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c.2000 ALPHABET:  1st true alphabetic writing develops for Semitic workers in Sinai by giving mostly Egyptian hieratic glyphs Semitic values.
(See Mesopotamia 2000, Crete-Hyro 1900, Egypt 1800, Linear-B 1500 Ugaritic 1500)
2000 wikHW
c.2000 FIGS cultivated in Arabia, 2000 TTPC-5 
c.2000 Carved ivory at Bahrain. 2000 SHT 1-664
c.1850 AMORITE expansion resumes from Arabia into Fertile Crescent. 1850 mxfld
c.1750 Egyptian run COPPER mines in SINAI V at Wadi Maghara abandoned.
(See Amenhemhet-III 1842, Asia 1800, Ganges Valley 1800)
SHT 1-564
c.1725 DAM at Marib built to collect spring water, and let it out as needed to irrigate crops.  Rebuilt 700. 1750-00 wikMD
c.1700 HAASA (east coast of Arabia, primarily the region opposite Qatar and Bahrain, but extending north along coast toward Kuwait) comes under Babylonian SEALANDS until 1450. 1700 rcAr
c.1600 Egyptian run COPPER mines in SINAI are confined to Serabit el-Khadim until 1200. 1600 SHT 1-564
c.1600 TEMA (town and oasis in northwest Arabia) comes within Midianite territory until 1100. 1600 rcAr
c.1600 The Qahtanis begin to move to the Red Sea coasts and lowlands.  A tradeline begins along the Red Sea coasts.  Qahtanis begin to settle East Africa in small trading colonies. 1600 wikTY
c.1600 DILMUN island (Bahrain) occupied by Kassites until 1200. 1600 rcAr
c.1500 TIHAMA Semitic culture of Yemen begins until 1200. 1500 ade
c.1500 A new cuneiform ALPHABET, each sign representing a consonant, develops in Sinai Peninsula.  It spreads among Phoenicians and other Semites on the coast.  Phoenicians later replace it with letters which could be written faster on papyrus. 1500 mxfld
c.1450 HAASA, Babylonian SEALANDS from 1700, comes under Dilmun until 709. 1450 rcAr
c.1310 AKHLAMU, Arab nomads, migrate into Aram and Mesopotamia. 1310 LEWH 46
c.1200 Λ Egyptian run COPPER mines in SINAI at Serabit el-Khadim from 1600, abandoned. 1200 SHT 1-564
c.1200 DILMUN island (Bahrain), occupied by Kassites from 1600, no longer occupied by Kassites. 1200 rcAr
c.1200 TIHAMA Semitic culture of Yemen from 1500 ends. 1200 ade
c.1200 MINAEAN SCRIPT is already developed in southern Arabia. 1200 CWH
c.1160 ARAMEANS of north Arabia begin moving into north Aram. no date: LEWH 46
c.1150 Kingdom of SABA begins until 275CE. 12-1100 wikAHY
c.1100 TEMA (town and oasis in northwest Arabia) within Midianite territory from 1600, no longer within Midianite territory. 1100 rcAr
c.1100 DILMUN island becomes independent city-state until 709. 1100 rcAr
c.1005 Father of Balkis, king of Saba from 1015, ends.  Dau BALKIS becomes queen of Saba until 965. 1005 wikhifiS

Arabia 1000-501