c.300 Son of Jaddua, ONIAS-I dies.  High priest from 320, ends.  Son SIMEON (Simon, 1 of 4 men called Simon the Just) succeeds until 260. Ant 12:2:5     310 Mish 4-490
310 or 300 wikSJ     300 GHH
290 CBCNT 70, IDB 3-603, ISBE 2-1021 3-605     285 sjud, sjud
280 gw, hifiI, wikHP     220 bivu
c.300 HASIDIM sect of Judaism founded in Jerusalem, a puritanical reaction to the rational sophistication and liberal influence of Hellenism. 300 Dur 2-581, MCAW 183
3rd cen.: tfdH
2nd cen.: tfdC

CONFUSION ALERT!  A sect of the same name developed in the 1700s CE in Poland.
c.300 JUDAISM has been greatly modified by influence of Persians and Macedonians according to Hecataeus in Egypt. 290
B76 10-313
c.300 LATE IRON Age in Palestine ends.  PERSIAN period, began 600.
HELENISTIC period begins until 63.
300 IDB 1-207
c. 300

c. 300
Books of  1 & 2 Chronicles  completed by a single anonymous Levite, who dates the institutions of Judaism too early.  He thinks the general instruction in the Law began in the 3rd year of Jehoshaphat, and considers Ezra the 1st scribe.  Sources apart from the books of Samuel and Kings:
Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel (2 Ch. 16:11, 25:26 etc.)
Book of the Kings of Israel and Judah (2 Ch. 27:7, 35:27 etc.)
Book of the Kings of Israel (1 Chron. 9:1; 2 Ch. 20:34)
Chronicles of the Kings of Israel (2 Ch. 33:18)
Midrash on the Book of Kings (2 Ch. 24:27)
Chronicles of King David (1 Ch. 27:24)
Words (Chronicles) of Samuel the Seer (1 Ch. 29:29)
Words (Chronicles) of Gad the Seer (1 Ch. 29:29)
Words (Chronicles) of Nathan the Prophet (1 Ch. 29:29)
Prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite (2 Ch. 9:29)
Visions of Iddo the Seer (2 Ch. 9:29)
Words (Chronicles) of Shemaiah the Prophet (2 Ch. 12:15)
Words (Chronicles) of Iddo the Seer (2 Ch. 12:15)
Midrash of Prophet Iddo (2 Ch. 13:22)
Rest of the Words (or Acts) of Uzziah which Isaiah wrote (2 Ch. 26:22)
Vision of Isaiah (2 Ch. 32:32)
The Words (or Chronicles) of the Seers (2 Ch. 33:19)
Jeremiah's Lament for Josiah (2 Ch. 35:25)
None of these writings is known to us from elsewhere.
Jud 5-534
B76 II-909
IDB 1-102
IDB 1-506
CHJ 2-380
IDB 1-580
c.300 ANTIGONEIA on the Orontes from 307, refounded by Seleucus-I, and named after his father Antiochus, as ANTIOCH, royal capital.  It is a planned city in Corinthian style.  Under Seleucids until 145. 301 Dur 2-555
300 CDCC 53, IDB 1-145, MCAW 181,
OCD 71, anan, hwD, rcT
c.299 SELEUCUS-I, king of Babylonia 305, ruler of Syria 301-281, raids Samaria, under Ptolemies 301-198. 299 lvPt1
c.297 SELEUCUS-I, king of Babylonia 305, ruler of Syria 301-281, offers to buy off Tyre and Sidon from Demetrius-I, refused.  Now they don't like each other. 297
TAG 12
c.296 Ptolemy-I advances into Palestine. 296 CHJ 2-52
c.294 TYRE, under Demetrius-I Poliorcetes from 301, but locally governed by a native dynasty, comes under Ptolemy-I Soter, under Ptolemies until 198. 294 B76 15-181, lvPt1 288/7 CAH 7.1-108     287 HDB 4-824
c.294 SIDON, under Antigonids from 323, Demetrius Poliorcetes from 301, taken by Ptolemy-I Soter, under Ptolemies until 198. 294 B76 15-181, lvPt1 288/7 CAH 7.1-108
