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c.300 MUMUN pottery period in Korea from 1500 ends. 300 wikJsn
c.300 Joseon loses significant western territory after a war with the Yen. 300 wikJsn
c.300 Iron technology introduced into Korea from Yen. 300 wikJsn
c.300 Lord Mengchang of Qi, grandson of former King Wei of Qi comes to power when King Min acceedes to the throne.  He makes a westward alliance with the states of Wei and Hann. 300 wikWS 300 wikWS
c.300 SLAB GRAVE culture in Mongolia from 1300 ends. 300 wikSGC
c.300 ZHONGSHAN, independent from 377, invaded by Wuling King of Zhao from 307 conquered. 300 CHAC 639 296 ICMH 79
c.300 Qin general and chancellor SHULI JE dies. 300 ICMH 78
c.300 Qin general LOU HUAN becomes Qin chancellor until 295. 300 ICMH 78 297 ICMH 79
c.300 Zhao WallZhao defensive WALL against northern nomads, begun 300, finished. 300 GHCC, ctm
c.300 SHU (Sichuan) accepts Qin offer to build walls to defend against Tibetan barbarians. 300
c.300 Qin WallQIN extends the 353 Wei wall to defend against nomads. 300 GHCC, ctm
c.300 Yen WallYEN builds wall against Mongol and Manchu nomads. 300 GHCC
290 ctm
c.300  Chu Silk Manuscript , 47cm long x 38cm wide, an astrological and astronomical text, is buried in a tomb near Zidanku in Chu.  Contains 926 characters in 3 sections, each of which involves some aspect of the lunisolar Chinese calendar.  Describes creation myths of deities Fuxi and Nuwa, and reveals religious perspectives and cosmogony. 300
CHAC 845, wikCSM
c.300 Guodian Chu Slips  Guodian Chu Slips  put in a tomb in Guodian in Jingmen.  804 bamboo slips, including 702 strips and 27 broken strips.  Bamboo slip texts consist of 3 major categories, which include earliest manuscripts of the received text of  Tao Te Ching , 1 chapter from the  Book of Rites , content from the  Book of History  and other writings.  They include Taoist and Confucian works, many previously unknown. photo: Sharkman

earliest 350 wikT 300 wikGCS
c.300 Taoist philosopher CHUANG CHOU, author of CHUANG-TZU dies. 300 GHCC
c. 300 Erya photo of most ancient copy c.310CE: Underbar

300 wikT
 Erya , China's oldest known dictionary.  Author unknown, but attributed to the Duke of Zhou, Confucius, or his disciples.  Composed of diverse glosses from commentaries to pre-Qin texts, especially the Shijing, compiled and edited.  Considered the authoritative lexicographic guide to Chinese classic texts during the Han Dynasty.
c.300 Chinese Pythagorean  Chou Pei Suan Ching , oldest math document in China, composed.  An anonymous collection of 246 problems encountered by the Duke of Zhou and his astronomer / mathematician, Shang Gao.
Contains this diagram explaining Pythagorean Theorem, which Chinese knew about since at least 1000.

BHM 195-6
no date: wikZBSJ
c.300 Sophist HUI SHIH dies.  Teacher of Kung-sun Lung. 300 GHCC 98
c.300 Chinese Confician philosopher MENG KO dies.  (Meng Tsu, Mencius), age 89.  People are born good.  Therefore if you keep your original nature, you stay good.  Man's original nature contains senses of shame, courtesy, right & wrong.  Acting on sense perceptions or on desire for personal gain, without controling this action by the mind, corrupts your original nature. 305 CHAC 750, 784 300 CHAC 16
289 B76 4-306, 1093, 11-898, CDΦ 117, CHC 27, EoΦ 2-87, GHCC, MMWP 89, wikMncs 289 CDΦ 117, CHC 27, wikMncs
c.300 CAMELS:  Bactrian camel used in China.(See Egypt 525 ) 300 cmlsf
c.300 Work on the course of the MIN-CHIANG river in Sichuan. 300 GHCC
c.300 "FOOTBALL" played in China. 300 B76 7-504
c.300 DONG SON culture of Southeast Asia begins until ?. 300 B76 17-251
