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 Rome/Parthian War map: Cplakidas

0±20 BABYLON: "The greater part of Babylon is so deserted that one would not hesitate to say... The Great City is a great desert." Strabo: Geography 16:1:5
c.1 PHRAATES-V, king of Parthia 2BC-5CE, agrees to withdraw forces from Armenia, and recognize a de facto Roman protectorate over it. 1 MCAW, caisAD, eiArs, wikPr5, wikRPW
c.1 KAMNASKIRES-VIII becomes king of Elymais until 15. 1 wikEl, wikPsk
c.2 C. CAESAR meets PHRAATES-V on an island in the Euphrates, makes treaty.  Rome recognizes Parthia as a legitimate kingdom.  Phraates renounces right to interfere in Armenia. 1 RPar 228
2 B76 VII-972, MCAW, OCD 191, SORH
c.2 PHRAATES-V, king of Parthia 2BC-5CE, marries mom, Thea Urania MUSA, Italian slave gift who poisoned his dad in 2BC. 2 B76 VII-972, OCD 828
c.2 PARTHIA:  Anti-Helenistic period begins until 162. 2 B76 9-844
c.4 ORODES becomes Arsacid king of Media until 6. 4 wikPsK
c.4 Thea Urania MUSA dies.  Queen mother of Parthia from 2 BC. 4 wikLPK, wikP
c.4 Son of P-4 & Musa, PHRAATES-V deposed.  King of Parthia from 2 BC, driven from the country by ORODES-III, who succeeds, but his bad temper gets him murdered in 6. 4 B76 VII-972, 9-844, OCD 123, 828, caisAD, eiArs, wikLPK, wikPE, wikPr5
5 CAH 10-278     6 icsPE, lvArs
c.6 Dynastic troubles begin in Parthia until 9. 6 MCAW
c.6 SELEUCIA, under Parthia from ?, rebels. 6 wikPE
c.6 ORODES-III dies.  16th Arsacid king of Media from 4, Parthia from 5, assassinated. 6 B76 9-844, OCD 123, caisAD, eiArs, lvArs, wikLPK, wikP, wikPr5, wikPsK, wikVn1     7 B76 X-494
no date: CAH 10-278
c.7 Parthians, needing a king, send embassy to Rome to ask for return of VONONES, eldest son of Phraates-IV, who was sent to Rome in 10/9. 5 RPar 230
c.7/8 Eldest son of Phraates-IV, VONONES-I, arrives from Rome, becomes 7th Arsacid king of Parthia until 11. 6-8 CAH 10-278     7/8 B76 X-494, 9-844, OCD 123
8 icsPE, lvArs, wikLPK, wikP, wikVn1     8/9 caisAD, eiArs
8/9 ATTAMBALOS-II, king of Characene from 17/6 BC, ends.  ABINERGAOS-I does not succeed until 10/11. 8/9 wikCrc, wikPsk
c.9 Dynastic troubles in Parthia from 6 end. 9 MCAW
9 ARTABANUS becomes king of Media Atropatene and king of Hyrcania until 38. 9 wikPsk
9/10 ARTABANUS, Arsacid king of Media Atropatene 9-38, bids for Parthian throne.  Accepted by a Parthian faction. 9/10 B76 I-548
no date: CAH 10-278
c.10 Parthians revolt against Vonones, and summon Artabanus. 10 RPar 232
10/11 ABINERGAOS-I becomes king of Characene until 22/3. 10/11 wikCrc, wikPsk     12 rcM
c.11 VONONES-I, 7th Arsacid king of Parthia 7/8-11 defeated in battle by ARTABANUS-III, king of Media Atropatene 9-38. Ant 18:2:4
no date: wikVn1
c.11 Son of Phraates-IV, VONONES-I ends.  7th Arsacid king of Parthia from 7/8 deposed by Artabanus, king of Media Atropatene, who succeeds as ARTABANUS-III of Parthia until 38.  Vonones flees on horse to Seleucia. Ant 18:2:4     10 CDCC 649, icsPE, lvArs, wikLPK, wikPE     10/1 caisAD 11 B76 X-494, 9-844, CAH 10-278 11/2 OCD 125 12 B76 I-548, OCD 123, 828, icsPE, lvArs, wikLPK, wikP, wikPsk, wikVn1
c.11 MEDIA Atropatene, independent from ?, incorporated into Parthia until 45. 11 implied
c.11 Dynastic changes and unrest in Parthia. 11 MCAW
