor god to kill himself.  Other gods catch the blood, mix it with dirt, and make man.
300 GHH
B76 I-1015, OCD 165, OHG
290-78 wikBr
275 IDB 2-280
270 Dur 2-555 256 GHH
c.290 sundial SUNDIAL built by Berosus.  A cubical block with a hemispherical scoop cut out of it, and a pointer fixed at the vertex. photo: GFDL

300 B76 4-743
no date: wikSnd
c.290 MEGASTHENES former Seleucid ambassador to India 302-291 publishes  Indian History , composed between 312 and 305. 290 CHJ 2-622
c.290 MEGASTHENES former Seleucid ambassador to India 302-291 dies. 290 B76 VI-756, OCD 665
c.287 COALITION against DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes formed by PYRRHUS, LYSIMACHUS, SELEUCUS-I, and PTOLEMY-I 288 DGRBM 3-772, atl3 287 DGRBM 3-584
c.281 SELEUCUS dies.  King of Babylonia 305, ruler of Syria 301-281, co-king with son Antiochus from 292, stabbed to death by Ptolemy Keraunos in Thrace.   ANTIOCHUS-I Soter sole rule until 261. 281 B76 8-378, 16-503, BI+N 125, CAH 7.1-413, 8, CDCC 804, CHJ 2, ISBE 4-385, 144, Jud 3-73, LEWH 90, OCD 71, RAI2, RAI3, OCD 71, rcM, wikA1
280 Dur 2-555, GHH, IDB 1-149, LEWH 93, MCAW
c.281 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter, king of Syria/Babylonia 281-61, renounces all ambitions west of straits. 281 OCD 71
c.279 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter, king of Syria/Babylonia 281-61, makes peace with PTOLEMY-II Philadelphus until 276. 279
B76 8-380
c.279 SELEUCUS, 1st son of Antiochus-I, appointed viceroy of the east until 268/7. 280 B76 I-423 279 wikA1
c.274 SELEUCIA on the Tigris founded by ANTIOCHUS-I Soter.  Under Seleucids until 141. 275 TToH
274 ISBE 1-390, RAI2 348, RAI3 415
CONFUSION ALERT!  There are 3 SELEUCIAs:  Trachea in Cilicia, Pieria on the Orontes, and on the Tigris.
c.274 Many Jews of Babylon transferred to SELEUCIA on Tigris by ANTIOCHUS-I Soter. 275 Jud 4-36
c.268 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter, Seleucid king of Syria/Babylonia 281-61 goes from Syria to Babylonia. 268 lvA1
c.268 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter, Seleucid king of Syria/Babylonia 281-61 lays foundation for Ezida Temple of Nebo in Borsippa.  An inscription pinpoints the date. Mar 268
BHS 1-255, wikA1
c.268/7 SELEUCUS, 1st son of Antiochus-I, viceroy of the east from 279, charged with rebellion, executed by Antiochus-I. 268/7 wikA1 post-268 lvA2 266 lvA1
c.267 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter returns from Babylonia to Syria. 267 guess
c.261 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter dies.  Seleucid king of Syria/Babylonia from 281 killed fighting Celts in GalatiaANTIOCHUS-II Theos succeeds until 246. 262 Dur 2-555     262/1 B76 I-423, BHS 1-168, CHJ 2, TAG 315     261 B76 8-380, 11-989, CAH 7.1-212, 8, CDCC 803, DGRBM 1-196, DGRG 1-928, IDB 1-149, OHG, anan, bk, frH, hifiSl, lvA1, rcM, wikP
c.246 ANTIOCHUS-II Theos dies.  Seleucid king of Syria/Babylonia from 261 dies.  Son by 1st wife Laodice, SELEUCUS-II succeeds until 226. 247 Dur 2-556     246 B76 8-380, ISBE 4-385, Jud 3-73, LEWH 93, OCD 72, RAI2, RAI3, rcM, wikP
c.246 PTOLEMY-III Euergetes from Levant to south Syria. 245 bihi
c.246 Ptolemy III goes from Syria to Anatolia. 246 implied
c.246/5 Ptolemy III marches from Ephesus to Syria, to the Euphrates. 246 CAH 7.1 245 bihi
c.245 PTOLEMY III Euergetes, king of Egypt 246-61, arrives at Babylon. Dec. 246 CHJ 2-512, lvPt3, lvS2, lvTSW
c.245 BABYLON, under Macedonians from 331, falls to Ptolemy-III Euergetes, then soon under Seleucids until 141. 245 TTPC
c.245 PTOLEMY-III Euergetes forced to return from Babylon west because Antigonus-II Gonatas is intervening in Egypt's Aegean possessions.  He brings back statues of Egyptian gods that had been carried to Babylon by Cambyses in 525. 245 bihi, lvPt3, lvTSW
c.245 BABYLONIA recovered from Ptolemy-III by SELEUCUS-II king of Syriaunder Seleucids until 141. 245 lvTSW
c.245 SELEUCUS-II king of Syria recognized in Babylonia. 245 CAH 7.1-420
c.244 SELEUCUS-II, Seleucid king of Syria/Babylonia 246-26, begins a series of campaigns in Syria, for which he is named Callinicus "Famous Conqueror". 244
TAG 386
c.237 SELEUCUS-II Callinicus king of Syria/Babylonia 246-26, in Parthia 237, returns to Mesopotamia until 232/1. 237 RPar 56
235 ±85 star catalogBabylonian STAR CATALOG written in cuneiform, lists constellations, individual stars, and planets.  The constellations were probably collected from other sources.  This list from Uruk gives each constellation, the number of stars and the distance to the next constellation. photo: Anagoria

