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 9 Gn. Calpurnius PISO becomes governor of Tarraconensis until ?? 9 wikGnCP
 9 Legion II Augusta in Hispania Tarraconensis from 26 BC, is sent to Germany. 9 wik2Ag
14 M. Aemilius LEPIDUS becomes governor of Nearer Spain until . 14 OCD 597, wikMAL
14 Aug 19 AUGUSTUS dies.   TIBERIUS succeeds until 37.
19 Rest of Hispania conquered by Rome. 19 woER
25 BAETICA Farther Spain sends embassy to senate asking permission to build a temple to Tiberius & Livia, as granted to Asia in 23.  Tiberius refuses. TAn 4:37 25 CAH 10-493
25 L. ARRUNTIUS becomes governor of Tarraconensis until ?? governs in absentia for over 10 years 25 wikLA
25 L. Calpurnius PISO, praetor in Nearer Spain, murdered while traveling. TAn 4:45
25 DGRBM 3-376
40 Appius Junius SILANUS comes from Rome as governor of Nearer Spain until 41. 40 OCD 989
41 Jan 24 CALIGULA dies.   CLAUDIUS succeeds until 54.
41 Appius Junius SILANUS governor of Tarraconensis from 40, recalled to Rome.  until 41. 41 OCD 989, wikAJS
44 Urso tablets Lex Coloniae Genetivae Juliae  (aka Ursonensis), originated by Julius Caesar as a charter of colony Urso in Spain, approved in Rome and inscribed on 9 bronze tablets, 4 of which survive. photo:
Luis GarcĂ­a

44 EDRL 549
no date: wikLU
54 Oct 13 CLAUDIUS dies.   NERO succeeds until 68.
58 Quaestor M. Salvius OTHO becomes governor of Lusitania until 68. TAn 13:45,6     58 B76 VII-621, DGRBM 3-686, GHH, HRRP 4.2-476, wikLst     58/9 CAH 10-716, acOt
60 A Christian TRADITION says Paul and Thecla founded a church at Tarraco. 60 B76 IX 830
60 Servius Sulpicius GALBA sent from Rome as governor of Nearer Spain until 68. 60 B76 IV-384, OCD 454     61 GHH
61 Servius Sulpicius GALBA is made governor of Tarraconensis until ?. 61 DGRBM 2-206
c.63 Legion X Gemina in Spain from 30 BC, sent to Carnuntum in Pannonia until 68/9. 63 wikXGm
64 M. Valerius MARTIAL, age 25, educated in Spain, goes to Rome. 64 MCAW, OCD 652     66 DGRBM 2-964, GHH
66 APOLLONIUS of Tyana Greek Neopythagorean philosopher, in Rome from 66, expelled, goes to Gades, Spain. 66 gtbAT
c.67 PLINY the elder appointed procurator, comes from Rome to Spain until 72. pre death of Nero DGRBM 3-414
68 Apr 2 Servius Sulpicius GALBA, governor of Hispania Taraconensis from 60, now at Clunia with only 1 legion, accepts offer of Vindex in Gaul, refuses obedience to Nero, declares self a legate of the senate and people of Rome.  Another Legion joins him, and proclaims him emperor.  He is acknowledged by the Praetorians, then by the senate. 68 B76 IV-384, 17-404, CAH 10-739, Dur 3-210, GHH, IDB 3-538, LEWH, MCAW, OCD 454, fyf
68 Legions in Spain and Gaul rebel. 69 MCAW, LEWH
68 A. CAECINA ALIENUS, quaestor in Baetica, declares for Galba, who appoints him commander of Legion IV Macedonica at Mogontiacum in Upper Germany. 68 B76 II-431, OCD 187, wikACA
68 Obultronius SABINUS and Cornelius MARCELLUS are killed by Galba. THs 1:37
68 DGRBM 2-2
68 Legion VII Gemina is raised by Galba in Spain. 68 wik7Gm
68 M. Salvius OTHO governor of Lusitania from 58, declares for Galba, and joins him. 68 B76 VII-621, GHH, wikLst
68 GALBA and M. Salvius OTHO march slowly thru Narbonensis for Rome.  Spaniard M. Fabius Quintilian accompanies. 68 GHH, MCAW OCD 454     69 LEWH
68 Jun 9 or 11 NERO dies.   Year of 4 emperors begins until 69.
68/9 Legion X Gemina, in Carnuntum Pannonia from 63, sent back to Spain until 70. 68/9 wikXGm
69 Feb? 2 legions in Spain sware allegiance to Otho - briefly, then go to Vitellius. THs 1:76
69 Cluvius RUFUS, commander in Spain learns that Lucceius Albinus is planning to invade Spain.  He moves legion X Gemina down to the coast, and sends centurions to Mauretania Caesarensis to get the Mauri to rebel against Lucceius Albinus. THs 2:58-9 69 DGRBM 1-94
