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c.200 Praetors Q. Fulvius GILLO and L. Valerius FLACCUS are sent from Rome to Sicily. 200 DGRBM 2-158, 2-268
c.199 Praetor L. Villius TAPPULUS from Rome to Sardinia. 199 DGRBM 3-975
c.199 Praetor L. Valerius FLACCUS arrives in Sicily until 198. 199 OCD 440
c.198 Praetor L. Valerius FLACCUS in Sicily from 199, returns to Rome.  Praetor M.(4) Claudius Marcellus with 4,000 inf and 300 cav succeeds until 19?, but only to send supplies to Roman armies in Greece. 198 DGRBM 2-931, OCD 646
c.198 Praetor M. Porcius CATO Censorinus with 3,000 inf and 200 cav from Rome to Sardinia, expells usurers, clears up corruption. 198 B76 II-645, CAH 8, OCD 214, SORH, atl2
c.197 Praetor L. Manlius VULSO from Rome to Sicily. 197 DGRBM 3-1286
c.197 TAXES:  Whereas Spain pays vectigal stipendarium (fixed taxes), Sicily pays decumae (tithes). 197 SORH
c.196 Praetor Ti. SEMPRONIUS LONGUS arrives in Sardinia until late 195. 196 DGRBM 2-806
c.196 Praetor C. LAELIUS from Rome to Sicily. 196 DGRBM 2-706, OCD 576
c.195 Praetor Gn. Manlius VULSO arrives in Sicily. 195 DGRBM 3-1286
c.194 Praetor Gn. Cornelius BLASIO from Rome to Sicily. 194 DGRBM 1-492
c.193 Praetor L. Porcius LICINUS from Rome to Sardinia until ?. 193 DGRBM 2-785
c.193 Praetor L.(5) Cornelius Scipio (later Asiaticus) is sent from Rome to Sicily. 193 DGRBM 3-747
c.193 Praetor C.(2) FLAMINIUS enroute from Italy to Spain, is detoured by a storm to AfricaHe recruits veterans who had settled there, and proceeds to Spain. 193 wikRCH
c.192 L. Oppius SALINATOR is sent from Rome to convey 20 ships to Sicily. 192 DGRBM 3-38
c.192 Praetor Q. Salonius SARRA from Rome to Sicily until ?. 192 DGRBM 3-700
c.192 Praetor L. Valerius TAPPO arrives in Sicily until ?. 192 DGRBM 3-975
c.191 Praetor M. Aemilius LEPIDUS from Rome to Sicily until ?. 191 DGRBM 2-763
c.191 Praetor L. Oppius SALINATOR from Rome to Sardinia. 191 DGRBM 3-38
c.190 Praetor C. Atinius LABEO from Rome to Sicily until ?. 190 DGRBM 2-694
c.189 M.(2) Sempronius TUDITANUS is made praetor and sent from Rome to Sicily with Ap.(9) Claudius Pulcher. 189 DGRBM 3-1181
c.189 M. Fulvius, is sent against CEPHALONIA island with a sufficient force. 189 DGRG 1-589
c.188 Praetor C. STERTINIUS from Rome to Sardinia. 188 DGRBM 3-908
c.188 Praetor Q. Marcius PHILIPPUS arrives in Sicily. 188 OCD 816
c.188 A new island is discovered near Sicily. 188 atl2
c.187 Praetor Q. Fulvius FLACCUS from Rome to Sardinia. 187 DGRBM 2-155
c.187 SATYRUS, ambassador of the Sardinian Ilienses, is sent to Rome to intercede with the senate in favor of the Lycians. 187 DGRBM 3-727
c.187 Praetor L. Terentius MASSALIOTA from Rome to Sicily. 187 DGRBM 3-996
c.186 Praetor C. Aurelius SCAURUS from Rome to Sardinia. 186 DGRBM 3-738
c.184 Praetor Q. Naevius MATHO from Rome to Sardinia.  He conducts a quaestio into cases of poisoning. 184 DGRBM 2-972
c.184 Praetor C. Sempronius BLAESUS arrives in Sicily. 184 DGRBM 1-491
c.183 Praetor Gn. SICINIUS from Rome to Sardinia. 183 DGRBM 3-816
c.183 Praetor Sp. Postumius ALBINUS PAULULLUS arrives in Sicily. 183 DGRBM 1-91
c.182 Praetor C. Terentius ISTRA from Rome to Sardinia. 182 DGRBM 3-996
c.182 Praetor L. Caecilius DENTER arrives in Sicily. 182 DGRBM 1-995
c.181 Insurrection errupts in Corsica and Sardinia. 181 LdHR 2-56     178 GHH
c.181 Praetor M. PINARIUS POSCA from Rome to Sardinia.  He crosses over to Corsica, and quells an insurrection, returns to Sardinia, fights with success against the Ilienses 181 DGRBM 3-504
c.181 2 Roman squadrons, try to clear pirates from Massilia to the Promontory of Minerva near Neapolis. 181 DGRG 2-359
