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New Testament books

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c.1 Gn. Cornelius LENTULLUS, proconsul of Asia from 1/2BCE, ends.  L. Calpurnius PISO succeeds until 2. 1 OCD 837, wikLRGA
c.2 L. Calpurnius PISO, proconsul of Asia from 1, ends.  P. Sulpicius QUIRINIUS succeeds and ends.  P. VINICIUS succeeds and ends.  C. Marcius CENSORINUS succeeds until 3. 2 wikLRGA
c.3 C. Marcius CENSORINUS, proconsul of Asia from 2, attending on Caius Caesar, dies.  M. Plautius SILVANUS succeeds until 5. 2 DGRBM 1-665 3 wikLRGA
c.3 M. Servilius NONIANUS becomes governor of Galatia until ?. 3 wikGRP
c.3/4 CAIUS CAESAR proconsul of Syria from 1BC, seriously injured, sails for Rome, stops at Lycia. 4 FHBC 235, HRE 53, MCAW, SORH, rcS, wikRGS
4 Feb 21 1st son of Agrippa & Julia, proconsul of Syria from 1BC, CAIUS CAESAR dies of wounds at Limyra Lycia.  Tiberius is now heir apparent. 4 B76 II-434, 2-371, CAH 10-157, 277, DGRBM 1-556, 3-1118, Dur 3-231, FHBC 235, GHH, HRE 53, 121, HRRP 4.1-141, ISBE 4-12, MCAW, OCD 150, 191, SORH, wikAP, wikLvl, wikTi
c.5 M. Plautius SILVANUS, proconsul of Asia from 3, ends.  Confused data until 12. 5 wikLRGA
c.6 Galatia province: PISIDIAN ANTIOCH and LYSTRA are made colonies by Augustus. 6 BAA 279, BBA 289
c.6 M. Plautius SLIVANUS becomes governor of Galatia until 7. 6 wikGRP
c.6 M. Plautius SLIVANUS, governor of Galatia from 6 ends.  Successor unknown until 13. 6 wikGRP
c.10 ARCHELAUS client king of Cappadocia 36BC-17, temporarily insane.  Augustus sends a procurator to take charge, takes away some civilian land, gives it to AJAX, high priest of Olba (Dura). 10 CAH 10-744
c.11/12 L. Licinius C????? becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus, and ends.  No data until 14. 11/12 wikBθP
c.12 Confused proconsular data for Asia Province from 5, ends.  C. Vibius POSTUMUS succeeds until 15. 12 wikLRGA
c.13 Sextus Sotidius Strabo LIBUSCIDIANUS becomes governor of Galatia until 16. 13 wikGRP
c.14 M. Granius MARCELLUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus until 15. 14 wikBθP
14 Aug 19 AUGUSTUS dies.   TIBERIUS succeeds until 37.
c.15 M. Granius MARCELLUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus, from 14, accused of treason by his quaestor Crispinus Caepio, ends.  No data until 17. 15 DGRBM 1-535, wikBθP
c.15 C. Vibius POSTUMUS proconsul of Asia from 12, ends.  Sextus Nonius QUINCTILIANUS succeeds until 17. 15 wikLRGA
c.16  Monumentum Ancyranum , an inscription on the wall of the temple of Rome and Augustus at Ancyra, having Latin text and Greek translation of an obituary of Augustus. post-14 B76 I-350
c.16 Sextus Sotidius Strabo LIBUSCIDIANUS, governor of Galatia from 13, ends.  PRISCUS succeeds until 20/1. 16 wikGRP
c.17 P. VITELLIUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus, until 18. 17 wikBθP
c.17 GERMANICUS and wife Agrippina goes from Illyricum to Greece, to Asia province. 17 DGRBM 1-80, GHH, wikGrm
c.17 Sextus Nonius QUINCTILIANUS proconsul of Asia from 15, ends.  Q. Poppaeus SECUNDUS succeeds until 18. 17 wikLRGA
c.17 ARCHELAUS, king of Cappadocia from 36BC, summoned to Rome on some treasonable charge by Tiberius, and kept there. TAn 2:42 15 DGRG 1-508 17 BNTH 17, CAH 10-175, 744, wikCp
c.17 ARCHELAUS dies.  King of Cappadocia from 36 BC, in Rome, exhausted by trial.  Widow Pythodoris loses title as queen, and returns with son Zeno, and grandson Polemo-II to Pontus.  Son ARCHELAUS is given part of his dad's kingdom: East Lycaonia, Cilicia Tracheia. TAn 2:42 17 B76 I-488, BNTH 17, CAH 10-175, 744-6, DGRBM 1-263, 3-629, DGRG 1-508, 622, IDB 1-628, ISBE 1-612, LEWH, rcT, wikArcC, wikCRP, wikKC, wikP2Pn
c.17 CAPPADOCIA, independent from 260 BC, bequeathed to Rome by last king ARCHELAUS, reduced to a procuratorial province until 72 by Germanicus.  Capital Mazaca. 17 CAH 10-729, DGRG 1-622, ENBD 199, GHH, IDB 4-104, ISBE 1-327, Jud 5-13, LEWH, OCD 191, 203, TTPC, wikCp, wikKC, wikLRC, wikRGC     18 MCAW, wikGrm
c.17 ANTIOCHUS-III dies.  Client king of Commagene from 12 BC.  Son, ANTIOCHUS-IV becomes friend of Caligula. Ant 18:2:5, TAn 2:42 17 B76 III-36, CAH 10-745, DGRBM 1-194, DGRG 1-651, Jud 5-760, LEWH, OCD 273, anan
17 COMMAGENE, Roman client from 38 BC, joined by Germanicus to Roman province of Cappadocia until 38.  Capital remains Samosata. TAn 2:42     17 B76 III-36, CAH 10-729, 731, 745, CDCC 225, DGRBM 1-194, DGRG 1-651, Jud 5-760, LEWH, OCD 273, TTPC, rcT     18 wikCRP, wikGrm, wikRCmg
c.17 EARTHQUAKE followed by fires in Asia Province.  12 cities destroyed, Sardis hit worst, Ephesus and Philadelphia damaged.  A landslide off the acropolis at Ephesus damages the temple of Artemis.  Tiberius compensates Sardis and Philadelphia. TAn 2:47     17 DGRG 1-31, CAH 10-650, CBCNT 62, GHH, IDB 3-782, 4-221, ISBE 3-830, 4-336, Jud 14-876, MCAW, OCD 305
c.17 TMOLUS Lydia destroyed by quake. TAn 2:47
19 DGRG 2-1215
17 Earthquake relief granted by Tiberius: 5 tax free years to Asian cities hit by earthquake, personal grant of 10,000,000 sesterces to Sardis, and more to other cities.  17 CAH 10-651, DGRBM 3-1119
c.17 Son of T-1, Tarcondimotus-II PHILOPATOR dies.  Client king of Cilicia Tracheia from 31 BC.  Cilicia Tracheia comes under ARCHELAUS of Cappadocia. TAn 2:42
17 CAH 10-745-6, DGRG 1-622, rcT