c.300 Rod NumeralsROD NUMERALS invented in China.  It could lead to possible confusion.  What is ||| ?  It could be 3, or 12, or 21, or even 111.  So they used both forms of the numbers in the illustration.  In the units column they used the form in the lower row; in the tens column they used the form in the upper row, continuing alternately.  A blank square = 0. 300 BHM 198
Warring States Period: wikCR
no date: hstp
c.300 RICE grown in Japan. 300 grddst
c.299 King WU LING of Zhao from 325, ends.  Son HUIWEN succeeds 298-66. 299 CHAC 29, MRDK, ckZ, friC, wikWS     298 rcC
c.299 Ruler of Zhao is the last to take the royal title. 299 wikWS
c.299 King HUAI of Chu from 328 is tricked by king Zhao Xiang of Qin into attending a conference in Qin, where he is captured and held hostage.   Son Xiong Heng succeeds as King QINGXIANG of Chu 298-63. 299 CHAC 29, GHCC 73, HFHD 92, MRDK, ckChu, ckZ, friC, wikChu, wikQn     298 rcC
c.299 King HUAI of Chu, hostage in Qin, escapes to Zhao.  Its duke delivers him back to Qin, where he is held hostage until death 296. 299 ICMH 78
c.299 Chu city of XINSHI (location unknown) taken by Qin general Mi Rong. 299 ICMH 78
c.299 Chu city of FENGCHENG taken by coalition of Qin, Wei, Hann, & Qi.  Chu general Tang Mei is captured. 299 ICMH 78
c.299 Meng Changjun serves King Zhao Xiang of Qin. 299 yutZ
c.298 Zhao offers King Zhao Xiang of Qin an alliance. 298 CHAC 637, wikWS
c.298 TIAN WEN lord of Mengchang is driven out of Qin.  Remaining 3 allies, Qi, Wei and Hann, attack Qin, driving up the Yellow River to Hangu Pass.  War lasts 3 years. 298
CHAC 637, wikWS
c.298 CHU invaded by Qin general Lou Huan, who takes 8 cities.  Chu general Jing Kuai is killed. 298
c.298 Expedition by CHU into Sichuan and Yunan until 280. 298 GHCC
c.297 CHU sues for peace with Qin. 297 ICMH 79
c.296 Zhao general LIAN PO defeats 2 Qin armies. 296 wikWS
c.296 Qi allies with Hann, Wei, Zhao and Song to invade Qin as far as Yanshi.  For the first time, Qin is defeated and forced to give back captured territory.  King Zhao Xiang of Qin cedes present Hebei area to Hann, and Fengling to Wei.  The coalition withdraws. 296
ICMH 79, ckZ
c.296 King XIANG of Wei from 319, dies.  Son Chi succeeds as King ZHAO of Wei 295-77. 296 CHAC 29, friC, wikW 295 rcC
c.296 Wei general XI WU dies. 296 CHAC 869
c.296 Bamboo Annals  Zhushu Jinian  "Bamboo Annals" completed.  Describe history from the Xia, Shang, and Zhou periods to Warring States period.  Buried in tomb of King Xiang of Wei.  It remains hidden until 279CE when tomb is plundered.  For longer texts, many slips were sewn together and rolled up to make a scroll. photo: Shanghai Museum

300 wikBWS 298 CHAC 296
296 CHAC 22, wikBA
276-43 ckBA
c.296 Duke PING of Lu, under Chu, from 314 ends.  WEN succeeds 295-73. 296 MRDK, ckLu, friC 295 rcC
c.296 King XIANG of Hann from 311, ends.  Son Jiu succeeds as king XI of Hann 295-73. 296 CHAC 29, HFHD 8, MRDK
c.295 BOEUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 341.  GOYEOLGA succeeds until 237. 295 rcK
c.295 The Bai Di state of ZHONGSHAN, under Zhao from 300, never accepted as equal by the Chinese, reconquered by Zhao.  The Bai Di are gradually assimilated. 300 CHAC 639
296 CHAC 689, 1029, ICMH 79
295 CHAC 950, 961
c.295 After reconquering Zhongshan, Zhao continues north and builds forts along north bank of great bend of Yellow River, encircles the Ordos steppe, taking a big chunk of nomad territory. 295 CHAC 950, 961
c.295 LO YI, chancellor of Zhao from ?, overthrown in a coup, flees to Yen.  Becomes deputy chancellor in Yen. 295 ICMH 79
c.295 Qin general LOU HUAN and chancellor from 300 resigns.  WEI RAN succeeds until 291. 295
c.295 XUNZI (Xun Kuang, Xun Qing, Hsun-Tzu) becomes student at Zhi-Xia (Jixia) community in Qi until 284. 295
CHAC 790
c.295 After 3 years of fighting, Qi, Wei, and Hann take Hangu Pass and force King Zhao Xiang of Qin to return territory to Hann and Wei. 295 wikWS
c.294 TIAN WEN lord of Mengchang implicated in a coup attempt in Qin, flees to Wei. 293
