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c.300 ABKARIB-II king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 310 ends.  YITHA'IL RIYAM succeeds until 290. 300 rcAr
c.300 SOCOTRA, island off tip of the horn of Africa, under Macedonia from 330, no longer under Macedonia. 300 rcAr
c.290 Wahab Shamsam/El Yahiz-I, king of Saba from 310, ends.  Son Anmar Yuhaman-I succeeds until 270. 290 wikLRSH
c.290 HANIOS-I ibn SHAHRU, king of Lihyan from 305, ends.  MANI LAWDAN succeeds until 250.  Son HAMATU GASHMU is co-king until 280. 290 rcAr
c.290 YITHA'IL RIYAM, king of Ma'in from 300, ends.  Abyada-III Riyam succeeds until 275. 290 rcAr
c.280 HAMATU GASHMU, co-king of Lihyan from 290, ends.  Bro TULMAY-I succeeds until 255.  Father MANI LAWDAN continues 290-50. 280 rcAr
c.278 PTOLEMY-II Philadelphus king of Egypt 285-46 expands into Arabia until 274. 278 lvPt2
c.275 Abyada-III Riyam, king of Ma'in from 290, ends.  Ilyatha Yitha succeeds until 270. 275 rcAr
c.270 Anmar Yuhaman-I, king of Saba from 290, ends.  Son Zamir Ali Zarih-II succeeds until 250. 270 wikLRSH
c.270 Ilyatha Yitha, king of Ma'in from 275, ends.  Abyada-IV succeeds until 265. 270 rcAr
c.270 KARIB il WATAR-II, king of Saba from 320, ends.  YADA il BAYIN-IV succeeds until ?. 270 rcAr
c.265 Abyada-IV, king of Ma'in from 270, ends.  Halkarib Sadiq succeeds until 250. 265 rcAr
c.255 TULMAY-I, co-king of Lihyan from 280, ends.  Son HANIOS-II succeeds until 215.  Father MANI LAWDAN continues 290-50. 255 rcAr
c.250 QEDAR, under kingdom of Lihyan from 323, comes under Nabataeans until 106. 250 hifiKrcJdn
c.250 AWSAN (Ausan) state in S.W. Arabia, under Saba from 520, comes under Qataban until 140. 250 rcAr
c.250 Zamir Ali Zarih-II, king of Saba from 270, ends.  Son Nasha Karab Yuhaman succeeds until 230. 250 wikLRSH
c.250 MANI LAWDAN, king of Lihyan from 290, ends.  Grandson HANIOS-II continues 255-15. 250 rcAr
c.250 Halkarib Sadiq, king of Ma'in from 265, ends.  Hufnum Yitha succeeds until 240. 250 rcAr
c.240 Hufnum Yitha, king of Ma'in from 250, ends.  Ilyafa Riyam succeeds until 225. 240 rcAr
c.230 Nasha Karab Yuhaman, king of Saba from 250, ends.  Successor unknown until 200. 230 wikLRSH
c.225 Ilyafa Riyam, king of Ma'in from 240, ends.  Hawfi'athat succeeds until 210. 225 rcAr
c.210 Hawfi'athat, king of Ma'in from 225, ends.  Ilyafa Waqah succeeds until 190. 210 rcAr
c.215 HANIOS-II, king of Lihyan from 255, ends.  Son TULMAY-II succeeds until 190. 215 rcAr
c.200 SAMAHU ALI DARIH-II, becomes king of Saba until 175. 200 rcAr

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