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c.500 Ironworking is fully established in East and West Africa.  Copper objects from Egypt, North Africa, Nubia and Ethiopia exist in West Africa, suggesting that trade had been established by this time. by 500 nwe
c.500 Aksumites form from the mix of Kushitic speaking people in Ethiopia and Semites in southern Arabia who settled the territory across the Red Sea. 500 cocc
c.487 AMANIASTABARQA king of Kush at Meroe from 510 ends.  SIASPIQA succeeds until 468. 487 rcNA
c.468 SIASPIQA king of Kush at Meroe from 487 ends.  NASAKHMA succeeds until 463. 468 rcNA
c.463 NASAKHMA king of Kush at Meroe from 468 ends.  MALEWIEBAMANI succeeds until 435. 463 rcNA
c.435 MALEWIEBAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 463 ends.  TELAKHAMANI succeeds until 431. 435 rcNA
c.431 TELAKHAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 435 ends.  AMANINETEYERIKE succeeds until 405. 431 rcNA
c.405 AMANINETEYERIKE king of Kush at Meroe from 431 ends.  BASKAKEREN succeeds until 404. 405 rcNA
c.404 BASKAKEREN king of Kush at Meroe from 405 ends.  HARSIOTEF succeeds until 369. 404 rcNA
c.400 DmtKingdom of DAMOT on Red Sea from 980, ends. map (modified): Aldan-2

400 wikDmt
CONFUSION ALERT!  An unrelated kingdom named DAMOT, slightly larger, will emerge southwest of this c.1100CE.
c.400 COTTON TEXTILES peak in Nubia. 400 wikMr
c.369 HARSIOTEF king of Kush at Meroe from 404 ends.  Unknown successor until 350. 369 rcNA
c.350 AKHRATEN becomes king of Kush at Meroe until 335. 350 rcNA
c.343 NECTANEBO-II 3rd pharaoh of 30th dyn from 361, with family and partisans, flees from Memphis to Nubia.  Maintains an independent kingdom.  30th DYNASTY from 380 ends. 345 WPOT 330     343 B76 9-836, Clay, GEoP, Grim, JIAE, MCAW 162, MRDK, Murn, Shaw, TToH, ae, ktut, phou, pic, resh, scar, tig, toureg, wikP 342 DMoN, nar     341 WERE, lveg
c.335 AKHRATEN king of Kush at Meroe from 350 ends.  NASTASEN succeeds until 310/5. 335 rcNA, wikMr
c.313 NASTASEN king of Kush at Meroe from 335 ends.  AKTISANES succeeds until 270. 315 wikMr 315/10 rcNA

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