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Royal Road
c.500 ROYAL ROAD built from Sardis to Susa with posting stations.  Connects capitals of Persia, Elam, and Syria, to Gordium and Sardis.  Crosses the Tigris at Amida. 500
PW 16
c.462 Persian general MEGABYZOS appointed satrap of Syria until 448. no date: B76 VI-753
c.448 MEGABYZOS Persian satrap of Syria from 462, aided by queen Amytes and dowager-queen Amestris, rebels, declares independence. 450 CAH 5, OHG
448 SOTS 247     447 GHH
no date: B76 VI-753, Jud 3-646
c.447 ARTAXERXES-I LONGIMANUS, king of Medo-Persia 464-24, agrees to demands of Megabyzos, rebelling satrap of Syria, grants him independence. 447 GHH
c.445 ADEUS, satrap of Syria, Phoenicia, Samaria, receives letters from Artaxerxes-I instructing him to help Nehemiah. 445 Antiq 11:5:6
c.408 Medes try to throw off Persian rule unsuccessfully. 408 DGRBM 1-943, TToH
c.406 CADUSIANS of Mt. Caucasus under Persia from ?, rebel, and are soon suppressed by Cyrus the Younger. 406 lvCd, wikCd
c.401 CYRUS, satrap of Anatolia, marches east, reaches the EuphratesThessalian mercenary MENON persuades his men to cross first, thus ingratiating himself to Cyrus. 401 B76 III-330, 8-362, 9-836, DGRBM 1-924, 2-1043, Dur 2-460, IDB 1-658, LEWH 76, OCD 301, 308, OHG, TAWH 78, hifi, hifiP
c.401 After Cyrus crosses the Euphrates, general ORONTES asks for 1,000 cavalry to check the opposing cavalry, who were destroying crops and cattle.  Cyrus consents.  Orontes writes a letter to Artaxerxes-I, promising to defect.  The letter is intercepted and delivered to Cyrus, who arrests Orontes, who is tried, condemned, and never seen again.. 401 DGRBM 3-57
c.401 ORONTES-I becomes Orontid satrap of Armenia, under Persia, until 344.  ORONTID DYNASTY of Armenia begins until 190. 401 hystn, wikLAK
c.401 XENOPHON leads Greek mercenaries from Babylon thru Assyria. 401 RAI3 410
401/0 XENOPHON leads Greek mercenaries thru Armenia.  Xenophon mentions these Armenian tribes: Chaldaioi, Kolchoi, Makrones, Mossynoikoi, Tibarenoi, Chalybes, Drilai, Kardouchoi, and Taochoi. 401/0 lvA
c.386 ORONTES-I king of Armenia, Persian vassal, 401-344, ordered by Artaxerxes-I to command land forces against the inconveniently located Evagoras of Cyprus, Tiribazus commanding the fleet. 386 DGRBM 3-58
c.385 CADUSIANS of Mt. Caucasus under Persia from ?, rebel, and are suppressed by Artaxerxes-I. 385 wikCd 384 GHH
c.382 Persians TIRIBAZUS, satrap of Sardis and ORONTES, king of Armenia invade Cyprus with a force too big for Evagoras-I king of Salamis. 385 wikEv     382 CAH 6 381 Grim 375
c.359 ARTAXERXES-II MNEMON dies.  King of Medo-Persia (including Syria & Armenia) from 404. 362 DGRBM 1-371     359 B76 9-835, CAH 6-49, CDCC 88, Grim, IDB 1-241, Jud 3-647, MNHK, OCD 4, RAI3, Shaw, SOTS 247, TToH, bihi, bk, frN, hifiE, hifiP   359/8 B76 I-549, CAH 6 358 LEWH 53, MCAW 158, OCD 126, Sdl 5-202, WPOT 330, anan, KoP, taP, wikP
c.359 OCHUS, son and heir of Artaxerxes-II, marches into Syria for a campaign in either Anatolia or Levant.  Learns of father's death, and returns. 359
Grim 379
c.358 CADUSIANS of Mt. Caucasus pacified by OCHUS, son and heir of Artaxerxes-II. 358 lvCd, wikCd
c.354 Rhetorician LIBANIUS returns to his native Antioch. 354 CDCC 517
c.350 ASSYRIA, under Persia, tries and fails to recover independence. 350 hifiP
c.349 Mentor of Rhodes mediates between Memnon, Artabazos, and Artaxerxes-III. 349 GHH
