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0±80  Additions to Esther  written in Greek by Hellenistic Jews in Egypt, and put into Septuagint. 80BC-90CE AΨA 669
c.1 First non-stop voyages from Egypt to India. 1 wheIT
c.1 TRADE between Red Sea and Indian Ocean increased because navigators learn to use the monsoons to navigate from the horn of Africa to India in 40 days. 1 PW 17 40-49 TTS
c.2 P. OCTAVIUS becomes prefect of Egypt until 3. 1 HEURR, rcE 3 wikGRE
c.3 P. OCTAVIUS, prefect of Egypt from 2, ends.  Q. Ostorius SCAPULA succeeds until 10. 2 rcE    3 HEURR, wikGRE
c.10 Q. Ostorius SCAPULA, prefect of Egypt from 3, ends.  C. Julius AQUILA succeeds until 11. 10 rcE, wikGRE
c.10 Roman buildings built at Heliopolis. 10 MCAW
c.11 C. Julius AQUILA, prefect of Egypt from 10, ends.  L. Antonius PEDO succeeds until 12. 11 rcE, wikGRE
c.11 Ethnarch, head of Jewish community of Alexandria from ?, post abolished by Augustus. 10-12 Jud 6-489
c.12 L. Antonius PEDO, prefect of Egypt from 11, ends.  M. MAGIUS MAXIMUS succeeds until 14. 12 rcE, wikGRE
14 Aug 19 AUGUSTUS dies.   TIBERIUS succeeds until 37.
c.15 M. MAGIUS MAXIMUS, prefect of Egypt from 12, ends.  L. Seius STRABO succeeds until 15/6. 14 rcE, wikGRE 15 wikLSS, wikSj
c.15/6 L. Seius STRABO, co-prefect of Egypt with son from 14/5, dies.  Aemilius RECTUS succeeds and ends. 15 rcE, wikGRE
16 wikLSS
no date; CAH 10-625
c.16 C. VITRASIUS POLLIO becomes prefect of Egypt until 17. 16 HEURR, rcE
c.17 C. VITRASIUS POLLIO, prefect of Egypt from 16, ends.  C. GALERIUS succeeds until 31. 16 wikGRE
17 HEURR, rcE
19 Jan GERMANICUS, commander of the east, in Syria, visits Egypt, disregarding an Augustan law forbidding men of senatorial rank to do so without imperial permission.  This offends Tiberius. TAn 2:59     18 CAH 10-509, wikGrm
19 B76 IV-499, 6-485, DGRBM 2-261, GHH, MCAW
19 GERMANICUS does not know Tiberius has sent him a rebuke, takes a pleasure cruise from Canopus up the Nile to Thebes, Elephantine, Syene. TAn 2:60
16 DGRG 2-1139
19 DGRBM 2-261
19 GERMANICUS, commander of the east, visits sanctuary of Apis (which Augustus had not done) and gets a prediction of an untimely death.  He wears Greek dress in Alexandria (like Antony), sells cheap grain to Alexandrians during famine, gains dangerous popularity. TAn 2:59
19 CAH 10-621-2, DGRBM 2-261
19 mid GERMANICUS leaves Egypt for Syria, learns enroute that all his directives had been reversed by Piso. TAn 2:69     19 CAH 10-622, MCAW, wikGrm
20 L. Annaeus SENECA (the Younger), age @24, has breathing difficulties, and is sent from Rome to Egypt until 31, to live with his aunt. 20 wikSY
c.20 Roman CENSUS probably held in Egypt. 20 IDB 1-600
c.23 3 legions in Egypt from 30BC, reduced to 2 legions. 23 HEURR 24
30 PHILO Judaeus flourishes at Alexandria. 30 GHH
30 ±20 WORKS of PHILO written in Alexandria.  Mostly allegorical interpretations of the Torah, also histories and comments on philosophy.  Mixed Jewish exegesis and Stoic philosophy.  There is 1 God, the Creator, but many mediators, who are partly attributes, and partly personal entities.  The highest of these is LOGOS.  Logos is immaterial, an image of God, his shadow, his firstborn son.