CHAC 637
c.294 TIAN WEN's alliance system in Wei collapses.  Qi and Qin make a truce and pursue their own interests. 294 wikWS 293 wikT
c.294 Qi moves south against Song. 294 wikWS
c.294 Hann capital XINCHENG besieged by Qin general Bai Qi until 293. 294 HFHD99c 15, ICMH 79, wikBQ
c.294 Hann city WUSHI taken by Qin general Xiang Shou. 294 ICMH 79
c.293 Wei sends army under Gongsun Xi to help Hann against Qin. 293 ICMH 79
c.293 Qin general BAI QI (Po Qi) lifts siege of Hann capital XINCHENG and falls back to YIQUE south of Loyang in Henan, defeats Gongsun Xi, takes 240,000 heads, captures Gongsun Xi, takes 5 Hann cities. 294 wikWS
293 CHAC 628, HFHD99c 15, ICMH 79 bk, wikQn, wikT, wikW
c.293 Qin general BAI QI crosses Yellow River, occupies area from Anyi east to Ganhe. 293 ICMH 79
c.292 Qin general BAI QI invades Wei, occupies 61 cities. 292 ICMH 79
c.292 Qin generals BAI QI and Ching Tso take Yuancheng by storm. 292 HFHD99c 15
c.291 Wei city YUAN taken by Qin generals Bai Qi and Sima Quo.  Wei agrees to peace terms.  Yuan is returned to Wei until 289. 291 ICMH 79
c.291 Qin generals BAI QI and Sima Quo march south into Chu. 292 bk
291 ICMH 80
c.291 Chu city NANYANG taken by Qin general Bai Qi. 291 ICMH 80
c.291 Chu cities ZHI and DENG (Dang) taken by Qin general Sima Quo. 291 ICMH 80
c.291 WEI RAN chancellor of Qin from 295, in bad health, resigns until 290.  SHOU ZHU succeeds until 290.  Then WEI RAN resumes until 282. 291 ICMH 80
c.291 KOAN TENO, son of Kosho, legendary 6th emperor of Japan from 392, ends.  Son KOREI succeeds 290-15. 291 wikLEJ
290 JBE 2178
c.290 UK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 315 ends.  SUK succeeds until 251. 290 rcK
c.289 Wei cities YUAN, (under Wei from 291) HEYONG, and JUEQIAO taken by Qin general Sima Quo. 289
c.289 Chu minister and poet QU YUAN suicides by jumping into Mi Lou River. 289 B76 II-931, yutZ
c.288 Kings of QIN and QI, agree to adopt the title of "Di", (a divine title never before assumed by human rulers) implying emperor of the east and west, which implies their equality.  They swear an alliance cast in bronze to attack Zhao. 288 CHAC 637, 969, 1001, bk, ckZ, wikWS
c.288 Qin general LU LI flees to Qi, where king Min makes him chancellor. 288 ICMH 80
c.287 LONGXI, an area under Qin from 314, established as a commandery. 287
HFHD 146
c.287 Diplomat Su Qin, possibly an agent of Yen, persuades King Min of Qi that the Zhao war would only benefit Qin.  King Min agrees and forms a "vertical " alliance with the other states against Qin.  King Zhao Xiang of Qin backs off, abandons the presumptuous title of "Di ", and restores territory to Wei and Zhao. 287 wikWS
c.286 SONG state in east Honan from 1111, invaded, terminated, and annexed by King Min of Qi. 288 ICMH 80     286 B76 4-308, CHAC 790, GHCC, bk, ckS, ckZ, friC, icQn, scar, wikTD, wikWS
c.286 Success of Qi frightens other states.  Small states of Zhou and Lu declare loyalty to Qi. 286 ckS, ckZ 285 wikWS
c.286 KANGWANG Lord of Song from 328, last descendant of Shang Dynasty, flees to Wei. 286 ICMH 80, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.286 Qin general / chancellor WEI RAN attacks Wei. 286 ICMH 80
c.286 Qin general SIMA CUO raids Henei (Henan) area. 286 ICMH 80
c.286 City of ANYI, under Wei from ?, given to King Zhao Xiang of Qin as a peace offering. 286 ICMH 80
c.285 At Shu (Dongyang in Jiangsi) a threatened coup motivates King Zhao Xiang of Qin to reorganize Qin into districts. 285
c.285 Under leadership of TIAN WEN lord of Mengchang, who has been exiled in Wei from 294, Qin, Zhao, Wei and Yen ally against Qi. 285 wikWS
c.285 Taoist philosopher CHUANG CHOU, author of  Chuang-Tzu  dies.  TAO = the universal way of things, the principle by which all things exist.  The virtue of every person is a manifestation of Tao.  All distinctions are illusions. 300 GHCC 285
