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c.200 ORONTES (Yervand)-IV murdered.  Seleucid satrap of Armenia from 212.  ARMENIA, under Seleucids from 212, annexed to Seleucid Empire until 190.  Seleucid-backed ARTAXIAS-I succeeds as governor of most of it.  ZARIADRES becomes governor of Sophene, both until 190. 210 hifiAA
200 MRDK 340, hystn, lvArm, rcCau, wheAD, wikLAK, wikO4
199 atl2
c.200 GARDMAN, Armenian principality on east banks of Lake Sevan, under Armenia from 321, comes under Seleucus until 189. 200 rcCau
c.200 DIOGENES of Seleucia (on the Tigris) flourishes at court of Syria.  Epicurean philosopher. 200 Dur 2-556 200-100 wikDS
c.198 Antiochus-III withdraws army from Anatolia to Syria. 199 GHH
c.198 ANTIOCHUS-III withdraws from Judea to Antioch. 198 BHS 2-38
198/7 ANTIOCHUS-III winters at Antioch, sends a complimentary embassy to Rome. 198/7 BHS 2-38
c.197 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187, cancels invasion of Egypt in favor of attacking Ptolemaic possessions in Anatolia, invades Cilicia, sails 100 galleys to Ephesus for invasion of Anatolia until ?.  Sons Antiochus and Seleucus march along coast. 199 lvA3
197 B76 1-994, BHS 2-38, 39, CAH 8-173, GHH
196/5 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187 sails to Antioch, spends winter. 196/5 B76 8-383, BHS 2-52, CAH 8-187
c.195 ANTIOCHUS, son of A-III at Antioch, marries full sister LAODICE-IV.  1st sibling marriage in the Seleucid dynasty. 196 lvA3, wikL4     196/5 BHS 2-52 195 early CAH 8-187, DGRBM 2-719
c.195 CLEOPATRA-I SYRA, dau of Antiochus-III betrothed to Ptolemy-V Epiphanes. 197 BHS 2-38, GHH, atl2
195 B76 8-383, CAH 8, lvPt5, wikC1S
194/3 CHJ 2-76, Sdl 5-236
c.195 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187, with bigger army, returns to Thrace. 195 mid CAH 8-188
c.195 HANNIBAL from Tyre sails to Antioch, learns that Antiochus-III is in ThraceHannibal sails to Ephesus. 196 GHH     195 B76 1-994, 8-384, 627, CAH 8-191, DGRBM 1-197, Dur 3-54, LdHR 2-36     193 DGRBM 2-340
c.195 5th SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 202, ends until 170Antiochus-III gets southern Syria. 195 B76 1-994, CDCC 857, LEWH 93, 97, atl2, lvA
c.194 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187 reopens negotiations with Rome. 194 CHJ 2
c.194 MELITENE, under Ptolemies from 240, comes under Seleucids until 83. 194 rcT
194/3 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187 again winters in Ephesus. 194/3 BHS 2-55
c.193 LAODICE-IV, dau of Antiochus-III appointed chief priestess of the state cult dedicated to her late mother Laodice-III in Media.  This is while her bro/husband is still alive. 193 wikL4
c.193 ANTIOCHUS, son of A-III Megas, and heir apparent, dies.  Sis/wife Laodice-IV is arranged to marry another bro, Seleucus (later Seleucus-IV). 193 CAH 8-201, lvA3, wikL4
c.193 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas gives daus in marriage to Ptolemy-V and Ariarathes-IV of Cappadocia, but Eumenes-II of Pergamum refuses to marry 3rd dau. 193 atl2
c.193 SYRO / EGYPT  TREATY  at RaphiaSeleucids dominate EgyptCLEOPATRA, dau of Antiochus-III marries Ptolemy-V Epiphanes until 181. Ant 12:4:1     194 MCAW
193 Jud 5-603, SORH 193/2 BHS 2-57
192 IDB 3-198
c.193/2 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187, winters in Syria. 193/2 BHS 2-57
c.192 SENATE declares war on Antiochus-III, sends M. Baebius Tamphilus with only a few troops to Illyria to see which way Philip-V will go.
ROME / SYRIA WAR begins until 189.
192 B76 1-825, 8-384, CAH 8-212, CHJ 2, OCD 159, OHG, atl2, bk, lvA, lvA3
190 DGRG 2-1187
c.192 In spring ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia sails to Ephesus. 192 BHS 2-57
c.192 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187 with an inadequate army, accompanied by Hannibal sails to Demetrias Thessaly, expecting main force in spring. 192 B76 1-994, 8-384, CAH 8-208, CDCC 53, TTPC 27, atl2, bk
c.191 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187, marries EUBOEA of Chalcis. 191 lvA3
c.190 Battle of MAGNESIA Phrygia
c.190 After Magnesia, Zariadres Seleucid governor of part of Armenia from 200, declares independence with Roman approval, ZARIADRES becomes king of Lesser (west) Armenia (SOPHENE) until 160/59.
SOPHENE splits off from Armenia until 94.