c.344 ORONTES-I Orontid satrap of Armenia, under Persia, from 401, ends.  Armenia comes directly under Darius-III until 336. 344 hystn, wikLAK     330 lvArm
c.336 ARMENIA, directly under Darius-III from 344, placed under satrap ORONTES-II until 331. 336 wikLAK
c.333 DARIUS-III marches from Babylon northwest.  Hampered by a baggage train with treasure and his harem, he goes to Thapsacos on the Euphrates.  After crossing he moves to a base camp at Sochi in the Amik plain while his baggage train goes south for Damascus. mid 333
CAH 6-805
c.333 DARIUS-III CODOMANNUS king of Medo-Persia 336-30 summons forces to Syria, gathers a large but motley army. 333
c.333 CHARIDEMUS, Euboean mercenary, with Persians from 335, executed for outspokenness by Darius. 333
OCD 227
c.333 ALEX-III arrives at Miriandrus River at border between Cilicia and Syria.  Faces Darius.  Fears to meet him in open plain.  Darius circles behind Alex to plain of Issus, and cuts off Alex's communications. 333
B76 17-947, LEWH 79
333 Nov 5 ALEX-III, with 5,000 cavalry and less than 30,000 infantry, completely defeats DARIUS-III with 100,000 troops at ISSUS at border between Cilicia and SyriaDarius leaves his mother Sisygambis, sis/wife Stateira, 2 daus, and much loot at Damascus and flees to Babylon. 333 B76 8-374, BI+N 121, CDCC 34, 129, 467, Dur 2-458, IDB 2-478, LEWH 53, 79, MCAW 168, OHG 365, RAH 324, TToH, TTPC, anan, hmLx, KoP, wikLx, wikP
333 ALEX-III decides not to attack Darius-III at Babylon, but to first break his sea power and cut him off from Egypt.  Procedes south into Phoenicia. 333
B76 8-374
c.333 All SYRIA submits to ALEX-III. 333 MCAW 168
c.333 PARMENIO pacifies Syria. 332 CAH 6-809
c.333 Right after Issus, PARMENIO is sent ahead to secure Damascus, where Darius's war chest is. 333 B76 1-469, lvLx
c.333 MELITENE on Anatolia/Syria border, under Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 305. 333 rcT
c.332 HARAN, under Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 323. 332 rcT
c.332 SAMAL, under Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 305. 332 rcT
c.332 CARCHEMISH, under Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 323. 332 rcS
c.332 NISIBIS, under Persia from 536, comes under Macedonians until 301. 332 wikNsb
c.332 MARI, under Medo-Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 323. 332 rcS
c.332 HALAP (Aleppo), under Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 323. 332 rcS
331 ALEX-III comes from Tyre to Syria. 331 mid CAH 6-812, hmLx, lvG, wikLx
331 ALEX-III arrives at Thapsacos on west bank of EuphratesA Persian army commanded by Mazaeus approaches from southeast.  Alex avoids battle, marches north toward Haran and Adma, where his army could find food. 331 B76 1-470, CAH 6-812, lvLx
c.331 HARAN occupied by Macedonians.
c.331 ADMA V (previously Urhai) occupied by Macedonians. 331 lvA
331 ALEX-III crosses Tigris, defeats a small Persian cavalry squadron. 331 lvLx
c.331 ARMENIA, under Medo-Persia from 550, under satrap ORONTES-II from 336, comes under ALEX-III and successors until 317, continuing to be ruled by Persian satraps.  MITHRANES becomes satrap until 323. 331 B76 18-1041, LEWH 51, hifi     330 hystn
c.331 AZERBAIJAN, east end of Caucasus Mountains, aside southwest coast of Caspian Sea, under Persians and Scythians from 550, conquered by ALEX-III , under Macedonians until 301. 331 rcCau
331 Sep 20 LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs as ALEX-III approaches Nineveh.  Interpreted as a bad omen for Darius-III before battle of Gaugamela.