c.284 Yen unites Wei, Hann, Zhao, and Qin to destroy Qi. 285 ICMH 80     284 CHAC 638, bk, ckZ, hccBJM, wikWS
c.284 Yen armies under general Yue Yi (aka Le Yi) attack Qi from north.  Qin, Zhao, Hann, and Wei attack from west.  Yue Yi defeats Qi army under king Min at Geho, then overruns Yellow River delta.  king Min flees to Linzi.  Yue Yi pursues.  Min flees south to Ghu.  Yue Yi easily takes Linzi. 285 ICMH 80
284 CHAC 638, bk, ckZ, hccBJM, wikWS
c.284 King MIN of Qi asks help from King Qingxiang of Chu. 285 ICMH 80
c.284 King QINGXIANG of Chu allies with Qi, and sends 200,000 men under Nao Chi north just to reoccupy land it had lost north of the Huai River. 285 ICMH 80 284 CHAC 638
c.284 Chu general NAO CHI makes deal with Yen general YUE YI.  They agree to divide Qi between Yen and Chu. 285 ICMH 81 284 CHAC 638
c.284 King MIN of Qi dies.  "Emperor of the East" from 300, lured by Nao Chi into the Chu camp and tortured to death.  The people of Ghu revolt and kill Nao Chi, and set up Min's son Fazhang as King XIANG of Qi 283-65. 285 ICMH 81     284 CHAC 29, 636, HFHD 153, MRDK, ckQi, ckZ, friC, wikQi     283 rcC
c.284 Qi period from 301 ends.  Qi cities Ghu and Jimo in Shandong Peninsula are all that resist the invaders.  Kingdom lasts until 221. 284 wikWS
c.284 Half the Chu army goes home.  The other half joins Yen general Yue Yi. 285
c.284 TIAN WEN lord of Mengchang gets control of Qi government, which revives alliance with Hann and Wei. 284
CHAC 636
c.284 Qi general TIAN DAN recovers some lost Qi land. 284 wikTD
c.284 JIXIA academy in Qi:  Students flee. 284 bk
c.284 XUNZI (aka Xun Kuang, Xun Qing, Hsun-Tzu) student at Jixia academy in Qi from 295, goes to Chu, teaches Confucian philosophy in Chu until 275. 284 CHAC 790-91, bk
c.283 Yen general Yue Yi (aka Le Yi) leads Yen army to attack the Qi city of Jimo in Shandong peninsula. 283 hccBJ
c.283 Qi city of Jimo in Shandong province, besieged by Yue Yi, loses its commander in battle, nominates general Tian Dan to take over. 283 hccBJ
c.283 Marquis SIJUN of Wey from 324 ends.  HUAJUN rules Wey 282-53. 283 friC, ckW
c.283 ANCHENG in west Hubei taken by a Qin army from Hann. 283 ICMH 81
c.283 Qin army from Hann advances east against Wei capital Daliang (Dailiang). 283 ICMH 81
c.283 Yen abandons alliance with QinYen and Zhao march to help Wei. 283 ICMH 81
c.283 Qi cities Ghu and Jimo in Shandong province repel several Yen attacks. 283 ICMH 81
c.282 Qin attacks Zhao, takes 2 cities. 282 ICMH 81
c.282 Zhao makes peace with Qin. 282 ICMH 81
c.282 WEI RAN chancellor of Qin from 291, becomes chancellor of Zhao until 281. 282 ICMH 81
c.282 Yen general Yue Yi (aka Le Yi), still attacking Qi cities Ghu and Jimo in Shandong province, backs off, tries diplomacy. 282 ICMH 81
c.281 WEI RAN chancellor of Zhao from 282, goes back to being chancellor of Qin until 266. 281
c.280 Skeptical philosopher ZHUANG ZHOU (aka Zhuangzi) age 83, dies in Song.  Credited with writing - in part or whole - a work called the  Zhuangzi , arguing that life is limited and knowledge to be gained is unlimited. 286 wikZng 280
c.280 Qin general BAI QI marches into Dai (northwest Zhao) bypassing the main Zhao defenses. 280 ICMH 82
c.280 Zhao city GUANGLANG taken by Qin general Bai Qi. 280 ICMH 82
c.280 Zhao, Wei, & Hann devastated by Qin. 280 bk
c.280 Qin general SIMA CUO marches from Longxi thru Shu to attack Chu from the west, overruns WUJUN and JIANGNAN around the modern Sichuan-Hubei-Guizhou frontier point. 280
c.280 KWEICHOW (Guizhou), a province of Shu, invaded by QIN. 280 ckW
c.280 Qin general BAI QI marches south from Zhao thru Wei to help Qin general SIMA CUO against Chu. 279
c.279 King of Yen from 311, CHAO dies.
Son HUI succeeds 278-72.
