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c.2000 Due to Saharan dessication, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and giraffes had already vanished, as reflected in Saharan rock drawings. 2000 mxfld
c.2000 WATERMELON cultivated in Africa. 2000 TTPC-5
c.1962 SENUSRET, son of Amenhemhet-I, in Libya, learns of father's murder, tells no one. 1970
BHoE 179
c.1962 SINUHE, noble under Senusret in Libya, overhears conversation about murder of Amenhemhet-I by tent of Senusret.   Fears implication.  Flees. 1970
BHoE 179
c.1500 GHANA west Africa has domestic cattle and goats, pottery, stone axes, shale arm-rings and fine stone points. 1500 mxfld
c.1500 HORSES, in Egypt from 1750, taken west to Sahara. 1500 bk
c.1200 Rock carvings in Sahara portray CHARIOTS. 1200 PW 15
c.1150 South MAURETANIA is in the so-called Naghes phase, showing circular compounds with evidence of cattle and goat herding, fishing and some hunting.  People have stone axes, arrowheads, gouges, and pottery. 12-1100 mxfld
c.1100 UTICA on north coast founded by Phoenicians. 1101 MWΦ 94, 230     1100 B76 17-944, CWH, WPOT 280, mxfld
8th or 7th cen. B76 X-314
c.1100 LIXUS on north coast, founded by Phoenicians. 1100 B76 17-944, CWH, WPOT 280
c.1100 The SAHARA is not as desolate in the first millennium as it has become. 1100 SHT 1-706

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