c.181 The ILIENSES of central Sardinia, under Romans from ?, rebel until 178. 181 DGRG 2-36 178 GHH
c.181 Praetor C. CLAUDIUS NERO from Rome to Sicily. 181 DGRBM 2-1161
c.180 Praetor P. Cornelius MAMMULA arrives in Sicily. 180 DGRBM 2-763
c.179 Praetor C. Valerius LAEVINUS from Rome to Sardinia. 179 DGRBM 2-711
c.179 Praetor Q. Mucius SCAEVOLA arrives in Sicily. 179 DGRBM 3-732
c.178 The ILIENSES of central Sardinia, rebelling from 181, suppressed by praetor M. Pinarius. 178 DGRG 2-32
c.177 Praetor L. MUMMIUS arrives in Sardinia. 177 DGRBM 2-1119
c.177 Consul Ti. Sempronius GRACCHUS BUBULCUS sent from Rome to Sardinia, defeats the Ilienses and Balari in battle, captures and enslaves 40,000, reduces them to complete submission.  They are not mentioned again. 177 CAH 8, 9-55, DGRBM 2-289, DGRG 2-32, Dur 3-112, GHH, OCD 472, SORH, bk
c.176 Ti. Sempronius GRACCHUS BUBULCUS continues in Sardinia, achieves further victories, reduces Sardinians to submission.  He sends envoys to Rome to solicit permission to return with his army and triumph.  But public thanksgiving only is decreed, and Gracchus is ordered to remain in Sardinia as proconsul until 175. 177/6 MCAW 176 DGRBM 2-289, GHH, atl2
c.175 Ti. Sempronius GRACCHUS(2) BUBULCUS in Sardinia from 177, returns to Rome. 175 DGRBM 2-289
c.174 Praetor M. Atilius SERRANUS from Rome to Sardinia. 174 DGRBM 3-788
c.173 Praetor C. CICEREIUS is assigned to Sardinia, but is ordered to go from Rome to Corsica first and deal with a rebellion.  After vowing a temple to Juno if he wins, he defeats the Corsicans, and makes peace for the price of 200,000 lbs of wax.  Cicereius proceeds to Sardinia until 172. 173 DGRBM 1-707
c.173 Praetor M. Furius CRASSIPES from Rome to Sicily. 173 DGRBM 1-871
c.173 Praetor C. MEMMIUS GALLUS arrives in Sicily until 171. 173 DGRBM 2-1026
c.172 Praetor Sp. CLUVIUS from Rome to Sardinia. 172 DGRBM 1-807
c.172 Praetor C. CICEREIUS returns from Sardinia to Rome. 172 DGRBM 1-707
c.171 Praetor L. Furius PHILUS from Rome to Sardinia, where he dies in 170. 171 DGRBM 3-335
c.171 Praetor C. Caninius REBILUS from Rome to Sicily. 171 DGRBM 3-641
c.170 Praetor L. AQUILIUS GALLUS from Rome to Sicily. 170 DGRBM 2-225
c.169 Praetor P. Fonteius CAPITO arrives in Sardinia. 169 DGRBM 1-602
c.169 Praetor Servius Cornelius LENTULUS from Rome to Sicily. 169 DGRBM 1-732
c.168 Praetor M. AEBUTIUS ELVA from Rome to Sicily. 168 DGRBM 2-11
c.165 Praetor Ti. CLAUDIUS NERO from Rome to Sicily. 165 DGRBM 2-1161
c.163 Corsica rebels. 163 GHH
c.163 Consul M' Juventius THALNA from Rome to Corsica, subdues Corsicans. 163 DGRBM 3-1020, GHH, SORH
c.163 Consul Ti. Sempronius GRACCHUS goes from Rome to Sardinia, puts down a rebellion. 163 atl2
c.155 Adriatic coast is now under Romans. 155 LdHR 2-101
c.149 Praetor Q. FABIUS MAXIMUS AEMILIANUS from Rome to Sicily until 148. 149 DGRBM 2-994, OCD 427
c.149 Greek historian POLYBIUS is summoned by consul M' Manilius to Lilybaeum.  But on reaching Corcyra, he hears from the consuls that the Carthaginians had given hostages, and thinking, therefore, that the war was over, and that his presence was no longer needed, Polybius returns to Peloponnese. 149 DGRBM 3-444, atl2
c.149 Carthaginians hand over 300 noble hostages to consuls at Lilybaeum.  Consuls accept the hostages, inform the Carthaginians that they will soon land their armies in Africa.  They send the hostages to Rome. 150 CAH 8
149 CAH 8-152, LdHR 2-119, SORH, atl2
c.148 Masinissa returns some huge tusks which were stolen from a temple in Melita (Malta). 148 atl2
c.147 Rhodes helps Romans against Carthage. 147 CAH 8