279 CHAC 29, ICMH 82, MRDK, ckY, ckZ, friC, rcC
c.279 Tian Dan, a relative of Qi royalty, spreads rumor in Yen that Yen general Yue Yi plans to take over Qi.  King HUI of Yen believes Tian Dan's rumor and replaces Yue Yi with Qi Jie.  Yue Yi returns to home in Zhao. 279 ICMH 82
c.279 Yen general QI JIE takes over siege of Jimo in Shandong peninsula. 279 ICMH 82
c.279 Yen general QI JIE defeated and killed by Tian Dan. 279 ICMH 82
c.279 QI remnant rallies to Tian Dan. 279 ICMH 82
c.279 TIAN DAN commands a Qi army from Ghu and Jimo in Shandong province, recovers Qi territory, but not its power. 279 CHAC 638, yutZ
c.279 TIAN WEN lord of Mengchang, former chancellor of Qi, dies. 279 CHAC 607
c.278 Qin General BAI QI marches south into Chu, takes Yen and Teng, 5 cities in all. 279 HFHD99c 15     278 ICMH 83, bk
c.278 QIN expands at expense of CHU in Hubei and Hunan until 277. 278 GHCC 103
c.278 SHU (in Sichuan Basin), under Qin 312-?, attacked by Qin General Bai Qi. 278 wikWS
c.278 YING (called Jiangling in Hann) capital of Chu from 689, taken by Qin General Bai Qi, who expels Chu from Han River valley and central Yangzi.  Capital moves to CHEN until 241. 278 CHAC 638, 654, 1027, GHCC 103, HFHD99c 15, ICMH 83, wikBQ, wikChu, wikWS
c.278 Qin General BAI QI burns Yiling, goes east to Chingling. 278 HFHD99c 15
c.278 King QINGXIANG of Chu 298-63 flees east from Ying to Chen. 278 HFHD99c 15, ICMH 83
c.278 CHU YUAN (Qu Yuan), poet of Chu, writes poem Lament for Ying and fall of Chu state's capital, Ying, to Qin. 278 wikT
c.278 NAN COMMANDERY established from all south of Han and west Chu. 278 HFHD8-50
c.278 After Chu is defeated in 278, the remaining great powers are Qin in the west and Zhao in the north-center. 278 wikWS
c.278 Middle Yangzi area, formerly under Chu, becomes Qin province of NAN. 278 ICMH 83
c.277 RUO, governor of Shu, occupies Chu land west of Nan Province. 277 GHCC
c.277 CHU YUAN, poet of Chu, suicides by drowning. 278 wikT     277 GHCC, bk
c.277 WUJUN and JIANGNAN, around the modern Sichuan-Hubei-Guizhou frontier point, siezed by Ruo, governor of Shu.  They become QIANZHONG Province. 277
c.277 Qin General BAI QI marches down Yangzi river, takes control of WU. 277 ICMH 83
c.277 King of Wei from 295, ZHAO ends.  Son Yu succeeds as King ANXI of Wei 276-243. 277 CHAC 29, MRDK, friC, wikW     276 rcC
c.276 Qin General BAI QI invades WEI, takes 2 cities. 276 ICMH 83
273 HFHD99c 15
c.276 Chu people in Jiangnan (Yangzi delta) rebel against Qin. 276 ICMH 83
c.275 WEI RAN Qin chancellor 281-66, marches east into Wei, defeats Wei general Mang Mao, marches to Wei capital Daliang, but falls back when Zhao and Chu remnant threaten intervention. 275 ICMH 83
c.275 SHEN DAO of Zhao, member of Jixia Academy in Qi, dies. 275 CHAC 806, 986
c.275 XUNZI (Xun Kuang, Xun Qing, Hsun-Tzu) in Chu from 284, heads restored Jixia Academy in Qi until 265. 276 bk     275 CHAC 791 264 wikXnz
c.274 WEI allies with Qi against Qin. 274 ICMH 83
c.274 WEI RAN Qin chancellor 281-66, defeats Wei general Bao Yuan, takes 3 districts and 40,000 heads. 274 ICMH 83
c.273 Qin Generals BAI QI, WEI RAN, and HU SHANG march against WEI, HANN, ZHAO coalition. 273 ICMH 83
c.273 HUAYANG city in Wei, besieged by a Wei & Zhao army under Mang Mao. 273 ICMH 83
c.273 Qin General HU SHANG takes Wei cities Yuan, Caiyang, and Changshe. 273 ICMH 83-4
c.273 Qin General HU SHANG defeats Zhao general Mang Mao after 8 day battle, takes 100,000 heads. 273 ICMH 83
c.273 Qin General BAI QI defeats Zhao general Jia Yan.  200,000 Zhao troops drown in Yellow River. 273 HFHD99c 15, ICMH 83
c.273 HUAYANG city in Wei, taken by Qin general Bai Qi.  Mang Mao flees.  Qin general Bai Qi captures the general of the 3 states made from Qin, and takes 130,000 heads. 273 HFHD99c 15
c.273 To make peace, Wei offers Nanyang to King Zhao Xiang of Qin, who accepts, and graciously gives Wei the Shangyong district (formerly under Hann, then Chu).  Wei transfers officials from Nanyang to Shangyong. 273
c.273 King of Hann from 295, XI ends.  Son Ran succeeds as king HUANHUI of Hann 272-239. 273 HFHD 8, CHAC 29, MRDK, wikH
c.273 Duke of Lu, under Chu, from 295 WEN ends.  CHING succeeds 272-55. 273 MRDK, ckLu, friC 272 rcC
c.272 King Zhao Xiang of Qin 306-251 assembles a coalition with Hann, Wei, & Chu, invades Yen.  Results unknown. 272
c.272 King of Yen from 278, HUI ends.  Son WUXIAO succeeds 271-58. 272 CHAC 29, MRDK, ckY, ckZ, friC, rcC
c.271 Qi cities GANG and SHOU are taken by Qin and given to chancellor Wei Ran. 271 ICMH 84
c.270 TENIGRUT becomes chief of Xiongnu until 240. 270 rcN
c.270 SHANG COMMANDERY (parts of Shensi and Suiyuan) controling Changshe, started 304, completed.  It lasts until 206. 270 CHEIA 118
c.270 ZHAO invaded by Qin. 270 ICMH 84
c.270 HANDAN, capital of Zhao, besieged by Qin.  Zhao general Lian Po tries to break siege, fails. 270 ICMH 84
c.270 Qin general HU SHANG tries to take Zhao city EYU, but is defeated by Zhao general ZHAO SHE. 270 ICMH 84, ckZ 269 ICMH 84     265? ICMH 85
c.270 Zhao general ZHAO SHE dies. 270 CHAC 632
c.269 Zhao general Lian Po decisively defeats 2 Qin armies. 269 CHAC 639, wikWS
c.266 King of Zhao from 298, HUIWEN ends.  Son XIAOCHENG succeeds 265-245. 266 CHAC 29, 638, MRDK, friC,     265 rcC
c.266 A noble of Wei tells his king, "Qin has the same customs as the Rong and Di [barbarians]...  It has the heart of a tiger or a wolf...  It knows nothing of traditional mores, proper relationships, and virtuous conduct.". 266 CHC 31
c.266 Qin Queen Dowager ousted, by king Zhao Xiang.
