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c.200 KASHMIR (mountain region at the angle between Afghanistan, Tibet, and Greater India) under Mauryan Empire from 312, no longer so. 200 rcCAE
c.200  Books  on philosophical questions arise. 200 CSHB 33
c.200  Bhavagad Gita , a 700-verse part of the Mahabharata.  Arjuna is exhorted by his charioteer, Krishna, among others, to stop hesitating and fulfill his Ksatriya (warrior) duty and kill his ruler's enemies, including some of Arjuna's relatives. 200 EoΦ 4-1, WNHI 71
100 bk
c.200 Changes to  Mahabharata and Ramayana  which began 1300, end. 200 ht
c.200 VEDIC SANSKRIT language in India from 1500 ends.
Classical Sanskrit continues 500BC-1000CE.
B76 VIII-873
c.200  Yoga Sutras  written by Patanjali. 200 bk
c.200 An  inscription  at Bhattiprolu in the Krishna District refers to a raja named Kuberaka who appears to rule independently of the Mauryas. 200 HCIP 2-191
c.200  Sangam :  Classic Tamil literature, begins until 300CE. 200 wikTml
c.200 SINHALESE language in Ceylon:  1st inscriptions appear written on rock in Brahmi characters. 200 B76 IX-230
c.197 UTTAYA, Vijaya raja of Ceylon from 207, ends.  Bro MAHASIVA succeeds until 187. 197 CHI 608, 641
c.195 DEVAVARMAN ends.  Mauryan emperor of east from 202SATADVAHANAN succeeds until 187. 195 wikME
c.194 SATYAMOHAN ends.  Mauryan emperor of west India from ?.  BRIHADRATHA succeeds until 185. 194 MRDK 401
c.187 SATADVAHANAN ends.  Mauryan emperor of east from 195.  BRIHADRATHA succeeds until 185. 187 wikME
c.187 MAHASIVA, Vijaya raja of Ceylon from 197, ends.  Bro SURA TISSA succeeds until 177. 187 CHI 608, 641
c.185 East PUNJAB conquered by DEMETRIUS & MENANDER, Seleucid king of Bactria.  Under Seleucids until 162. 185 PW 17, TAWH 17
c.185 TAXILA, under Mauryans from 290, taken by Seleucids, under Bactria until 130. no date:
B76 IX-848, 17-1083
c.185 BRIHADRATHA dies.  Mauryan emperor of east from 187, is murdered by Brahmin commander Pusyamitra, raja of Vidisa.  PUSYAMITRA, succeeds until 151. 187 HCIP 2-90, 107, 174, MRDK 401, bk, vrb
185 B76 VI-709, IX-674, 9-351, HCIP 2-97, 174, wikME, wikSI, wikSng, wikTB
184 B76 8-912, CHI 223, 512, 643, LEWH 55, WNHI 69, wikTI 183 HCAI 38     180 KIH 105
MAURYAN DYNASTY ends.  Began 321.
SUNGA DYNASTY begins until 73.
Sunga EmpirePUSYAMITRA expands northwestward as far as Sagala. map GNFDL

