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c.1 Q. FABIUS MAXIMUS, proconsul of Africa from 5 BC ends.  Gn. Calpurnius PISO succeeds until 2. 3BC wikGnCP
1 rcNA
c.2 Gn. Calpurnius PISO, proconsul of Africa from 1 ends.  L. Passienus RUFUS succeeds until 4. 1 rcNA 2 rcNA
c.4 L. Passienus RUFUS, proconsul of Africa from 2 ends.  L. Cornelius LENTULUS succeeds until 5. 4 rcNA, wikAf
c.5 L. Cornelius LENTULUS, gov of Africa province from 4, ends.  Gn. Cornelius LENTULUS COSSUS succeeds until ?.  Confused data until 8. 4/5 wikAf 5 rcNA
c.5/6 GAETULI tribe of Mauretania under Juba-II, rebels. 5 HRRP 4.1-63 6 OCD 566
6 Cossus Cornelius LENTULLUS is sent to Africa 6 DGRBM 2-733
c.6 GAETULI tribe of Mauretania under Juba-II, who had invaded Jubas kingdom, subdued by Cossus Cornelius LENTULLUS 5/6 CAH 10
6 DGRBM 2-733, OCD 566
c.8 L. Caninius GALLUS becomes gov of Africa province.  Confused data until 14. 8 wikAf
c.14 L. Nonius ASPRENAS becomes gov of Africa province until 15. 12 hifiC, rcNA     14 DGRBM 1-388, wikAf
14 Aug 19 AUGUSTUS dies.   TIBERIUS succeeds until 37.
14 Sempronius GRACCHUS, paramour of Julia, dau of Augustus, exiled on Cercina island east of Africa province from ?, executed by order of Tiberius. TAn 1:53
14 DGRBM 2-298, 3-1119
c.15 L. Nonius ASPRENAS, gov of Africa province from 14, ends.  L. Aelius LAMIA succeeds until 16. 15 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
c.16 L. Aelius LAMIA, gov of Africa province from 15, ends.  A. Vibius HABITUS succeeds until 17. 16 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
c.17 A. Vibius HABITUS, gov of Africa province from 16, ends.  M. Furius CAMILLUS succeeds until 18. 17 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
17 Numidian auxiliary TACFARNIAS rebels with a band of followers called Musulamians until death 24. TAn 2:52     17 CAH 10, MCAW, OCD 1033
17 African War begins against TACFARNIAS until 24. 17 GHH
17 Numidian rebel TACFARNIAS and Mauretanian allies under Mazippa heavily defeated by M. Furius CAMILLUS, proconsul of Africa, and JUBA-II, king of Numidia.  Pacified until 20. TAn 2:52, 3:20
17 DGRBM 1-592, OCD 566
18 DGRBM 3-967
18 Furius CAMILLUS, proconsul of Africa from 17, returns to Rome.  L. APRONIUS succeeds until 21.  Son L. Apronius Caecianus accompanies. TAn 3:21     18 OCD 88, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf 20 DGRBM 1-251
20 TACFARNIAS, Numidian chief of the Musulamians 17-24, pacified from 18, renews hostilities. TAn 3:20     20 DGRBM 3-967
20 TACFARNIAS, Numidian chief of the Musulamians 17-24, defeated by CAESIANUS, proconsul of Africa, and driven into the desert. TAn 3:21     20 DGRBM 3-967
21 L. APRONIUS, proconsul of Africa from 18, returns to Rome.  Q. Junius BLAESUS succeeds until 23. 21 OCD 88, 170, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf, wikSj
22 DGRBM 1-491
22 TACFARNIAS sends envoys to Tiberius in Rome soliciting land for himself and his troops, and threatening perpetual war upon refusal. 22 DGRBM 3-967
c.22 Q. Junius BLAESUS and legate Cornelius Scipio seriously damage army of Tacfarinas, and capture his bro.  Tiberius allows him to be hailed IMPERATOR.  Last time for this custom. TAn 3:74     21 GHH 22 DGRBM 1-491, 3-752, 967, 1120, OCD 170
c.23 Q. Junius BLAESUS, proconsul of Africa from 21, recalled to Rome along with legion IX.  P. Cornelius DOLABELLA succeeds until 24. TAn 4:23
23 DGRBM 1-1060, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf, no date: OCD 359
23 Son of J-I, JUBA-II dies.  Client king of Mauretania from 25 BC, husband of Cleo Selene 25BC, Glaphyra from ?. Son by Cleo PTOLEMY succeeds until 40. 18/9 DGRBM 2-636     19 MCAW
23 CDCC 156, OCD 566, 656, 897, rcNA, wikMrt     23/4 CAH 10       24 B76 V-621, 13-150, DGRBM 3-599
23 Dau of Antony and Cleo-VII, wife of Juba-II from 25BCE, CLEOPATRA SELENE ends. 23 rcNA
24 TACFARNIAS attacks Roman province of Africa. 24 DGRBM 3-967
24 TACFARNIAS dies.  Numidian chief of the Musulamians from 17, defeated in battle, trapped at Auzia by P. Cornelius DOLABELLA helped by Ptolemy of Mauretania, killed. TAn 4:25     23 B76 13-150, 24 CAH 10, DGRBM 3-599, 1121, HRRP 4.1-334, OCD 359, 1033
24 African war with Rome from 17 ends; Romans having obtained an ally in Ptolemy, king of Mauretania. 24 GHH
c.24 P. Cornelius DOLABELLA, proconsul of Africa from 23, ends w/o the honor of a triumph.  No data until 26. TAn 4:23     24 DGRBM 1-1060, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