c.146 Greek historian POLYBIUS sails on a journey of exploration along northwest coast of Africa. 146 atl2
c.140 Λ Mt. ETNA V erupts. 140 DGRG 1-61
c.138 Praetor T.(1) DIDIUS from Rome to Sicily. 138 DGRBM 1-1004
c.137 Praetor MANLIUS (Manilius) from Rome to Sicily. 137 DGRBM 2-917
c.135 DAMOPHILUS of Enna Sicily, a wealth-flaunting depraved asshole is murdered by his own slaves led by Syrian EUNUS.  It escallates to a general massacre of all upper class people in Enna.  1st SLAVE WAR in Sicily begins until 132.  400 slaves led by EUNUS soon joined by CLEON massacre free people of Enna.  More join, bringing total to 70,000. 139 Dur 3-110, 112, OCD 996, SORH     138/7 CAH 9-25
136 CAH 8-195, CDCC 828     135 B76 III-994, CAH 9, DGRG 2-983, LEWH 102, SORH, TTPC, atl2, bk     134 DGRA 1039, DGRG 1-828, GHH, MCAW
c.135 Syrian slave EUNUS calls himself king Antiochus, holds Enna and Tauromenium against Romans. 135 B76 III-994, TTPC 29
c.135 Praetor L. Plautius HYPSAEUS, commanding 8,000 Sicilians, is defeated by 20,000 rebel slaves. 135 CAH 9, atl2
c.135 Praetor P. Popillius Laenas rounds up runaway slaves. 135 atl2
c.135 Λ Mt. ETNA V erupts. 135 DGRG 1-61, atl2
c.135 Praetor M. PERPERNA is defeated by slaves in Sicily. 135 DGRBM 3-374
c.135 Praetor Calpurnius Piso arrives in Sicily. 135 DGRBM 3-202
c.135 Praetor Calpurnius Piso is routed by slaves. 135 SORH
c.134 Consul C. Fulvius FLACCUS is given command of slave war in Sicily.  He is unsuccessful. 134 DGRBM 2-95, 155, DGRG 2-983, SORH, atl2
c.134 Praetor Cornelius LENTULUS from Rome to Sicily.  He is defeated in the slave revolt. 134 DGRBM 2-730
c.133 Slave revolt continues.  Prefect C. Titius is punished after being defeated by slaves, but L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi recaptures some towns. 133 atl2
c.133 L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi defeats slaves who are besieging Messana.  8,000 slaves killed. 133 SORH
132 LdHR 2-147
c.133 L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi goes from Messana to Enna, but is unable to take it. 132 LdHR 2-147
c.133 Romans figure they've offended some Sicilian god.  They consult  Sibylline Books  and send a religious embassy to visit Mt. Etna and sacrifice to Etnaean Zeus, and to local goddess Ceres of Enna. 143 atl2, wikSB
c.132 Consul P. RUPILIUS is sent from Rome to Sicily.  He punishes Q. Fabius for losing control of Tauromenium. 132 DGRBM 3-679, atl2
c.132 Slave stronghold TAUROMENIUM taken by consul P. RUPILIUS. 132 DGRG 2-983, SORH, atl2
c.132 Gorgus of Morgantina and his father are killed by runaway slaves. 132 atl2
c.132 SLAVES in Enna Sicily besieged by Consul P. RUPILIUS. 132 LEWH 102, OCD 996, TTPC 29     131 Dur 3-112
c.132 1st SICILIAN SLAVE WAR from 135 ends.  Slaves in Enna are starved to surrender to Consul P. RUPILIUSEunus is sent to Rome.  Cleon, and others are executed.   2nd 103. 132 B76 III-994, CAH 9-25, DGRA 1039, DGRBM 3-679, DGRG 1-828, 2-983, GHH, LEWH 102, OCD 996, SORH, TTPC, atl2, bk     131 Dur 3-112
c.131 Proconsul P. RUPILIUS restores order in Sicily, and draws up regulations known as  Lex Rupilia . 131 B76 III-994, CDGRA 382, DGRBM 3-679, SORH, atl2
c.126 Consul L. Aurelius ORESTES is sent from Rome to Sardinia to subdue inhabitants.  He remains until 122.  M. Aemilius Scaurus and quaestor C. GRACCHUS are under him. 126
DGRBM 2-294, 3-43, 736, GHH
c.126 Quaestor C. Gracchus participates in fighting in Sardinia. 126 SORH, atl2
c.126 Consul L. Aurelius ORESTES subdues Sardinians. 126 atl2
c.126 Λ Mt. ETNA V erupts.  Another eruption at sea leads to formation of an island near Lipara. 126 DGRG 1-61, atl2