c.292 SELEUCUS-I, king of Babylonia 305, ruler of Syria 301-281, makes son ANTIOCHUS-I co-king and gives him the eastern empire to Indian Ocean plus his own wife Stratonice, on whom Antiochus had developed a crush.  Seleucus-I takes western empire. 294/3 lvA1
293 MCAW
293/2 CDCC 804, OCD 71
292 B76 I-423, lvS1
c.290 JEWS of the Diaspora, especially in Egypt, want a Greek translation of their Scriptures, because only a minority of Diaspora Jews can still read and understand Hebrew. soon after 300 CHJ 2-385
c.288/7 PHOENICIA taken by Ptolemy-I Soter, under Ptolemies until 198. 287 HDB 3-857
c.280 1st SYRO / EGYPT WAR begins until 279.  Ptolemy-II Philadelphus conducts a brief successful war against Antiochus-I Soter mostly in Anatolia, but also in Levant 280 CAH 7.1-415, lvFSW, lvPt2
c.279 Λ DAMASCUS, under Antiochus-I Soter from ?, taken by Ptolemy-II Philadelphus until 274. 280 bk
279 lvFSW
c.279 1st SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 280 suspended until 275.  Ptolemy-II Philadelphus keeps Ionia, Caria, Lycia, Pamphylia, and parts of Cilicia. 279 B76 8-379, lvA1, lvFSW
c.277  25 ostraca  at Khirbre el-Kom (between Hebron & Lachish) are written.  6 by an Idumean money lender - 4 in Edomite, 1 in Greek, 1 bilingual.  They are dated to year 6 of Ptolemy-II Philadelphus, and are valuable for dating similar writings.  They confirm that Helenistic influence in Palestine begins with economics.  50 drachmas are the price of a slave girl; 100 drachmas are rewarded for recovery of 3 escaped slaves. 277 CHJ 2-56
c.275 1st SYRO / EGYPT WAR, suspended 279, resumes until 271.  PTOLEMY-II Philadelphus invades southern Syria.  Defeated by ANTIOCHUS-I. 276 LEWH 93, OCD 896
275 RAH 382, bihi, wikA1
274 B76 8-380, 15-182, CAH 7.1, OCD 71, OHG, lvA1, wikSW
c.275 IDUMEA, independent from 539, in unknown condition until 200. 275 rcHL
c.274 ANTIOCHUS-I Soter, Seleucid king of Syria/Babylonia 281-61 invades southern Syria. 274 bk
c.274 DAMASCUS, under Ptolemy-II Philadelphus from 279, taken by a general of Antiochus-I Soter, under him until ? V. 274 lvFSW
c.273 Ptolemaic ships, attack Seleucid ports, force Antiochus-I Soter to retreat. 273 lvFSW
c.272 South Syria down to the Eleutherus River, under Seleucids from 301, taken by PTOLEMY-II Philadelphus until 257. 273/2 B76 I-423     272 TTPC 25
no date: LEWH 96
c.271 1st SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 275 ends.  Ptolemy-II reconquers territories.  2nd 266. 272 LEWH 93, lvFSW, wikSW
271 B76 8-380, CAH 7.1-416,
OCD 71, OHG, lvA1     270 B76 15-182
c.270 SPARTA establishes friendly relations with Jews. 270 IDB 3-52
c.270 City of RABBAH in Ammon is renamed PHILADELPHIA in honor of Ptolemy-II Philadelphus until ?.  under Ptolemies until 218 270 hifiAm
c.270 SOPHERIM ("bookmen"), Jewish law teachers who laid the foundation of oral law (as distinct from written Torah law) from at least the time of Ezra, activities end. 270 IDB 4-512
200 dctS
1st cen.CE: mdctS
c.266 Λ2nd SYRO / EGYPT WAR begins until 254/3.
ANTIOCHUS-I Soter, king of Syria 281-61 war with Ptolemy-II Philadelphus until 261.