no date: OCD 359
26 C. Vibius MARSUS becomes proconsul of Africa until 29. 26 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf 27 OCD 1119
29 C. Vibius MARSUS proconsul of Africa from 26, returns to Rome.  M. Junius SILANUS succeeds until 35. 29 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf, 30 OCD 989, 1119
33 Conquest of Mauretania. 33 GHH
35 M. Junius SILANUS proconsul of Africa from 30, ends.  C. Rubellius BLANDUS succeeds until 36. 35 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
36 C. Rubellius BLANDUS, governor of Africa from 35, ends.  Servius Cornelius CETHEGUS succeeds until 37. 36 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
37 Mar 16 TIBERIUS dies.   CALIGULA succeeds.
37 Servius Cornelius CETHEGUS, governor of Africa from 36, ends.  L. Calpurnius PISO succeeds 38-9. 37 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
39 L. Calpurnius PISO, governor of Africa from 38, ends.  L. Salvius OTHO succeeds 40-41. 39 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
39 Army in Africa, under the proconsul, which is under the senate from ?, now commanded by a legate of praetorian rank directly responsible to Caligula 39 B76 13-150
40 Son of Juba-2 & Cleo Selene, PTOLEMY dies.  Client king of Mauretania from 23, summoned to Rome by Caligula, goes there and is executed by starvation for unknown reasons. 40 B76 13-150, CAH 10-660, CDCC 156, DGRBM 3-599, GHH, MCAW, OCD 656, 897, rcNA, wikCal, wikMrt, wikMrT     41 DGRG 2-289
40 MAURETANIA, kingdom from , annexed by Caligula, becomes province.  Caesarea is capital.  Rebels under local freedman, AEDEMON until 42. 40 CAH 10-660, CDCC 156, GHH, rcNA, wikCal
40 TINGIS (later Tangier), under Mauretania from 201BC, comes under Rome until 395. 40 rcNA
40 Son of Juba-II of Mauritania taken to Rome and starved to death. 40 MCAW
40 Western part of Africa Proconsularis, including its legionary garrison, is placed under an imperial legate, and in effect becomes a separate province of Numidia.  The legate of Numidia remains nominally subordinate to the proconsul of Africa until 203CE. 40 wikNm, wikNmRP
41 Jan 24 CALIGULA dies.   CLAUDIUS succeeds.
41 L. Salvius OTHO, governor of Africa from 40, ends.  Q. Marcius BAREA SORANUS succeeds until 43. 41 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
42 C. Suetonius PAULINUS becomes proprietor of Mauretania. 42 DGRBM 3-145
42 The Moors conquered by Paulinus and Geta. 42 DGRBM 3-145, GHH
c.42 MAURETANIA, rebelling from 40, conquered by Plautius, and divided into 2 imperial provinces by legate Gn. Hosidius Geta, Mauretania Tingitana (west) and Mauretania Caesariensis (east), both under equite procurators.  Mauretania comes under Rome until 395. 42 B76 15-1112, 4-696, 15-1112, CAH 10-682, DGRBM 1-776, DGRG 2-298, GHH, IDB 4-104, LEWH, MCAW, rcNA, wikMrC     44 TAWH 18, wikMrt, wikMrT
c.42 Gn. Hosidius GETA becomes propraetor of Numidia until ?. 42 DGRBM 2-529
c.42 TINGIS (later Tangier) becomes a free city, and capital of Tingitana. 42 B76 IX-804
43 M. Fadius Celer Flavianus Maximus becomes, governor of Mauretania Tingitana until 48. 43 wikRGMrT
43 Q. Marcius BAREA SORANUS, governor of Africa from 41, ends.  No successor until 44. 43 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
c.44 Servius Sulpicius GALBA appointed governor of Africa until 46 by Claudius - the only instance of him nominating a gov for a senatorial province, because of a rebellion of the Musulami. 44 CAH 10-674, 690, hifiC, rcNA, 44/5 wikGl     45 B76 IV-384, DGRBM 2-206, OCD 454, anhiGl
46 Servius Sulpicius GALBA, governor of Africa from 44, ends.  M. Servilius NONIANUS succeeds until 47. 46 DGRBM 2-206, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
47 M. Servilius NONIANUS, governor of Africa from 46, ends.  No data until 51. 47 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
48 M. Fadius Celer Flavianus Maximus, governor of Mauretania Tingitana from 43, ends.  C. Rutilius Secundus succeeds until 53. 48 wikRGMrT
51 L. Tampius FLAVIANUS, becomes governor of Africa until 52. 51 hifiC, rcNA
52 L. Tampius FLAVIANUS, governor of Africa from 51, ends.  T. Statilius TAURUS succeeds until 53. 52 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
53 T. Statilius TAURUS, governor of Africa from 52, ends.  M. Pompeius Silvanus Staberius FLAVIANUS succeeds until 56. 53 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