c.18 P. VITELLIUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 17, ends.  No data until 43. 18 wikBθP
c.18 Q. Poppaeus SECUNDUS proconsul of Asia from 17, ends.  Successor unknown until 20. 18 wikLRGA
18 GERMANICUS comes from Thrace to Asia.  Agrippina and 3rd son Caius accompany. 18 CAH 10-620, RPar 235, wikGrm
c.18 GERMANICUS and family visit Myra Lycia, and are honored with statues of themselves erected in Andriace (Myra's port). 18 lctk
c.18 GERMANICUS moves slowly thru Asia province, solidifies control over Cappadocia, continues toward Armenia. 18 DGRBM 1-357, MCAW, wikCRP
c.18 Q. VERANIUS, officer under Germanicus, made legate of Cappadocia. TAn 2:56     18 CAH 10-620, 745, DGRBM 3-1240, wikRGC
c.18 CAPPADOCIA, under Rome from 17, organized by Veranius into a 3rd class province under an equite procurator with no troops.  Taxes are lightened to make Roman rule acceptable. TAn 2:56
18 DGRBM 3-1240, MCAW, wikBθP
c.18 COMMAGENE, annexed to Cappadocia from 17, is put under a praetor. TAn 2:56     18 CAH 10-620, 745, MCAW
c.18 VONONES-I, exiled former king of Parthia 7-11, in Antioch from ?, robbed of his treasure by Germanicus, sent to Pompeiopolis Cilicia, kept under guard until death 19. 18 CAH 10-621, 744, 747, DGRBM 1-357
c.19 VONONES-I dies.  Exiled king of Parthia, prisoner in Cilicia from 18, tries to escape to Scythia, caught at Pyramus river, killed by his guard Remus, by order of Tiberius. TAn 2:68
19 DGRBM 1-357, wikT5A, wikVn1
19 Gn. Calpurnius PISO former governor of Syria, goes from Syria to Cilicia, takes fortified position at Celenderis, stormed by Saturninus, granted some ships, and safe passage to Italy, sails first to Illyricum. TAn 2:80
c.20 C. Junius SILANUS becomes proconsul of Asia until 21. 20 OCD 989, wikLRGA
c.20/1 PRISCUS, governor of Galatia from 16, ends.  METILIUS succeeds until 25/6. 20/1 wikGRP
c.21 C. Junius SILANUS proconsul of Asia from 20, recalled.  M' Aemilius LEPIDUS succeeds until 22. TAn 3:32     21 OCD 597, 989, wikLRGA
c.22 M' Aemilius LEPIDUS proconsul of Asia from 21, ends.  C. Fonteius CAPITO succeeds until 23. TAn 4:36     22 OCD 597, wikLRGA
c.22 SARDIS Lydia institutes worship of Tiberius, for his generosity in 17.  In conjunction with other restored cities, they raise a big statue of him near the temple of Venus Genetrix. 22 CAH 10-651
c.23 C. Fonteius CAPITO proconsul of Asia from 22, ends.  Lucilius CAPITO succeeds as procurator until 23. 23 wikLg
24 wikLRGA
c.23 Lucilius CAPITO procurator of Asia 23, is accused by Asians for using unnecessary military force.  Returns to Rome.  FAVORINUS succeeds until 24/5. TAn 4:15     23 CAH 10-647-8, DGRBM 1-603, wikLg
c.23 ASIA province asks permission to build a temple to Tiberius and Livia.  Contrary to his usual contempt for honors, Tiberius grants it. 23 CAH 10-493
c.23 11 cities in Asia province send embasies to Rome to compete for honor of building a temple to Tiberius and Livia.  They include Hypaepa, Tralles, Laodicea, Magnesia, Troas, Halicarnassus, Pergamum, Ephesus, Miletos, Sardis, and SMYRNA who wins. TAn 4:55-6
23 ISBE 4-555 26 ENBD 1144
c.23 Historian geographer in Amasia Pontus from 7BC, STRABO dies shortly after finishing 47 volume  Geographical Sketches , begun 7BCE. 21 OCD 17, PD 96, SHT 5
23 HRE 161     24 B76 IX-596, 17-713, DGRG 2-1091, IDB 1-685, Qlb 24, wikSt     25 GHH
c.24/5 FAVORINUS procurator of Asia from 24, returns to Rome.  Sextus POMPEIUS succeeds until 26. 24/5 wikLRGA
c.25 CYZICUS, free city under Rome, disturbances lead to loss of free city privileges. 25 DGRG 1-741, OCD 309
c.25/6 METILIUS, governor of Galatia from 20/1, ends.  FRONTO succeeds until 29/30. 25/6 wikGRP
c.26 Valerius NASO is sent to Smyrna to supervise the building of a temple to Tiberius. TAn 4:56     26 DGRBM 2-1142
c.26 Sextus POMPEIUS procurator of Asia from 24/5, returns to Rome.  M. Aemilius LEPIDUS succeeds until 27. TAn 4:56     26 DGRBM 2-769, wikLRGA
no date: OCD 457
c.27 M. Aemilius LEPIDUS proconsul of Asia from 26, returns to Rome.  Sextus POMPEIUS resumes until 29.  Valerius Maximus accompanies him to Asia. 27 B76 X-338, OCD 1106, wikLRGA
c.29 Sextus POMPEIUS proconsul of Asia from 27, returns to Rome.  P. PETRONIUS succeeds until 35. 29 OCD 807, wikLRGA
c.29/30 FRONTO, governor of Galatia from 25/6, ends.  SILVANUS succeeds until 33. 29/30 wikGRP
c.33 SILVANUS, governor of Galatia from 29/30, ends.  T. Helvius BASILA succeeds until 37. 33 wikGRP
c.35 P. PETRONIUS proconsul of Asia from 29, ends.  Cotta Maximus MESSALINUS succeeds until 36. 35 OCD 807, wikLRGA
35±1 SAUL returns from Jerusalem to Tarsus.  Preaches in Cilicia and Syria until 45. Ax 9:30, Gal 1:21
36 MCAW     37 CBCNT 129 38 civPl, clwa, gnwd
c.36 Cotta Maximus MESSALINUS proconsul of Asia from 35, ends.  C. Vibius RUFINUS succeeds until 37. 36 wikLRGA
c.36 CLITAE tribe of Cappadocia refuses to pay Roman tribute until Vitellius sends in M. Trebellius with 4,000 legionaires & auxiliaries. TAn 6:41
c.37 C. Vibius RUFINUS proconsul of Asia from 36, ends.  C. Calpurnius AVIOLA succeeds until 38. 37 wikLRGA
c.37 T. Helvius BASILA, governor of Galatia from 33, ends.  successor unknown until 49. 37 wikGRP
c.37 East LYCAONIA, Cilicia Tracheia, and most of "rough Cilicia", under ARCHELAUS from ?, taken by Caligula, given to ANTIOCHUS-IV king of Commagene 37-40. 37 BBA 321, CAH 10-750, ENBD 760, IDB 1-628
38 DGRG 1-651