320-150 wikBSC
c.232/1 SELEUCUS-II Callinicus king of Syria / Babylonia 246-26, in Mesopotamia from 237, goes to Hyrcania. 232/1 guess
c.228 Antiochus HIERAX goes from Syria to Mesopotamia until 227, tries to raise revolt against bro Seleucus-II Callinicus. 228 lvS2
c.227 SELEUCUS-II Callinicus, in Parthia from 230, returns to Mesopotamia, expells Hierax from Babylonia. 229 lvS2
227 DHA 91
c.227 Antiochus HIERAX in Mesopotamia from 228, flees to Thrace. 227 B76 I-424, LEWH 93, OCD 72
c.227 SELEUCUS-II Callinicus in east from 237, in Mesopotamia 227, returns to Syria. 227 CAH 7.1-213
c.226 1st son of Antiochus-II + Laodice-I, SELEUCUS-II Callinicus dies.  King of Syria/Babylonia from 246 dies of a fall from his horse.  Son by Laodice-II, SELEUCUS-III succeeds until 223. 226 Dur 2-556, IDB 4-267, ISBE 4-385, LEWH 93, RAI2, RAI3     225 B76 8-380, rcM, wikP
c.223 Son of S-II, SELEUCUS-III dies.  King of Syria/Babylonia from 226 poisoned in a conspiracy in Anatolia by members of his army.  Bro age 15 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas succeeds until 187.  Carian HERMIAS is civil and financial administrator and main power behind throne until 220. 223 B76 1-825, 993, 8-380, CAH 7.1-434, 8, CDCC 803, DGRBM 2-410, DHA 91, Dur 2-556, IDB 1-149, 4-267, ISBE 4-386, Jud 3-73, OCD 72, OHG, RAH 383, bk, hifiSl, rcM, wikP     222 CDCC 53, RAI3, lvS3
c.223 MOLON put in charge of Media and other eastern satrapies by Antiochus-III Megas, and Molon's bro ALEXANDER put in charge of Persis, both until 222. 224 DGRBM 1-122 223 CAH 7.1-434, DGRBM 2-1111, wikAl
c.222 MOLON, Seleucid governor of Media and east provinces from 223, rebels against Antiochus-III, then on campaign against Ptolemaic Syria. 222 B76 1-993, CAH 7.1-434, rcM
c.222 Babylon siezed by Molon. 222 GHH
c.222 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187, visits Nisibis and suppresses revolt of Molon in Media and Alexander in Persis. 222 lvA3
221 BHS 1-307
c.221 MOLON dies.  Seleucid governor of Media and eastern provinces from 223, rebelling from 222, deserted by troops, conquered by Antiochus-III king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 on east bank of Tigris.  Suicides out.  Most leaders of the rebellion also suicide out.  One of them escapes to Persis, kills Molon's mother and children, persuades Alexander to suicide, and then kills himself on the bodies of his friends. 221 CAH 7.1, LEWH 93
220 B76 1-993, DGRBM 1-123, 2-1111, GHH, rcM, wikAl, lv4SW, wikMl
c.220 ATROPATENE (northwest Media), independent under Artabarzanes from ?, conquered by army of Antiochus-III, becomes a Seleucid province. 220 B76 1-993, DGRBM 1-196
c.220 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187, in Persia from ?, returns to Media, then to Syria. 220 B76 1-993, wikA3
c.211 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 sails down Euphrates, in east until 205/4. 212 GHH
211/0 CAH 8-140
c.211 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 with 100,000 inf and 20,000 cav, marches from Mesopotamia into Media, recovers Ecbatana without battle. 213 RPar 59 212 GHH
c.210 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 in Media preparing expedition, takes 4,000 talents from temple of Anaitis at Ecbatana. 210 BHS 2-17, CAH 8-140
c.210 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 chases Artananus-I into Hyrcania. 212 GHH, HCIP 2-104
210 DGRBM 1-1020
209/8 BHS 2-21
c.210 2,000 Jewish families of Babylonia sent by Antiochus-III to help him control Anatolia. Antiq 12:     210 CHJ 2-189, Jud 4-36
Seleucid Empire
Seleucid Empire c.206.       Map Talessman
c.205 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 sails from Persia, across Gulf of Arabia to Mesopotamia, continues west. 205
CAH 8-142
c.205 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 is in the eastern capital, Seleucia on the Tigris. 205/4 BHS 2-23, 24

Mesopotamia 200-101