Chancellor of Qin from 281, WEI RAN, who controled Qin with the Queen Dowager from 307, also ousted, banished and replaced by Fan Sui, former minister in Wei, until 255.  FAN SUI is the 1st politician to declare a goal of irrevocable expansion for Qin.
271 ICMH 84
266 CHAC 639, ICMH 84
c.265 King of Qi, XIANG ends.  "Emperor of the East", from 283.  Son TIAN JIAN succeeds as King 264-221.  He is assisted by his mother. 265 CHAC 29, MRDK, chQi, ckZ, friC, qnwu, wikQi     264 rcC
c.265 King ZHAO XIANG of Qin 306-251 invades the weak state of Hann to capture Shangdang Commandery, controling Changshe.  Its capture would open an invasion route into Zhao. 265 CHAC 640, wikBCP, wikQn, wikWS
c.265 Hann king agrees to surrender Shangdang to Qin, but the local governor refuses, and gives it to King Xiaocheng of Zhao. 265 CHAC 640, wikBCP, wikQn, wikWS
c.265 King Xiaocheng of Zhao sends Lian Po to receive Shangdang.  Lian Po bases his armies at Changping.  Qin sends out general Wang HeLian Po remains in his forts, refuses to risk battle with the Qin armyQin could not break thru and the armies are stalemated 3 years.  Qin moves northeast across Wei territory to cut off the 17 districts of Shangdang north of Loyang and south of Zhao from the rest of Hann. 265 CHAC 640, wikBCP, wikQn, wikWS
c.265 Hann cities SHAOQU and GAOING taken by Qin. 265 ICMH 85
c.265 HANDAN becomes capital of Zhao until 239. 265 CHC 42
c.265 XUNZI (aka Xun Kuang, Xun Qing, Hsun-Tzu), head of restored Jixia Academy in Qi from 275, slandered in Qi, goes to Qin until 260. 265 CHAC 791, bk
c.265 ZOU YAN (Tsou Yen), in Prince Xuans Zhi-Xia (Jixia) Academy, leading proponent of Yin Yang doctrine, systematizes 5 element theory: water, metal, wood, fire, earth. 270-61 TTS
no date:
B76 X-161
c.264 King Zhao Xiang of Qin 306-251 bribes Hou Sheng, chancellor of Qi, to dissuade king Tian Jian of Qi from assisting the other states against Qin. 264 qnwu
c.264 Qin General BAI QI attacks Xingcheng of Hann, takes 9 Hann cities and 50,000 heads, then fortifies city of GUANGWU. 264 HFHD99c 15, ICMH 85
c.264 ZHOU Kingdom invaded by Qin.  Zhou King Nanwang personally goes to Qin army, bows his head, and surrenders 36 cities and 30,000 people. 264 icZ
c.263 Zhou people flee east. 263 icZ
c.263 NAN Province, under Hann from ?, taken by Qin. 263 ICMH 85
c.263 Qin general BAI QI marches on Nanyang, cuts off road leading to Taihang, attacks Nanyang. 269 HFHD99c 15, ICMH 85
c.263 King of Chu from 298, QINGXIANG flees to Chen.  Crown prince is a hostage in Qin.  No successor until 262. 263 CHAC 29, GHCC 73, MRDK, ckChu, ckZ, friC, wikChu     262 rcC
c.262 Wei is late in paying pilgrimage to Qin.  Qin attacks Wei and takes city of Wucheng. 262 icQn
c.262 Battle of Handan, capital of Zhao, - Qin vs. Zhao. 262 icZ
c.262 Zhao army meets Qin army, led by Wang He, at Changping, south of Shangdang.  The Zhao suffer several minor defeats and, having assessed the enemy, Lian Po decides the only way to defeat Qin was to wait them out. 262 wikBCP
c.262 Qin general BAI Qi attacks Hann's Shangdang Prefecture whereupon records show:  "A Hann official Feng Ting arrived as emissary to King Xiaocheng of Zhao and said: 'Our state cannot defend Shangdang, it has been overrun by Qin.  Hann wants peace with Zhao and does not desire occupation by Qin.  17 of our cities are willing to pay homage to Zhao, Great King, help our government and people.'  King Xiaocheng is exultant and sends troops to Shangdang." 262 HFHD99c 15, wikSd Apr. wikBCP
c.262 XIONG WAN, son of Qingxiang of Chu, hostage at Qin from ?, escapes to Chu, becomes King XIAOLIE of Chu 262-238. 262 CHAC 29, GHCC 73, MRDK, ckChu, ckZ, friC, rcC, wikChu