190 B76 I-550, DGRG 1-218, hystn, wikHA, wikSΦ, wikZr 189 B76 18-1041, CAH 8-514, GHH
c.190 After Magnesia ARTAXIAS (Artashes) Seleucid governor of most of Armenia from 200, declares independence with Roman approvalARTAXIAS-I becomes king of Greater (east) Armenia until 161, independent until 165. 190 B76 I-550, DGRG 1-218, hystn, wheAD, wikArtD, wikHA, wikLAK     190/89 wikAr1     189 B76 18-1041, CAH 8-514, SORH, aca, lvArm, lvArt,
188 DGRBM 1-361, 372, GHH
c.190 ARTAXIAS-I, king of Greater (east) Armenia, marries Queen Satenik of Iberia. 190 wheAD
c.190 ARMENIA, under Orontid Dynasty from 401, under Seleucid rule from 212, annexed from 200, comes under Hellenistic Artaxiad dynasty until 1CE.  It remains under Seleucids until 188 190 hystn, wikHA
c.190 ARTAXATA on the Araks River in the Ararat valley made capital of Greater (east) Armenia by Artaxias-I. 190 awArt 186 GHH 185 wikArt
  189 SELEUCUS, son of Antiochus-III Megas, made co-king of Syria until ?.  He probably marries his sis Laodice-IV, widow of Antiochus. 189 lvA3
c.189 GORDYENE region between Armenia and Persia, under Seleucids from 312, independent until 90. 189 rcT, wikGrd
under Seleucids 312-141 rcM
c.189 MOXOENE, petty Armenian kingdom north of Gordyene and south of Lake Van, under Seleucids from 301, comes under Armenia until 66. 189 rcT '  
c.189 ROME / SYRIA WAR from 192 ends. 189 B76 1-825, bk     188 OHG
c.189 COLCHIS / IBERIA under king Saurmag 237-159, loses more than half its land, including provinces of Gogarene, Taokhia and Genyokhia to the newly-created Armenian kingdom. 189 hifiGeo, wikHGr
c.189 ABDISARES becomes ruler of part of Armenia until 166. 189 wikLAK
c.188  Treaty of Apamea  Pergamum gets ALL ANATOLIA west of Taurus Mts. from Antiochus-III, who loses all war elephants, his fleet is cut to 10 ships, and his army limited.  A-III is to pay Rome 12,000 talents within 12 years. Rome demands surrender of Hannibal, orders Prussias-I of Bithynia to surrender all land taken from Pergamum in 208 (leads to war 186).  Cities which abandoned Antiochus-III before Magnesia are freed. 188 B76 VII-873, 1-825, 8-384, 784, 17-947, CAH 8-231, CHJ 2-76, DGRG 2-1188, OCD 893, anan, atl2, bk, lvA, lvA3
c.188 One of the 10 commissioners and Lucius Manlius (bro of Gnaeus) proceed from Apamea to Syria to enforce the terms of the treaty. 188 BHS 2-114
c.188 ARMENIA, under Seleucids from 190 becomes independent but divided until 165. 188 GHH
  187 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas leaves son Seleucus(iv) in Syria as joint-king and marches against Armenian rebels. 188 BHS 2-119, 187 ISBE 1-145
  187 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas, king of Syria / Babylonia 223-187, visits Babylon. 187 lvA3
  187 ANTIOCHUS-III Megas dies.  King of Syria / Babylonia and Persia from 223, plunders temple of Bel in Susa to pay Roman indemnity.  Killed by the locals.  Son SELEUCUS-IV Philopator succeeds without opposition until 175.  Sis/wife Laodice-IV is queen. 187 B76 1-825, 8-380, 383, BI+N 126, 132, CAH 8-241, 495, CDCC 53, 803, BHS 2-120, CHJ 2-77, DGRBM 1-197, 3-775, Dur 2-556, GHH, IDB 1-149, 4-267, ISBE 1-917, Jud 3-73, 14-1123, LEWH 94, MCAW, MRDK 353, OHG, RAI2, RAI3, Sdl 5-292, bk, frH, lvA, lvA3, lvS4, rcM
c.186 SELEUCUS-IV Philopator king of Syria / Babylonia 187-75, sends an embassy to Athens, to renew their previous alliance with Antiochus-III. 186
CAH 8-339
c.185 SELEUCUS-IV Philopator king of Syria / Babylonia 187-75, sends an embassy to the Achaeans, to renew their previous alliance with Antiochus-III, and to offer them 10 warships. 187
CAH 8-339
c.183 War between Pharnaces-I and the other 3 Anatolian kings breaks out until 179.  Seleucus-IV is about to intervene on the anti-Roman side. 183 BHS 2-123
c.182 SELEUCUS-IV Philopator king of Syria / Babylonia 187-75, is offered 500 talents to help Eumenes-II of Pergamum against Pharnaces-I of Pontus.  Seleucus moves his army into Anatolia, when "it occurres to him" that the treaty of Apamea forbade his crossing the Taurus Mountains. 182
CAH 8-339 no date: BHS 2-124
c.181 SELEUCUS-IV Philopator king of Syria / Babylonia 187-75 reconsiders helping Pharnaces-I of Pontus, lest his passing Mount Taurus be thought hostile by the Romans, and therefore dismisses his army. 181 DGRBM 3-775, atl2
c.179 Peace  treaty  between Eumenes-II of Pergamum and Pharnaces-I of Pontus includes Artaxias-I of Greater Armenia. 179 DGRBM 1-372
c.178 SELEUCUS-IV Philopator king of Syria / Babylonia 187-75 allies with Perseus, whose opposition to Rome could no longer be a secret, and offers Perseus his dau Laodice-V in marriage.  Perseus accepts.  Since the treaty of Apamea forbade Seleucid ships to sail west of Cilicia, Seleucus asks the Rhodians to escort the bride to MacedoniaRhodians agree.  Wedding is in 177. 178 CAH 8, DGRBM 3-775, lvS4
178/7 wikL5
no date:
CAH 8-339
c.178 SELEUCUS-IV wants his bro Antiochus, hostage in Rome from 188, released.  Sends his neph DEMETRIUS-I, age 9, 1st son of Seleucus-IV as a replacement. 180 GHH
178 B76 1-994, CAH 8-340, DGRBM 1-198, lvA4, lvS4
175 ISBE 1-917
c.176 ARTAXATA, capital of Greater (east) Armenia from 190, refounded by Artaxias-I.  Remains capital until 120CE. 176 wheAD, wikArt
c.175 Jewish high priest Onias visits Seleucus-IV in Syria to seek his support against his rival Simon. 175 BI+N 133, atl2
c.175 To pay Roman indemnity, SELEUCUS-IV Philopator king of Syria / Babylonia 187-75, orders his treasurer Heliodorus to get money from the temple of Jerusalem. 175 lvS4
c.175 SELEUCUS-IV Philopator dies.  King of Syria / Babylonia and Persia from 187, poisoned by treasurer Heliodoros.  This leaves 3 possible claimants to throne:
1st son Demetrius, now a hostage in Rome
bro Antiochus, now living in Athens
infant son Antiochus, now in Syria
HELIODOROS usurps throne as regent for infant son Antiochus.