TRINITY:  There are 3 divine Beings, God, Logos, and Holy Spirit.  God created Logos and Holy Spirit from his own essence.
no date: cse, wikΦ, wikΦw
30±20 PHILO writes  On the Contemplative Life .
An apology for Judaism.  Scripture is divided into:  1. the Law,  2. prophets & Psalms,  3. other writings.
15BC-post-40 B76 IX-943
no date: IDB 2-143, Jud 4-821
30±20 PHILO writes  Hypothetica .  An apology for Judaism.  pre-50 IDB 2-143
30±20 PHILO writes  Every Good Man is Free . pre-50 IDB 2-143
31 L. Annaeus SENECA, philosopher, rhetorician, in Egypt from 20, returns to Rome. 31 B76 16-530, OCD 976
c.32 C. GALERIUS, prefect of Egypt from 17, ends.  C. Vitrasius POLLIO resumes and dies.  Viceprefect Julius HIBERUS succeeds until 32/3. 31 HEURR, rcE
32 DGRBM 3-440, HEURR, OCD 976, wikGRE
c.32/3 Julius HIBERUS, prefect of Egypt from 32, ends.  A. Avilius FLACCUS succeeds until 37. 32 Jud 6-1333, OCD 440, rcE     32/3 BNTH 250
33 wikAAF, wikGRE
37 Mar 16 TIBERIUS dies.   CALIGULA succeeds until 41.
c.38 PHILO estimates 1,000,000 Jews in Egypt.  2 of the 5 wards in Alexandria are Jewish. 38 BAA 85, BBA 57, BNTH 136 39 IDB 3-796
c.38 PHILO writes  Flaccus . 38 Jud 13-411
38 Jul Herod Julius AGRIPPA-I, king 38-41, in Rome from 36, leaves Rome 1 step ahead of creditors for his tetrarchy via Alexandria, where Flaccus has no choice but to welcome him, because of his rank and friendship with Caligula. 38 BI+N 205, BNTH 251, CAH 10-310, 661, IDB 2-591, ISBE 2-696, wikCal
38 Aug Alexandrian Jews welcome Agrippa-I with a parade, and tell him about Flaccus' vexations.  Anti-Semites parodize the parade, and portray Agrippa-I as a fool in royal robes, demand that statues of Caligula be put in synagogues as ordered.  Flaccus takes no action.  38 BNTH 251, CAH 10-310, 661, IDB
38 Aug A. Avilius FLACCUS, prefect of Egypt 32-38, learns of death of friend Macro, panics, invokes imperial order to put Caligula's images in synagogues. 38 CAH 10-310
38 Aug Jew vs. Greek RIOTS in Alexandria, statues of Caligula put synagogues, which are burnt.  Jews killed, homes looted. 38 B76 II-459, BNTH 35, CAH 10-310, CBCNT 53, Dur 3-500, GHH, Jud 2-589, 6-489     39 IDB 3-796
c.38 Herod Julius AGRIPPA-I, king 38-44, gets a copy of a tribute to Caligula written by Alexandrian Jews before the riot, and suppressed by Flaccus.  He sends it to Caligula with a complaint against Flaccus. 38 CAH 10-310
38 Aug Herod Julius AGRIPPA-I, king 38-41, escapes from Alexandria to Judea. 38 IDB 2-591
c.38 Aug PHILO of Alexandria heads a Jewish embassy to Rome, to appeal to Caligula against Flaccus  (The only historically identifiable event in Philo's life). 39 BI+N 207, ENBD 991, IDB 3-796 39/40 B76 14-246, ISBE 3-847     40 CDCC 675, Jud 13-409
38 Aug A. Avilius FLACCUS, prefect of Egypt 32-38, blames riot on Jews, calls them aliens and intruders. 38 CAH 10-310
Aug 31
38 Jew elders publicly scourged, by Flaccus during Caligula's birthday celebration. 38 BNTH 252
38 Sep? A. Avilius FLACCUS, prefect of Egypt 32-38, forbids practice of Judaism, closes synagogues. 38 CAH 10-310
