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c.1 AMMIYITHA, king of Awsan from 20 BC, ends.  AWSAN in unknown condition until 15. 1 rcAr
c.1 Yada il Dharih-IV becomes king of Saba until 15. 0 rri
c.10 YADIL DARIH-II, king of Saba from 10BC, ends.  YATHI-AMAR WATAR-II succeeds until 30 10 rcAr 15 rri
c.15 AWSAN, in unknown condition from 1, comes under Himyar until 599. 15 rcAr
c.15 SABA comes under Himyar until 599. 15 rcAr, rri
c.16 JURUM-II, ruler of Mecca from 14BC, ends.  Son ABDUL MEDEN succeeds until 46. 16 rcAr
c.25 LIHYAN (Madain Salih) kingdom in northwest Arabia, under Nabateans from 100BC, in unknown condition until 355. 25 rcAr
c.25 NAJRAN, town in southwest Arabia, under Saba from 655, comes under Romans until 26. 25 rcAr
c.26 NAJRAN, under Romans from 25, back under Saba until 200. 26 rcAr
c.30 YATHI-AMAR WATAR-II, king of Saba from 10, ends.  DHAMAR ALI BAYIN-II succeeds until 60. 30 rcAr
c.40 HARITHATH-IV (Aretas Philopatris), king of Nabateans from 9BC, ends.  Son, MALIKU-II (Malichus-II) succeeds until 70.  SHAKILAT becomes queen until 60. 40 frH, hifiN,
c.40 QATABAN, Kingdom in south Yemen, SHAHR YAGIL YUHARGIB-II becomes king until 70. 40 rcAr
c.46 ABDUL MEDEN, ruler of Mecca from 16, ends.  Son THAKILA succeeds until 76. 46 rcAr
50 HASSAN ibn Tubba, king of Yemen from 30BC, ends.  Bro AMR ibn Tubba succeeds until 113. 50 rcAr
c.60 SHAKILAT, queen of Nabateans from 40, ends. 60 frH, hifiN
c.60 DHAMAR ALI BAYIN-II, king of Saba from 30, ends.  KARIBIL WATAR YUHANIM succeeds until 75. 60 rcAr
c.70 MALIKU-II (Malichus-II), king of Nabateans from 40, ends.  RABIL-II (Rabbel Soter) succeeds until 106. 70 frH, hifiN
c.70 SHAHR YAGIL YUHARGIB-II, King of Qataban from 40, ends., WARAIL GAILAN succeeds until ?. 70 rcAr
c.71 GAMILAT becomes queen of Nabateans until 90. 71 frH, hifiN
c.75 KARIBIL WATAR YUHANIM, king of Saba from 60, ends.  DHAMAR ALI DARIH succeeds until 85. 75 rcAr
c.76 THAKILA, ruler of Mecca from 46, ends.  Son ABDUL MESSIH succeeds until 106. 76 rcAr
c.85 NASHA-KARIB becomes king of Gurat (a relic of Saba remaining after the Himyar conquest) until 100 85 rcAr
c.85 DHAMAR ALI DARIH, king of Saba from 75, ends.  ILASHARAH YAHDUB succeeds until 100. 85 rcAr
c.88 An inscription gives Rabil-II his title.  He lays the basis for dry-farming and horse rearing. 88 hifiN
c.90 GAMILAT, queen of Nabateans from 71, ends. 90 frH, hifiN
c.90 Arab monopoly on SPICE TRADE is broken by Roman ships big enough to sail safely from Egyptian ports on Red Sea to India. 90 TTPC
c.100 AxumKingdom of AXUM, from 80BCE, dominates East Africa and takes over Sabean trading/military colonies on southwest coast. 100 wikTY
c.100 Kahlan tribes remain the only tribes still loyal to the Sabean state at Marib.  Kahlan tribes cornered to the area between Sana'a and Marib in north Yemen. 100 wikTY
c.100 NASHA-KARIB, king of Gurat from 85, ends.  SAD SHAMS ASRA succeeds until 130 100 rcAr
c.100 ILASHARAH YAHDUB, king of Saba from 85, ends.  SABA goes mostly to Himyar. 100 rcAr
c.100 Minaean language of Ma'in ends. 100 wikAHY