Ant 12:4:11 176 Jud 8-290, 14-1123,     176/5 BHS 2-125     175 B76 8-383, CAH 8-332, 341, CDCC 803, CHJ 2-279, DGRBM 1-198, 3-775, Dur 2-573, GHH, IDB 4-267, Jud 3-74, LEWH 94, MCAW, MRDK 353, OHG, Sdl 5-292, atl2, bk, frH, lvS4, lvA4, rcM     174 RAI2
c.175 Bro of Seleucus-IV, ANTIOCHUS-IV, aided by Eumenes-II of Pergamum grabs throne of Syria / Babylonia from usurper Heliodoros until 164, but only as regent for Antiochus, infant son of Seleucus-IV.  Heliodoros is killed. 1 Mac. 1:10       175 B76 1-994, BAA 145, CAH 8-496-7, CDCC 803, DGRBM 1-198, 2-373, Dur 2-573, IDB 1-150, ISBE 1-145, Jud 3-74, LEWH 94, MRDK 353, OCD 72, RAI3, atl2, bk, rcM
c.175 ANTIOCHUS-IV marries bro's sis/widow Laodice-IV. 175 wikL4, lvS4
c.174 GLADIATOR show sponsored by Antiochus-IV at Antioch. 174 CDGRA 335
c.173 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 pays off the war indemnity imposed by Rome at the Treaty of Apamea 188. 173 1&2BM 51, B76 1-994, CAH 8-342
c.173 Rome / Syria  treaty  relations renewed by praetor Atilius SERRANUS and Antiochus-IV. 173 OCD 143
c.173 APOLLONIUS, Syrian governor of Coele-Syria, returns from Levant to Syria.
c.173 APOLLONIUS, Syrian governor of Coele-Syria informs Antiochus-IV that Ptolemy-VI intends to recover Coele-Syria, which was given to his mom in 193. 2Mac. 4:21
c.173/2 Roman embassy visits Antioch, and is snowed by Antiochus-IV while he builds warships in Phoenicia. 173-2 BHS 2-134
c.171 MENELAUS, neph of high priest Jason, sent from Judea to Antiochus-IV with tribute money to get decisions on stuff.  Menelaus outbids Jason by 300 talents silver for high priesthood. 2Mac. 4:23     175 IDB 3-199 172 GHH     172 or 1 CHJ 2-280     171 IDB 3-49
c.171 Jewish high priest Menelaus persuades Syrian general regent Andronicus to murder Onias at Daphne, a suburb of Antioch. 170 atl2
c.171 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 leaves Antioch under viceroy Andronicus, marches to Cilicia until 169 to handle rebellion of Tarsus & Mallus. 2Mac. 4:31
CAH 8-503
c.171 Son of Simon, ONIAS-III dies.  Former high priest 198-74, (and still legitimate h.p.) decoyed from the sanctuary at Daphne (near Antioch), in which he had sought refuge, and murdered by Andronicus, viceroy of Syria instigated by Menelaus. 2Mac 4:34
172 BAR 1982 VIII-5 p54
171 BNTH 58, GHH, Sdl 5-364, af     170 CHJ 2, atl2, hifi, wikHP     169 CAH 8-503
c.170 SYRO / EGYPT WAR dormant from 195, resumes (6th) for control of Coele-Syria until 168. 171 DGRBM 1-198, IDB 3-199, LEWH 97, MCAW     170 B76 8-383, OHG, Sdl 5-238, frH     169 CAH 8-305, CDCC 857
c.170 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 learns of Ptolemy-VI's for a war against him. 170 atl2
c.170 PHILIP of Phrygia appointed governor of Jerusalem by ANTIOCHUS-IV. 170 ISBE 3-833
c.169 Child ANTIOCHUS, son of Seleucus-IV & Laodice-IV, neph and adopted son of Antiochus-IV, legitimate king of king of Syria / Babylonia, killed by Andronicus, viceroy of Syria. 2Mac. 4:34
170 CAH 8, atl2, lvA4, wikL4
169 CAH 8-503
c.169 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 in Cilicia from 171, returns to Syria, executes viceroy Andronicus for murder of nephew Antiochus (which he probably secretly told him to do). 2Mac. 4:35
CAH 8-503
c.169 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 sends finance minister Heracleides to Rome to convince senate that Ptolemy-VI is the aggressor. 169
CAH 8-505
c.169 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 marches into Levant for 1st campaign against Egypt until later 169. 170 CHJ 2-282, Sdl 5-296 169 B76 8-383, CAH 8-283
c.169 ANTIOCHUS-IV returns from Levant with 1,800 talents to Antioch. 169 BHS 2-141, CHJ 2-283
c.169 ANTIOCHUS-IV starts calling himself Epiphanes. 169 BI+N 135
c.169 ANTIOCHUS-IV sends cousin EUCRATIDES, ruler in Bactria 171-55, to recover the eastern provinces. 169
RAH 412
c.168 ANTIOCHUS-IV sends a detachment to take Cyprus. 2Mac 10:13     168 1&2BM 297, B76 8-383, BHS 2-142, CAH 8-506
c.168 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 marches south for 2nd invasion of Egypt.  Gone until later 168. 2Mac 5:1     168 B76 8-383, BHS 2-142-3, CAH 8-507, CHJ 2
c.168 SYRO / EGYPT WAR from 170, ends. 168 CDCC 857, DGRBM 1-198, OHG, Sdl 5-238, frH
c.168 ANTIOCHUS-IV , returns from Levant to Syria until 167. 2Mac 5:21
168 Sdl 5-298
c.168 Embassy from Antiochus-IV sent to Rome. 168 atl2
168/7 An embassy from Delphi visits court of Antiochus-IV. 168/7 CAH 8-342
c.167 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 concludes that the Jews' religion is what made them rebels, returns from Antioch to Jerusalem. Ant 12:5:4
167 CAH 8-505, CHJ 2-293
c.166 ANTIOCHUS-IV holds a magnificent festival and games honoring Apollo at Daphne, a suburb of Antioch.  In addition to the solemn procession and agonistic features, which attract athletes and artists from far away, there is a military parade like a Roman triumphMesopotamian troops, numerous in the Syrian army at Raphia 217 and Magnesia 190, are absent at Daphne 166. 166 CAH 8-345, 350, RAH 412, atl2