"In the month Boedromion, about the beginning of the feast of Mysteries at Athens, there was an eclipse of the moon, the eleventh night after which, the two armies being now in view of one another, Darius kept his men in arms, and by torchlight took a general review of them."   (Plutarch: Dion 19)
331 Sep 20 CAH 6-812, MCAW 167, lvLx, hbar
Sep 24
ALEX-III camps 30km from Persian lines, having heard from stragglers their position. Sep 24 331 CAH 6-812
331 Sep ALEX-III marches down Tigris to Gaugamela, Darius' chosen battle ground. 331 lvLx
c.331 ORONTES-II 2nd Orontid king of Armenia, Persian vassal, from 344, ends.  MITHRANES, former satrap of Sardis, appointed by Alex-III as satrap until 317. 331 hystn, wikLAK 320 lvArm
after Gaugamela: DGRBM 2-1093
ARMENIA, under Persia from 550, comes under Macedonia until 321.
c.331 MOXOENE, petty Armenian kingdom north of Gordyene and south of Lake Van, under Persia from 595, comes under Macedonia until 301. 331 rcT
331 GARDMAN, Armenian principality on east banks of Lake Sevan, comes under Macedonia until 321. 331 rcCau
331 ALEX-III goes from Sippar to Babylon. 331 B76 1-470, CAH 6-815,
Dur 2-458, MCAW 168, lvLx, wikLx
c.331 late General MENES sent by Alex-III with 3,000 talents from Susa west to take over Cilicia, Syria, and Phoenicia. 331 DGRBM 2-1040
c.330 DARIUS-III at Ecbatana Media from 331, leaves. 330 Jun wikAt
c.330 ALEX-III pursues DARIUS-III thru Media. spring 330 LEWH 79
c.330 NAKHCHIVAN, a city between Armenia and Iran, under Persia from 550, comes under Armenia until 451CE. 330 rcCau
c.330 Babylonian BAGISTANES, with Darius from ?, deserts to Alex-III. 330 DGRBM 1-453
c.330 DARIUS-III dies.
c.330 Mede ATROPATES, Persian satrap of Media from ?, surrenders to Alex-III, becomes Macedonian satrap of Media until 328. 330 wikAt     323 hifiP
no date: DGRBM 1-408
c.330 PARMENIO and family murdered by Cleander at Ecbatana. 330 B76 1-470, LEWH 79, OCD 782, hwD, lvG, lvLx
c.328 ATROPATES, Macedonian satrap of Media from 330, replaced by OXYDATES until 327. 328 wikAt
c.327 OXYDATES, Macedonian satrap of Media from 328, loses trust of Alex-III and is fired.  ATROPATES resumes until 323. 327 wikAt
c.325/4 ATROPATES, Macedonian satrap of Media 327-20, delivers rebel BARYAXES to Alex-III at Pasargadae. 325 DGRBM 1-465 325/4 wikAt
c.323 MITHRANES, satrap of Armenia from 331, ends with death of Alex-III.  Armenia comes under Perdiccas, who puts it under NEOPTOLEMUS until 321. 323 hifi, wikLAK, wikNpt
c.323 PITHON, son of Craterus, becomes satrap of Media 316.  Its too big to govern alone, so he makes Atropates satrap of north Media. 323 wikPei
c.323 Atropatene ATROPATES, Macedonian satrap of Media from 327, confirmed as satrap of north Media by Pithon until 320.  MEDIA ATROPATENE begins until ?. 323 hifiP, wikAt
c.323 HARAN, under Macedonia from 332, comes under Antigonus-I until 301. 323 rcT
c.323 MARI, under Macedonia from 332, comes under Antigonus until 301. 323 rcS
c.323 CARCHEMISH, under Macedonia from 323, comes under Antigonus-I until 301. 323 rcS
c.323 HALAP (Aleppo), under Macedonia from 332, comes under Antigonus-I until 301. 323 rcS
