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c.300 Nubians at Meroe move royal cemetery and capital from Napata to Meroe.  Kingdom lasts there for more than 9 centuries.  The move to Meroe weakens Egyptian influence in Kush. 300 cocc, wikK
after 295 afN, wikK 280 wikMr
c.295 ERGAMENES (aka Arkamani-I) becomes king of Nubians at Meroe until 275. 295 wheMr 270 wikMr
c.285 Egyptian language, writing, and art disappear from the archaelogical evidence at Meroe. 285 wheMr
c.275 Egyptian expedition sent by Ptolemy-II Philadelphus down Red Sea to Nubia, conquers lower Nubia. 275 lvMr, lvPt2
c.275 ERGAMENES (aka Arkamani-I), king of Nubians at Meroe from 295, ends. 275 wheMr 260 wikMr
c.270 AKTISANES king of Kush at Meroe from 313 ends.  ARKAMANI-II succeeds until 260. 270 frN, rcNA
c.270 Early Merotic Period of Kush begins until 90.  Trade with Egypt and India grows.  Kush enters into joint building projects with Egypt at their border. 270 triN
c.260 ARKAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 270 ends.  AMANISLO succeeds until 250. 260 frN, rcNA
c.250 AMANISLO king of Kush at Meroe from 260 ends.  AMAN...TEKHA succeeds until 235. 250 frN, rcNA
c.246 Ptolemaic expedition into Nubia reaches Axum. 246 GHH
c.235 AMAN...TEKHA king of Kush at Meroe from 250 ends.  ARNEKHAMANI succeeds until 218. 235 frN, rcNA
c.218 ARNEKHAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 235 ends.  ARQAMANI succeeds until 200. 218 frN, rcNA
c.200 ARQAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 218 ends.  TABROQO succeeds until 190. 200 frN, rcNA
c.200 MEROTIC LANGUAGE begins in Sudan. 200 B76 VI-809

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