c.166 A parade is held at Daphne near Antioch by Antiochus, featuring 30,000 heavy infantry, 6,000 light inf, 9,500 cav, 5,000 archers. 166 BI+N 149
c.166 ABDISARES, ruler of part of Armenia from 189, ends. 166 wikLAK
c.166/5 Roman embassy including Ti.(5) Sempronius GRACCHUS BUBULCUS comes from Anatolia to Syria, visits court of Antiochus-IV to explore his state of mind and intentions.  Politely received. 166 CAH 8-346, atl2
c.166/5 ANTIOCHUS-IV decides to crush the Maccabees, promises army 1 years pay and begins training, then discovers that he is short of funds.  He also has the Roman indemnity to pay off. 1Mac 3:27
c.165 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 leaves kinsman LYSIAS in charge of his son A-V and all land from Euphrates to EgyptAntiochus-IV departs east to subdue Parthians and collect money. 1Mac 3:31-7, Ant 12:7:2
166 DGRBM 2-864, IDB 3-193 166/5 BHS 2-158, Sdl 5-307
165 1&2BM 52, CAH 8, CHJ 2-287, CAH 8-513, Jud 11-627, atl2
c.165 ARTAXIAS-I, king of greater Armenia 188-61, tries to reunify Armenia by suppressing SOPHENE. 165
B76 18-1041
c.165 Ti.(5) Sempronius GRACCHUS BUBULCUS is sent east to , Anatolia, and Syria to inspect the affairs of Roman allies. 166 atl2     165 CAH 8-319, LdHR 2-99 164 DGRBM 2-289
c.165 ARTAXIAS-I king of Greater Armenia 188-61 defeated and captured by Antiochus-IV, allowed to remain king as vassal. 165 1&2BM 49, CAH 8-514,
CHJ 2-516, DGRBM 1-372, GHH, atl2, wikAr1
c.165 ARMENIA, independent and divided from 188, remains divided and taken under weak Seleucid control declining until 95. 165
B76 1-1041
c.165 LYSIAS, viceroy of west for Antiochus-IV, sends generals Nicanor and Gorgias with 40,000 inf and 7,000 cav into Coele-Syria to help strategos Ptolemy. 1Mac 3:38, 2Mac 8:9
166 IDB 3-546
c.164 COLCHIS, independent from ?, annexed by Pontus until ?. 164 wikCl
c.164 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 sends an expedition to explore Arabian side of Persian Gulf. 164 atl2
c.164 ARTAXIAS, capital of Armenia, taken by Antiochus-IV. 165 lvA4
c.164 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia returns from Babylon to Syria. 164 guess
c.164 Another Roman embassy sails from Alexandria to court of Antiochus-IV to investigate rumors of anti-Roman activity, and explore his state of mind and intentions. 164 BI+N 152, CAH 8-346, DGRBM 2-289
c.164 A plague at Antioch is "stopped", by following advice of a priest called Leius. 164 atl2
c.164 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 celebrates his "marriage" to local goddess at Hierapolis (in Syria?), and takes away temple treasures as his dowry. 164 atl2
c.164 LYSIAS, viceroy of west for Antiochus-IV, musters 60,000 inf and 5,000 cav for invasion of Coele-Syria. 1Mac 4:29-35, Ant 12:7:5 165 1&2BM 49, BHS 2-179, DGRBM 2-864, GHH, IDB 1-23, 404     165/4 CHJ 2-288
164 CAH 8-515, DGRBM 2-879, Jud 11-659, Sdl 5-308, wikLSC
c.164 LYSIAS, viceroy of west for Antiochus-IV, with general Gorgias, 60,000 inf and 5,000 cav, marches from Antioch to Judea. 1Mac 4:26     165 BHS 2-179, IDB 1-404
165/4 CHJ 2-288
164 CAH 8-515
c.164 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia 175-64 pays for temples at Antioch and Athens, and many other building projects. 164 atl2
c.164 Lysias returns from Judea to Antioch. 164 implied
c.164 ANTIOCHUS-IV, king of Syria / Babylonia on his deathbed in Media, appoints Philip to replace kinsman Lysias as chief minister and guardian of the little co-regent, who now would become King Antiochus-V. 164
CHJ 2-306, DGRBM 3-272
c.164 ANTIOCHUS-IV dies.  King of Syria / Babylonia and Persia from 175, dies of consumption at Gabae Media.  Only son age 9, ANTIOCHUS-V Eupator succeeds until 162. Ant 12:9:1, Wars 1:1:4     164 1&2BM 81, B76 1-995, 17-947, BI+N 155, CAH 8-350, CDCC 803, CHJ 2, DGRBM 1-198, GHH, IDB 1-150, Jud 3-74, OHG, RAI3, Sdl 5-241, atl2, frH, lvA4, rcM     164/3 B76 11-225     163 B76 8-383, BAA 145, CAH 8-514, Dur 2-556, E2LM 122, ISBE 1-145, 917, LEWH 94-5, MCAW, MRDK 353, OCD 72, Sdl 5-314, TTPC, bk
1Mac says he died in 163 of illness brought on by news that the Jews had recovered Judea and undone all his work. 163 1Mac 6:5-16, Ant 12:9:1
c.164 PHILIP returns from Media to Syria, bearing with him the signet ring of dead Antiochus-IV, and assumes the government during the absence of the young king and Lysias (who had been previously appointed regent) in Judea. Ant 12:9:6 164 DGRBM 3-272
c.164 LYSIAS, Seleucid viceroy of Syria, learns of death of Antiochus-IV.  Though A-IV had appointed Philip guardian of his 9 year old son (by Laodice-IV) Antiochus, Lysias usurps guardianship and sets up ANTIOCHUS-V, as king of Syria / Babylonia until 162, with the title Eupator. 1Mac 6:17     164 B76 17-947, CAH 8, DGRBM 1-198, 2-864, IDB 1-151, ISBE 1-146, Jud 3-74, RAI3, rcM     163 B76 8-383, CAH 8-514, Dur 2-556, LEWH 94-5, MCAW, MRDK 353, OCD 72, Sdl 5-314