c.11 ARTABANUS-III, king of Media Atropatene 9-38, king of Parthia 11-38, kills remaining followers of Vonones, retires to Ctesiphon. Ant 18:2:4
c.12 VONONES-I, former king of Parthia until 11, goes from Seleucia to Armenia, now without a king. Ant 18:2:4
11/2 OCD 125
no date: CAH 10-278
c.12 ARTABANUS-III, Arsacid on moms side, secures throne of Parthia until 35.  Sends word to Augustus that if Vonones is made king of Armenia, then Atrabanus would invade Armenia. Ant 18:2:4     12 B76 I-548, 9-844, CAH 10-278, 744, OCD 125 no date: CAH 10-278
c.12 Thermusa makes her son Arsaces XVI (Phraataces) king of Parthia. 2BC icsPE
12 GHH, wikLPK
15 ADIABENE emerges when Romans and Parthians are weak or distracted. 15 rcJD
c.15 KAMNASKIRES-VIII, king of Elymais from 1, ends.  KAMNASKIRES-IX succeeds until 25. 15 wikEl, wikPsk
c.16 Artabanus, of Media, deposes and expels Vonones into Armenia; Artabanus ascends the throne as Arsaces XIX (Artabanus-III) of Parthia. 15 B76 X-494
16 DGRBM 1-357, 3-1119, GHH
16 VONONES, son of Phraates-IV, flees from Parthia to Armenia where he is accepted as king. 15 B76 X-494
16 DGRBM 1-357, 3-1119, GHH, KHA 88
c.16 VONONES-I, king of Armenia [the exiled king of Parthia] is expelled from Armenia. 16 GHH
c.18 Germanicus favors the pretensions of ?????(Zenon) to the throne of Armenia. 18 GHH
c.18 ARTABANUS-III, king of Parthia, meets GERMANICUS, on an island in the EuphratesA-III asks that Vonones be removed from Antioch, and sent farther west.  Germanicus renews friendship treaty with A-III. TAn 2:58
18 CAH 10-621, DGRBM 1-357, wikVn1
c.19 Son of Phraates-4, VONONES-I is killed in Cilicia by RomansSon Meherdates survives. 19 B76 X-494, caisAD, eiArs, wikLPK, wikVn1
20 Bros Anilaeus and Asinaeus establish a Jewish state in Babylonia which lasts until 35. 20 Jud 4-38
22/3 ABINERGAOS-I, king of Characene from 10/11, ends.  ADINNERGLOS succeeds until 37/8. 21 rcM     22/3 wikCrc, wikPsk
c.25 KAMNASKIRES-IX, king of Elymais from 15, ends.  ORODES-I succeeds until 50. 25 wikEl, wikPsk
c.31 Exilarch interregnum from 13 BC ends.  Son of Eliashib, SHEMAYA-II, becomes exilarch until 40. 31 prgE
35 Jewish state in Babylonia from 20 ends. 35 Jud 4-38
35 A Parthian faction under Sinaces and Abdus goes to Rome, then to Capri, asks Tiberius to send PHRAATES, son of P-4, to overthrow Artabanus-III.  Tiberius gladly complies. TAn 6:31     35 B76 I-548, CAH 10-748, DGRBM 1-358
no date: OCD 1078
35 Son of Phraates-4, TIRIDATES is escorted by L. Vitellius and legions into Parthia. TAn 6:37     35 B76 I-548, X-2, CAH 10-749, DGRBM 1-358, OCD 1078     36 GHH
35 ARTABANUS-III, king of Parthia 12-35, puts son ORODES in charge of army, gives him money to hire mercenaries to recover Armenia. TAn 6:33 35 CAH 10-748
35 ORODES invades Armenia, and is defeated. 35 DGRBM 1-358
35 ARTABANUS-III, king of Parthia 12-35, leads his whole army to Armenia to avenge defeat of son Orodes. TAn 6:36
36 RPar 240
35 ARTABANUS-III, king of Parthia 12-35, withdraws army from Armenia to defend Mesopotamia, loses face with his nobles.  Many defect to Tiridates. TAn 6:36
35 Subjects of Artabanus-III rebel, because of instigation by L. Vitellius. 35
35 PHRAATES-V becomes pro-Roman rebel king of Parthia, and ends. 35 lvArs
35 ARTABANUS-III, king of Parthia from 12, fears assassination by nobles, flees to Hyrcania, where he is king 9-38. TAn 6:36     35 BNTH 29, CAH 10-748
