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 1 195th Olympic games 1 GHH
c.4 ARMINIUS, Cherusci prince in Roman army 1-6, commands an auxiliary detatchment, sent from Germany to Pannonia until 7/8. 4 wikArm
c.6 Messalla MESSALLINUS becomes legate of Illyricum. 6 OCD 674
c.6 M. Valerius Messalla Messallinus, governor of Illyricum, plans to join Tiberius in Germany, orders local tribes to provide auxiliary contingents. 6 wikBB
 6 The Daesitiates in Breza Dalmatia, under Rome from 33 BC, rebel under BATO, king of the Daesitiates, until 8.  Bato raids Dalmatian coast. 6 B76 2-371, CAH 10, DGRBM 1-474, DGRG 2-919, Dur 3-217, GHH, HRE 70, IDB 1-757, 2-681, MCAW, OCD 163, 310, 775, ooctA, wikBB, wikBD, wikDRP, wikDs, wikIlrc
 6 BATO, king of the Breuci, largest tribe in Pannonia, joins the other Bato in rebellion until 8, tries to take Sirmium. 6 B76 VII-722, 2-371, CAH 10, Dur 3-217, ISBE 2-803, OCD 163, 310, 775, wikBB
c.6 Pannonian War begins until 9, interrupting Tiberius' German campaign. 6 CDCC 641, wikBB 7 GHH
 6 Caecina SEVERUS and M. Plautius SILVANUS, commanding 7 legions, march against the Breuci in Pannonia.  Severus defeats them near the Drave northwest of Sirmium. 6 DGRBM 1-529, OCD 187, wikBB     7 OCD 187
c.6 PINNES, chief of the Pannoni, joins the Illyrian rebellion. 6 wikLI
c.6 The Dalmatians march on Salona, but there Bato is defeated and wounded.  He sends others forward, who ravage the coast down to Apollonia Epirus. 6 wikBB
c.6 ARMINIUS, in Roman army from 1, now a Roman citizen and equite, in Pannonia 4- 7/8, drops out of army. 6 wikArm
 6 In winter the rebels seize and pillage Macedonia. 6 wikBB
 6 The rebels divide into 3 parts.  One is to invade Italy;  one had already entered the Roman province of Macedonia; and the third fight in their home territories. 6 wikBB
 6 Legion XX Valeria Victrix is sent to Burnum in Illyricum. 6 wik20VV
c.6 RHOEMETALCES, king of Thrace, and bro RHESCUPORIS defeat the Dalmatians and Breuci at Mount Alma north of Sirmium. 6 DGRBM 3-647, wikBB
c.6 MOESIA consisting of everything east of Illyricum, south of the Danube and north of the Haemus mountains, annexed from 29, made a province until 86. 6 LEWH 44 IDB 4-102
c.6 Legion V Macedonica, in Macedonia from 30BC, moves to Moesia. 6 wik5Mc
c.6 Messalla MESSALLINUS, legate of Illyricum, helping Tiberius against Maroboduus in Germany, sent back to Pannonia to deal with rebels.  6 OCD 674
6 THRACE, inland being a client kingdom 129BC-45CE, the rest reduced to a client state. 6 LEWH
6/7 In winter the rebels invade Macedonia again. 6/7 wikBB
 7 Rebels avoid pitched battle with Tiberius. 7 HRE 133
c.7 Quaestor GERMANICUS sent from Rome with a force of freedmen to join uncle Tiberius in Illyricum until 9. 6 B76 IV-499, MCAW 7 DGRBM 1-475, 2-258, wikBB, wikIlrc
c.7 Caecina SEVERUS and M. Plautius SILVANUS, commanding 7 legions, join Tiberius at Siscia. 7 OCD 187
c.7 M. A. LEPIDUS and GERMANICUS, serve under Tiberius in Pannonia. 7 OCD 597
c.7 GERMANICUS advances from Siscia along the river Unna into west Dalmatia, and conquers the Dalmatian Mazaei. 7 HRE 133, wikBB
c.7 SERETIUM (location unknown) and RAETINUM Dalmatia taken by Germanicus. 7 DGRG 2-967
7 late Reinforcements arrive in Illyricum; 3 legions under A. Caecina Severus from Moesia, and 2 legions under Silvanus with Thracian cavalry and auxiliary troops from Anatolia. 7 wikBB, wikGrm