c.164 LYSIAS defeats Philip, and is supported by Rome. Ant 12:9:7 163 wikLSC
c.164 After death of Antiochus-IV, Roman embassy including Gn. Octavius, Sp. Lucretius, and L. Aurelius visits Antioch to "regulate the affairs of the kingdom". 164 BHS 2-185, CAH 8-346
c.164 PHILIP, appointed successor of Lysias, forced to flee from Antioch to Egypt until 162. 1Mac 6:63, Ant 12:9:7     164 CHJ 2-306     162 CAH 8-517
c.164 LYSIAS, viceroy of west and young ANTIOCHUS-V, invade Coele-Syria and Judea 1st time together. 164 CAH 8-350, IDB 3-193
c.163 Senate recognizes Antiochus-V Eupator against his uncle Demetrius, who is a hostage in Rome. 163 lvA5
c.163 ANTIOCHUS-V Eupator, king of Syria / Babylonia 164-62, hires mercenaries, musters army of 100,000 inf, 20,000 cav, 32 elephants. 1Mac 6:28
c.163 Gn. Octavius, M'. Sergius, and Sp. Lucretius, are sent to Antioch because Syria is in confusion from contention for guardianship of young king Antiochus-VThe Romans think it an opportunity to enforce terms of the peace made with Antiochus-III, by which Syrian monarchs are prevented from having a fleet and rearing elephants. 163
CAH 8-354, IDB 3-259, SORH, atl2 162 DGRBM 2-828, 3-6
c.163 General LYSIAS and ANTIOCHUS-V, with 100,000 inf, 20,000 cav, 32 elephants, marches south on east side of Jordan River. 1Mac 6:28, Ant 12:9:4
163 1&2BM 60, BHS 2-183, DHJ 497, GHH, IDB 1-151 2-83, ISBE 1-480, 2-58
163/2 Sdl 5-315
This 2nd campaign is omitted by 2Mac, and may not have happened. 1&2BM 60
c.163 ARIARATHES-V king of Cappadocia 163-30, intervenes in crisis in Sophene (along Upper Tigris), puts puppet king Mithrobuzanes on the throne. 163 lvA
c.163 COMMAGENE, under Seleucids from 301, satrap Ptolemaos from 201 asserts independence.  PTOLEMAEOS becomes king until 130.  Commagene independent until 83, capital Samosata. 163 wikKC, wikRCmg
163/2 CAH 9-1023
162 B76 III-36, OCD 273
c.163 SAMAL, under Seleucids from 301, comes under Commagene until 87. 163 rcT
c.163 Syrian warships in Mediterranean burnt by Romans. 163 CAH 8-154
c.162 General LYSIAS and ANTIOCHUS-V, king of Syria / Babylonia 164-62, returns from Coele-Syria to Antioch to deal with Philip. 162 CAH 8-517, Sdl 5-316
c.162 PHILIP, in Egypt from 164, returns to Antioch, rebels. 162 lvA5
c.162 Appointed successor of Lysias, PHILIP dies.  Captured by Antiochus-V and killed. Ant 12:9:7 163 CAH 8, atl2
c.162 DEMETRIUS-I, son of Seleucus-IV sails army from Lycia to Tripolis Syria, welcomed by Syrians as rightful king until 150. 2Mac 14:1, Ant 12:10:1
162 BHS 2-194, CAH 8-355, ISBE 1-146, 917, ISBE 4-921, RAI3, atl2, bk     162/1 Sdl 5-317
c.162 DEMETRIUS-I, king of Syria 162-50, arrives in Antioch, which defects to him.  Palace guard siezes Antiochus-V and governor Lysias.  Demetrius says, "Show me not their faces.". 1Mac 7:4
162 BHS 2-194, GHH, Jud 5-1489 162/1 Sdl 5-317
c.162 PTOLEMY-VI Philometor, king of Egypt 181-64, 163-45, supports Demetrius-I Soter. 162 lvPt6
c.162 ANTIOCHUS-V Eupator dies.  King of Syria / Babylonia and Persia from 164, along with governor LYSIAS executed by his troops.  Cousin, and son of Seleucus-IV, DEMETRIUS-I succeeds until 150. 162 B76 III-456, 8-383, CAH 8-517, CDCC 803, CHJ 2, DGRBM 1-198, 2-879, Dur 2-556, GHH, IDB 1-151, 815, 3-193, ISBE 1-146, 917, Jud 3-73, 11-627, LEWH 95, MCAW, MRDK 353, OCD 72, SORH, TTPC, frH, lvA5, rcM     162/1 Sdl 5-317     161 atl2, lvA5, lvD1
c.162 TIMARCHOS of Miletus, Seleucid satrap of Media / Babylonia from ?, rebels, proclaims himself king, invades Babylonia. 162 HCIP 2-108, lvD1, rcM
c.162 HERACLEIDES, former finance minister of Antiochus-IV, exiled by Demetrius-I. 162 DGRBM 2-389
c.162 Gn.(3) OCTAVIUS, chief of the Roman deputies, arrives to to burn ships and kill elephants in Syria.  Unwisely refusing help from Cappadocia, Gn.(3) Octavius is murdered in the gymnasium at Laodicea by Syrian Greek Leptines, at the supposed instigation of Lysias, guardian of the young king.  The murder puts Lysias in a difficult position with Rome. 162 1&2BM 99, BI+N 157, CAH 8-285, 355, 518, DGRBM 2-772, SORH, atl2, lvA5, wikOct
c.162 ELIAKIM, Aaronite neph of Jose ben Joezer, a Helenist who calls himelf ALCIMUS, legitimate claimant to high priesthood, visits Demetrius-I in Tripolis?, complains that Judas Maccabee persecutes the Helenists, asks for and receives appointment as high priest.  Sent back with Syrian troops under Bacchides. 1Mac 7:5, 2Mac 14:3 163 CAH 8, GHH
162 GHH, Jud 2-549, af, gw     161 BNTH 59, 70, DGRBM 1-102, Sdl 5-317, bk
162/1 BACCHIDES, Syrian general leaves a detachment in Jerusalem to support high priest Alcimus, returns to Syria until 160. 1Mac 7:20
162/1 Jud 2-549
c.161 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, sends Menochares to plead his cause with Ti.(5) Gracchus and his fellow-commissioners, now in Cappadocia. 161 DGRBM 2-1042
c.161 ALCIMUS, Hellenist high priest 162-59, flees to Antioch. 1Mac 7:26, Ant 12:10:3
161 BI+N 159, ISBE 1-917