c.323 Syria and Palestine given to LAOMEDON of Mytilene until 319. 323 B76 17-947, wikΦ
c.322 COMMAGENE, under Persia from 546, comes under Macedonia until 306. 322 rcT
c.321 NEOPTOLEMUS governor of Armenia 323-21, placed under command of Eumenes by Perdiccas until ?.  Neoptolemus begins negotiating with Antipater and Craterus. 321 wikLAK, wikNpt
c.321 NEOPTOLEMUS governor of Armenia from 323, ordered by Eumenes to join him, refuses.  Eumenes attacks and defeats Neoptolemus, compells all Macedonian troops in his service to swear loyalty to PerdiccasNeoptolemus escapes and joins Craterus in Anatolia. 321 wikNpt
c.321 ARMENIA, 4 different kingdoms from ?, under Macedonia from 331, becomes an independent state under native Armenian MITHRANES until 317. 322 vrb
321 wikLAK
c.321 GARDMAN, Armenian principality on east banks of Lake Sevan, under Macedonia from 331, comes under Armenia until 200. 321 rcCau
c.321 ANTIPATER goes from Anatolia to Syria.  Learns that Perdiccas had been murdered.  Calls a general conference to redistribute everything. 321 wikAnt
c.321 ANTIPATER, ANTIGONUS-I, LYSIMACHUS, PTOLEMY, EURYDICE meet at Triparadisus north Syria. 321 B76 8-377, 16-503, LEWH 89-90
c. 321 At Triparadisus, generals Peithon and Arrhidaeus (not Philip-III), are nominated regents for Alex-III's son Alex-IV and bro Philip-III Arrhidaeus.  EURIDICE, wife of Philip-III, demands a share of kingly power.  They are all trumped by ANTIPATER, who appoints himself supreme regent of all Alex's empire and is left in control of Greece as guardian of Alex-IV and Philip-III until 319. 321 B76 8-377, 16-503, CAH 7.1-37, LEWH 89-90, wikEur, wikAnt
320 hwD, wikArrh
c.321  Treaty of Triparadisus  appoints satraps:
Antipater:  Macedon & Greece
Lysimachus:  Thrace
Condemns Eumenes of Cardia, and appoints Arrhidaeus to Hellespontine Phyrgia until 318
Antigonus-IPhyrgia, Lycia & Pamphylia
CassanderCaria, becomes cavalry commander under Antigonus
Cleitus the White:  Lydia until 318
Philoxenus:  Cilicia
Nicanor:  Cappadocia & Paphlagonia
Ptolemy:  Egypt
Laomedon of Mytilene:  Syria
Peucestas:  Persia
Amphimachus:  Mesopotamia
Peithon:  Media to 317
Tlepolemus:  Carmania
Philip:  Parthia
Antigenes:  Susiana
SeleucusArmenia, Babylonia
Stasanor:  Bactria & Sogdiana
Stasander:  Aria & Drangiana
Sibyrtius:  Arachosia & Gedrosia
India is not mentioned.
Antipater and Antigonus-I are ordered to conquer and kill Eumenes of Cardia.
B76 8-377, CAH 7.1, DGRBM 3-228, 899,
Dur 2-558, GHH, atl4, hifi, lvPt1, wikPr, wikPT, wikPthn
320 hwD
321/20 ANTIPATER, guardian of Alex-III's son Alex-IV and bro Philip-III, returns with them from Syria to Anatolia. 321 B76 8-377, hwD
c.320 ATROPATES, Macedonian satrap of north Media from 323, ends.  PITHON, son of Craterus, resumes as satrap of all Media until 315. 320 hifiP
c.320 ORONTES-II ends.  King of Armenia from 330.  ARDAVASDES (Orontes-III) succeeds until 280. 320 lvArm
319 PTOLEMY-I satrap of Egypt 323-05 hearing of death of Antipater, invades Phoenicia & Syria.
2nd War of the Diadochi begins until 316 in west and until 315 in east.