c.125 C. Gracchus obtains winter provisions for Orestes' army from allies of Rome. 125 atl2
c.125 Micipsa sends grain (in spite of the African locust-plague) to quaestor C. Gracchus in Sardinia. 125-4 CAH 9-28, 76
c.124 Quaestor C. Gracchus in Sardinia from 126, returns to Rome without waiting for his replacement. 124 B76 8-262, CAH 9-77, GHH, SORH, atl2
c.123 Consul Q.(3) Caecilius METELLUS sent from Rome to clear Balearic islands of pirates until 121. 123 DGRBM 2-1058, SORH
c.122 BALEARIC ISLANDS, technically under Romans from 202, conquered and pacified by Q.(3) Caecilius METELLUS, who is then surnamed BALIARICUS. 123 CAH 9-22, DGRG 1-374, GHH, LEWH 104, SORH, atl2     122 CDCC 120, MCAW, OCD 678     121 B76 17-404, LdHR 2-222, OCD 160
c.122 PALMA and POLLENTIA on Mallorca in Balearic Islands, founded by Q.(3) Caecilius METELLUS for 3,000 Romans imported from Spain. 123 LEWH 104, SORH
122 CAH 8-139, 9-22, CDCC 120, OCD 678
121 B76 17-405, OCD 160
c.122 L. Aurelius ORESTES in Sardinia from 126, returns to Rome. 122 DGRBM 3-43
c.122 Λ Mt. ETNA erupts, devastates territory and city of Catana with lava, and hot ash enough to break in roofs of houses.  Catana is therefore exempted for 10 years contributions to Rome. 122 atl2, wikME
121 DGRG 1-61, 568
c.121 P.(5) Cornelius Lentulus is sent from Rome on an embassy to Sicily. 121 atl2
c.121 Consul Q.(3) Caecilius METELLUS, in Balearic islands from 123, returns to Rome.  Triumphs.  Surnamed BALIARICUS. 121 DGRBM 2-1058
c.114 Rebellion in Sardinia until 112.  proconsul M. Caecilius Metellus is sent to suppress it. 114 DGRG 2-909
c.114 M. Caecilius METELLUS, consul of 115, is sent from Rome as proconsul to Sardinia until 112. 114 DGRBM 2-909, 1058
c.112 Rebellion in Sardinia from 114 suppressed by proconsul M. Caecilius Metellus. 113 DGRBM 2-1058 112 DGRG 2-910
c.105 Praetor T. ALBUCIUS from Rome to Sardinia.  He gains a minor victory over some bandits, and celebrates a "triumph" in Sardinia. 105 DGRBM 1-94
c.104 Hundreds of Sicilian slaves leave their masters and gather to the Roman praetor.  Owners protest.  Praetor suspends the manumission order. 103 Dur 3-121
c.104 The senate had decreed that no free person of those nations which had allied with Rome should be enslaved.  It is alleged that the Publicani had seized and sold many as slaves, probably because of unpaid taxes.  Praetor P. Licinius Nerva declares that all persons in Sicily who are entitled to the benefit of the decree should come to Syracuse to make their case.  Over 800 persons are freed, but slave-owners prevail on Nerva not to allow any further claims of freedom to be made.  Nerva assents. 103 DGRBM 2-1168
c.104 SEGESTA, under Romans from 262, taken by rebel slave ATHENION until 101. 104 rcSI
c.104 Sicilian slaves rebel against praetor P. Licinius Nerva, but are defeated by C. Titinius. 104 CAH 9-25, atl2
c.103 Gn.(1) Pompeius Strabo is quaestor in Sardinia, under propraetor T. Albucius, against whom he collects material for an accusation. 103 DGRBM 3-476
c.103 MORGANTINA Sicily:  Slave owners promise to liberate their slaves for helping them against attack by other slaves.  Morgantine slaves agree and repel attack.  Owners renig.  Morgantine slaves join revolt.. 103 Dur 3-121
c.103 SALVIUS, a slave flute player and spiritual diviner, is elected king of the rebel slaves.  He soon collects 20,000 inf and 2,000 cav. 103 DGRBM 3-1179
c.103 MORGANTINA Sicily besieged by slave leaders SALVIUS.  It is not known if it fell. 102 DGRG 2-371
c.103 Slaves in west Sicily revolt under SALVIUS.
