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c.500 IRON AGE in China from 650:  1st significant Iron production begins, but bronze remains the standard for weapons. 550 PW 16
500 MCAW 105
475 TTPC
c.500 CONFUCIUS, governor of Chungtu city from 501, sponsored by Ji Huanzi, head of the Ji clan, becomes minister of justice in LU until 496. 500 tfpCn
c.500 GOLDEN RULE V attested by Confucius:  "Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself."  and Lao-Tzu:  "Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and your neighbor's loss as your own loss."   (See Thales 600, Egypt, Leviticus, Mahabharata, Isocrates 390) 500 wikGR
c.500 CAST IRON invented.  Earliest possible date for invention of iron plough. 500 wikT
300-291 TTS
c.500 WALL of Qi, begun 685 to protect Qi from anything south of it, presently existing parts are built.  Not finished until 476. 500 flms, wikGWQ
c.500 WEY, under duke LING of Wey 534-493, defeated by a Jin minister. 500 ICMH 53
c.500 HOU FAN, magistrate of Hou in Lu, revolts against the controling Shusun clan, and repels Shusun forces from Hou.  Hou Fan is then defeated and flees to Qi. 500 ICMH 53, wikCnf
c.500 IRON TOOLS used in Burma. 1500 wikBrm     500 wikPB     460 luh
c.500 Bronze DONG SON drums cast (lost wax method) in north Vietnam until 300CE.  Used as musical instruments and cult objects.  Decorated with geometric patterns, scenes of daily life, war, animals, birds, and boats. 600 wikDSd 500 PW 16
c.500 Austronesians from Taiwan (island east of China) reach Sumatra, Malay peninsula, and south Vietnam. by 500 fw, wikSmtr
c.500 CLERKY SCRIPT (Lishu) begins until 220CE.  Characters have fewer strokes and a more flowing style, therefore easily adaptable to brushes and pens.  Characters are standardized to remove regional variations, and are identical in shape to modern Chinese characters.  Lishu will be widely used in Qin, and continue thru Han. 500 ansc
c.500 BRONZE AGE begins in Vietnam. 600-400 B76 19-120
c.498 The Ji family at Pi revolts against Duke TING of Lu.  Ji troops enter the capital, Qufu. 498
c.498 Confucius and his disciples persuade the Shu family to raze the walls of Hou, the Ji family to raze the walls of Bi, and the Meng family to raze the walls of Cheng. First, the Shu family leads an army to their city Hou and tear down its walls.  Gongshan Furao, a retainer of the Ji family, then revolts and takes control of the forces at Bi.  He attacks and enters the capital Lu. 498 wikCnf
c.498 ZILU (aka Zhong Yu) (disciple of Confucius), a steward of the duke, leads destruction of the 3 Huan family capitals in Lu. 498
c.498 Duke Ding personally leads army to besiege Cheng in an attempt to destroy its walls, but does not succeed. 498 wikCnf
c.497 JIN Civil War between clans Zhao, Wei, Hann, and Zhi on one side, and Fan and Zhong clans on the other begins until 490. 497
CHAC 599, ICMH 53
c.497 Tiayuan refounded as JINYANG Zhao capital until 425.  Zhao is the clan of Jin that occupies most of original Jin land. 497 wikTyn
c.497 King of Yue from 510, YUN CHANG ends.  GOUJIAN succeeds 496-65. 497 GHCC 61, ckWY, ckZ, spYue, wikSA     496 rcC
c.496 HOLU king of Wu 514-496 goes on punitive expedition against Yue.  They battle at ZUILI (aka Jiaxing).  Yue army forces 3 capital prisoners to put on a show in front of the enemy, then kill themselves on the battlefield.  While Wu troops are bewildered, Yue flanks, attacks, and routs them.  Holu is wounded in the hand. 496 CHAC 27, GHCC 61, ICMH 53, MRDK, ckWY, ckZ, EnoSA, hcc
c.496 King of Wu from 514 HOLU dies of an infected battle wound.  Son FUCHA succeeds 495-73. 496 CHAC 27, GHCC 61, ICMH 53, MRDK, bk, ckWY, ckZ, EnoSA, hcc
c.496 CONFUCIUS, minister of justice in LU from 500, either quits or is fired.  Leaves Lu. 497 wikCnf
496 KPHP 55, LEWH 57
c.496 CONFUCIUS starts editing  Annals of Lu  722-481. 496 KPHP 55, LEWH 57
c.496 CONFUCIUS becomes a wandering teacher until 483. 497 MCAW 105
c.495 CONFUCIUS travels to Wei, Chen, Song, and Kuang. 495 bk
c.495 Duke of Lu from 509, TING ends.  Son AI succeeds 494-67. 495 CHAC 27, HFHD6 27, MRDK, ckLu, friC     494 rcC
c.495 MANURE used by Chinese farmers.  The west won't catch on to this until the 1700s. 500-491 TTS, TTT
c.494 GOUJIAN king of Yue attacks Wu.  FUCHA king of WU defeats Goujian at Fujiao in north Shaoxing.  Wu army pursues and captures Huiji (aka Kuaiji, present Shaoxing of Zhejiang), capital of Yue.  Goujian and 5,000 men flee to Mount Guiji, where they are besieged by Wu troops.  Goujian surrenders and agrees to become a hostage and slave to King Fucha of Wu. 494 ckZ, hcc, icZ, yutZ
no location:
CHAC 601, icZ
c.494 YUE state recognizes WU kingdom as overlord. 494 GHCC, bk
c.493 Duke of Wey from 534 LING deposed by grandson Chu, son of Kuaikui.  CHU succeeds 492-81.  Kuaikui, who used to be the heir of Duke Ling, had been deposed and exiled. 493 ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.493 Duke of Yen from 504 CHIEN ends.