320 B76 17-947, ISBE 2-1119, TToH
319 B76 8-377, hwD, lvD, lvPt1
c.319 Satrap of Syria from 323, LAOMEDON dies or is expelled.    North SYRIA comes under Seleucus until 315. guess
c.319 South SYRIA, under Macedonia from 333, under Laomedon from 323, siezed and annexed by Ptolemy-I, under Ptolemies until ?. 319 MCAW 174, atl4
c.318 SOSIGENES, officer under Eumenes, is commander of Eumenes' Phoenician fleet stationed at Rhosos Syria. 318 DGRBM 3-882
c.318 Antigonus' fleet, after victories in Hellespont, arrives at Rhosos Syria.  Eumenes' Phoenician fleet surrenders to Antigonus' fleet while commander Sosigenes is on shore, and can do nothing about it. 318 DGRBM 3-882, atl4
c.317 Pithon satrap of Media, tries to subdue leaders of eastern provinces.  Peucestas and other satraps unite and resist 317 lvG
c.317 MITHRANES, satrap of Armenia from 321, ends.
ARMENIA, independent state from 321, comes under Macedonians until 301, under Seleucus until 311, under satrap ARDAVASDES (Orontes-III) until 260..
317 DGRG 1-218, LEWH 51, hystn, wikLAK
c.316 2nd War of the Diadochi from 319 ends in the west, with the accepance of Cassander as regent in Macedonia, and in Anatolia with death of Eumenes of Cardia at Gabae (Gabiene). 316 DGRBM 1-187, lvG 315 lvD, lvG, lvPt1, wikWD
c.316 PITHON, son of Craterus, satrap of Media from 323, defeated by Antigonus-I who appoints NICANOR satrap of Media until 312. 316 DGRBM 2-1176, wikNc     315 hifiP
c.316 PITHON, son of Craterus, takes refuge with Seleucus. 320 GHH
c.315 North SYRIA, under Seleucus from 318, siezed and annexed by ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus until 315. 315 B76 8-377, LEWH 90
c.315 CASSANDER, LYSIMACHUS, PTOLEMY, SELEUCUS ally against ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus.  They deliver an ultimatim to Antigonus-I, now in north Syria:
Return Babylonia to Seleucus.
Abandon Syria to Ptolemy.
Abandon Phrygia to Lysimachus.
Abandon Cappadocia & Lycia to Cassander.
Share the loot taken from Eumenes.
Ultimatum reaches Antigonus-I in winter.
BHS 1-51, B76 8-377, LEWH 90, 632,
MCAW 174, OHG, anan, atl4, hwD, lvD
c.315 3rd War of the Diadochi begins until 311.
CASSANDER, PTOLEMY, and LYSIMACHUS fight ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus until 311.
315 B76 1-990, DGRBM 1-187, OCD 69, lvD
314 lvD, lvG, wikWD
c.315 PITHON, son of Agenor, put in charge of Syria by Antigonus-I. 315 GHH
c.314 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus leaves son DEMETRIUS in charge of Syria, invades Ptolemy's part of Syria, to secure Phoenicia with its naval resources. 314 DGRBM 1-962, lvD, lvPt1
c.312 GORDYENE, region between Armenia and Persia, comes under Seleucids until 189. 312 rcM
c.312 TADMOR (later Palmyra), comes under Seleucids until 64. 312 wikPlm '  
c.312 DEMETRIUS son of Antigonus-I is holding Cilicia and part of Syria. spring 312 BHS 1-52
c.312 SELEUCUS, sent and helped by Ptolemy, occupies Babylon and gets unclear influence in Syria with Ptolemy.