Λ 2nd SICILIAN SLAVE WAR begins until 100.
104 MCAW, atl2, bk, 103 DGRG 2-983, 1231, Dur 3-121, SORH, TTPC 29
102 DGRA 1039, GHH
c.103 Praetor P. Licinius Nerva takes the slave camp by surprise, but is then defeated by 6,000 under Salvius, who now assumes the pomp of royalty.  Salvius administers justice in a toga, surrounds himself with lictors, and calls himself TRYPHO, probably after Diodotus Trypho. 103 DGRBM 3-1179,
Dur 3-121, SORH, TTPC
c.103 TRIOCALA (later Caltabellotta) fortress becomes headquarters of Salvius Trypho. 103 DGRBM 3-1179
c.103 ATHENION, leader of rebel slaves in west Sicily, joins Salvius Trypho at Triocala. 103 DGRBM 3-1179
c.103 C. Titinius Gadaeus, one of the slave leaders in Sicily, betrays an important fort to praetor Licinius Nerva. 103 DGRBM 3-1158
c.103 Praetor L.(3) Licinius LUCULLUS sent with 17,000 men from Rome to Sicily.  He relieves Praetor P. Licinius Nerva as commander of Sicily. 103 CAH 9-26, DGRBM 2-831, LdHR 2-251
102 DGRBM 2-1169, 3-1158
c.103 Praetor L.(3) Licinius LUCULLUS with 17,000 defeats Trypho and Athenion with 30,000.  Athenion is wounded, and Trypho is shut up in the fortress of Triocala.  but Lucullus makes no further progress against rebel slaves. 103 DGRBM 2-831, LdHR 2-251, atl2
102 DGRBM 3-1158
c.103 Praetor L.(3) Licinius LUCULLUS retreats from Salvius Trypho at Triocala in an ignominious manner. 103 DGRBM 2-831, atl2
c.102 L.(3) Licinius LUCULLUS disbands his army, destroys all his military stores, and breaks up his camp before resigning command to C. Servilius. 102 atl2
no date: DGRBM 2-831
c.102 Slave war is particularly violent at Segesta. 102 DGRG 2-949
c.102 Slave leader SALVIUS TRYPHO dies.  ATHENION succeeds and defeats praetor C. Servilius. 102 DGRBM 3-1179, atl2
c.101 Slave leader ATHENION attacks Messana. 101 atl2
c.101 Consul Manius(2) AQUILIUS from Rome to Sicily to stop slave war, kills ATHENION in single combat.  SATYRUS with the remains of the insurgents, shuts himself up in a strong fortress, but is blockaded by Aquillius, and compelled by famine to surrender with about 1000 followers.  Aquilius remains until 100. 101 DGRBM 1-253, 3-727, 1179, Dur 3-121, LdHR 2-252, OCD 90, atl2
100 SORH
99 TTPC 29
c.101 Romans capture and destroy slave fortress at Triocala. 101 atl2
c.101 SEGESTA, under rebel slave ATHENION from 104, comes under Romans until 396. 101 rcSI
c.101 SATYRUS and his 1,000 followers are shipped to Rome. 101 DGRBM 3-727

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