38 Oct A. Avilius FLACCUS, prefect of Egypt from 32/3, arrested by a centurion from Rome, taken to Rome.  Q. Naevius Cordus Sutorius MACRO succeeds and ends.  C. Vitrasius POLLIO succeeds until 41. 37 HEURR, rcE
38 BNTH 252, CAH 10-310, Jud 6-1333, wikAAF, wikGRE, wikMAL'  
c.40 BUILDINGS of Caligula in Egypt include: hypostyle of great temple at Dendera (Tentyra), passage dedicated to Khemra at Koptos.  Apparently they are continuations of older works. HEURR 28
40 PHILO of Alexandria accompanies an embassy to Rome to get the statue order rescinded. 39/40 DGRBM 3-310 40 CAH 10-497, Jud 13-409
c.40 Greek Merchant HIPPALUS sails from Berenice into Red Sea to Indian Ocean, sails to Madras India and back.  A journey that usually took 2 years, he does in months, because he learned that the monsoons reversed directions twice a year.  The Arabs probably already knew this. 40 TTPC
41 Jan CALIGULA dies.  CLAUDIUS succeeds until 54.
41 Jan News of death of Caligula inspires Alexandrian Jews to massacre Greeks.  Riot over civil rights. 41 Jud 6-489
41 Alexandrian RIOTS quelled by a letter from Claudius affirming rights of Jews everywhere to their own religion and ethnarchs.  It also forbids Alexandrian Jews to to bring in other Jews.
"Stop this destructive and obstinate mutual enmity."
41 B76 4-697, BBA 381, 439, BNTH 243, Jud 4-601
41 C. Vitrasius POLLIO, prefect of Egypt from 39, ends.  L. Aemilius RECTUS succeeds until 42. 41 wikGRE
42 HEURR, rcE
41 Nov Edict of Claudius written to the Alexandrians favors Jews of Alexandria, abolishing restrictions imposed in 38, but still bans them from entering the gymnasia or having Greek citizenship. 41 BBA 439, Jud 6-489, wikREg
42 L. Aemilius RECTUS, prefect of Egypt from 41, ends.  M. HEIUS succeeds and ends sometime between 42 & 45. 42 HEURR, wikGRE 47 rcE
42 Son of Alex the alabarch of Alexandria, Ti. Julius ALEXANDER, Jewish Roman soldier, appointed epistrategos of Upper Egypt until 46. 42 Jud 15-1135, wikTJA
45 ±5 PHILO of Alexandria dies, age c.75.  Uncle of Ti. Julius Alexander, founder of Gnosticism, used allegorical interpretation of O.T. combined with Stoic philosophy. 40 B76 10-310, Qlb 26, 74
42 WHCC 17     45 CAH 10-874, ENBD 991, OCD 822     45-50 ISBE 3-847     50 BBP 72, BNTH 31, CDCC 675, IDB 1-510, Jud 13-409, 425, wikΦ
45 C. Julius POSTUMUS becomes prefect of Egypt until 48. 45 wikGRE
47 HEURR, rcE
46 Ti. Julius ALEXANDER, epistrategos of Upper Egypt from 42, becomes procurator of Judea until 48. 46 wikTJA
48 C. Julius POSTUMUS, prefect of Egypt from 45, ends.  Gn. Vergilius CAPITO succeeds until 52. 48 HEURR, rcE, wikGRE
c.49 Apostle MARK comes to Alexandria, becomes 1st bishop until 62. 45 B76 1-479 49 wikME
by 50 Christianity has reached Alexandria. by 50 BAA 351
c.50 BUILDINGS of Claudius in Egypt include:  columns of great temple at Dendera,  corner pillars of pronaos and column at Latopolis,  west colonade at Philae.  All are continuations of older works. HEURR 31