SELEUCID PERIOD of Syria / Babylonia begins, in Babylonia until 141, Syria until 65.
312 B76 8-377, 16-503, CDCC 804, Dur 2-555, OCD 69, 971, lvA, wikAntg
May-Jun 311 atl4, lvD
c.311 SELEUCIA on the Tigris becomes Seleucid capital until 301. 311 CAH 7.1-179
c.311 CILLES, general of Ptolemy with 7,000 men, surprised by DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I in marshland of central Syria and defeated. 311 CHJ 2-47, atl4
c. 311 3rd War of the Diadochi from 315 ends with attempted treaty:  Cassander, Lysimachus, & Ptolemy-I agree on status quo with ANTIGONUS-I (now fully controling Anatolia), except that Seleucus is not mentioned.  This allows Antigonus-I to continue fighting SELEUCUS over Syria and Mesopotamia, CASSANDER to secure Macedonia until 306, and PTOLEMY-I to continue expanding in the AegeanGreek towns are recognized by all parties as free and autonomous (but Cassander keeps several garrisons in place).  Boy king Alexander, son of Alex-III & Roxane, would rule the entire empire when he comes of age, in 305 (fat chance).  Uneasy peace lasts until 307. 311 B76 1-990, 8-377, 16-503, ISBE 3-1048, LEWH 90, MCAW 174, OCD 69, OHG, anan, atl4, hifi, hwD, lvD, lvG, lvPt1
c.311 ECBATANA, capital of Media, under Antigonus-I's satrap Nicanor, taken by SeleucusNicanor's troops go over to Seleucus. 311 lvD
c.311 DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I, given 15,000 inf and 4,000 cav, sent to recover Babylon. 311
BHS 1-55-6
c.310 DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I, arrives in Media to counter Seleucus. 311 BHS 1-57
Aug 310 lvD
c.307 ANTIGONEA (later Antioch) on the Orontes founded by Antigonus-I Monophthalmus until 300. 307 DGRBM 1-188,
DGRG 1-140, lvA
306 TAG 8, atl4
c.307 4th War of the Diadochi begins until 306.  Antigonus-I and Demetrius fight Cassander and Ptolemy, now supported by Lysimachus of Thrace, who invades Anatolia and capture Sardis and Ephesus. 308 wikWD
307 B76 8-378, lvA, lvD, lvG, lvPt1 306 hwD
c.306 ANTIGONUS-I in Syria assumes royal title for himself (until 301) and his son DEMETRIUS-I.  Therefore the following do likewise:  PTOLEMY-I, SELEUCUS, LYSIMACHUSCASSANDER refrains temporarily. 307 LEWH 90     306 B76 8-378, CDCC 52, 266, 537, MCAW 178, OCD 69, 632, anan, atl4, hifi, hwD, rcSB2, wikAntg
c.306 COMMAGENE, area in southeast Anatolia, under Macedonia from 322, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 306 rcT
c.305 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus tries to persuade Rhodian expatriates not to return home. 305 atl4
c.305 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus plans to conquer Egypt, starts down Levant with large army. 305 lvD
c.305 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus prevented from invading Egypt by storms which impede his fleet.  His army is out of food, so he returns to Syria, and plans to attack Cassander, sends son Demetrius to besiege Rhodes. 305 lvD
c.305 SAMAL, under Macedonia from 332, comes under ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 MELITENE on Anatolia/Syria border, under Macedonia from 333, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 SELEUCUS, ruler of Babylon from 312, Persia 309-281, claims kingship of Babylonia retroactive to 312.  Also claims epithet NICATOR (conqueror). 305 B76 8-378, 16-503, CAH 7.1-482, LEWH 93, RAI3, atl4
c.304 ADMA under Macedonians from 331, renamed EDESSA by Seleucus-I after a town in Macedonia. 304
OCD 144
c.303 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus abandons celebrations at his new capital Antigonea, hurries west to counter Lysimachus, who has just overrun west Anatolia. 303 lvD 302 atl4
c.302 CASSANDER initiates a coalition against AntigonusLysimachus, Seleucus-I, and Ptolemy-I join. 303 ISBE 3-1048     302 DGRBM 2-868, 3-583, 771, atl4, wikPt1
c.302 EGRISI, part of Colchis from ?, annexed by Iberia (Kartli) until 101. 302 wikCl

RESULT of IPSUS:  Kingdom of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus is split up.