c.38 PYTHODORIS, dies.  Queen of Pontus from 8 BC.  Pontus comes under Rome, supposedly until male heirs come of age. 23 CAH 10-751 38 DGRBM 3-629, rcT, wikBθP
38 COMMAGENE & Capital Samosata, annexed to Syria from 17, becomes a client kingdom until 72. 37 CAH 10-750     38 B76 III-36, DGRBM 1-194, IDB 3-194, OCD 73, 273, rcT, wikRCmg
38 ANTIOCHUS-IV, boyhood friend of Caligula, set up by him, as client king of Commagene until 40. 37 CAH 10-750     38 B76 III-36, CDCC 225, IDB 3-194, OCD 73, 273, anan
c.38 C. Calpurnius AVIOLA proconsul of Asia from 37, ends.  C. Asinius POLLIO succeeds and ends.  M. VINICIUS arrives from Rome and succeeds until 39. 38 wikJLvl, wikLRGA
38 COTYS, son of Antonia Tryphaena, is made (by Caligula) king of Armenia Minor, formerly part of Cappadocia. 38 CAH 10-751, DGRBM 1-870, DGRG 1-508     39 GHH
38 CILICIA PEDIAS (East Cilicia) incorporated into Syria until 72. 38 BNTH 245
38/9 Grandson of Pythodoris, son of Antonia Tryphaena, POLEMO-II, is made king of Bosporus and Pontus (which had been held by Pythodoris) until 41 by Caligula 38 CAH 10-751, rcT, wikBθP, wikP2Pn     39 DGRBM 3-434, 650     41 rcT
c.39 M. VINICIUS proconsul of Asia from 38, ends.  P. VINICIUS succeeds and ends. 39 wikLRGA
c.40 L. CASSIUS LONGINUS becomes proconsul of Asia until 41. 40 B76 II-617, DGRBM 2-803, OCD 212, wikLRGA
Caius; not Lucius. wikGCL
c.40 BARNABAS is sent from Jerusalem to Antioch, to counter the Ctn Judaizers.  Ax 11:19-22     40 gnwd 41 CBCNT 129     43 clwa
c.41 ANTIOCHUS-IV, former king of Commagene 37-40, reinstated by Claudius until 72. 41 DGRBM 1-194, OCD 73, 273
41 Jan L. CASSIUS LONGINUS, proconsul of Asia from 40, recalled to Rome in chains, because an oracle had warned Nero to beware of a guy named Cassius. 41 B76 II-617, OCD 212, wikLRGA
no date: DGRBM 2-803
Caius; not Lucius. wikGCL
c.41 SAUL, probably at Tarsus, has a dream or vision of "the 3rd heaven" in which he "hears things that cannot be told, and which man may not utter", about which he writes 14 years later in 2 Corinthians.  Apparently this experience boosts his ego so much that when he later gets a chronic and painful physical affliction "thorn in the flesh", that won't pray away, he interprets it as punishment for pride. 2Cor 12: 2-7
43/4 clwa
c.41 Non-Roman part of LYCAONIA comes under king Antiochus-IV of Commagene until 72. 41 ISBE 2-378
c.41 DERBE, under Romans from 25, becomes a frontier city in Galatia until 72. 41 BAA 279
c.42 Passienus CRISPUS is gov of Asia until 43. 42 wikGSCP
c.43 L. Mindius BALBUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus until 47. 43 wikBθP
c.43 Passienus CRISPUS, gov of Asia from 42, ends.  C. TREBONIUS succeeds and ends.  Paulus Fabius PERSICUS succeeds until 44. 43 wikGSCP, wikLRGA
c.43 In Tiberias Galilee, son of Antiochus-IV king of Commagene, ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES, is betrothed to DRUSILLA, dau of Agrippa-I. Ant 19:9:1
43 DGRBM 1-194
43 PAMPHILIA, part of Galatia from 25 BC, joined with Lycia as a Roman province until 68. 43 B76 VI-411, BAA 259, BBA 250, DGRBM 2-936, ENBD 925, IDB 3-647, ISBE 3-650, LEWH
43 LYCIAN LEAGUE suppressed by Claudius. 43 B76 15-1112, CAH 11-590
43 LYCIA, a province from 64 BC, annexed to Rome, remains a province until 74. 43 B76 4-696, 15-1112, CAH 11-590, DGRBM 2-936, GHH, IDB 3-190, ISBE 3-190, LEWH, lctk
c.44 Paulus Fabius PERSICUS, gov of Asia from 43, ends.  Successor unknown until 48. 44 wikLRGA
45 BARNABAS, church leader at Antioch, comes to Tarsus to find Saul, takes Saul back to Antioch to be his colleague. Ax 11:25     43 CBCNT 129 44 clwa     45 BNTH 246, ISBE 3-712     46 blbPl
c.46 PAUL, with Barnabas and his cousin Mark, on 1st missionary journey, sail from Paphos Cyprus to Perga Pamphilia.  Mark returns to JerusalemPaul & Barny remain in Anatolia until 47. Ax 13:13     48 CBCNT 124, 129, blbPl, civPl
c.46 1st journeyPAUL, with Barnabas, on 1st missionary journey, go from Perga Pamphilia to Pisidian Antioch.  Paul preaches in a synagogue.  Gentiles ask him to preach to them; he agrees.  Next Sabbath the synagode is crowded with gentiles.  Jews get miffed.  Paul says he will henceforth preach to gentiles.  Jews kick them out. map: Richard Aschmann

Ax 13:14-50 48 CBCNT 124, 129, blbPl
c.46 PAUL and Barny, on 1st missionary journey, from Pisidian Antioch to Iconium.  They go back to a synagogue, make converts from both sides.  The city is divided pro-Ctn vs. anti-Ctn.  Violence breaks out.  Paul & associates go to Lystra. Ax 13:51-14:6
47 gnwd
47/8 B76 V-887 48 CBCNT 124, 129, blbPl, civPl 49 CBCNT 130
c.46 PAUL and Barny at Lystra Lycaonia, cure a cripple, and are believed to be gods, which they deny.  Jews come from Pisidian Antioch & Iconium, and stone Paul.  They go to Derbe, then back-track thru all the cities they just went thru to Perga, then to Attalia. Ax 14:6-25 47 gnwd     48 blbPl, gnwd       49 CBCNT 130
c.47 PAUL and Barny, on 1st missionary journey from 45, in Anatolia from 46, sail from Attalia Pamphilia to Antioch. Ax 14:26     47 Dur 3-582, ENBD 227     48 BAA, blbPl 49 CBCNT 124 130, civPl
c.47 L. Mindius BALBUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 43, ends.  C. Cadius RUFUS succeeds until 47. 47 wikBθP
c.47 Games honoring Claudius are held by Polemo-II and Antiochus-IV of Commagene in Cilicia. 47 wikP2Pn