266 B76 8-380 263 OCD 71
260 bihi
c.265 Ammonite TOBIAH appointed governor of Ammon until ?, by Ptolemy-II. 265 IDB 1-113
c.261 2nd SYRO / EGYPT WAR 266-54/3, won by Ptolemy-II Philadelphus in 1st half, suspended until 260. 261 B76 8-380
c.261 ACCO, under Ptolemies 301-219 is restored and renamed PTOLEMAIS. 261 1&2BM 70, CHJ 2-57
c.260 2nd SYRO / EGYPT WAR 266-54/3, suspended from 261, resumed by ANTIOCHUS-II Theos until 254/3 to regain land lost by father.  Attacks Ptolemaic outposts in Anatolia. 260 B76 15-182, CAH 7.1, CDCC 857, LEWH 93, 96, MCAW, OHG, lvA, lvPt2, lvSSW, lvPt2, wikSW
c.260 Son of Onias, SIMEON dies.  (1 of 4 men called Simon the Just), high priest of Judea from 300, dies.  Bro ELEAZAR succeeds until 245. Ant 12:2:5, Jud 14-1567
291 GHH, Mish 4-490     291 or 273 wikSJ     291 or 270 AΨA 293, pp7     275 CBCNT 70,     270 ISBE 4-515
260 gw, hifiI, wikHP     190 bivu
c.260 ELEAZAR, high priest of Judea 260-45, surrenders presidency of the council to Antigonus of Soco. 291 GHH
c.260 Antigonus of Soco (Sokho, Socho) establishes schools to teach the traditions of the elders to the people. 289 GHH
c.259 ARVAD (Greek Arados) Phoenicia, under Macedonia from 333, Seleucids from ?, given autonomy by Antiochus-II, remains Seleucid vassal. 259 OCD 91
BHS 1-236
c.259 ZENO, Greek son of Agreophontos, buys wheat at Abel-Shittim for his Egyptian master Apollonius.  Also travels thruout Palestine until 258, visits Adoraim (Dor?). 259 1&2BM 4, CHJ 2-54, 137, 215, Jud 2-62, 303, 394, 16-991
c.259  Zeno Papyrii  private letters, receipts, contracts, written in Greek.  Reveal Mareshah as a center of slave trade.  His partner, Tobias, Jew landowner of Jordan, mentioned 6 times, commands some Ptolemaic military colonists on the Nabatean border. 260-40 IDB 1-113
259 CHJ 2-101, 138, IDB 1-49, 3-264, Jud 2-62, 394, 16-991
c.257 Coast of Phoenicia, under Ptolemy-II from 272, recovered (except Tyre) by ANTIOCHUS-II Theos until 226. no date: LEWH 93
c.254 BETH SHAN refounded by Ptolemy-II to be settled by hellenized descendants of his Scythian mercenaries. 254 ISBE 1-477
c. 254/3 2nd SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 266, resumed from 260, suspended until 246.  ANTIOCHUS-II Theos, having regained most of Anatolian coastland, but not Pergamum, Caria, Lycia, or south Syria, quits fighting.  Treaty 252. 255 LEWH 96     255-3 B76 8-380 253 B76 15-182, CAH 7.1, CDCC 857, MCAW, OCD 72, 896, OHG, lvA, wikSW
c.252 SYRO / EGYPT  treaty  between ANTIOCHUS-II Theos and PTOLEMY-II PhiladelphusAntiochus-II divorces wife Laodice-I and marries BERNICE Phernephorus, dau of Ptolemy-II until 246.  Wedding held in Phoenicia. 253 B76 15-182, CHJ 2-60, CAH 7.1, lvPt2
252 Jud 5-1282-3, bk 250 IDB 1-149
c.250 ELEAZAR, high priest of Judea 260-45, sides with Seleucids against Ptolemy-III. Onias-II 250 IDB 3-198
c.250  Book of the Watchers : 1st EnochV 1-36,  written (Ch 1-5 in Hebrew.  Ch 6-36 in Aramaic).  Ch 1-5:  The world is going to end.  Resurrection and judgment follows.  Bad guys will be punished; good guys rewarded with eternal life in a sinless age.  Ch 6-11 describes the fall of the Watchers i.e. angels who fathered the Nephilim.  Ch 12-36 narrates the travels of Enoch in Earth, Sheol, and heavens. 300 wikBoE 300-170 lv1E
pre-170 je
Ch 1-5 date 150-100.   Ch 6-36 date 100BCE. IDB 2-104
c.250 "And when they [the fallen angels] and all their children have battled with each other, and when they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them for seventy generations underneath the rocks of the ground until the day of their judgment and of their consummation, until the eternal judgment is concluded."
May influence Daniel 9.24-27.