52 Gn. Virgilius CAPITO, prefect of Egypt from 48, ends.  L. Lusius GETA succeeds until 55. 52 wikGRE
54 HEURR, rcE
53 Greek vs. Jew racial strife breaks out at Alexandria.. 52 ISBE 3-837 53 BNTH 293
54 Oct 13 Empire 54CECLAUDIUS dies.   NERO succeeds until 68.
55 L. Lusius GETA, prefect of Egypt from 52, ends.  Astrologer Ti. Claudius BALBILLUS MODESTUS appointed by Nero, succeeds 55-9. TAn 13:22     54 wikGRE 55 CAH 10-798, 727, DGRBM 1-454, OCD 159, rcE
59 Ti. Claudius BALBILLUS MODESTUS, prefect of Egypt from 54, ends.  L. Julius VESTINUS succeeds 60-2. 56 rcE     59 OCD 159, wikGRE
c.60 BUILDINGS of Nero in Egypt include: propylon of temple of Pnepheros at Karanis, east wall, colonnades, and columns of great temple at Dendera, temple of Ptolemy-XIII at Koptos, west colonnade at Ombos.  The only building of Nero which appears to have been more than a continuation of previous work is the propylon at Karanis, which may have been erected wholly in this reign. HEURR 34
61 Roman expedition up the Nile to find its source begins until 63. 61 BBA 179
c.62 L. Julius VESTINUS, prefect of Egypt from 59, ends.  C. Caecina TUSCUS succeeds 63-6. 62 HEURR, wikGRE 67 HEURR, rcE
c.62 Roman CENSUS held in Egypt. 62 IDB 1-600
c.62 HERON of Alexandria writes  Metrica .  A description of how to calculate surfaces and volumes of diverse objects. 62 B76 V-6, OCD 509, wikHA
c.62 HERON of Alexandria writes  Definitions .  Defines geometric terms and concepts. 62 B76 V-6, OCD 509
c.62 HERON of Alexandria writes  Dioptera  on land surveying.  Methods to measure lengths, a work in which the odometer and the dioptra, an apparatus which resembles the theodolite. 62 B76 V-6
c.62 HERON of Alexandria writes  Catoptrica  (Reflection).  Explains rectilinear propogation of light, and law of reflection by principle of least resistance. 62 B76 V-6
c.62 HERON of Alexandria writes  Pneumatica aeolipileDescribes machines: e.g. siphons, coin operated & steam driven machines, fire engine, water organ.
AEOLIPILE (steam turbine) described.  A closed kettle holding water is heated to produce steam, thereby rotating it.  It is a toy with no practical use.
drawing {{PD-US}}

60 TTT
62 B76 V-6 60-69 TTS     100 B76 I-111, 8-701
c.62 pantograph HERON of Alexandria writes  Mechanics  concerning the 5 mechanical powers & mechanical problems.  Written for architects, containing means to lift heavy objects.  Describes PANTOGRAPH.  Preserved only in Arabic. drawing Inigolv

62 B76 V-6, wikHA
c.62 HERON of Alexandria writes  Geometrica, Stereometrica, On Measures , all on practical measuring. 62 OCD 509
c.62 Apostle MARK, 1st bishop of Alexandria from 49, succeeded by ANIANOS until 85, but tradition says Mark dies 68 62 Schaff 62/3 wikME
68 wikLPA
