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c.1 Son of Mirvan-II, ARTAXIAS-II ends.  Last Artaxiad king of Iberia and part of Colchis from 20 BC.  PHARSAMANES-I succeeds until 58.  Pharnabazid Dynasty resumes until 189. 1 hifiEU, hifiGeo, wikΦ1
c.11 BOSPORAN Kingdom, under Rome 14BC-62/3CE, taken over by ASPURGUS, Sarmatian widower of Dynamis, until 37, but not king until 14/15. 10 MRDK 272
10/11 CAH 10-269, OCD 176     11 MCAW
c.14 ASPURGUS, Samaritan widower of Dynamis, client king of Bosporus, receives citizenship and title, "Friend of Rome" by Tiberius.  He remains a loyal vassal until death 37/8. 14 MCAW 14/5 CAH 10-269, OCD 176
19? Widow of Polemo, PYTHODORIS of Pontus, ruler of Pontus and Colchis from 8BC, dies. 7/8 CAH 10-649     19 frH, rcT     28 wikP1Pn 38 wikBθP
c.30 PHARNABAZUS-II Bartom, ruler of Iberia from 63  BC, ends. 30 hifiGeo
c.35 PHARSAMANES-I, king of Iberia and part of Colchis 1-58, uses Rome / Parthia conflict to possess Armenia, placing his bro Mitridates on Armenian throne. 35 hifiGeo
c.37/8 Samaritan widower of Dynamis, client king of Bosporus from 14, Ti. Julius ASPURGUS dies leaving wid Gepaepyris and sons.  Minor son of Dynamis, MITHRIDATES succeeds until 39. 37 MRDK 272 37/8 OCD 176 38 wikBsp, wikCRE, wikKCB
38 Grandson of Pythodoris, son of Antonia Tryphaena, POLEMO-II, is made king of Bosporus and Pontus until 41 by Caligula 38 CAH 10-751
38 BOSPORUS, formally granted by Caligula to Polemo-II until 41, but held by Gepaepyris and her minor stepson MITHRIDATES, son of Dynamis, until 45. 38 DGRG 1-422, OCD 176, wikCRE 39 DGRBM 3-434
39 MITHRIDATES, de-facto ruler of Bosporus 38-45, while its technically under Polemo-II, comes of age. 39 MRDK 272
41 BOSPORUS, officially under Polemo-II from 38, given by Claudius to the man who has been the defacto ruler anyway, MITHRIDATES until 44/5.  POLEMO-II is compensated with Olba, Cennatis, and Lalassis, all in Cilicia. 41 DGRBM 2-1094 3-434     42 DGRG 1-422
44 MITHRIDATES, client king of Bosporus 38-45, makes ½ bro COTYS co-king. 46 MRDK
44 MITHRIDATES, client king of Bosporus 41-45, begins minor defiance of Roman authority, sends ½ bro Cotys to Rome to obfuscate Claudius. 44 CAH 10-753
44/5 MITHRIDATES, client king of Bosporus from 41, defeated and captured by A. Didius Gallus, governor of Moesia, who replaces him with ½ bro COTYS until 69. 44/5 CAH 10, OCD 176 46 OCD 457, wikCRE, wikKCB     49 DGRG 1-422, MRDK 272
50 Julius AQUILA and a few cohorts, are sent to protect Cotys, king of Bosporus. 50 DGRBM 1-252
50 A. Didius GALLUS commands an army, in Bosporus. 50 DGRBM 2-227
c.58 PHARSAMANES-I, king of Iberia and part of Colchis from 1 CE, ends.  MIHDRAT-I succeeds until 106. 58 hifiEU, hifiGeo, wikGRE, wikHG
63 COTYS, king of Bosporus from 45, deposed by Nero. 62 wikBsp       63 wikCRE, wikKCB
63 BOSPORUS, client kingdom from 14BC, under Cotys from 45, annexed to province of Moesia Inferior until 68/9 by Nero. 62/3 OCD 176
63 wikBsp, wikCRE, wikGRE, wikKCB
c.63 COLCHIS, mostly under Pontus from 8BC, comes under Roman province of Galatia until 4th century. 63 hifiGeo, wikCl
63 CHARAX fortress built in Crimea by Romans. 60-65 wikCRE
c.64 Roman garrisons are installed in the Crimean Peninsula (then called Taurica).  Charax becomes one of their strongholds. 62-66 wikCRE
68/9 BOSPORUS, annexed to Roman province of Moesia Inferior from 63, becomes client kingdom until ?, given to son of Cotys, RHESCUPORIS until 90. 68 wikBsp, wikCRE
68/9 OCD 176
69 COTYS dies.  Former client king of Bosporus 44/5-63. 69 MRDK 272 83 DGRG 1-422
69 People of Pontus and Colchis under Anicetus stage a major uprising against Rome, which ends unsuccessfully. 69 wikCl, wikGRE
75 MTSKHETA Iberia is fortified by Vespasian for Iberian kings, and renamed ARMAZI. 75 wikGRE, wikHG
90 Son of Cotys, RHESCUPORIS, client king of Bosporus from 68/9, ends.  SAUROMATES-I succeeds until 124. 90 OCD 176, wikCRE, wikKCB     92 MRDK
99 CLEMENT of Rome, exiled in Chersonnesos in southwest Crimea from ?, dies. 99 wikCRE