c.48 C. Cadius RUFUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 47, ends.  P. Pasidienus FIRMUS succeeds until 49/50. 48 wikBθP
c.48 P. Memius REGULUS becomes gov of Asia until 49. 48 wikLRGA
c.48 POLEMO-II, priest/king of Olba Cilicia, is persuaded by BERENICE-II, wid of Herod-2 from 48, to convert to Judaism in order to marry her 53. 48 DGRBM 3-434
c.49 spring PAUL and SILAS, on 2nd missionary journey 49-52, from Syria to Cilicia. Ax 15:41     49 CBCNT 119, FHBC 320, blbPl, clwa       50 CBCNT 130, MCAW     51 civPl
c.49 2nd journeyPAUL and SILAS, on 2nd missionary journey 49-52, from Cilicia to Lystra Lycaonia.  Half Greek TIMOTHY joins them.  Paul makes Tim get circumcised to avoid offending Jews! map: Richard Aschmann
Ax 16:1
49 CBCNT 119, FHBC 320, clwa
50 CBCNT 130, blbPl     51 civPl
c.49 2nd journeyPAUL, Silas, Tim, on 2nd missionary journey 49-52, from Lycaonia thru Asia (without preaching because Holy Spirit tells them not to) thru Phrygia to Mysia to Troas.  Luke apparently meets Paul and companions in Troas (possibly first time).  Paul dreams of a Macedonian inviting him over. map: Rick Aschmann
Ax 16:6-8
49 CBCNT 119, FHBC 320, gnwd
49/50 clwa 50 CBCNT 130, blbPl
51 civPl
c.49 P. Memius REGULUS, gov of Asia from 48, ends.  C. Pompeius LONGUS GALLUS succeeds until 50. 49 wikLRGA
c.49 M. Annius AFRINUS becomes governor of Galatia until 54. 49 wikGRP
c.49 2nd journeyPAUL, Silas, Tim & Luke, on 2nd missionary journey 49-52, sail from Troas to Samothrace to Neapolis Macedonia. map: Richard Aschmann
Ax 16:11
49 FHBC 320, ISBE 1-43, 3-709
49/50 clwa
50 CBCNT 130, MCAW, blbPl, gnwd
51 B76 11-177, blbPl
c.49/50 P. Pasidienus FIRMUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 47, ends.  Confused until 59. 49/50 wikBθP
c.50 C. Pompeius LONGUS GALLUS, gov of Asia from 49, ends.  A. Didius GALLUS succeeds until 52. 50 wikLRGA
c.52 A. Didius GALLUS, gov of Asia from 50, ends.  Gn. Domitius CORBULO succeeds until 53. 52 wikLRGA
52 2nd journeyPAUL, on 2nd missionary journey 49-52, sails with Priscilla & Aquilla from Cenchrae Greece to Ephesus, leaves Priscilla & Aquilla there until 55. map: Richard Aschmann

Ax 18:21     51 FHBC 321, clwa     52 BAA, BBA 351, BNTH 318, CBCNT 130, Dur 3-584, ENBD 255, IDB 1-607, ISBE 1-42, 3-709, gnwd
53 Schaff 1-303, WHCC 27, blbPl, civPl
c.52 EPENETUS turns Ctn at Ephesus. Rom 16:5     51 clwa
52 2nd journeyPAUL, on 2nd missionary journey 49-52, leaves Priscilla & Aquilla at Ephesus until 55, sails from Ephesus to Caesarea. map: Richard Aschmann

Ax 18:21
51 FHBC 321, clwa
52 BAA, BBA, BNTH 318, CBCNT 130, ISBE 3-702, 709, gnwd     53 Schaff 1-303, blbPl, civPl
c.52 APOLLOS, an eloquent Jew disciple of John the Baptist, comes to Ephesus.  Priscilla and Aquila update his doctrine.  He remains until 54. Ax 18:24-26, 19:1 52 BNTH 294, ENBD 47     54 clwa
c.52 3rd journeyPAUL begins 3rd missionary journey until 56, goes from Antioch to Cilicia. map: Richard Aschmann
Ax 18:23     52 BBA, CBCNT 119, 125, FHBC 321, dnt
53 CBCNT 130, Dur 3-585, ENBD 227, GHH, gnwd
54 Schaff 1-72, clwa, mtmg
52 3rd journeyPAUL, on 3rd missionary journey, goes from Cilicia thru Galatia and Phrygia visiting churches to EphesusUses it as his base for evangelizing Asia until 55/6. map: Rick Aschmann
Ax 18:23, 19:4
52 B76 2-948, BAA, BBA 366, BNTH 326, CBCNT 125, FHBC 321, ISBE 1-733, 3-709
53 CBCNT 130, IDB 1-607, MCAW, WHCC 27, blbPl, gnwd
54 ENBD 227, Schaff 1-72, civPl, clwa     55 GHH
Events in  Acts 15 & 18  show 2 possibilities for Paul to have been in Galatia that fit with  Gal 4:13 . B76 2-948
c.52 ANCYRA (Ankara) visited by Paul. 51 B76 1-925
52 PAUL, on 3rd missionary journey, at Ephesus 52-55, finds some John B. disciples unfamiliar with the Holy Spirit, converts them to Cty.  Apparently Paul has bought into the "tongues" doctrine, because his new converts engage in it. Ax 19:2-10 52 BBA, FHBC 321 53 gnwd
52 PAUL, on 3rd missionary journey, disputes 3 months in synagogue, incurrs resistance, goes to the school of Tyrannus, continues disputing until mid 55. Ax 19:2-10 52 BBA, FHBC 321 53 gnwd
c.52 Julius PELIGNUS becomes procurator of Cappadocia until ? TAn 12:49     52 DGRBM 3-179
c.52 Helvidius PRISCUS, legate under Ummidius Quadratus, proconsul of Syria, sent to handle problems in Cappadocia caused by Julius Pelignus. TAn 12:49     52 DGRBM 3-526
c.52 The CIETAE, a barbarous tribe of Cilicia Pedias, rebels against Antiochus-IV of Commagene, and are suppressed. TAn 12:55
52 OCD 73
53 DGRBM 1-194
c.53 Gn. Domitius CORBULO, gov of Asia from 52, ends.  P. Suillius RUFUS succeeds until 54. 53 wikLRGA
c.53/4 POLEMO-II, priest/king of Olba Cilicia, marries BERENICE-II, wid of Herod-2 from 48. 53/4 ODC 163
c.54 P. Suillius RUFUS, gov of Asia from 53, ends.  M. Junius SILANUS TORQUATUS succeeds until later 54. 54 wikLRGA
c.54 APOLLOS, Ctn in Ephesus from 52, goes to Corinth. Ax 19:1     54 clwa
c.54 TIM and ERASTUS are sent by Paul from Ephesus to Macedonia, with the intent that they continue to Corinth if possible. Ax 19:22, 1Cor 4:17, 16:10     54 gnwd
55 BAA     57 clwa
c.54 PAUL in prison in Ephesus, writes  Epistle to Philippians . 54 BNTD 14, BNTH 331 54/5 BAA
60 from Rome Sco 1280
62 from Rome blbPl
Only ch 3:2-4:9 are written now from Ephesus.  Rest is from Rome in 60/1. 55 ISBE 3-699
c.54 PHILIP of Bethsaida after mission in upper Anatolia, crucified in Hieropolis Phrygia. 54 FBM 17