c.261 Hann cities GOUSHI and LIN stormed and taken by Qin. 261 HFHD99c 16, ICMH 85
c.260 Qin army sent against Hann city Yewan, cutting off Shangdang from Hann capital Xincheng.  Shangdang joins Zhao for protection. 260 ICMH 85
c.260 SHANGDANG district overrun by Qin general Wang HeZhao general Lian Po marches to recover it, camps at Changping.  Wang He marches on Changping. 260 ICMH 85 ckZ
c.260 Lian Po stays in Changping, refuses to fight Qin armyZhao king Xiaocheng replaces Lian Po with Zhao Kuo. 260 HFHD99c 16, ICMH 85
c.260 Qin general BAI QI succeeds Wang in command of all Qin forces. 260 HFHD99c 16, ICMH 85, wikBQ
c.260 ZOU YAN (Tsou Yen), in Prince Xuans Zhi-Xia (Jixia) Academy, leading proponent of Yin Yang doctrine, dies. 260
B76 X-161
c.260 Zhao general ZHAO KUO leaves his fortifications at CHANGPING.  Qin general Bai Qi falls back in the center and surrounds the main Zhao force of 400,000 men from the sides.  After being surrounded for 46 days, the starving Zhao troops surrender (Sep, 260).  Bai Qi then buries more than 40,000 of them alive.  Zhao loses 400,000 men. 260 B76 4-308, CHAC 628, CHC 99, bk, ckZ, icZ, wikBC, wikBQ, wikChu, wikH, wikQn, wikT, wikWS, yutZ
c.260 Zhao general ZHAO KUO, son of Zhao She, killed by Qin archers at Changping. 260 ICMH 86, CHAC 640, wikBQ
c.260 ZHAO state power destroyed by QIN, but remains unconquered until 228. 260 B76 4-308, CHAC 628, ckZ, icZ, wikChu, wikQn, wikT, yutZ     259 MCAW
c.260 Prince CHENG of Qin begins until 246. 260 GHCC 103
c.260 XUNZI (aka Xun Kuang, Xun Qing, Hsun-Tzu), in Qin from 265, goes to Handan in Zhao until 255.  Attends court of lord of Pingyuan. 260
CHAC 791
c.259 Qin army split into 3 parts:  BAI QI gets sick and returns to Qin.  WANG HE takes cities Wuan and Pilao.  SIMA GANG subdues Jinyang in Zhao. 259 ICMH 86
c.259 King of Zhao sends Su Tai, younger bro of Su Chin, to the Qin Chancellor with gifts, and makes the Chancellor jealous of Bai Qi because Bai Qi's accomplishments had been so great that he outshone the Chancellor.  Su Tai suggests that the Chancellor prevent Bai Qi from getting any more fame. 259 HFHD99c 16
c.259 Peace offers made to Qin:  Hann offers city of Yuanyong.  Zhao cedes 6 cities.  Qin general Bai Qi favors war.  Chancellor Fan Ju favors peace. 259 ICMH 86
c.259 Qin resumes war with Zhao.  Since general Bai Qi is sick, WANG LING commands Qin army. 259 ICMH 86
c.259 Zhao capital HANDAN besieged by Qin general Wang Ling until 257. 259 GHCC, ICMH 86
258 HFHD99c 16
257 wikBQ     no date: wikQn
c.258 King of Yen from 271, WUXIAO ends.  Son XIAO succeeds 257-55. 258 CHAC 29, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.258 Zhao requests aid from Wei and Chu. 258 wikQn
c.258 Qin general Wang Ling besieging Handan is consecutively replaced by Wang Xi, Wang Ling, and Zheng Anping as Qin commander at the siege. 258 ICMH 86, wikQn
c.258 A Chu force under Lord Chun shen and Wei duke's son Wei Wuji defeats Qin commander Zheng Anping besieging Handan. 258 ICMH 86
257 wikQn
c.258 Qin general Zheng Anping surrounded by Zhao army, surrenders. 258 ICMH 87
257 wikQn
258/7 HANDAN, capital of Zhao, besieged by Qin from 259, siege lifted. 258 ICMH 86
257 GHCC 103, wikQn
c.257 Qin general BAI QI, never defeated in battle, dies - either of illness, or ordered to suicide. 257 CHAC 627, HFHD99c 17, ICMH 87, wikBQ
c.257 ZICHU (aka Yiren), son of Qin crown prince Anguo, hostage of Zhao in Handan from ?, is helped by merchant Lu Buwei, and escapes. 257 ICMH 87
c.257 Qin general Wang He attacks Handan and is repulsed. 257 ICMH 87