36 OCD 125
35 Son of Phraates-4, TIRIDATES is escorted by L. Vitellius and legions into Parthia.  He goes to Ctesiphon, and becomes client king of Parthia until 36. TAn 6:37     35 B76 I-548, X-2, CAH 10-749, DGRBM 3-1152, DGRG 2-9, OCD 1078, icsPE, wikLPK, wikP     36 GHH, lvArs
36 SELEUCIA on Tigris, under Parthia from ?, rebels and maintains independence until 42. 36 caisAD, eiArs
40 RPar 259
36 Parthian usurper Tiridates-III, a nominee of Tiberius, seizes most of Mesopotamia from rightful ruler Artabanus-III 36 irnEl
36 TIRIDATES, client king of Parthia 35-6, receives submission from Nicephorium, Anthemusias, and other Macedonian cities, also Artemita on Tigris & nearby Halus. TAn 6:41
36 TIRIDATES, client king of Parthia 35-6, receives letters from provincial rulers Phraates-V & Hiero requesting he postpone his inauguration.  Refuses.  Phraates-V & Hiero side with Artabanus-III, and go find him in Hyrcania. TAn 6:43
36 Some Parthian nobles, jealous of Abdageses, prime minister of Tiridates, recall Artabanus. 36 DGRBM 1-358, caisAD
36 ARTABANUS-III, king of Parthia 12-35, backed by loyal Parthian faction and Scythians, invades Parthia against Roman puppet Tiridates, who retreats to Mesopotamia, expecting help from Rome. TAn 6:44
36 B76 X-2, CAH 10-749, DGRBM 1-358
36 TIRIDATES, client king of Parthia from 35, loses face with Parthians because of tactical withdrawal into Mesopotamia.  loses Parthia to Artabanus-III until 38, flees to Syria. TAn 6:45
36 DGRBM 1-358, lvArs, icsPE, wikLPK, wikP
36 Elymaeans are allied with Tiridates.  The revolt fails, and Artabanus regains Mesopotamia. 36 irnEl
36/7 L. VITELLIUS, governor of Syria 35-40, meets ARTABANUS-III king of Parthia on an island in the EuphratesArtabanus accepts Roman rule over Armenia and agrees to send son Darius as hostage to Rome. 36 BNTH 30, LEWH 36/7 RPar 245
37 B76 9-844, CAH 10-749, eiArs
37 CINNAMUS becomes rival king of Parthia until later 37. 37 wikLPK, wikP
37 Arsaces-30, Cinnamus abdicates 37 wikLPK, wikP
37/8 ADINNERGLOS, king of Characene from 22/3, ends.  ATTAMBALOS-III succeeds until 44/5. 37/8 wikCrc, wikPsk
51 rcM
c.38 ARTABANUS-III dies.  Arsacid king of Hyrcania from 9, Parthia 12-35, from 36, killed by intrigue of GOTARZES, who usurps throne, and holds Hyrcania until 51, but is chased out of Parthia by son of A-3, VARDANES, for a few months. 38 B76 I-549, IV-644, 9-844, OCD 123, 125, caisAD, eiArs, icsPE, lvArs, wikPE, wikVn1     39 CAH 10-754, 11-90
40 wikLPK, wikP, wikPsk, wikP
c.38 VARDANES, king of Hyrcania 38-45, Parthia for a few months, loses to bro GOTARZES, king of Hyrcania, until 42. 38 B76 IV-644, 9-844, OCD 123, 125     39/40 CAH 10-754, 11-90     40 icsPE, wikP
40 SHEMAYA-II, exilarch from 31, ends.  Son of Babutan, LIUNAN usurps until 50. 40 prgE
c.42 SELEUCIA on Tigris, rebelling against Parthia from 36, falls to Vardanes son of Artabanus, and is back under Parthia until ?. 42 caisAD, eiArs
46 RPar 259
c.42 GOTARZES, king of Hyrcania 38-51, 20th king of Parthia from 38, deposed in Parthia for cruelty by bro VARDANES-I, who is restored until 45.  Gotarzes retreats north to Hyrcania until 43 40 icsPE
41 irnEl 51 wikLPK
43 Son of Artabanus-III, GOTARZES, king of Hyrcania, invades Parthia against bro VARDANES, who is chased to Bactria. 43 CAH 10-754
43 PARTHIA is divided. 43 CAH 10-754