54 Oct 13 Empire 54CECLAUDIUS dies.   NERO succeeds until 68.
c.54 Gn. Domitius CORBULO, former gov of Asia, is made legate of Cappadocia and Galatia by Nero, with supreme command against Armenia and Parthia. TAn 13:8
54 OCD 289
c.54 M. Junius SILANUS TORQUATUS dies.  Gov of Asia from 54, poisoned by freedman Helius at instigation of Agrippina, for fear that he might try to avenge the death of his bro Lucius.  Ti. Plautius SILVANUS ALIEANUS succeeds until 56. TAn 13:1     54 BAA, BBA , BNTH 331, CAH 10-709, DGRBM 3-821, ISBE 3-704, OCD 989     55 DGRBM 2-377, wikLRGA
c.54 M. Annius AFRINUS, governor of Galatia from 49, ends.  Q. Petronius UMBRINUS succeeds until 55. 54 wikGRP
c.54/5 Ummidius QUADRATUS, governor of Syria 50-60, goes to Cilicia to meet Gn. Domitius CORBULO, commander of East 54- . TAn 13:8
54 CAH 10-758
c.55 early Gn. Domitius CORBULO, commander of East 54- , meets Ummidius Quadratus, gov of Syria, in Cilicia to coordinate Armenian campaign. TAn 13:8
54 CAH 10-758
c.55 PAUL at Ephesus writes his 1st of 4 letters to the Corinthians (not 1Cor) telling them not to mess with fornicators, and possibly about collecting money. 1Cor 5:9
55 gnwd 56 clwa
55 May 25 Pentecost is May 25. 55 May 25 BBA 381
c.55 Son of Herod of Chalcis, ARISTOBULUS is made king of Armenia Minor until 72 by Nero so as to secure it from Parthians. 54 DGRG 1-508    55 DGRBM 1-301, wikHrD
c.55 Q. Petronius UMBRINUS, governor of Galatia from 54, ends.  Successor unknown until 68. 55 wikGRP
c.55 PAUL at Ephesus writes  1st Corinthians  chiding them for backsliding. Ax 19:22     post-51 ISBE 1-777    54 BAA, TTPC, blbPl     54/5 CBCNT 127     53/7 MCAW, NIV 1779    55 GSNT 530, IDB 1-692, ISBE 3-699, gnwd     56 CBCNT 130, GHH, Sco 1232, civPl     57 ISBE 1-490, clwa, mtmg
55 PAUL at Ephesus or Macedonia writes  Epistle to the Galatians .   North Galatian theory    53/4 B76 2-948, 962    53-7 MCAW    55-7 NIV 1779, mtmg     57 civPl
c.55 PAUL at Ephesus makes a quick visit to Corinth and back. 2Cor 2:1, 12:14; 13:1,2     55 gnwd
55 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Commagene 41-72 ordered by Nero to levy troops for war against Parthians. 55 DGRBM 1-194
55 After writing 1Cor, PAUL sends Titus with a 3rd letter (which we do not have) from Ephesus to Corinth to see how 1Cor was received, expecting to meet Titus later in Troas. 2Cor 2:3,4, 7:8,9, 12
55 gnwd 57 clwa
c.55 PAUL conflicts with religious industry around the temple of Artemis at Epheseus, causes a confused riot, eventually quieted by a Jewish town clerk. Ax 19:23-31 55 BBA 57 clwa
55 late Priscilla & Aquilla, in Ephesus from 52, leave, and return to Rome in 56. 1Cor 16:19
55 BAA 349
c.55/6 PAUL mostly at Ephesus from 52, goes to Macedonia.  Whether by land or sea is not stated, so probably thru Troas. Ax 20:1, 1Tim 1:3     55 B76 2-948, BAA 369, BBA 366, 381, BNTH 326, ISBE 1-43, 733, 3-709     56 CBCNT 130, IDB 1-607, WHCC 27, blbPl, gnwd
57 ENBD 227, ISBE 3-837, clwa
c.56 Ti. Plautius SILVANUS ALIEANUS, gov of Asia from 55, ends.  His successor gets recalled in 57. 56 wikLRGA
c.56 PAUL and Luke sail from Philippi Macedonia to Troas, stay 7 days.  A boy falls out a window, and is unconscious.  Paul hugs him and says he's OK.  He is.  Paul is credited with resurecting him. Ax 20:6-12
55 BAA, ISBE 3-709    56 blbPl 57 CBCNT 131, gnwd     58 clwa
c.56 PAUL, with at least Luke, Trophimus & Aristarchus, on 3rd missionary journey, sail from Troas to Assos to Mitylene to Chios to Trogyllium on Samos, then to Miletos, bypassing Ephesus.  Then he summons the elders of Ephesus to Miletos, and makes a speech. Ax 20:13-36
55 FHBC 397
56 blbPl     57 BBA 384, 387, CBCNT 131     58 clwa
c.56/7 PAUL, on 3rd missionary journey, with at least Luke, Trophimus & Aristarchus, sails from Miletos to Cos to Rhodes to Patara Lycia to Tyre. Ax 21:1-3     55 FHBC 397 56 blbPl     57 CBCNT 131, ISBE 1-43, 3-709     58 TTPC
57 May 29 Pentecost is May 29. 57 May 29 BBA 387
57 Governors of Asia, Lycia, and Cilicia are recalled for misgovernment. 57 MCAW
c.57 T. Clodius Eprius MARCELLUS, a legate in Lycia from ?, returns to Rome. 57 DGRBM 2-936, OCD 402
c.58 L. Vipstanus POPLICOLA becomes gov of Asia until 59. 58 wikLRGA
58 Son of Tig-6, ALEXANDER marries Julia JOTAPA, dau of King Antiochus-IV of Commagene in Rome.  They are crowned client rulers of Cetis, a small region in Cilicia. 58 wikTg6
c.59 M. Tarquitius PRISCUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus until 60. 59 wikBθP
c.59 L. Vipstanus POPLICOLA, gov of Asia from 58, ends.  C. Vipstanus MESSALLA GALLUS succeeds until 60. 59 wikGVMC, wikLRGA