c.161 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, sends general Nicanor to deal with Judas Maccabee in Judea 1Mac 7:26-32
161 1&2BM 99, Jud 2-549, atl2
c.161 TIMARCHOS of Miletus, usurper of Media / Babylonia 161-0, allies with ARTAXIAS, governor of Armenia, marches toward Syria. 163 lvA5 161
CAH 8-520
c.161 ARTAXIAS-I dies.  King of Greater Armenia from 188, under weak Seleucid control from 165.  Son ARTAVASDES-I succeeds until 149. 164 lvArm    161 OCD 119, lvArt
160 aca     159 MRDK 340, hystn, rcCau, wikA1A, wikArtD, wikArtI, wikLAK
Tigran-I succeeds MRDK 340, wikArtD, wikLAK
c.161/0 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, marches east to deal with Timarchos. winter 161/0 CAH 8-520
c.160 TIMARCHOS dies.  Usurper of Media / Babylonia from 161, defeated and captured by Demetrius-I, executed.  Demetrius-I is named Soter by grateful Babylonians.  Media rulerless under Seleucids until 149. 161/0 CAH 8-358 160 CAH 8-520, atl2, lvD1
c.160 LAODICE-V, dau of Seleucus-IV, widow of Perseus from 166 is offered by Demetrius-I to their maternal 1st cousin Ariarathes-V of Cappadocia, who declines. 160 wikL5
c.160 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, sends general BACCHIDES and high priest ALCIMUS with 20,000 inf and 2,000 cav against Judas Maccabee. 1Mac 9:1     160 BI+N 159, CAH 8-520,
Jud 2-549, Sdl 5-320
c.160 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, again bids for recognition as king by Rome.  Sends envoys with murderer of Gn. Octavius 162 and a gold crown.  Senate concedes and recognizes him. 160 CAH 8-520, atl2
c.159 Syrian general BACCHIDES, in Judea from 160, returns to Syria until 157. 1Mac 9-54     159 BI+N 162, Jud 4-44, 10-188, Sdl 5-325
c.159 Son of Pharnavaz-I, SAURMAG, king of Colchis/Iberia from 237, ends.  Son-in-law MIRVAN-I succeeds until 109. 162 rcCau, wikrcCau, 159 CEKI 9,
MRDK 343, hifiGeo
c.157 Syrian general BACCHIDES returns to Judea at request of Hellenists. 1Mac 9-63     158 GHH, Jud 4-44, no date: Jud 10-189
c.156 OROPHERNES, bro of Ariarathes-V, king of Cappadocia, flees to Syria, welcomed by Demetrius-I. 159 awCap     158 CAH 8-359, lvA 157 OCD 107     156 CAH 8-522
c.155 OROPHERNES, bro of Ariarathes-V, king of Cappadocia, now plots against Demetrius-I, and is imprisoned in Seleucia Pieria. 155 atl2
c.155 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, tries to take CYPRUS from Ptolemy-VI Philometor. 155 B76 VIII-281 155/4 CAH 8-522
155/4 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, bribes Archias, Ptolemaic governor of Cyprus to betray Ptolemy-VI Philometor.  Archias is caught and tried, and during the trial hangs himself. 155 B76 VIII-281 155/4 CAH 8-361
c.154 Coalition of Ptolemy-VI, Attalus of Pergamum and Ariarathes of Cappadocia against Demetrius-I of Syria. 154 CAH 8
c.153 Heracleides of Miletus, bro of Timarchus, former finance minister of Antiochus-IV, takes pretender ALEXANDER BALAS, along with 2 actual kids of A-IV to Rome, to get Balas accepted as king of Syria. 154 CAH 8-362, 523     153 BHS 2-209, CAH 8, TTPC, atl2
c.153 Senate, wanting a weak king in Syria, recognizes impostor ALEXANDER BALAS as son of Antiochus-IV and legitimate king of Syria. winter 153/2 CAH 8-523 153 GHH
c.153 General GELASTES sent by Ptolemy-VI Philometor with army from Egypt to support Alex Balas. 153 B76 VIII-281, IDB 3-966     152 CAH 8-523, ISBE 3-1050
c.153 ALEXANDER BALAS, pretended son of Antiochus-IV, approved by Rome, supported by Attalus-II of Pergamum and Ptolemy-VI, leads mercenaries against Demetrius-I. 1Mac 10:1     153 IDB 1-78, 3-966, Jud 2-576     153/2 Sdl 5-326     152 BI+N 162, CAH 8-523, CHJ 2-313, DGRBM 2-879, ISBE 2-622
c.152 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, musters army to fight Alex Balas.  Seeks alliance with Jonathan Maccabee.  Authorizes Jonathan to raise an army. 1Mac 10:3, Ant 13:2:3
152 1&2BM 128, CAH 8-523
c.152 ALEXANDER BALAS enters Syria, begins war against Demetrius-I.  Balas is supported by Rome, Seleucid princess Laodice-VI, Attalus-II of Pergamum, Ariarathes V of Cappadocia, and Ptolemy-VI Philometor. Ant 13:2:4
152 CAH 8, DGRBM 1-114, lvD1
c.151 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, sends 2 sons Demetrius(II) and Antiochus(VII) to Knidos for safetySon Antigonus remains and is killed. 152 lvD2 151
CAH 8-523
c.151 DEMETRIUS-I Soter, king of Syria / Babylonia 162-50, driven from Syria by Alex Balas, Attalus-II of Pergamum and Ptolemy-VI. 151
c.150 Though PTOLEMY-VI Philometor had supported the coup of Demetrius-I Soter, he now backs Alex Balas. 150 ISBE 3-1050, lvPt6
c.150 ALEXANDER BALAS, pretended son of Antiochus-IV, asks Ptolemy-VI for a dau in marriage.  P-VI agrees and proposes a meeting at Ptolemais. Ant 13:4:1
c.150 DEMETRIUS-I Soter dies.  King of Syria / Babylonia and Persia from 162, defeated near Antioch, killed in battle by usurper ALEXANDER BALAS, who succeeds until 145, as a vassal of Ptolemy-VI, and puppet of Rome.  (See LevantDemetrius-I has 2 sons, D-II & Antiochus at Knidos. 1Mac 10:50, Ant 13:3:4