63 Roman expedition up the Nile from 61 returns. 63 BBA 179
c.66 C. Caecina TUSCUS, prefect of Egypt from 62, ends.  Ti. Julius ALEXANDER resumes until 69. 65 CAH 10-727     66 Jud 15-1135, wikGRE, wikTJA 68 HEURR, rcE
c.66 Legions X Fretensis and V Macedonica are sent to Alexandria for an invasion of Ethiopia planned by Nero.  But they are quickly reassigned to Ptolemais to deal with the Jewish revolt. 66 wikXF
c.66 AGRIPPA-II, tetrarch 53-93, visits Alexandria to congratulate new prefect Ti. Julius ALEXANDER, an apostate Jew. Wars 2:15:1
c.66 AGRIPPA-II, tetrarch 53-93, at Alexandria, learns of Jerusalem revolt, rushes to Judea. Wars 2:16:1 66 Jud
c.66 Alexandrian Greeks discover Jewish spies among them.  They are burnt alive. 66 Jud 6-489
66 Alexandrian Jews rebel, try to burn Greeks in the amphitheater.; Prefect Ti. Julius ALEXANDER crushes it. 50,000 Jews killed. Wars 2:18:8 66 GHH, Jud 2-589, 6-489
66 fall Egyptian GRAIN shipments diverted from Italy to legions in Palestine. 66 CAH 10-738
66 fall A Roman attempt to find the source of the Nile is impeded at Lake Sudd and abandoned. 66 B76 13-106
67 TITUS, son of Flavius Vespasian, is sent by dad from Greece, to Alexandria to bring legions V Macedonica and X Fretensis to Judea Wars 3:1:3, 4:2
67 TITUS, son of Flavius Vespasian, with legions V Macedonica and X Fretensis, marches up the coast of Palestine to Ptolemais. Wars 3:4:2 67/8 DGRG 1-47
68 Jun 9 or 11 NERO dies.   Year of 4 emperors begins until 69.
c.68 Apostle MARK dies in Egypt or Venice 68 wikME, wikLPA 74 DDS 385
68-9 BUILDINGS of Galba in Egypt include a small temple of Medinet Habu at Thebes.  Work done in previous reigns is continued under Galba and Otho. HEURR 39
68-9 Legions sent by Nero go no farther than Alexandria, and are immediately recalled on ascension of Galba. HEURR 39
69 DIO CHRYSOSTOM visits Alexandria. 69 DGRG 1-99
69 Jun Egyptians declare Vespasian emperor. 69 wikVs
69 Jul 1 Ti. Julius ALEXANDER prefect of Egypt in Alexandria, receives a letter from Vespasian, declares Vespasian (now in Judea) emperor, has his 2 legions swear allegiance to Vespasian, invites him to take Egypt.  Josephu's prophesy is now taken seriously. THs 2:79 69 B76 10-278, 19-96, BI+N 223, CDCC 925, DGRBM 1-126, 3-1246, 1274, DGRG 1-969, GHH, HRRP 4.2-591, IDB 4-782, ISBE 2-697, Jud 16-116, LEWH, MCAW, TTPC, britVs, fyf, wikREg, wikTJA, wikTt, wikVs
69 VESPASIAN and Titus come from Palestine to Alexandria, and stop the grain shipments to Rome. Wars 4:11:5 69 , wikTJA
69 VESPASIAN sends son TITUS to Judea until 70.  Josephus accompanies. Wars 4:11:5
69 MCAW, wikTt
69 Ti. Julius ALEXANDER, prefect of Egypt from 66, accompanies TITUS to JudeaL. Peducius COLONUS succeeds and ends in 70. Wars 7:10:2
