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c.500 Asia-Pacific Neolithic age ends.  Began 8000. 500 wikPP
c.500 AUSTRONESIAN migration to Melanesia and Micronesia from 1200 ends. 500 wikA
by c.500 Melanesians had reached Fiji and intermarry with Polynesian inhabitants. 500 wikPI
c.500 Austronesian settlers in the Moluccas that spread westward reach Sumatra, the Malay peninsula, and southern Vietnam. by 500 fw
c.500 PhilippinesStone Age in Philippines from 50,000 ends.  1st metal tools begin.  JOCARNO Age begins until 0.  First artifacts similar in design from site to site thruout the archipelago.  Metal tools, improved pottery technology.The new tools bring about a more stable way of life, and create more community growth, in size and cultural development. map Addicted04

by 500 wikPP
c.420 TONGA east of Fiji islands, occupied from 4000, shows 1st archaeological evidence of human occupation. 420 hiwo

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