c.60 M. Tarquitius PRISCUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 59, returns to Rome.  Confused data until 75. 60 wikBθP
c.60 C. Vipstanus MESSALLA GALLUS, gov of Asia from 59, ends.  Q. Marcius BAREA SORANUS succeeds until 62. 60 wikGVMC, wikLRGA
60 C. Rubellius Blandus PLAUTUS, at suggestion of Nero, takes wife Antista, and moves to Asia, studies Stoicism until death 62. TAn 14:22
60 DGRBM 2-1163, DGRBM 3-411
60 LAODICEA Phrygia destroyed by earthquake. TAn 14:27     60 AΨΨ 395, ENBD 716, IDB 3-70, JZ 240, ISBE 3-73     65 MCAW
c.60 PAUL, Luke, Aristarchus, and centurion Julius, sail from Sidon to Myra Lycia to Crete. Ax 27:5     59 BBA , blbPl     60 Jud 4-601 66 CBCNT 132
61 Son of Herod of Chalcis, ARISTOBULUS, king of Armenia Minor 55-72, is given parts of Armenia Major which had been under Tigranes. TAn 13:7, 14:26, Wars 7:7:1
61 DGRBM 1-301
c.61 L. Caesennius PAETUS becomes legate of Cappadocia until 62. TAn 15:6     61 wikRGC 62 OCD 767
c.62 Q. Marcius BAREA SORANUS, gov of Asia from 60, ends.  P. VLOASENNA succeeds until 63. 62 wikLRGA
c.62 L. Caesennius PAETUS, legate of Cappadocia from 61, sent to Syria by Nero to help Corbulo.  Legate of Cappadocia unknown until 70/1. TAn 15:6
62 OCD 767
62 Last male descendant of Drusus d23, C. Rubellius BLANDUS PLAUTUS dies.  Exiled in Asia from 60, murdered by a centurion sent by Nero.  His head is shipped back to Rome. TAn 14:22,59
62 DGRBM 2-1163, 3-411, 1252, OCD 366
c.62 POLEMO-II, client king of Pontus and Cilicia from 38, deposed by Nero. 62 rcT, wikBθP, wikCRP
c.62 PONTUS, a kingdom from ?, is made a province. 62 DGRBM 3-434, wikBθP
c.62 PONTUS, a province 62, becomes part of Galatia province. 62 hifiGlt
62/3 L. Caesennius PAETUS retires from Syria to Cappadocia. TAn 15:13-16
c.63 P. VLOASENNA, gov of Asia from 62, ends.  L. Salvius OTHO TITIANUS succeeds until 64. 63 DGRBM 3-65, wikLRGA
c.63 Quaestor Gn. Julius Agricola becomes financial secretary under proconsul Salvius Titianus in Asia until ?. 63 CDCC 25, DGRBM 1-76, 3-65
63 BITHYNIA, joined to Pontus from ?, becomes a separate province, but sometimes joined to Galatia. 63 DGRG 1-405
64 Gn. Julius AGRICOLA appointed quaestor in Asia province. 64 B76 I-144, wikAgr
64±2 Palestinian Ctns migrate to Asia province. 64±1 BNTH 376
c.64 TARSUS Cilicia, free city from ?, comes under Romans until ?. 64 BBA 195
c.64 PAUL leaves Trophemus sick at Miletos, possibly visits Colossae (Philemon 22) and goes to Ephesus. 2Tim 4:20
62 CBCNT 132
66 NIV 1836
c.64 PAUL leaves Tim in charge of Ephesus to fight heretics, sails to Jerusalem. 66 NIV 1836
c.64/5 Kingdom of PONTUS, under Polemo-II from ?, incorporated into province of Galatia by Nero. 62 rcT, wikBθP, wikCRP
64 ISBE 2-378     64/5 CAH 10-713, 11-140, IDB 3-841
c.65 L. Antistius VETUS, gov of Asia from 64, ends.  M' Acilius AVIOLA succeeds until 66. 65 wikLRGA
c.66 M' Acilius AVIOLA, gov of Asia from 65, ends.  M. Aponius SATURNINUS succeeds until 68. 66 wikLRGA
c.66 After  2nd Timothy  is written, TIMOTHY, bishop of Ephesus, is imprisoned and released. Heb 13:23
no date: clwa
66 mid When war breaks out in Judea, apostle JOHN goes to Ephesus.  Becomes bishop of Ephesus until 95. 66 Qlb 48
67 LYCIA is briefly freed from Rome. 67 lctk
67 Rich Bithynian Cassius Asclepiodotus robbed of his property by Nero and exiled. 67 DGRBM 1-683
c.68 M. Aponius SATURNINUS, gov of Asia from 66, ends.  C. Fonteius AGRIPPA succeeds until 69. 68 wikLRGA
69 DGRBM 1-77
68 Jun NERO dies.   Year of 4 emperors begins until 70.
68 Church center, Antioch from 44 because it was Paul's home base, shifts to Ephesus, where John is undisputed leader until 100. 68 Qlb 36, 49
c.68 L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus ASPRENAS becomes governor of Galatia until 70. 68 wikGRP
70 DGRBM 1-388
68 LYCIA-PAMPHILIA, one province from 43 separated until 74. 68 BAA 259, BBA 250
c.69 C. Fonteius AGRIPPA, gov of Asia from 68, recalled by Vespasian.  M. Suillius NERULLINUS succeeds until 70. 69 DGRBM 1-77, wikLRGA
69 People of Pontus and Colchis under freedman of Polemo, ANICETUS, who commanded what had once been the royal fleet, stages a major uprising against Rome, assaults Trapezus, annihilates the auxiliaries, who had once formed the king's Body Guard.  Anicetus also burns the fleet. THs 3:47 69 wikCl
69 Virdius Geminus is sent by Vespasian, attacks Anicetus, who flees to the King of the Sedochezi, who delivers Anicetus to Geminus.  Rebellion ends. THs 3:48 69 wikCl
69 Vespasian partisan C. Licinius MUCIANUS, gov of Syria, marches from Syria thru Cappadocia and Phrygia, recruiting for Vespasian. Wars 4:11:1