151 IDB 1-815, Jud 2-577
150 B76 I-224, III-456, 8-383, 17-948, BHS 2-211, BI+N 163, CAH 8-253, 362, CDCC 803, CHJ 2-314, DGRBM 1-114, 967, Dur 2-556, GHH, IDB 1-78, ISBE 1-87, 917, 2-622, Jud 2-576, 5-1489, 10-189, LEWH 95, MCAW, MRDK 353, OCD 326, RAI3, TTPC, atl2, bk, frH, lvA, lvAB, lvD1, rcM
c.150 ANTIOCH, under Alex Balas from ?, is betrayed by an officer named Diodotus. 150 lvD2
c.150 LAODICE-V, dau of Seleucus-IV and Laodice-IV, wife of Perseus 177-68, is murdered. 150 wikL5
c.150 ALEXANDER BALAS, king of Syria 150-45, vassal of Ptolemy-VI, now at Ptolemais, marries CLEOPATRA THEA, dau of P-VI & Cleo-IIJonathan Maccabee is invited to the wedding. 1Mac 10:57, Ant 13:4:1
151/0 Sdl 5-327     150 1&2BM 139, B76 8-383, 17-948, CAH 8-524, DGRBM 1-800, 3-593, IDB 3-966, Jud 2-577, lvPt6, atl2, lvAB, lvCT
c.149 ARTAVASDES-I ends.  Artaxiad king of Greater Armenia from 161.  TIGRAN-I succeeds until 123. 149 DGRBM 1-365, hystn
123 MRDK 340, rcCau, wikA1A 120 lvArt, 115 aca, wikArtI
c.149 MEDIA, under Seleucids from ?, siezed by Mithridates-I, under Parthia until 130. 155 B76 9-842, Jud 4-37
150 LEWH 95     148/7 CAH 8-363
147 CAH 8-371, atl2     141 frH, hifiP
c.148 Parthian king Mithridates-I establishes his bro VALARSACES as ruler of Armenia until 126. 149 DGRBM 1-365 148 atl2
c.147 ALEXANDER BALAS, usurper of Syria 150-45 holds a banquet, and invites Epicurean philosopher Diogenes of Seleucia. 145 atl2
c.147 Diogenes of Seleucia (on the Tigris) asks Alex Balas for a golden crown and a purple robe so he could represent himself as the priest of Virtue.  The king agrees, but Diogenes gives the crown and robe to a female singer he was in love with.  The king hearing of this, summons the girl to a banquet wearing the robe and crown. no date: wikDS
c.147 Son of D-I, DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, age 14, with help of Ptolemy-VI and Cretan mercenaries under Lasthenes, returns from Cilicia to Syria, chalenges Balas. 1Mac 10:67
147 1&2BM 142, BI+N 163, ISBE 2-622, lvD2 146 lvAB
c.147/6 ALEXANDER BALAS, king of Syria 150-45, vassal of Ptolemy-VI, goes from Ptolemais? to Cilicia to counter Demetrius-II Nicator, son of D-I. 147 CAH 8
146 1&2BM 151 145 BHS 2-221
no date: CAH 8-364
CONFUSION ALERT!  Sources put this Cilicia trip at different places in the sequence of events.  I have no idea where it goes, if it even happened.
c.147/6 ALEXANDER BALAS, Usurper of Syria 150-45, vassal of Ptolemy-VI, in Cilicia from 147/6, returns to Syria, challenges Demetrius-II Nicator. 1Mac 11:14 145 1&2BM 151
c.147/6 PTOLEMY-VI Philometor, king of Egypt & Cyprus 163-45, leads army north along coast to support Alex Balas, who orders all Syrian cities opened to him.  P-VI garrisons each city enroute. 1Mac 11:1
148 B76 VIII-281 147 lvPt6
c.146 ALEX BALAS doesn't want Ptolemy-VI interfering.  He orders general Ammonius to ambush Ptolemy-VI. Ant 13:4:6
c.146 PTOLEMY-VI Philometor arrives in Seleucia Pieria, quarrels with Alex Balas.  P-VI says Ammonius had tried to kill him at Ptolemais, demands that Ammonius be executed.  Balas evades.  P-VI switches support from Balas to Demetrius-II Nicator, whom he invites to join him.  Promises Syria and his dau Cleo Thea (wife of Balas), thus hoping to recover Coele-Syria. 1Mac 11:8, Ant 13:4:7       148 GHH
147 DGRBM 1-967, GHH, lvPt6     147/6 IDB 1-816, RAI2, atl2     146/5 CAH 8 no date: BHS 2-219
c.147/6 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator rival of Alex Balas, marries CLEOPATRA THEA, dau of P-VI, wife of Alex Balas from 150. 147 lvPt6     147/6 IDB 1-816, RAI2     146 lvAB, lvD2     146 lvCT
146/5 CAH 8
c.146 SELEUCIA PIERIA, under Seleucids from ? taken by Ptolemy-VI, under Egypt until 108. 146 ISBE 4-384
c.145 Alexander Balas is unable to hold down the discontent at Antioch.  Even Hierax and Diodotus, who had been his instruments for governing the city, go over to the majority. no date: BHS 2-220
c.145 PTOLEMY-VI Philometor, king of Egypt & Cyprus 163-45, openly breaks with client Alex Balas, enters and takes ANTIOCH.  P-VI is offered Anatolia, but can't afford to offend Rome. 1Mac 11:12, Ant 13:4:7 147 atl2, lvPt6     146 lvD2
145 1&2BM 151, CAH 8
c.145 PTOLEMY-VIII Physcon, king of Cyrene 163-45, defeats Alex Balas at Antioch. 145 CHJ 2
c.145 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, with help of Ptolemy-VI, defeats usurper ALEXANDER BALAS at the Oenoparas river.  Balas escapes and flees to Arab dynast Zabdiel. Ant 13:4:8     147 ISBE 1-87 146 MCAW     146/5 Jud 5-1489     145 B76 8-383, BI+N 164, CAH 8-364, ISBE 2-623, RAI3, TTPC, atl2, lvAB
c.145 ALEXANDER BALAS dies.  Usurper of Syria / Babylonia from 150, in Arabia, beheaded by Zabdiel, who sends his head to P-VIDEMETRIUS-II Nicator is king of Syria until 140. 1Mac 11:16-19, Ant 13:4:8       147 frH
146 DGRBM 1-114, 198, 3-1178, GHH, IDB 1-816, Jud 2-576, wikD2     146/5 Sdl 5-329 145 1&2BM 150, B76 I-224, III-457, CAH 8-517, CDCC 803, CHJ 2, Dur 2-556, IDB 1-78, LEWH 95, MRDK 353, atl2, bk, lvAB, rcM     141 Jud 5-1489