43 APOLLONIUS of Tyana visits Taxila India (now under Parthia) until 44. 43 HCIP 2-28
c.44 VARDANES-I, king of Parthia 42-5, and bro GOTARZES discover a plot by nobles to kill them both, make peace.  Vardanes accepts Gotarzes as king of Hyrcania. TAn 11:9 44 CAH 10-754
c.44 VARDANES-I, king of Parthia 42-5, starts to invade Armenia, but stops because Vibius Marsus threatens to invade Mesopotamia. TAn 11:10 44 CAH 10-754-5
44 Civil commotions in Parthia; decline of its prosperity and power. 44 GHH
44/5 ATTAMBALOS-III, king of Characene from 37/8, ends. 44/5 wikCrc, wikPsk
c.45 VARDANES, king of Parthia 42-5, seizes Atropatene in Media. 45 GHH
c.45 GOTARZES, king of Hyrcania 38-51, encouraged by his nobles to revolt, attacks bro VARDANES, king of Parthia, defeated at Charinda river. TAn 11:10
c.45 Son of Artabanus-3, VARDANES-I dies.  King of Parthia from 42, gets uppity, and is killed by nobles while hunting.  Bro, GOTARZES succeeds until 51, begins killing off possible rivals. TAn 11:10     45 B76 IV-644 CAH 10-755, caisAD, irnEl 46 wikLPK, wikP
47 DGRBM 1-358, HCIP 2-132, icsPE
c.45 Now that bro Vardanes is dead, GOTARZES, king of Hyrcania 38-51 and Parthia, siezes Armenia. 45 wikAdA
45 Elymaeans recover Susa from the Parthians and then move their own capital from Seleucia to Susa. 45 irnEl
45 MEDIA ATROPATENE, under Parthia from 11, goes independent.  VONONES-II resumes as king of Media Atropatene until 51. 45 wikPsk, wikP
46/7 THEONESIOS-II, becomes king of Characene until 53. 46/7 wikCrc, wikPsk     51 rcM
47 Parthian embassy goes to Rome, asks Claudius to send another king to replace Gotarzes. TAn 12:10
47 CAH 10-755
47 Son of Vonones-I, Meherdates aspires to the throne of Parthia, under the influence of Rome. 47 GHH
49 Son of Vonones-I, MEHERDATES and Parthian dissidents take Nineveh. TAn 12:13 49 wikVn1
49 GOTARZES bad behavior inspires local opposition. 49 RPar 263
49 Parthian general CARENES defeated in battle with Gotarzes. TAn 12:12-14
49 DGRBM 1-612
49 Gotarzes decisively defeats Meherdates in Kurdistan TAn 12:12-14       49 DGRBM 1-612, caisAD
49 /50 Son of Vonones-I, MEHERDATES, contender for Parthian throne from 49, and Parthian dissidents at Corma river, deserted by Akbar the Arab and Izates of Adiabene, defeated by GOTARZES, betrayed by Pharfhaces.  Meherdates is captured, has his ears cut off. TAn 12:14 49 HRRP 4.1-431
50 wikLPK
50 LIUNAN, usurper exilarch from 40, ends.  Son of Shemaya-II, SCHANIA-II succeeds until 80. 50 prgE
50 Indo-Parthian SANABARES becomes rebel king of Parthia at Merv in Margiana until 56. 50 icsPE, lvArs, wikSnb
c.50 ORODES-I, king of Elymais from 25, ends.  ORODES-II succeeds until 70. 50 wikEl, wikPsk
c.51 Son of Vonones-I, MEHERDATES dies.  Contender for Parthian throne from 49, defeated and killed. 51 GHH, RPar 268, wikVn1
c.51 Son of Artabanus-3, GOTARZES dies of illness.  King of Hyrcania from 38, Parthia from 45.  His son, king of Media Atropatene, VONONES-II succeeds until August. TAn 12:10-14     50 DGRBM 1-358     50/1 HRRP 4.1-431, RPar 270 51 B76 IV-644, 9-845, CAH 10-755, 11-90, OCD 123, caisAD, eiArs, icsPE, lvArs, wikLPK, wikP, wikVn2
It is not clear whether Vonones, bro of Artabanus-II and king of Armenia now succeeds, to be followed by his son Vologases, or whether Vologases succeeds directly. caisAD