LYSIMACHUS in Thrace receives eastern Aegean, north and central Anatolia.
Demetrius delivers his wife's bro PYRRHUS of Epirus as a hostage to Egypt.
PLEISTARCHUS, bro of Cassander, gets Lycia and Cilicia until 299.
SELEUCUS-I Nicator gets Syro-Palestine contrary to previous agreements with Ptolemy, Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Persia as far as Sogdiana and Bactria.
CASSANDER is king of Macedonia, and is declared king of Greece
, but DEMETRIUS Poliorcetes holds a fleet, Peloponnese, Aegean islands, Cyprus, Tyre, and some cities in Anatolia.
PTOLEMY gets Cyrenaica, Egypt, south Palestine, coastal Syria, and some parts of Lycia and Pisidia.
North Cappadocia goes to Ariarathes.
B76 8-378, MCAW 183, OCD 69, 632, 1031, MRDK,
RAH 378, anan, lvD, rcT
300 lvG
c.301 COLCHIS, kingdom on southeast coast of Black Sea, comes under Sinope until 192. 301 rcCau
c.301 AZERBAIJAN, east end of Caucasus Mountains, aside southwest coast of Caspian Sea, under Macedonians from 331, comes under Seleucids until mid 200s. 301 rcCau
c.301 ARMENIA, under Macedonia from 331, under satrap Ardavasdes 317-284, comes under Seleucus-I Nicator until 292, under Seleucids until 228. 301 B76 18-1041
c.301 CARCHEMISH, under Antigonus-I from 323, comes under Seleucids until 80. 301 rcS
c.301 MARI, under Antigonus from 323, comes under Seleucids until 141. 301 rcS
c.301 HARAN, under Antigonus-I from 323, comes under Seleucids until 80. 301 rcT
c.301 MOXOENE, petty Armenian kingdom north of Gordyene and south of Lake Van, under Macedon from 331, comes under Seleucids until 189. 301 rcT '  
c.301 SAMAL, under Antigonus-I from 332, comes under Seleucids until 163. 301 rcT
c.301 COMMAGENE, under Antigonus-I from 306, comes under Seleucids until 163. 301 rcT
c.301 MELITENE on Anatolia/Syria border, under Antigonus-I from 305, comes under Seleucids until 240. 301 rcT
c.301 Seleucid capital:  SELEUCIA on the Tigris from 311, moved to newly built Seleucia Pieria (the port of Antioch) until 240. 301 BBA 246, CAH 7.1-179 300 wikSP 300-299 CAH 7.1
c.301 SELEUCIA PIERIA on Mediterranean coast west of Antigonea founded by Seleucus-I Nicator. 301 CDCC 32, 960, OCD 47
300 OCD 971, atl4
c.301 SELEUCUS, ruler of Babylonia, after Ipsus, gains access to Mediterranean thru Syria. 301 OCD 971
c.301 SYRIA, a vague region left by the fall of Assyria from 612, becomes a legitimate state, under Seleucids until 83. 301 guess
c.301 HALAP (Aleppo), under Antigonus from 323, comes under Seleucids until 80.  Renamed BEROEA. 301 rcS
c.301 South Syria is divided between SELEUCUS north of the Eleutherus River and PTOLEMY south of it.  North is called SYRIA SELEUCIS.   South (Phoenicia) is called COELE SYRIA.
Syria Seleucis under Seleucids until 272.
301 CAH 7.1-442, LEWH 90, OCD 69, 1030

Syria / Armenia 300-201