185 wikSgl
c.185 COINS with both Greek and Indian writing appear from Bactria to Taxila until 170. 185 wikGB
c.185 BUDDHISM in India, persecuted by Pusyamitra, raja of Vidisa, but still flourishes in some parts. 185 B76 IX-674, wikTB
c.184 SKANDA STAMBHI ends.  5th Satavahana raja of Maharashtra from 202.  SATAKARNI-II succeeds until 128. 184 MRDK 429 180 wikSD
c.180 Seleucid Bactrians militarily occupy parts of Mauryan north India. 180 wikGB 175 bk
c.180 The first occurrence of the name Pandu which can be dated seems to be in a vartika or supplementary rule to Panini iv, 1, 44, attributed to Katyayana. 180 CHI 253
c.177 SURA TISSA, Vijaya raja of Ceylon at Anuradhapura from 187, overthrown by Tamils, SENNA and GUTTAKA who succeed until 155. 177 CHI 608, 641
c.175 Greco-Bactrian King Demetrius invades northern Mauryan empire as far as Pataliputra and establishes the Indo-Greek kingdom in northwest India (175-10 BC), under which Buddhism flourishes. 180 wikTB 175 bk
170 bk
c.170 The 3 TAMIL kingdoms (Pandya, Chola, Chera) ally against Kharavela of Kalinga. 165
c.170 Seleucid Bactrians extend kingdom as far east as the Punjab. 170 wikAfg
c.170 KHARAVELA Empire of Kalinga ends.  Began 209. 170 wikKr, wikSI
Both western and Indian sources cite only 8 or 9 Seleucid kings of Bactria, but their coins bear at least 31 names of kings and 2 of queens.  Historians conclude that some names represent more than one king, thus increasing their number to 40 or more.  They cover about 200 years with territories extending, at one time or another, from Sogdiana to the Punjab.  The only way the time and space can be rationalized is by assuming simultaneous rule of multiple kings, not always belonging to the same family, sharing roles of power. CAH 8-394
c.168 EUCRATIDES, a king in Bactria 171-55, defeats Demetrius of India, and annexes his dominions. 168 GHH
c.162 East PUNJAB, under Seleucids from 185, taken by EUCRATIDES king of Bactria, under Bactrians until 75. pre-162 CHI 541
c.161 ELARA, Tamil raja of Ceylon from 205, defeated and killed by eldest son of Kavan Tissa, DUTTAGAMANI ABHAYA, who becomes Vijaya raja of Anuradhapura Ceylon until 137. 161 B76 4-2, wikAK, wikHV, wikHSL, wikLSLM
101 HCIP 2-237
c.156  Hathigumpha inscription  of Kalinga King Kharavela contains a record of the first 13 or 14 years of the reign of king Kharavela 169-?? of the Cheta dynasty.  Refers to arrival of a tribute of jewels and elephants from the Pandyan king. 156 CHI 535 150 wikEPK
c.155 MENANDER, king of part of Bactria 165-30 gains control of Gandhara and Punjab until 130. 155 B76 9-353, MRDK 393, OCD 158
c.155 SENNA and GUTTAKA, Tamil rajas of Ceylon at Anuradhapura from 177, end.  Youngest of Mutasiva's 9 sons, ASELA succeeds until 145. 155 CHI 608, 641
c.151 PUSYAMITRA ends.  Raja of Vidisa, 1st Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 185.  Son AGNIMITRA succeeds until 143. 170 HCAI 38     151 MRDK 401, HCIP 2-97, 174, bk     149 wikSng     148 CHI 530, 645     no date: B76 IX-675
c.150 KABUL, under Mauryan India from 312, comes under Bactria until 125. 150 rcCAS
CONFUSION ALERT!  Some sources say Kabul = Gandhara.
c.150 KASHMIR, high mountain region at the angle between Afghanistan, Tibet, and Greater India, comes under Bactria until 130. 150 rcCAE
c.150 Indo-Greek king Menander-I converts to Buddhism under the sage Nagasena, according to account of the Buddhist text  Milinda-panho . 155 MCAW 150 wikTB
c.150 KHARAVELA, king of Kalinga, appears in the field as a new combatant, according to  Hathigumpha inscription . 150 CHI 600
c.150 PATANJALI, grammarian and commentator on Panini, flourishes.  Writes the  Mahabhasya . 150 wikGB
c.145 ASELA, Vijaya raja of Ceylon at Anuradhapura from 155, overthrown by a Tamil from the Chola country, ELARA, who succeeds until 101. 145 CHI 608, 641, bk
c.143 AGNIMITRA ends.  2nd Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 151.  Son VASUJYESHTHA succeeds until 133. 148 HCAI 38     143 MRDK 401 141 wikSng
Sujyeshtha succeeds 159-48 HCAI 38
c.138 MITHRIDATES-I, Arsacid king of Parthia 171-38, occupies Indian territory between the Indus and the Hydaspes. 138 wikGB
c.137 DUTTAGAMANI ABHAYA, Vijaya raja of Anuradhapura Ceylon from 161 ends.  Bro SADDHA TISSA succeeds until 119. 137 B76 4-2, wikAK, wikHSL, wikLSLM
77 HCIP 2-238
c.135 Pushed by the Yuezhi, some Scythians enter India and finish the last remaining Greeks there. 135 icH

The same Asians are called Scythians in Greek records, and Sakas in Indian records.

