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c.20 NATAKAMANI, king of Meroe from 1BCE, ends.  SHORKAROR succeeds until 30. 20 rcNA
c.30 SHORKAROR, king of Meroe from 20, ends.  PISAKAR succeeds until 40. 30 rcNA
c.40 PISAKAR, king of Meroe from 30, ends.  AMANITARAQIDE succeeds until 50. 40 rcNA
c.50 AMANITARAQIDE, king of Meroe from 40, ends.  AMANITENMEMIDE succeeds until 62. 50 rcNA
c.50 ETHIOPIA (Axum) begins expansion. 50 PW 17, TAWH 18
c.60 Apostle MATTHEW killed with a halberd in Nadabah Ethiopia. 60 FBM 17
c.61 A party of Praetorians under a tribune and 2 centurions sent by Nero enter Ethiopia. 61 wikMr
c.61/2 Praetorians are given an escort, proceed up the White Nile to the Sudd swamp.  This marks the limit of Roman penetration into Africa. 61 wikSd
no date: wikMr
c.62 AMANITENMEMIDE, king of Meroe from 50, ends.  AMANIKHATASHAN succeeds as candace (queen) until 85. 62 rcNA, wikMr
c.85 AMANIKHATASHAN, candace (queen) of Meroe from 62, ends.  TERITNIDE succeeds until 90. 85 rcNA, wikMr
c.90 TERITNIDE, king of Meroe from 85, ends.  TEQERIDEAMANI-I succeeds until 114. 90 rcNA
c.100 Axumkingdom of AXUM dominates East Africa and takes over Sabean trading/military colonies on southwest coast of Arabia. 100 wikTY