69 CAH 10-829, OCD 702
69 Vespasian partisan C. Licinius MUCIANUS crosses from Anatolia to Thrace. 69 implied
69 Dec 20 VITELIUS dies.  VESPASIAN succeeds until 79.
c.70 M. Suillius NERULLINUS, gov of Asia from 69, ends.  T. Clodius Eprius MARCELLUS succeeds until 73. 70 OCD 402, wikLRGA
c.70 L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus ASPRENAS, governor of Galatia from 68, ends.  From now to 111 Galatia is combined with Cappadocia. 70 wikGRP
70 VESPASIAN sails from Rhodes to Ionia to Greece. Wars 7:2:1
70 ANICETUS dies.  Freedman of Polemo in Pontus, sides with Vitellius, foments insurrection against Vespasian, which is suppressed same year.  Anicetus is delivered by the king of Sedochezi to an officer of Vespasian, and executed. 70 DGRBM 1-178
c.70 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Commagene 41-72, declares for Vespasian. 70 DGRBM 1-194
c.70 Apr ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Commagene 41-72, sends troops to help Titus besiege Jerusalem . 70 DGRBM 1-194
70 Special rights of Jews in Laodicaea abolished. 70 IDB 3-71
70/1 M. Ulpius TRAJANUS becomes governor of Cappadocia until 72/3. 70/1 wikRGC
72 Antonius POLEMO ends. 72 rcT
c.72 Son of Herod of Chalcis, ARISTOBULUS, king of Armenia Minor from 55, ends. 72 wikHrD
72 ARMENIA MINOR, kingdom from 14 BC, annexed by Vespasian, joined to Galatia. 60 hifi    72 IDB 2-337, ada
72 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Commagene 41-72, takes wife and daus to Cilicia for safety. Wars 7:7:2
72 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Commagene from 41 goes to Tarsus.  L. Caesennius PAETUS sends a centurion to arrest him.  He abdicates, and is sent in bonds to Rome. Wars 7:7:3
72 DGRBM 1-194, IDB 1-628, anan
c.72 COMMAGENE, kingdom from 38, becomes a Roman province, annexed to province of Syria. 72 B76 III-36, VIII-836. CAH 10-730, 11-237, DGRBM 3-1248, HRE 113, OCD 73, 273, ada, anan, wikRCmg 73 DGRG 1-651, rcT
c.72 ANTIOCHUS, king of part of LYCAONIA from 41, ends. 72 ISBE 2-378
c.72 DERBE, a frontier city in Galatia from 41, named Claudio-Derbe. 72 BAA 279
c.72 CILICIA, divided into Pedias and Tracheis from ?, under Antiochus-IV, of Commagene from ? part of Syria province from 38BC, reunited.  Province reconstituted by Vespasian.  Includes only original Cilicia (Tracheis & Pedias).  Pedias has been part of Syria from 38. 72 BNTH 245, CAH 11-140, ENBD 233, IDB 1-628, ISBE 1-699, OCD 239, wikClc
c.72 CAPPADOCIA, procuratorial province from 17, united with Armenia Minor, and put under the consular legate of Galatia. 70 ENBD 199, LEWH, wikCRP 72 IDB 2-337, ISBE 3-903, OCD 203   post-72 ISBE 1-327
72 L. Sergius PAULLUS becomes propraetor of Galatia until 74. 72 BAA 256
72/3 M. Ulpius TRAJANUS, governor of Cappadocia from 70/1, ends.  Gn. Pompeius COLLEGA succeeds until 76/7. 72/3 wikRGC
c.73 T. Clodius Eprius MARCELLUS, gov of Asia from 70, returns to Rome.  A. Ducenius GEMINUS succeeds until 74. 73 OCD 402, wikLRGA
73 Lycia, Cilicia, under Roman governors. 73 GHH,
c.73 Son of Herod of Chalcis, ARISTOBULUS, king of Armenia Minor 55-72, joins Caesennius Paetus, proc of Syria in war against Antiochus of Commagene. 73 DGRBM 1-301
74 LYCIA, separate province from 68, again annexed to Pamphilia and reorganized by Vespasian. 70 lctk     74 CAH 11-590, IDB 3-190, 647, ISBE 3-190
74 South PISIDIA is added to province of to Lycia-Pamphilia. 74 IDB 3-820
c.74 A. Ducenius GEMINUS, gov of Asia from 73, ends.  M. Vettius BOLANUS succeeds until 76. 74 wikLRGA
74 L. Sergius PAULLUS, propraetor of Galatia from 72, ends. 74 BAA 256
c.75 M. Salvidienus PROCULUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus until 76. 75 wikBθP
c.76 M. Salvidienus PROCULUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 75, ends.  M. Salvidienus ASPRENAS succeeds until 77. 76 wikBθP
c.76 M. Vettius BOLANUS, gov of Asia from 74, ends.  Ti. Catius Asconius SILIUS ITALICUS succeeds until 78. 76 wikLRGA
76/7 Gn. Pompeius COLLEGA, governor of Cappadocia from 72/3, ends.  M. Hirrius Fronto Neratius PANSA succeeds until 79/80. 76/7 wikRGC
c.77 M. Salvidienus ASPRENAS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 76, ends.  No data until 79. 77 wikBθP
c.78 Ti. Catius Asconius SILIUS ITALICUS, gov of Asia from 76, ends.  Gn. Arrius ANTONINUS succeeds until 79. 78 wikLRGA
c.79 Velius PAULUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus until 80. 79 wikBθP
79 Jun 23/4 VESPASIAN dies.   TITUS succeeds until 81.
c.79 Gn. Arrius ANTONINUS, gov of Asia from 78, ends.  M. Ulpius TRAIANUS succeeds until 80. 79 dirTr, wikLRGA
79/80 M. Hirrius Fronto Neratius PANSA, governor of Cappadocia from 76/7, ends.  A. Caesennius GALLUS succeeds until 82/3. 79/80 wikRGC
c.80 Velius PAULUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 79, ends.  L. Minucius RUFUS succeeds 81-82. 80 wikBθP
c.80 M. Ulpius TRAIANUS, gov of Asia from 79, ends.  C. Laecanius Bassus CAECINA PAETUS succeeds until 81. 80 wikLRGA
80 Terentius Maximus, 2nd of 3 NERO Λ IMPERSONATORS V appears in Asia during reign of Titus.  He sings, plays the lyre and bears a resemblance to Nero.  He flees beyond the Euphrates to the Parthians, and is captured and executed. 79-81 wikNr wikTt 88 IDB 3-538
80 ANTHRAX sweeps the empire, killing thousands of people and animals, clear to the Chinese border. 80 TTPC
80 APELLES, 1st bishop of Smyrna from ?, dies. no date: DDS 67
80 ARCHIPPUS, 1st bishop of Colossae Phrygia from ?, dies. no date: DDS 70
c.81 C. Laecanius Bassus CAECINA PAETUS, gov of Asia from 80, ends.  No data until 85. 81 wikLRGA