c.257 Qin general WANG HE defeats a Wei/Chu army, takes 60,000 heads, then joins Qin forces besieging Chu city Fengcheng, and is repulsed. 257 ICMH 87
c.257 ANYANG, in north Henan on south bank of Yellow river, taken by Qin generals Wang He and Zhang Tang. 257 ICMH 87
c.257 Lord Xinling of Wei helps Zhao against Qin. 257 ICMH 87
c.257 TAI CHOU, port city in Chekiang Province, under state of Wu, becomes a commandery in a county called LIN HAI. 257
B76 VI-242
c.257 AN DUONG THUC becomes king of Au Lac kingdom of Nam Viet until 207. 257 rcSAM
c.256 Qin general JUI takes Yangcheng (in Henan Province), Fumai, and 20 districts in ZhaoQin supremacy is restored. 256 icQn, icZ
c.256 Zhou emperor NAN forms a coalition against Qin, which is defeated by Qin general JUI. 256 ICMH 87
c.256 King Zhao Xiang of Qin 306-251 sends chancellor Fan Sui to attack Zhou capital Loyang and relocate Zhou duke Wugong to present Liangxian County, Henan Province. 256 icQn
c.256 NAN, last emperor of Zhou from 314 forced to abdicate by Zhao Xiang King of Qin.
Dongzhou Jun proclaimed successor by Ji family as king HUI 255-249.
256 CHAC 29, CHC 38, 733, MCAW, friC, icZ, rcC, scar, spks, wikCM, wikT, wikZ     255 MRDK, tcgEZ, yut     255 Bao ends: yutZ
c.256 Loyang falls to Qin forces.  Eastern ZHOU dyn at Loyang from 771, ends. 256 B76 4-308, CHAC, friC, icZ, wikZ 989
c.256 ZHOU royal house, including former emperor Nan, and Duke Wugong murdered by Qin. 256 CHAC 547, GHCC, icZ, wikQn, wikWS, wikZ
ZHOU (aka CHOU) DYNASTY ends.  Began 1046, out of power from 771.
c.256 DUJIANGYAN IRRIGATION SYSTEM built in Sichuan province by Hann engineer Zheng Guo working for Qin governor Li Bing commissioned by King ZHAO XIANG of Qin.  Distributes waters of Min River to farmland of the Chengdu Plain.  World's oldest and only damless water project that is still functioning. 264 wikQn
256 wikDIS, wikT
c.255 King of Yen from 257, XIAO ends.  Son XI succeeds 254-222. 255 CHAC 29, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.255 FAN SUI, chancellor of Qin from 266, dies.  TSAI TSE succeeds for some months and resigns. 255 CHAC 638, HFHD 198
c.255 XUNZI (Xun Kuang, Xun Qing, Hsun Tzu), in Handan in Zhao from 260, goes to Chu.  Huang Xie, Lord of Chunshen, prime minister of Chu, appoints him magistrate of Lanling until 238. 255 B76 8-1127, CHAC 791
250 bk
c.255 Duke of Lu under Chu from 272, CHING ends.
LU, a state from 1122, annexed by Chu until 249.
256 wikChu
255 MRDK, ckLu, friC, rcC
c.255 LU occupied by Chu, which is under Qin. 255 rcC , ckLu
c.254 All rulers of China, except king of Wei, come to Qin capital to submit. 254 ICMH 88
c.254 Qin general JUI invades Wei, occupies Wucheng. 254 ICMH 88
c.253 King ANXI of Wei kills Lord HUAI of Wei. 253 WeiSA
c.253 Marquis of Wey from 283, HUAJUN ends.  YUANJUN succeeds 252-230. 253 ckW, friC
c.252 Wey state becomes dependency of Wei kingdom. 252 WeiSA
The land of Wey is also spelled Wei.  To avoid confusion with it is here spelled Wey.  It has a city called Wei in it.
c.251 SUK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 290 ends.  YUN succeeds until 232. 251 rcK
c.251 ZHAO SHENG lord of Pingyuan in Zhao dies. 251 CHAC 639, 782
c.251 Soldier LIEN PO becomes chancellor of Zhao until ?. 251 ICMH 88
c.251 King of Qin from 307, ZHAO XIANG dies.  Son Zhu (aka Anguo) regal name XIAO WEN succeeds until 250. 259 icQn     251 CHAC 29, CHC 42, 49, HFHD 231, ICMH 88, MRDK, ckQn, ckZ, friC, wikQn, wikT
c.251 Yen chancellor LI FU leads army against Zhao and is defeated and killed by Lien Po. 251 ICMH 88

East Asia 250-221