c.133 VASUJYESHTHA ends.  3rd Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 143.  Son VASUMITRA succeeds until 124. 148 HCAI 38
133 MRDK 401 131 wikSng
c.130 Widespread conquests of Menander-I Greek king in India, reaching as far as Pataliputra. 130 atl2
c.130 MENANDER-I, Greek king in India, holds learned conversations with Buddhist sage Nagasena. 130 atl2
c.130 MENANDER-I, Greek king in India from 155, dies. 130 atl2, wikM1
c.130 KASHMIR, high mountain region at the angle between Afghanistan, Tibet, and Greater India, under Bactria from 150, comes under Sakas until 80. 130 rcCAE
c.130 TAXILA, under Bactria from 185, comes under Sakas until 12 CE?. no date:
B76 IX-848, 17-1083
c.128 SATAKARNI-II ends.  6th Satavahana raja of Maharashtra from 184.  LAMBODARA succeeds until 110. 128 MRDK 429 124 wikSD
c.128 In the Deccan, the SATAVAHANA Dynasty (aka Andhra) arises.  1st raja SATAKARNI is an orthodox Brahman. 128 MCAW
c.125 KABUL, under Menander's part of Bactria from 150, comes under Sakas until 50. 125 rcCAS
CONFUSION ALERT!  Some sources say Kabul = Gandhara.
c.124 VASUMITRA ends.  4th Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 133.  ANDHRAKA succeeds until 122. 137 HCAI 38 124 wikSng 123 CHI 525
c.122 ANDHRAKA ends.  5th Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 124.  PULINDAKA succeeds until 119. 126 HCAI 38 122 wikSng
c.120 Greek navigator EUDOXOS of Cyzicusworking for Ptolemy-VIII Physcon explores a sea route, via Red Sea to India.  He is guided by a Hindu who knows the "Law of the Monsoons".  Probably the 1st European to sail directly to India and back.  He returns with a cargo of perfumes and gemstones. 130 B76 8-389, wikIGK,
120 CAH 9-385 118 or 116 wikEC 117 B76 VIII-281 116 atl2
c.119 PULINDAKA ends.  6th Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 122.  GHOSHAVASU succeeds until 104. 119 wikSng 115 HCAI 38
c.119 SADDHA TISSA, Vijaya raja of Anuradhapura Ceylon from 137 ends.  2nd son THULATTHANA succeeds and ends.  Saddha's 1st son LANJA TISSA succeeds until 109. 119 wikAK, wikHV, wikLSLM
c.115 PHILOXENUS, son of Antimacus-II, ruler in Bactria from 125, ends.  ANTIALCIDAS, son of Heliocles-II, succeeds until 100. 130 wikAnt
115 MRDK 393, coin, frH     110 KIH 108
c.113 Embassy from Indo-Greek king Antialcidas visits court of raja Bhagabhadra at Vidisha. 140 wikVd
113 HCIP 2-116
c. 113 Heliodorus Pillar  Heliodorus Pillar , a stone column erected in Vidisha central India and dedicated to the god Vasudeva in front of the temple of Vasudeva by Heliodorus, a Greek ambassador of Indo-Greek king Antialcidas to the court of the Sunga raja Bhagabhadra.  Though the Sunga capital is at Pataliputra, Bhagabhadra also held court at Vidisha.  "This Garuda-standard of Vasudeva, the God of Gods was erected here by the devotee Heliodoros, the son of Dion, a man of Taxila, sent by the Great Greek (Yona) King Antialkidas, as ambassador to raja Kasiputra Bhagabhadra, the Savior son of the princess from Benares, in the 14th year of his reign." photo RegentsPark

140 wikVd 113 wikHP 110 wikBh, wikSng, wikYn
c.110 LAMBODARA ends.  7th Satavahana raja of Maharashtra from 128.  APILAKA succeeds until 98. 110 MRDK 429
c.109 LANJA TISSA, Vijaya raja of Anuradhapura Ceylon from 119 ends.  Bro KHALLATA NAGA succeeds until 104. 109 wikHV, wikLSLM
c.104 GHOSHAVASU ends.  7th Sunga Emperor at Pataliputra from 119.  VAJRAMITRA succeeds until 93. 104 HCAI 38
c.104 KHALLATA NAGA, Vijaya raja of Anuradhapura Ceylon from 109 ends.  Bro VALAGAMBA (Vattagamani Abhaya) succeeds until 103. 104 wikHV, wikLSLM
c.103 CELON, under Tamil dynasty from 205, invaded by the Five Dravidians, Tamil chiefs apparently from the Pandyan Dynasty, Pulahatta, Bahiya, Panya Mara, Pilaya Mara, and Dathika, who rule until 89. 103 wik5D, wikAK, wikHV
c.103 VALAGAMBA (Vattagamani Abhaya), Vijaya raja of Anuradhapura Ceylon from 104 ends.  Dravidan Tamil Chief PULAHATTA succeeds until 100.  Dravidan dynasty begins until 88. 103 wik5D, wikHV, wikLSLM
c.101 ELARA ends.  Tamil raja of Ceylon at Anuradhapura from 145.  DUTTHA GAMANI succeeds until 77. 101 CHI 608, 641, bk
DUTTHA GAMANI ascends 161. B76 4-2, MRDK 445
c.101 DUTTHA GAMANI, Vijaya raja of Ceylon at Anuradhapura 101-77, unifies Ceylon. 101 CHI 609, bk
c.101 Chinese ships, with help of a compass, reach coast of India. 101 TTPC, bk

India 100-0