This implies that there are 70 generations from Enoch until the Day of Judgment (or 77 generations from the Creation, since Enoch is a member of the 6th generation since Adam).  (See 4.)
1 Enoch 10:10
no date: lvMs
c.249 Λ DAMASCUS, Ptolemaic from ?, is part of dowry of BERNICE to ANTIOCHUS-II Theos.  Under Seleucids until 217. guess
c.249 COELE-SYRIA, Ptolemaic from 301, is part of dowry of BERNICE to ANTIOCHUS-II Theos.  Under Seleucids until 226. guess
c.246 BERNICE, dau of Ptolemy-II & Arsinoe-I, widow of ANTIOCHUS-II 252-46, murdered, by instigation of Laodice, along with her infant son in Antioch. 246
Jud 5-1283, LEWH 93
c.246 Λ 3rd SYRO / EGYPT WAR begins until 241PTOLEMY-III Euergetes goes from Egypt to Levant, attacks SELEUCUS-II and HIERAX, for murder of sis Bernice. 247 TAWH 78     246 B76 I-424, CDCC 857, CHJ 2-60, Jud 5-1283, LEWH 96, OCD 72, OHG, bihi, wikSW
c.246 PTOLEMY-III Euergetes king of Egypt 246-22 visits Jerusalem. 245 GHH
c.246 PTOLEMY-III Euergetes from Phoenicia to south Syria. 245 bihi
c.245 SIDON becomes a republic under suffetes. post-250 Jud 14-1507
c.245 Son of Onias, ELEAZAR ends.  High priest of Judea from 260, ends.  Half bro MANASSEH ben Jaddua succeeds until 240. Ant 12:4:1     261 GHH
260 CBCNT 70
245 gw, wikHP
c.242 SELEUCUS-II Callinicus defeats Ptolemy-III Euergetes in Coele-Syria. 242 IDB 3-965
c.242 MANASSEH ben Jaddua, high priest of Judea 245-40, for politico-religious reasons, refuses to pay token tribute (20 talents) to Ptolemy-III Euergetes. Onias-II:  Ant 13:4:1
242 IDB 3-198, 603
c.242/1 DAMASCUS, under Seleucids 249-219, besieged unsuccessfully by Ptolemy-III Euergetes. 242/1
CHJ 2-60
c.241 3rd SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 246 (called Laodicean War), ends in peace treaty, because of Hierax troops from AnatoliaPtolemies have gained Syrian coast but lost some Aegean possessionsAntiochus HIERAX, and PTOLEMY-III Euergetes sign treaty in Coele-Syria.   4th 219. 241 B76 I-424,
CAH 7.1-208, 420, CDCC 857, CHJ 2-60, LEWH 96, OHG, RAH 382, bk, lvA, lvPt3, lvS2, lvTSW, wikSW
c.240 Phoenician coast under Ptolemies until 219. 240 bk
c.240 Son of Jaddua, MANASSEH ends.  High priest of Judea from 245, ends.  Son of Simon-I, ONIAS-II succeeds until 219. Ant 12:4:1     250 GHH
245 CBCNT 70
240 gw, hifiI, wikHP
c.240 SELEUCUS-II Callinicus invades Egypt. 240 bihi
c.240 ONIAS-II ben Simeon-I, high priest 240-19, refuses to pay Ptolemy-III Euergetes the usual annual tribute. 240 1&2BM 4 228 GHH
c.226 COELE-SYRIA, Seleucid from 249, recovered by PTOLEMY-III, under Ptolemies until 219. 226 guess
c.226 ATHENION, envoy of Ptolemy-III, comes to Jerusalem, demands 24 years tribute in arrears, or P-III will sieze their land. Ant 12:4:3
226 GHH
c.225 Joseph ben Tobias, nephew of Onias-II, tax collector, goes to Egypt, mediates between Onias-II and Ptolemy-III.  Joseph successfully outbids the other collectors.  P-III gives him the right to collect taxes for all Coele-Syria and 2,000 troops with which to enforce his rule. Ant 12:4:4
240 1&2BM 225 GHH
c.225  Ecclesiastes  written in Hebrew by a Jew in Jerusalem who knows Aramaic, but not Greek. 250 IDB 2-7
250-200 IDB 2-9 200 MCAW
c.224 Joseph ben Tobias with 2000 Egyptian troops, goes to Askalon to collect taxes.  They resist.  Joseph kills 20, confiscates their money, and sends it to Ptolemy-III.  The rest of the land pays up willingly. Ant 12:4:5