53 C. Rutilius Secundus, governor of Mauretania Tingitana from 48, ends.  No data until 69. 53 wikRGMrT
54 Oct 13 Empire 54CECLAUDIUS dies.   NERO succeeds until 68.
56 M. Pompeius Silvanus Staberius FLAVIANUS, governor of Africa from 53, ends, but remains in Africa.  Q. Sulpicius Camerinus PETICUS succeeds until 57. 56 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
57 Q. Sulpicius Camerinus PETICUS, governor of Africa from 56, returns to Rome, along with predecessor Pomponius Silvanus.  Gn. Hosidius GETA succeeds until 58. 57 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf     59 DGRBM 1-590
58 Gn. Hosidius GETA, governor of Africa from 57, ends.  Q. Curtius RUFUS succeeds until 59. 58 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
59 Q. Curtius RUFUS, governor of Africa from 58, ends.  A. VITELLIUS succeeds 60-61. 59 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf     60 B76 X-471, wikVt
59 APION dies.  King of Cyrene from ??, bequeathing kingdom to Rome. TAn 14:18
59 Illegal estate owners of Cyrene are allowed to keep them by senate to avoid upsetting the economy. TAn 14:18
59 CAH 10-712
61 A. VITELLIUS, governor of Africa from 60, ends.  L. VITELLIUS succeeds until 62. 61 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
62 L. VITELLIUS, governor of Africa from 61, ends.  Servius Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus ORFITUS succeeds until 63. 62 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
63 Servius Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus ORFITUS, governor of Africa from 62, ends.  T. Flavius VESPASIANUS succeeds 64-68. TAn 2:97     63 B76 19-95, OCD 415, britVs, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf, wikVs
64 T. Flavius VESPASIANUS, governor of Africa from 63, returns broke to Rome.  C. Vipstanus APRONIANUS succeeds until 69. 64 wikAf       68 hifiC, rcNA, wikAf
68 Clodius MACER, legate of Numidia, with legion III Augusta, rebels against Nero, cuts off Rome's grain supply. 68 CAH 10-740, DGRBM 2-884, IDB 3-538, OCD 254
68 Jun 9 or 11 NERO dies.   Year of 4 emperors begins until 69.
68 Clodius MACER dies.  Legate of Numidia, commanding legion III Augusta, executed by imperial agent Trebonius Garutianus, on order of Galba. THs 1:7
68 OCD 254, fyf
69 C. Vipstanus APRONIANUS, governor of Africa from 68, ends.  L. Calpurnius PISO Licinianus succeeds until 70.  C. Valerius Festus is legate. 69 OCD 837, 1106, rcNA, wikAf, wikLCP
69 Feb? Legions of Carthage sware allegiance to Otho, without waiting for sanction of governor Vipstanus Apronianus.  Rest of Africa follows. THs 1:76
69 LUCCEIUS ALBINUS procurator of Mauretania Caesarensis, after death of Galba, sides with Otho, takes Mauretania Tingitana, prepares to invade Spain.  He commands 19 cohorts inf, 5 regiments cav, and a horde of Mauri. THs 2:58
69 DGRBM 1-94, wikRGMrT
69 Legate C. Valerius Festus campaigns against the Garamantes of Libya. 70 OCD 1106
69 Cavalry commander under Albinus, Asinius POLLIO murdered when his troops side with Vitellius.  Infantry commanders Festus??? and Scipio are also killed.. THs 2:59
69 DGRBM 3-439
69 Cluvius RUFUS, commander in Spain sends centurions to Mauretania Caesarensis to get the Mauri to rebel against governor Lucceius AlbinusCenturions are successful and ALBINUS embarks from Tingitana for Caesariensis, and is murdered as he lands.  Both Mauretanian provinces (Caesariensis and Tingitana) declare for Vitellius.  No data on Mauretania until 73. THs 2:58-9 69 DGRBM 1-94, wikRGMrT