Son XIEN succeeds 492-465.
493 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC, yut
c.492 Ji Kang-zi, head of the 3 families who rule in Lu asks advice of CONFUCIUS, who advises him for several years to promote good government. 492 bk
no date: bkCL
c.492 GOUJIAN king of Yue surrenders himself, his family, and some officials as promised in 494 to King FuCha of Wu until 490. 492 ucprs
c.491 DALEUM ends.  King of Dangun dyn of Korea from 509UMCHA succeeds until 471. 491 rcK
c.491 Duke of Qin from 501, HUI-I ends.  Son Duke DAO succeeds 490-477. 491 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.491 Marquis ZHAO of Cai under Chu from 518 ends.   Shuo becomes Marquis CHENG of Cai 490-472. 491 CHAC 517, MRDK, ckCai, wikCai       Duke: friC
c.490 GOUJIAN, former king of Yue, slave to King Fucha of Wu from 492, allowed to return to Yue. 490 ucprs
3 years after 494 hcc
c.490 JIN Civil War from 497 between Zhao, Wei, Hann, and Zhi lineages on one side, and Fan and Zhong lineages on the other ends with destruction of Fan and Zhong lineages.  Resumes 458. 491 ICMH 54     490 CHAC 600 475 wikWS
c.490 Duke of Qi from 547 JING ends.
Son Tu succeeds as YAN RUZI, Duke of Qi until 489.
490 CHAC 27, 501, MRDK, ckQi, ckZ, friC, wikQi
489 HFHD6 28, rcC
c.489 Duke of Qi from 490 YAN RUZI dies.  Deposed and killed by ministers led by Tien Qi in behalf of his eldest bro, Yangsheng succeeds as DAO Duke of Qi 488-85. 490 ICMH 54
489 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     489 rcC
c.489 King of Chu from 515, CHAO ends.
Son Xiong Zhang succeeds as HUI King of Chu 488-432.
489 MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     488 rcC
c.487 TSAO, a state in southwest Shandong, destroyed by Chu. 487 HFHD 199
c.487 Duke of Cao from 501, FEI captured.
CAO, independent duchy from 1046, falls to Song.
487 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.486 GANG ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 503HON succeeds until 465. 486 rcK
c.486 Qi defeats an invading Wu force in battle, possibly including a sea battle. 486 ICMH 54 485 EnoSA
c.486 HAN CANAL begun by king Fucha of Wu 495-73 from south of Yangzhou to north of Huaian in Jiangsu.  Within 3 years it links Yangtze R. to Huai R. in southern Shandong.  It is not finished until over 1,000 years later. 486 CHAC 564, wikGC, wikT
486-82 GHCC     482 bk
c.485 Duke of Qi from 488, DAO poisoned by Bao Xi on advice of Tien Heng, head of Tien clan, who murders heir chosen by dead Dao, and puts another child in his place.
Son Ren becomes Duke JIAN of Qi 484-81.
Qi Civil War follows.  TIEN clan fights several rival clans for supremacy.
CHAC 27, 598, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi
484 rcC
c.485 A Wu and Lu alliance defeats Qi at Xi. 485 ICMH 54
c.485 Wu several times attacks Qi by land and by sea, finally defeating Qi at battle of Ailing. 485 CHAC 564 485-4 ckZ
c.484 Death of Wu Zixu, an official of the Wu state and advisor to former king Holu. 484 wikT
c.484 Qi generals Guo Shu and Gao Wupi invade Lu as far as Qing.  The 3 ruling Huan clans assemble an army at the capital, Qufu.  Qi is defeated. 484 ICMH 54
c.483 Disciple of Confucius, YAN HUI dies age 32, causing excessive grief to Confucius. 490 WikYanHui 483 yutZ
c.483 CONFUCIUS, wandering teacher from 496, returns to Lu, continues writing his dialogues. 484 bk
483 MCAW 109
c.482 King FUCHA of Wu 495-73 holds interstate meeting at Huangchi, attended by vassals of Central Plains.  Despite Jin opposition, WU claims overlordship and the king of Zhou grants him hegemony in north.  High point of Wu leadership. 482 B76 4-304, CHAC 564, bk, EnoSA, hcc
c.482 King Goujian of Yue in a surprise assault while King Fucha is away at Huangchi, crushes Wu army, captures Wu capital, captures heir apparent. 482 CHAC 601, icZ, wikT
c.481 Duke of Qi from 484, JIAN is killed by prime minister CHANG, new chief of the TIEN clan, who murders rival puppet, puts victim's younger bro on throne, and then kills all adversaries and most of the ruler's family.  Tien clan takes over all of Qi except capital Linzi, and western plain between Mt. Tai and Yellow River.  Bro Ao becomes Duke PING of Qi, 480-56. 482 ckQi
481 CHAC 27, 450, 598, ICMH 55, MRDK, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikQi     480 rcC
c.481 Duke of Wey from 492 CHU exiled by his father Kuaikui, who succeeds as Duke ZHUANG of Wey 480-78. 481 ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.481 SPRING and AUTUMN PERIOD ends.  (aka ANNALS Period) in China from 722. 481 B76 II-891, 4-304, CHAC 15, 545, LEWH 57, bk, frie, wikHC, wikT
476 tcgEZ, wikHC     464 ICMH 20
c.481 WARRING STATES PERIOD begins until 221. 481 B76 II-891, X-553, 4-305, 14-1,
LEWH 57, MCAW 108, frie, wikChu
480 CHAC 16     476 wikHC, tcgEZ, wikW
475 wikWS     453 GHCC, bk     403 wikZ

East Asia 481-301