c.223 THEODOTOS of Aetolia put in charge of Coele-Syria by Ptolemy-III. 223 DGRBM 3-1072, wikTA
c.223 JOSEPH ben Tobias, nephew of Onias-II, tax collector, now in Alexandria, wants a dancing girl.  His bro Solymius fears for Joseph's reputation in the Jewish community, and substitutes his own dau for the dancer.  Joseph is supposedly so drunk he does not know the difference (Lot's well known excuse).  But Joseph keeps on screwing his niece, and she gets pregnant.  His bro lets him marry her. Ant 12:4:6
223 GHH
no date: btst
c.221 COELE-SYRIA, under Ptolemies 226-19, invaded by ANTIOCHUS-III, who is repelled by Ptolemaic governor Theodotos. 222 GHH     221 BHS 1-313, DGRBM 3-1072, OCD 896, wikSW
c.220 THEODOTOS, Ptolemaic governor of Coele-Syria, secretly offers to deliver Ptolemais to Antiochus-III and says the rest of Coele-Syria will follow his lead.  Ptolemy-IV learns of his planned defection. no date: BHS 1-313
c.220 THEODOTOS, Ptolemaic governor of Coele-Syria from 223, recalled to Alexandria until 219. no date: DGRBM 3-1072, wikTA
c.220 CENSUS taken in Coele-Syria by Ptolemy-IV. 220-19 IDB 3-211
c.219 THEODOTOS, former Ptolemaic governor of Coele-Syria 223-20, reinstated.  Soon defects to Antiochus-III, and invites him to invade. 219 CAH 7.1, wikTA
c.219 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 marches from Syria to Phoenicia.  In south until 217. 219 GHH, bk
c.219 Λ 4th SYRO / EGYPT WAR, begins until 217Antiochus-III Megas takes personal command against Ptolemaic possessions. 221 CAH 7.1-431, 434, LEWH 93, 97, bihi       219 B76 1-993, 8-380, CAH 7.1, CDCC 857, MCAW, OCD 72, OHG, RAH 383, lv4SW, lvA, lvA3, lvG, wikSW
c.219 COELE-SYRIA, under Ptolemies from 226, invaded again by ANTIOCHUS-III and recovered until 217. 220 IDB 3-965     219 IDB 3-198, ISBE 1-144, GHH, OCD 896, bk
218 CAH 7.1-436, CHJ 2
c.219 Theodotos, governor of Ptolemais under Ptolemy-IV, defects to Antiochus-III, hands over all Palestine to him. 219 CHJ 2-65     218 GHH
no date: DGRBM 2-1192
c.219 PTOLEMAIS, held by Theodotos, besieged by Nicolaus, an Aetolian general of Ptolemy-IV 219 DGRBM 2-1192
c.219 LAGORAS, Cretan mercenary working for Nicolaus, general of Ptolemy-IV, sent to Beyryt to occupy passes of Mt. Libanus to prevent Antiochus-III from getting to Ptolemais.  Unsuccessful. 219 DGRBM 2-712
c.219 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187 bypasses fortresses of Brochoi and Gerrha, captures passes near Beyryt.  Nicolaus abandons siege of Ptolemais and withdraws. 220 DGRBM 2-1192
219 bk
c.219 PTOLEMAIS, Ptolemaic from 301, delivered by governor Theodotos to ANTIOCHUS-III until 217. 219 CAH 7.1, wikTA 218 Jud 13-1445
c.219 Phoenician coast, under Ptolemies from 240, comes under ANTIOCHUS-III until ?. 219 GHH, bk
c.219 TYRE, Ptolemaic from ?, delivered by Theodotos to ANTIOCHUS-III until ?.  Many supplies and 40 ships pass to A-III.  But Sidon resists. 219 CAH 7.1, CHJ 2-65, lv4SW, lvA3, wikTA
218 Jud 14-1507
c.219 DOR, the only Ptolemaic fort to resist, is besieged by ANTIOCHUS-III, but after 4 months, he is unsuccessful because Dor is supplied by Nicolaus, general of Ptolemy-IV. 219 CHJ 2-65, DGRBM 2-1192, ISBE 1-144
c.219 Ptolemy son of Thraseas a troop commander under Ptolemy-IV.  At some point he defects to Antiochus-III and becomes Seleucid governor of Coele-Syria. 219
CHJ 2-74