c.51 Aug Bro of Artabanus, VONONES-II dies.  King of Media Atropatene from 11, Parthia 51.  Son by a Greek concubine: VOLOGASES-II succeeds in Parthia until 78PACORUS succeeds in Atropatene until 75. 51 B76 9-845, CAH 10-755, 11-90, OCD 123, LEWH, RPar 272, eiArs, icsPE, lvArs, wikAtr, wikLPK, wikPE, wikP, wikPsk, wikTr1, wikVn2
c.51 VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 51-78, sends large army into Armenia. 51 wikRdm
c.51 PARTHIA begins a slow dissolution into smaller states until 122. 51 B76 9-845
c.52 VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 51-78, Media Atropatene 51-2, invades Armenia, which submits until winter. 51 CAH 10-757, OCD 119, RPar 272, ada     52 B76 4-696, CAH 10-757, OCD 119
c.52 VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 51-78, Media Atropatene from 51, gives Media Atropatene to bro PACORUS until 75. 52 guess
52 late VOLOGASES-II & son Tiridates withdraw from Armenia because of harsh winter, low supplies, and pestilence. 52 CAH 10-757-8
52/3 THEONESIOS-III, becomes king of Characene for an unstated time period. 52/3 wikCrc, wikPsk
53 THEONESIOS-II, king of Characene from 46/7, ends.  ATTAMBELOS-III succeeds until ?. 53 rcM
c.53 :VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 51-78, appoints bro Tiridates king of Armenia. 52 anan, wikAdA, wikLAK
53 CAH 10-758, OCD 119, bdrs, caisAD, eiArs     54 OCD 1078, hifi, rcCau, wikAdA, wikRdm, wikTAH
c.54 :VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 51-78, busy with internal revolt, withdraws army from Armenia until 61. 54 CAH 10-759, ada
54/5 ATTAMBALOS-IV, becomes king of Characene until 64/5. 54/5 wikCrc, wikPsk
c.54/5 VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 52-78, busy with internal revolt, had already withdrawn from Armenia, when he receives ultimatim from Corbulo.  He yields to demands, and gives Corbulo hostages. 55 CAH 10-759
c.55 VARDANES-II defects from dad Vologases, becomes rebel king until 58. 54 RPar 277     55 icsPE, lvArs, wikPE
56 SANABARES, rebel king of Parthia at Merv in Margiana from 50, ends. 56 icsPE, lvArs
65 wikSnb
58 HYRCANIA, under VOLOGASES-II of Parthia from ? rebels, becomes independent until 62. 57/8 CAH 10     58 B76 9-845, RPar 279
58 VARDANES-II, rebel king from 55, deposed by dad Vologases 58 RPar 277, icsPE, lvArs, wikLPK
58 VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 52-78, goes north to deal with rebellion in Hyrcania. 58 RPar 279
c.58 Rome / Parthia War begins in Armenia until 63. 55 wikHA     58 DGRBM 1-358, wikAdA, wikPE, wikRPW
61 VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 52-78, again invades Armenia on behalf of bro Tiridates. TAn 15:2
62 HYRCANIA, independent from 58, comes back under VOLOGASES-II of Armenia/Parthia. 62 RPar 280
62 late PAETUS, besieged in Rhandea (east Armenia) by Vologases, has plenty of supplies, but surrenders, agrees to leave all forts and supplies, promises that no Roman will enter Armenia until given OK by Nero.  For this Paetus and his legions XII Fulminata and IV Scythica are allowed to leave Armenia. TAn 15:13-16
62 B76 III-143, LEWH, caisAD, eiArs, wikGDC, wikTr1
63 Rome / Parthia War from 58 ends with Treaty of Rhandea. 63 caisAD, wikPE, wikRPW
64/5 ATTAMBALOS-IV, king of Characene from 54/5, ends.  ATTAMBALOS-V succeeds until 73/4. 64/5 wikCrc, wikPsk