7 late Tiberius returns to Siscia at the beginning of a hard winter. 7 wikBB
7/8 ARMINIUS, Cherusci prince, in Pannonia from 4, returns to Germany. 7/8 wikArm
7/8 GERMANICUS takes 3 important strongholds, which seem to have been on the borders of Liburnia and lapydia. 7/8 HRE 133
7/8 ARDUBA (location unknown) in southeast Dalmatia, besieged by GERMANICUS.  The women throw themselves and their kids into the fire. 7/8 HRE 133 9 wikBB
 8 ARDUBA in southeast Dalmatia, falls to GERMANICUS.  . 8 HRE 133 9 wikBB
c.8 Plague and famine hits Pannonia and Dalmatia. 8 DGRBM 1-475, wikBB
 8 Pannonian BATO-I, king of the Breuci, distrusts his subject tribes and demands hostages from the Pannonian garrisons. 8 wikBB
8 fall Pannonian BATO-I, king of the Breuci, betrays his cause, surrenders in a battle at the Bathinus river, and delivers his colleague and rival Pinnes to Tiberius, who in return recognizes Bato as prince of the Breuci. 8 CAH 10, HRE 133, OCD 163, wikBB, wikGrm
8 fall Pannonian king of the Breuci, BATO-I dies.  He is caught by BATO-II, king of the Daesitiates, who holds a meeting in which Bato-I is condemned and executed.    This leaves the Pannonians divided against each other. 8 HRE 133, wikBD, wikGrm
9 wikBB
 8 The Breuci subdued without a battle by Tiberius?. 8 wikGrm
 8 BATO-II, king of the Daesitiates, withdraws from Pannonia to Dalmatia, occupies the mountains. 8 wikBB, wikGrm
8 late TIBERIUS leaves Lepidus commanding Siscia and Silvanus at Sirmium. 8 wikGrm
c.9 OVID banished from Rome to Tomi in Scythian Thrace on the Black Sea until death 17. 8 B76 13-799, CAH 10-534, IR 107, TTPC 9 HRE 158, TToH
 9 TIBERIUS invades Dalmatia, divides forces into 3 divisions: one under Silvanus, advances southeast from Sirmium;  one under M. Aemilius Lepidus, advances northwest along the Una Valley from Siscia toward Burnum;  one led by Tiberius and Germanicus in the Dalmatian hinterland. 9 DGRBM 2-769, HRE 131, wikGrm
 9 M. Aemilius Lepidus and M. Plautius Silvanus practically exterminate the Perustae and Daesitiate in their mountain strongholds.  Germanicus takes Raetinum, Splonum and Seretium;  Tiberius and Germanicus pursue Bato-II to Andetrium (near Salona). 9 wikBB, wikGrm
 9 BATO-II, king of the Daesitiates, is besieged in his last refuge, Andetrium, surrenders, and is sent as a prisoner to Ravenna, where he dies. 9 HRE 133, wikBD, wikGrm
 9 GERMANICUS is sent on a punitive expedition, during which he forces surrender of fortified town of Arduba and surrounding towns.  Germanicus then sends a deputy to subdue the remaining districts and returns to Tiberius. 9 wikBB, wikGrm
 9 DALMATIA conquered by Vibius Postumus. 9 GHH
10 DGRBM 3-512
c.9 Pannonian War from 6 ends.  PANNONIA conquered by Rome. 8 GHH, IDB 1-757, wikB     9 CAH 10, CDCC 641, GHH, LEWH, OCD 163, 310, 775, ISBE 1-852, ooctA, wikBB, wikDRP, wikDs, wikIlrc, wikPan     10 HMed 283
9 late GERMANICUS with uncle Tiberius in Illyricum from 6, returns to Rome. 9 B76 IV-499, wikGrm     10 DGRBM 2-258
c.9 ILLYRICUM, Roman province from 168, and hostile for the whole time, subdued by Tiberius, divided into 2 imperial provinces, PANNONIA and DALMATIA. 8 DGRG 2-542 9 B76 2-615, DGRBM 3-1118, IDB 4-102, OCD 310, 775
c.9 Legion XIV receives the name Martia.  Emblem is Capricorn. 9 wik14G
Balkan Peninsula 9-86