c.219 Son of Simeon-I, ONIAS-II dies.  High priest from 240.  Son SIMON-II succeeds to 198. Ant 12:4:10     220 CBCNT 70, bivu
219 AΨΨ 293, ISBE 4-515, Mish 4-490     218 gw, hifiI, wikHP
217 GHH     198 FLAP 232
c.219 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas in Levant 219, invades Egypt until 218. 219 bihi
c.219 JOSEPH ben Tobiah becomes Egyptian tax collector of Coele Syria for "22 years" until 199. 219 wikTb
c.218 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas in Egypt from 219, returns to Coele-Syria, continues attacking Ptolemaic possessions. 218
CHJ 2-65
c.218 NICOLAUS, Aetolian general of Ptolemy-IV, given supreme command of Ptolemaic army in Coele-Syria. 218 DGRBM 2-1192
c.218 MT. TABOR fortified by ANTIOCHUS-III Megas unsuccessfully. 218 CHJ 2-65-6, IDB 4-508
c.218 PELLA, in Jordan Valley, Kamon and Ephron in Gilead, all taken by taken by Antiochus-III Megas, under Seleucids until ?.  Purpose of this is to make alliances with Arab tribes, which now happens. 218 CHJ 2-66
c.218 GADARA, southeast of Sea of Galilee, briefly besieged and taken by ANTIOCHUS-III Megas, under Seleucids until 110.  While there he learns that Ptolemaic allies at Rabbah are plundering land of the Arabs who had allied with him. 218 CHJ 2-66, rcJdn
c.218 HIPPOLOCHOS, Thessalian cavalry commander under Ptolemy-II from ?, defects to Antiochus-III Megas.  He and Ceraeas are assigned the province of Samaria. 218 DGRBM 2-489
c.218 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas recovers the whole levant until 217, gets as far south as Ptolemais, and east beyond the Jordan. 218 B76 1-993, IDB 1-150, ISBE 1-144
c.218 RABBAH (called Philadelphia by Ptolemies), capital of Ammon, Ptolemaic from ?, besieged by Antiochus-III.  Assaults fail until a POW betrays its secret water source.  Rabbah falls, ending the campaign season. Under Antiochus-III until 199 218 BHS 1-317, IDB 4-2
c.218 Shortly after siege of Rabbah, Theodotos and Nicarchos, now working for Antiochus-III, sent with 5,000 men into Samaria, where they fight Nicolaos, Aetolian general of Ptolemy-IV, near Porphyreon.  Judea is never mentioned in this whole campaign. 219 DGRBM 3-1072     218 CHJ 2-66
c.218 NICOLAUS, Aetolian general of Ptolemy-IV, takes a strong position between Mt. Libanus and the sea, but is dislodged by Antiochus-III, and probably defects. 218 DGRBM 2-1192
218-7 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas winters in Ptolemais. 218-7 BHS 1-317, CAH 7.1-436, CHJ 2-66
217 PTOLEMY-IV Philopator, personally leads 70,000 inf, 5,000 cav, 73 African elephants, mercenary Polycrates, plus many native Egyptians, into Levant.  Sis/wife Arsinoe and Sosibius accompany. 218 DGRBM 3-881     217 B76 1-993, 8-380, 383, BHS 1-319, CAH 7.1-189, June 22 437, CDCC 53, 857, CHJ 2-66-7, DGRBM 1-196, 3-459, 590, 1072, Dur 2-556, IDB 1-56, 150, 4-13, LEWH 97, OCD 896, RAH 383, Shaw 394, bihi, bk, lv4SW, lvA3
217 Before Raphia, THEODOTOS, general under Antiochus-III, with only 2 companions, penetrates into the heart of the Egyptian camp, to assassinate Ptolemy-IV. Mistaking the king's tent, he kills his physician instead, but escapes and returns to the Syrian camp. 218-7
CAH 7.1-436 217
DGRBM 3-1073
c.217 Helenistic Jew DOSITHEOS, son of Drimylos, rescues Ptolemy-IV from an assassination attempt by renegade Theodotos. 217 CHJ 2-194