c.69 :VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 52-78, offers Vespasian services of 40,000 horse archers to help in Judea. THs 2:82, 4:51 69 fyf
70 RPar 292
c.70 ORODES-II, king of Elymais from 50, ends.  PHRAATES succeeds until 90. 70 wikEl, wikPsk
c.72 Sons of Antiochus-IV, EPIPHANES and CALLINICUS, escape from Commagene to Parthia. 72 CAH 11-139-40
c.72 :VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 52-78, sends embassy to Vespasian to intercede for Antiochus of Commagene. 72 DGRBM 1-359
73/4 ATTAMBALOS-V, king of Characene from 64/5, ends.  OROBAZES-II succeeds until 80. 73/4 wikCrc, wikPsk
c.75 :VOLOGASES-II, king of Parthia 52-78, asks Vespasian to help Parthia against the AlaniVespasian declines. 75 DGRBM 1-359
75 Bro of Vologases-II, PACORUS, king of Media Atropatene from 52, ends. 75 wikPsk
77 PARTHIA becomes chaotic with 2 or more kings simultaneously, and challenged by other claimants. 77
c.78 VOLOGASES-II dies.  King of Parthia from 51VOLOGASES-III and PACORUS-II succeed until Pacorus 80, Vologases 89/90. 77 CAH 11-90, LEWH, RPar 292, lvArs, wikLPK, wikPE, wikP     77/8 B76 X-488, 9-845, 78 B76 VII-667, RPar 296, ada, eiArs, icsPE, lvArs, 79/80 OCD 123     80 CHEIA 164
c.80 PACORUS-II ends.  Co-king of Parthia from 78, overthrown by ARTABANUS-IV, who succeeds until 81. 79 B76 9-845, CAH 11-90 80 caisAD, eiArs, icsPE, lvArs, wikLPK, wikP
80 OROBAZES-II, king of Characene from 73/4, ends.  PAKOROS-II succeeds until 101/2. 80 wikCrc, wikPsk
80 Son of Shemaya-2, SHANIA-II, exilarch from 50, ends.  Son, UVADAYA-II succeeds until 90. 80 prgE
80 ANTHRAX sweeps the Roman empire, killing thousands of people and animals, clear to the Chinese border. 80 TTPC
81 ARTABANUS-IV ends.  King of Parthia from 80.  PACORUS-II resumes until 108. 81 B76 9-845, CAH 11-90, OCD 123, wikP
87 PACORUS-II, king of Parthia 81-108, sends envoys to China to discuss the growing kingdom of the Kushans on their mutual borders.  They bring exotic animals such as ostriches and lions.  Pacorus sends another such embassy in 89. 87 B76 9-845, wikHH
87 PARTHIA disintegrates.  Nobles refuse to obey king. 87 B76 9-845
89 A mountain in Gobustan (Azerbaijan) has Legion XII Fulminata carved on it.  This indicates Roman presence by the shores of the Caspian Sea.  This is farther east than any previously known Roman inscription. 89 wikTr1 81-96 wikGRA
c.89/90 VOLOGASES-III dies.  Co-king of Parthia from 78.  OSROES-I succeeds until 130. 89/90 wikP
90 Son of Shania-2, UVADAYA-II, exilarch from 80, ends.  SHLOMO succeeds until 120. 90 prgE
c.90 PACORUS-II, king of Parthia 81-108, makes a treaty with Rome. 90 GHH
c.90 PHRAATES, king of Elymais from 70, ends.  ORODES-III succeeds until 100. 90 wikEl, wikPsk
97 Chinese general Ban Chao, Protector-General of the Western Regions, sends emissary Gan Ying on a diplomatic mission bound for RomeGan ying visits Pacorus-II of Parthia at Hecatompylos before departing for Rome 97 wikPE
97 GAN YING, lieutenant of Pan Chou, penetrates to Persian Gulf. 97 LEWH 146
c.100 ORODES-III, king of Elymais from 90, ends.  Son of Orodes-II, KAMNASKIRES-ORODES succeeds until 120. 100 wikEl, wikPsk
100 ELKHASAI, "prophet" in Parthia, Christian judaizer, writes  Book of Elkhasai , given to him by an angel 96 miles tall.  Similar doctrine to Ebionites. 100 B76 11-442, ODCC 453