69 HEURR, wikGRE     71 rcE
69 Dec 20 VITELIUS dies.  VESPASIAN succeeds until 79.
69 Dec 21/2 VESPASIAN proclaimed princeps by senate until 79.
69/70 VESPASIAN in Alexandria learns of Vitellius death, quits witholding grain shipments to Rome. 70 wikVs
70 Legions III-Cyrenaica and XXII-Deiotariana, which form the chief part of the Roman garrison, are summoned from Alexandria to Jerusalem. 70 HEURR 44
70 VESPASIAN does miracle healing of a blind man and a maimed man in Alexandria, confirms to the east that he is the man foretold in prophesy who would come from Judea to rule the world. THs 4:81 70 CAH 11-4,
70 BUILDINGS of Vespasian in Egypt include a temple of Pnepheros at Karanis (east of Lake Moeris), and a temple of Amon Ra at Dakhel oasis 400km west of Thebes. 69/70 HEURR 39
70 VESPASIAN sails from Alexandria to Rhodes enroute to Italy. Wars 4:11:5, 7:2:1 69 MCAW
c.70 After destruction of Jerusalem, ALEXANDRIA becomes world center of Jewish religion and culture. 70 wikREg
c.70 Pseudo-Philo writes  Liber Antiquatum Biblicarum . post-70 Jud 13-408, no date: wikPP
70 After the war, a band of SICARII escape to Egypt, try to incite Egyptian Jews to rebel; fail. 70 Jud 16-949
71 Ti. Julius LUPUS becomes prefect of Egypt until 73. 71 rcE, wikGRE
71 TITUS goes from Antioch back thru Palestine to Alexandria.  Josephus accompanies. Wars 7:5:3
70 ISBE 2-1132
71 JOSEPHUS marries 3rd wife in Alexandria. 71 Jud 10-254
71 Legion V Macedonica, with Titus from 67, sent from Alexandria to MoesiaLegion XV Apollinaris, with Titus from 67, sent from Alexandria back to Carnuntum Pannonia on Danube until 114. Wars 7:5:3 71 OCD 207
71 700 Jew POWs sent by Titus to Rome. Wars 7:5:3
71 TITUS returns from Alexandria to Rome, with the loot from the Jerusalem temple: menorah, showbread, purple curtains, Torah scroll.  Josephus accompanies. Wars 7:5:3     70 MCAW 71 CAH 10-862, JZ 128
73 Disturbance in Alexandria (recorded only by Eusebius). 73 DGRBM 3-1248
73 Temple of Onias-IV at Leontopolis under a Zadokite priesthood from 161, closed by Lupus, prefect of Egypt on orders from Vespasian. Wars 7:10:4     post-70 ENBD 1353     73 B76 10-313, CAH 10-775, IDB 4-484, Jud 8-644, 12-1404
Temple is destroyed. Jud 6-489
73 Ti. Julius LUPUS, prefect of Egypt from 71, ends.  C. Valerius PAULLINUS succeeds until 74. Wars 7:10:4
73 rcE, wikGRE
74 C. Valerius PAULLINUS, prefect of Egypt from 73, ends.  Confused data until 78. 74 rcE, wikGRE
74 C. Valerius PAULLINUS, prefect of Egypt from 73, ends.  C. Eterius PAULLINUS succeeds until 74. 74 rcE, wikGRE
Places visited in Periplus of the Erythraean Sea           Author: George Tsiagalakis
75±5  Periplus Maris Erythraei  "Circumnavigation of the Red Sea" (actually Indian Ocean) written anonymously by a Greek navigator.  Describes coastal routes from Egypt to India along east Africa.  Explains how to use monsoons. 59-62 wikREg     70-80 HCIP 2-112, 121, 128     80 Dur 3-325-6 89 B76 5-991 90 TTPC 1-99 B76 VII-879, OCD 802     90 TTPC
78 C. Aeterius FRONTO becomes prefect of Egypt until 79. 78 rcE, wikGRE
78 Workers at Hermopolis get 3 to 5 obols per day. 78 HEURR 166
79 Jun 23/4 VESPASIAN dies.   TITUS succeeds until 81.
79 C. Aeterius FRONTO, prefect of Egypt from 78, ends.  C. Tettius Cassianus PRISCUS succeeds 80-2. 79 rcE, wikGRE
80±1 BUILDINGS of Titus in Egypt include the south and east walls of the temple at Latopolis, and a portal and sanctuary at the temple of Amon Ra at the oasis of Dakhel. 80±1 HEURR 46