69 Mauretania Caesarensis and Mauretania Tingitana, imperial provinces from 40, declare for Vitellius. THs 2:58
69 Dec 20 VITELIUS dies.  VESPASIAN succeeds until 79.
70 C. Valerius FESTUS waits at Adrumetum on the coast between Carthage and Thapsus to see how things went.  He now rejoins his legion.  Festus has camp-prefect, Caetronius Pisanus, put in irons, alleging that he was one of Piso's accomplices, though Festus' real motive was personal dislike.  Festus then punishes some soldiers and centurions and rewards others, in neither case for their deserts, but because he wants credit for stamping out a war. THs 4:50
70 Governor of Africa from 69, L. Calpurnius PISO Licinianus dies.  He is suspected of conspiring against Vespasian, betrayed by Baebius Massa, and murdered by legate C. Valerius FESTUS, who succeeds briefly, then returns to Rome.  L. Junius Quintus Vibius CRISPUS succeeds 71-72. THs 4:48, 50
70 DGRBM 2-970, 3-376, OCD 837, wikAf, wikLCP57 71 OCD 1119
totally different data from now thru end of century rcNA
72 L. Junius Quintus Vibius CRISPUS governor of Africa from 71, ends.  Q. Manlius Ancharius Tarquitius SATURNINUS succeeds 72-3. 72 wikAf
73 Sextus Sentius Caecilianus becomes, governor of Mauretania Tingitana until 75. 73 wikRGMrT
73 Q. Manlius Ancharius Tarquitius SATURNINUS governor of Africa from 72, ends. 73 wikAf
74 Q. Julius Cordinus Gaius Rutilius GALLICUS becomes governor of Africa, and ends.  No data until 77. 74 wikAf
75 Sextus Sentius Caecilianus, governor of Mauretania Tingitana from 73.  No data until 88. 75 wikRGMrT
c.75 LEPTIS MAGNA in Libya becomes a municipium. 74-7 CDCC 513
77 C. Paccius AFRICANUS becomes governor of Africa until 78. 77 wikAf
78 C. Paccius AFRICANUS, governor of Africa from 77, ends.  P. Galerius TRACHALUS succeeds until 79. 78 wikAf
79 Jun 23/4 VESPASIAN dies.   TITUS succeeds until 81.
79 P. Galerius TRACHALUS, governor of Africa from 78, ends.  No data until 82. 79 wikAf
81 Sep 13 TITUS dies.   DOMITIAN succeeds until 96.
82 L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus ASPRENAS becomes governor of Africa until 83. 82 wikAf
83 L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus ASPRENAS, governor of Africa from 82, ends.  Sextus Vettulenus CERIALIS succeeds until 84. 83 wikAf
84 Sextus Vettulenus CERIALIS, governor of Africa from 83, ends.  Gn. Domitius LUCANUS succeeds until 85. 84 wikAf
85 Gn. Domitius LUCANUS, governor of Africa from 84, ends.  Gn. Domitius TULLUS succeeds until 86. 85 wikAf
86 Gn. Domitius TULLUS, governor of Africa from 85, ends.  No data until 91. 86 wikAf
86 NASAMONES in Africa, revolt suppressed by Domitian. 86 CAH 11-25
88 L. Vallius Tranquillus becomes governor of Mauretania Tingitana, and ends.  No data until 109. 88 wikRGMrT
91 L. Funisulanus VETTONIANUS becomes governor of Africa until 92. 91 wikAf 96 rcNA
92 L. Funisulanus VETTONIANUS, governor of Africa from 91, ends.  ? ? ASPRENAS succeeds until 93. 92 wikAf
93 ? ? ASPRENAS, governor of Africa from 92, ends.  No data until 97. 93 wikAf
96 Sep 18 Empire 96CEDOMITIAN dies.  NERVA succeeds until 98.
97 Marius PRISCUS becomes governor of Africa until 98. 97 wikAf     98 rcNA
97 SITIFIS Mauretania founded as veteran colony by Nerva. 97 B76 IX-80
98 Marius PRISCUS, governor of Africa from 97, returns to Rome.  C. Cornelius GALLICANUS succeeds until 99. 98 wikAf 99 rcNA
99 C. Cornelius GALLICANUS, governor of Africa from 98, ends.  No data until 101. 99 wikAf
100 THAMUGADI Numidia founded by Trajan as a veteran colony.  Full name Colonia Marciana Ulpia Traiana Thamugadi, in commemoration of his mother Marcia. 100 MCAW, OCD 1050, wikTmg