69 Dec 20 VITELIUS dies.  VESPASIAN succeeds until 79.
70 Legion X Gemina, in Spain from 68/9, sent to Batavia in Lower Germany. 70 wikXGm
c.72 PLINY the elder procurator in Spain from 67, returns to Rome. 70-73 DGRBM 3-414
73 L. Junius Quintus Vibius CRISPUS becomes governor of Tarraconensis until ?? 73 OCD 1119
no date: wikQVC
74 SPAIN, peacefully Roman from 19 BC, fully Romanized as Vespasian grants Latin rights to all Spain. 73/4 ISBE 4-592
74 B76 17-405, LEWH
75/6 C. Catellius CELLER becomes governor of Lusitania until 77/8 75/6 wikLst
77/8 C. Catellius CELLER, governor of Lusitania from 75/6, ends. 77/8 wikLst
78 C. Calpetanus Rantius Quirinalis Valerius FESTUS becomes governor of Tarraconensis until 81. 78 wikQVF
78 M. Sempronius FUSCUS becomes proconsul of Baetica until 79. 78 wikHB
79 C. Valerius FESTUS becomes legate of Tarraconensis until ?. 79 OCD 1106
79 Jun 23/4 VESPASIAN dies.   TITUS succeeds until 81.
79 M. Sempronius FUSCUS proconsul of Baetica from 78, ends.  C. Cornelius GALLICANUS succeeds until 80. 79 wikHB
80 C. Cornelius GALLICANUS proconsul of Baetica from 79, ends.  ?????? succeeds until 80. 80 wikHB
81 C. Calpetanus Rantius Quirinalis Valerius FESTUS governor of Tarraconensis from 78, ends.  81 wikQVF
81 Sep 13 TITUS dies.   DOMITIAN succeeds until 96.
82/3  Lex Malacitana   Latin rights granted by Vespasian to cities Malaga and Salpensa. 81-4 wikLM
82-4 EDRL 556 82/3 OCD 603
83  Lex Salpensana    A municipal constitution of the Latin municipium Salpensa.  A part of the text, together with lex Malacitana, was found on a bronze tablet near Malaga Spain.  The sections of the 2 charters preserved inform us about municipal magistracies, manumiission of slaves and appointment of tutors (Lex Salpensana), municipal assemblies, candidates in elections and voting, administration of municipal funds, tax-farming, fines, etc. 82-4 EDRL 559
83/4 L. Antisticus RUSTICUS becomes proconsul of Baetica until . 83/4 wikHB, wikLAR
86 P. Aelius AFER dies, leaving son P. Aelius Hadrianus, age 9, and dau Paulina orphans.  They are entrusted to Trajan, a cousin of his father, and colleague, P. Acilius Attianus, who tutors Hadrianus and educates him in music, medicine, math, painting, sculpture, and Greek literature. 85 B76 8-539
86 Dur 3-414, wikTr
86 TRAJAN commands Legion VII Gemina until 89.. 86 wik7Gm
89 TRAJAN, legate of Legion VII Gemina in Tarraconensis, supports Domitian. 89 unrvTr, wikTr
c.89 Trajan is summoned by Domitian to go to Gaul. 89 wikDt, wikTr
c.90 HADRIAN, age 14, sails from Rome to Spain, his ancestral home.  Lives less than 2 years at Italica, learns hunting and military life, returning in 91. 90 B76 8-539
91 Baebius MASSA becomes proconsul of Baetica until 92. 91 wikHB
92 Baebius MASSA proconsul of Baetica from 91, ends.  until 92. 92 wikHB
95 Galeo Tettienus Severus Marcus Eppuleius Proculus Tiberius Caepio HISPO becomes proconsul of Baetica until 96. 95 wikHB
96 Galeo Tettienus Severus Marcus Eppuleius Proculus Tiberius Caepio HISPO governor of Baetica from 95 ends.  ??? GALLUS succeeds until 97. 96 wikHB
96 Sep 18 DOMITIAN dies.  NERVA succeeds until 98.
97 ??? GALLUS governor of Baetica from 96 ends.  Caecilius CLASSICUS succeeds until 98. 97 wikHB
98 Caecilius CLASSICUS governor of Baetica from 97 ends.  ???? succeeds until . 98 wikHB
99 A. Cornelius Palma FRONTONIANUS becomes governor of Tarraconensis until ?? 99 wikCPF
100 MARTIAL (M. Valerius Martialis), with financial help from Pliny the Younger, retires from Italy to his native Spain. 100 GHH, MCAW
100 Q. Baebius MACER becomes governor of Baetica until 101. 100 wikHB