217 PTOLEMY-IV defeats ANTIOCHUS-III and generals Theodotos and Nicarchos, with 65,000 men, 102 Indian elephants, and many Arabs, at RAPHIA near Gaza.  Antiochus loses 10,000 inf, 3,000 cav, retreats to Gaza.  P-IV loses only 1,500 inf and 700 cav. 218 DGRBM 3-881
217 B76 VIII-280, 1-993, 8-380, 383, BHS 1-319, BI+N 126, CAH 7.1-189, 437, CDCC 53, 857, CHJ 2-66-7, DGRBM 1-196, 3-459, 590, 1072, Dur 2-556, GHH, IDB 1-56, 150, 4-13, ISBE 3-1049, Jud 13-1348, 1509, LEWH 97, OCD 896, RAH 383, Shaw 394, bihi, bk, lv4SW, lvA3
c.217 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas, king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187, in south from 219, fears aggression by Acharus, makes 4 month truce, retreats to Seleucia. 217 GHH
c.217 COELE-SYRIA, excluding Seleucia, under Antiochus-III from 219, taken by PTOLEMY-IV until 202, placed under Andromachos, under Ptolemies until 198.  JUDEA, under Ptolemies until 198 217 B76 1-993, 8-380, 383, CAH 7.1, DGRBM 1-172, Dur 2-556, GHH, IDB 3-198, LEWH 97, bk
c.217 DAMASCUS, under Seleucids from 249, recovered by Ptolemy-IV, under Ptolemies until 202. 217 guess
c.217 4th SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 219, ends.  Antiochus-III, now at Antioch, cedes Coele-Syria.  5th 202. 217 CAH 7.1-431, CDCC 857, LEWH 93, 97, MCAW, OHG, bihi, lv4SW, lvA, lvPt4, wikSW     216 B76 1-993, 8-380
c.217 PTOLEMAIS, under Antiochus-III from 219, back under Ptolemies until 198. 217 guess
216 PTOLEMY-IV Philopator visits Jerusalem, tries to enter temple, but is resisted by Simon the high priest. 216 GHH
c.206 CENSUS conducted in Coele-Syria by Ptolemy-IV. 206-5 IDB 3-211
c.202 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187, invades Ptolemaic COELE-SYRIA. 203 GHH
202 CAH 8-151, ISBE 1-144
c.202 Λ 5th SYRO / EGYPT WAR begins until 195Antiochus-III invades Coele-Syria. 203 OHG     202 CAH 7.1-435, CDCC 857, CHJ 2-71, lv5SW, lvA, lvA3, lvG, lvPt5, wikSW     201 LEWH 93, 97, bihi
c.202 COELE-SYRIA, Ptolemaic from 217, taken (except for Gaza until 198) by ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187.  Under Seleucids until 146. 202 CAH 8-151, 251, CHJ 2-71, GHH
201 DHJ 468
c.202 DAMASCUS, Ptolemaic from 217, taken by ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria/Babylonia 223-187, comes under Seleucids until ? V. 202 guess
c.202 Aetolian SCOPAS, in Egypt from 204, appointed to command the army in Coele-Syria against Antiochus-III Megas.  At first he is successful, and reduces the whole province of Judea into subjection to Ptolemy-V 201/0
CHJ 2-71
no date: DGRBM 3-754
c.201 Several Judean cities, pro-Seleucid recovered by an Egyptian army. 201 IDB 3-198 201/0 CHJ 2-71
c.201 JERUSALEM, having supported Antiochus-III Megas under high priest Simon and the Tobiads, taken by Scopas, receives an Egyptian garrison until 198. 201 IDB 3-198 201/0 CHJ 2-71
c.201 Ptolemy son of Thraseas, Seleucid governor of Coele-Syria is given permission for his villages to trade, presumably without customs duty.  But in a later exchange of letters, the soldiers are forbidden to reside in these villages, or to requisition or to expel the inhabitants from their homes.  A tenfold fine is threatened for damages. Hephzibah Inscriptions
201 CHJ 2-75
c.201/0 SCOPAS, general nominally under Ptolemy-V, counterattacks Antiochus-III Megas, chases him clear out of Coele-Syria. 201/0
CAH 8-165

Levant 200-100