81 Sep 13 TITUS dies.   DOMITIAN succeeds until 96.
c.82 L. Minucius RUFUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 81, ends.  A. Bucius Lappius MAXIMUS succeeds until 83. 82 wikBθP
82/3 A. Caesennius GALLUS, governor of Cappadocia from 79/80, ends.  P. Valerius PATRUINUS succeeds until 85/6. 82/3 wikRGC
c.83 A. Bucius Lappius MAXIMUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 82, ends.  Ti. Julius Celsus POLEMAEANUS succeeds until 84. 83 wikBθP
c.84 Ti. Julius Celsus POLEMAEANUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 83, ends.  Confused data until 96. 84 wikBθP
c.85 Sextus Julius FRONTINUS becomes gov of Asia until 86. 85 wikLRGA       86 CDCC 367, wikFrnt
c.85 JOHN (not necessarily the bishop) becomes leader of a prophetic circle around Ephesus. 80-90
B76 2-972
85/6 P. Valerius PATRUINUS, governor of Cappadocia from 82/3, ends.  No data until 89/90. 85/6 wikRGC
c.86 Sextus Julius FRONTINUS, gov of Asia from 85, ends.  P. Nonius Asprenas CAESIUS CASSIANUS succeeds until 87. 86 wikLRGA
c.87 P. Nonius Asprenas CAESIUS CASSIANUS, gov of Asia from 86, ends.  C. Vettulenus CIVICA CERIALIS succeeds until 88. 87 wikLRGA
c.88 C. Vettulenus CIVICA CERIALIS, gov of Asia from 87, executed by order of Domitian.  L. Mestrius FLORUS succeeds until 89. 88 wikLRGA pre-90 DGRBM 1-673
c.89 L. Mestrius FLORUS, gov of Asia from 88, ends.  M. Fulvius GILLO succeeds until 90. 89 wikLRGA
89/90 Ti. Julius Candidus Marius CELSUS becomes governor of Cappadocia until 91/2. 85/6 wikRGC
c.90  Gospel of John  written, in Ephesus by a fan of Paul, who makes Christ pre-existent. 50-70 NIV 1591     60-70 ISBE 2-1104     84 TTPC     85 TToH     85-90 Sco 1123     90±5 CBCNT 17, GSNT 531     90-100 BNTD 12 100 B76 V-579     95-110 WHCC 31, 34
written on Patmos B76 VII-798
c.90  Book of Revelation  written by John on Patmos island. 68 CAH 10-726     81-96 ENBD 1094, GSNT 507, IDB 4-60     70 MCAW, not the apostle: MCAW      90±5 CAH 11-262, CBCNT 17, 94, GSNT 531, IDB 1-516     95 IDB 4-638, ISBE 1-490, NIV 1923, Sco 1351
96 GHH, gnwd
no date: B76 VII-798
Modern scholars prefer John Mark, John the Elder, an unknown John, or anybody claiming to be John.  They also prefer a date in the reign of Vespasian 69-79.   IDB 4-60
c.90 M. Fulvius GILLO, gov of Asia from 89, ends.  L. Luscius OCREA succeeds until 91. 90 wikLRGA
c.90 PAULINE EPISTLES begin to be collected and copied. 90 BAA 11
c.91 L. Luscius OCREA, gov of Asia from 90, ends.  P. Calvisius Ruso Julius FRONTINUS succeeds until 93. 91 wikLRGA
c.91 Apostle JOHN, bishop of Ephesus, writes  1st John . 90±5 CBCNT 17, GSNT 531, NIV 1905    90 Dur 3-552     91 MCAW     90-5 Sco 1342     100 B76 V-579
c.91 Apostle JOHN, bishop of Ephesus, writes  2nd John . 90±5 CBCNT 17, GSNT 531, NIV 1914     90 Dur 3-552     91 MCAW 90-5 Sco 1347     100 B76 V-579
c.91 Apostle JOHN, bishop of Ephesus, writes  3rd John . 90±5 CBCNT 17, GSNT 531, NIV 1916     90 Dur 3-552     91 MCAW 90-5 Sco 1348     100 B76 V-579
92 Ti. Julius Candidus Marius CELSUS governor of Cappadocia from 89/90, ends.  L. Antistius RUSTICUS succeeds 92/3-93/4. 91/2 wikRGC
92 ANTIPAS, 1st bishop of Pergamum from ?, burned to death.  "my faithful witness" Rev 2:13 90 DDS 64 92 wikMP
c.93 P. Calvisius Ruso Julius FRONTINUS, gov of Asia from 92, ends.  L. Junius CAESENNIUS PAETUS succeeds until 94. 93 wikLRGA
93/4 L. Antistius RUSTICUS becomes governor of Cappadocia from 92/3, ends.  L. Caesennius SOSPES and ends.  T. Pomponius BASSUS succeeds until 99/100. 93/4 wikRGC
c.94 L. Junius CAESENNIUS PAETUS, gov of Asia from 93, ends.  M. Atilius POSTUMUS BRADUA succeeds until 95. 94 wikLRGA
c.95 M. Atilius POSTUMUS BRADUA, gov of Asia from 94, ends.  Sextus Carminius VETUS succeeds until 97. 95 wikLRGA
c.95 Apostle JOHN, bishop of Ephesus from 66, banished to Patmos island, replaced by Timothy until 97. reign of Nero: SHCC 262
93 CBCNT 119     94 HMed 122, gnwd     95 IDB 3-677
c.96 Tulius JUSTUS becomes governor of Bithynia/Pontus until 97. 96 wikBθP
96 Sep 18 Empire 96CEDOMITIAN dies.  NERVA succeeds until 98.
c.96 Oct? APOLLONIUS of Tyana Cappadocia, now in Ephesus, claims to have "seen" the murder of Domitian at midday on Sep 18, and to have said, "Take heart, gentlemen, for the tyrant has been slain this day". 96 wikAT
c.97 Tulius JUSTUS, governor of Bithynia/Pontus from 96, ends.  No data until 101. 97 wikBθP
c.97 Sextus Carminius VETUS, gov of Asia from 96, ends.  Gn. Pedanius Fuscus SALINATOR succeeds until 99. 97 wikLRGA
c.97 Apostle TIMOTHY martyred.  Bishop of Ephesus from 95, beaten and stoned to death, age 80. 97 DDS 557, FBM 20, GHH, wikST
JOHN exiled on Patmos from 95, returns to Ephesus, takes over as bishop until 100. 96 CBCNT 119, gnwd     97 GHH, IDB 3-677
OR... ONESIMUS is bishop. OR some relative of Onesimus is bishop. wikOns
c.97 APOLLONIUS of Tyana Cappadocia dies in Crete.
c.99 Gn. Pedanius Fuscus SALINATOR, gov of Asia from 98, ends.  Q. Julius BALBUS succeeds until 101. 99 wikLRGA
by 100 CHRISTIANITY: Strongly represented in Anatolia mostly, also Syria, Macedonia, Greece, and Rome - which has the largest congregation.  Moderately in Egypt. by 100 WHCC 37
c.100 Apostle JOHN dies at Ephesus. post-98 CBCNT 119, 128, Qlb 54, gnwd     100 CBCNT 53, ENBD 227, GHH     104 DDS 321
c.100 POLYCARP becomes bishop of Smyrna until 156. 85 gnwd 100 guess
c.100 Christian gnostic CERINTHUS is active in Asia. 100 IDB 1-549
c.100 Works of PAPIAS written. 95-110 wikPH, uasv
Most sources say 2nd cen.
c.100 Greek physician RUFUS of Ephesus flourishes.  Writes treatises on dietetics, pathology, anatomy, and patient care.  Explores neglected subjects, such as treatment of slaves and the elderly.  Some works survive. 100 BAA 177