81 Sep 13 TITUS dies.   DOMITIAN succeeds until 96.
82 C. Tettius Cassianus PRISCUS, prefect of Egypt from 80, ends.  L. Laberius MAXIMUS succeeds 83-4. 82 rcE, wikGRE
84 L. Laberius MAXIMUS, prefect of Egypt from 83, ends.  L. julius URSUS, then Settius AFRICANUS succeed until 86. 82 HEURR     83 rcE     84 wikGRE
c.85 ANIANOS, 2nd bishop of Alexandria from 62, succeeded by AVILIOS until 98. 85 Schaff wikLPA
c.86 Settius AFRICANUS, prefect of Egypt from 83, ends.  C. Septimius VEGETUS succeeds until 88. 86 HEURR, rcE
c.88 C. Septimius VEGETUS, prefect of Egypt from 86, ends.  M. Mettius RUFUS succeeds 89-92. 88 HEURR, wikGRE
c.90 Roman CENSUS held in Egypt this year, and at 14 year intervals until 258. 90 IDB 1-600
c.90 Arab monopoly on SPICE TRADE is broken by Roman ships big enough to sail safely from Egyptian ports on Red Sea to India. 90 TTPC
c.90 BUILDINGS of Domitian in Egypt include a bridge at Koptos, the east wall and colums of the temple at Latopolis, a temple of Isis at Kumer Resras, and the back wall of a temple at Kysis. HEURR 46
92 M. Mettius RUFUS, prefect of Egypt from 89, ends.  T. Petronius SECUNDUS succeeds until 93. 90 HEURR
92 wikGRE    95 rcE
93 T. Petronius SECUNDUS, prefect of Egypt from 92, ends.  M. Junius RUFUS succeeds 94-8. 93 wikGRE 98 rcE
95  Fayyum Papyrus  fragment.  Less than 100 Greek characters, seems to parallel Mark 14:26-31, presenting a more abbreviated account. 95/6 BAA 431
no date: wikFF
96 Sep 18 DOMITIAN dies.  NERVA succeeds until 98.
97±1 BUILDINGS of Nerva in Egypt include only colums of the temple at Latopolis. 97±1 HEURR 48
98 Jan 25-7 NERVA dies.  TRAJAN succeeds until 117.
98 M. Junius RUFUS, prefect of Egypt from 94, ends.  C. Pompeius PLANTA succeeds until 100. 98 HEURR, rcE, wikGRE
c.98 AVILIOS, 3rd bishop of Alexandria from 85, succeeded by KERDON until 110. 98 Schaff wikLPA
100 C. Pompeius PLANTA, prefect of Egypt from 98, ends.  C. Minucius ITALUS succeeds until 103. 99 HEURR 100 wikGRE 103 rcE
100 Greek mathematician and astronomer, MENELAUS of Alexandria publishes  Spherica .  Deals with chords in a circle.  Earliest known theorems on spherical trigonometry and its application in astronomical measurements. 100 B76 11-641, BHM 163
no date: OCD 671, wikMA
100 ±30  Epistle of Barnabas  written anonymously by a Christian in Alexandria for new converts.  Uses many O.T. sources and no N.T. sources.  Says prophets anticipated Christ, who is mentioned symbolically thruout the O.T.  O.T. should be interpreted symbolically, not literally.  An angel deceived the Jews into literal interpretation of the laws.  2 WAYS DOCTRINE (light & darkness): A man deserves to die if he knows the way of righteousness but chooses darkness.  World will be completed 6,000 years after creation because God created it in 6 days.  SUNDAY, not Saturday will be the Ctn holy day because Ct rose on Sunday.  It will be quoted as scripture by Clem of Alexandria and Origen. 70-100 DDS 89, ODCC 134     100 ANF 133, BAA 8     70-132 wikEB pre-130 IDB 1-358     131 WHCC 37 100-150 IDB 1-164, 512
c. 100- 117 BUILDINGS of Trajan in Egypt include the propylon of the temple of Khem at Panopolis, the propylon at Dendera, colums at Latopolis, a temple at Philae, Mammisi temple at Elephantine, west wall of 2nd court and forecourt of temple at Talamis, pylon of temple of Serapis and Isis at Kysis. 97±1 HEURR 48