c.145 PTOLEMY-VI Philometor, king of Egypt & Cyprus 163-45, is immediately attacked by DEMETRIUS-II Nicator 145 lvD2
c.145 Inhabitants of Aradus island off coast of Syria lynch some envoys from Marathus (Amrit), a city in south Syria. 145 atl2
c.145 PTOLEMY-VI Philometor dies.  King of Egypt & Cyprus from 163, falls from his horse, and is beaten by enemies at Oenoparas river.  In 3 days P-VI is dead.  PTOLEMY-VIII Physcon and army return to Egypt, leaving an elephant force behind, which will be siezed by Diodotus. Ant 13:4:8     145 B76 6-483, BI+N 165, atl2, lvPt6, wikP8
c.145 As soon as Ptolemy-VI is dead, DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, king of Syria 145-40 attacks Ptolemaic possessions in Levant. 145 lvPt6
c.145 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, king of Syria 145-40 orders Jonathan Maccabee to stop besieging Syrians in the Jerusalem citadel, and meet him at Ptolemais. 1Mac 11:22
c.145 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, king of Syria 145-40 believes kingdom secure, disbands army, which angers mercenaries. 1Mac 11:38     146 GHH
no date: CAH 8-365
c.145 DIODOTUS, general under Demetrius-II, sees discontent of troops, goes to Arabia, visits Malichus Governor of Nabataea, persuades him to deliver Antiochus-VI, 2 year old son of Alex Balas. 1Mac 11:39
145 BHS 2-226, atl2, lvD2
c.145 ANTIOCH rebels against Demetrius-II.  Much street fighting, Antioch burned. 1Mac 11:39     145 BHS 2-224-5, CAH 8   142 Jud 3-71
no date: Jud 10-189
c.145 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, king of Syria 145-40, his troops now in revolt, withdraws garrison from the Jerusalem citadel, asks Jonathan Maccabee to quell the revolt at Antioch. 1Mac 11:43 143 ISBE 2-623
c.145 3,000 Jewish mercenaries plus Cretan mercenaries arrive at Antioch.  They rescue Demetrius-II, massacre inhabitants, plunder Antioch.  Demetrius-II flees to Seleucia Pieria.  Jews return to Judea with much loot. 1Mac 11:44-51, Ant 13:5:3
145 1&2BM 158, BHS 2-225, atl2, lvD2     142 Jud 3-71
no date: CAH 8-365, Jud 10-189
c.145 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, king of Syria 145-40, regains control of government and troops.  Demands back the loot taken from Antioch by Jonathan Maccabee, threatens war, breaks alliance. 1Mac 11:52, Ant 13:4:8
145 1&2BM 159, ISBE 1-918
c.145 DIODOTUS, general under Demetrius-II, now at Apamea, appoints himself regent of Syria until 142 for Antiochus-VI, 2 year old son of Alex Balas.  Gathers a large army of mercenaries fired by Demetrius-II. 1Mac 11:54
146 DGRBM 3-1178 145 1&2BM 159, BHS 2-226, Jud 6-60
c.145 DIODOTUS, regent of Syria for Antiochus-VI, son of Alex Balas, defeats Demetrius-II, proclaims Antiochus-VI king of Syria, cosolidates position at Apamea with all its royal arsenals and the war elephants. 1Mac 11:54       145 1&2BM 158, CAH 8, CHJ 2,   Jud 6-60, frH, rcM     143 GHH
c.145 DIODOTUS, regent of Syria for Antiochus-VI, attacks Antioch, finds it ready to welcome him. 145 BHS 2-227
c.145 DIODOTUS, forces Demetrius-II to abandon Antioch and retreat with his court to the adjacent coastal town of Seleucia Pieria. 145/4 BHS 2-227, CAH 8-366
c.145 ANTIOCH, under Seleucids 244-83, taken by Diodotus. 145 atl2
c.145 ANTIOCHUS-VI, contender for Syrian thrones, befriends Jonathan Maccabee, confirms him as high priest, gives gifts and honors. 1Mac 11:57
145/4 CAH 8-366 144 atl2
c.145 SYRIA SPLITS:  Diodotus holds Antioch and central Orontes valley - the political center.  Demetrius-II holds Seleucia Pieria, controls most of seaboard, and provinces east of EuphratesCoele-Syria favors Diodotus because Demetrius-II had kept his garrison in the Jerusalem citadel. 145 BHS 2-227-8
no date: CAH 8-526
c.144 BAGASIS Parthian satrap of Media from 148/7, goes independent, as VOLOGASES king of Media until 122. 144 wikPsk
c.143 DIODOTUS, regent of Syria for Antiochus-VI, son of Alex Balas, sees Jonathan Maccabee as a possible threat, leads army to Beth Shean. 1Mac 12:39
c.142 DIOGENES of Seleucia (on the Tigris), Epicurean philosopher, murdered by order of Antiochus-VI, who didn't like his "abusive language".  (often confused with Diogenes of Babylon d.152) 142 DGRBM 1-1020
no date: wikDS
c.142 DIODOTUS, regent of Syria for Antiochus-VI, son of Alex Balas, deposes A-VI, and claims throne for himself.  Fights Demetrius-II for throne until 141. 1Mac 13:31     143 ISBE 2-623 142 CAH 8, CDCC 803, CHJ 2-318, DGRBM 1-198, 3-1178, IDB 1-151, 4-717, Jud 6-61, OCD 72, rcM
c.141 Rumor at Antioch: Antiochus-VI is sick at Antioch, requires an operation. 143/2 BHS 2-230
c.141 Son of Alex Balas & Cleo Thea, ANTIOCHUS-VI murdered by surgeons on order of DIODOTUS, who usurps throne and calls himself TRYPHO until 138. 1Mac 13:31, Ant 13:7:1
143/2 BHS 2-230     142 1&2BM 183, CAH 8, DGRBM 1-198, GHH, ISBE 1-146, 918, TTPC     141 atl2     140 lvD2
138 CAH 8-529, OCD 72
c.141 DIODOTUS TRYPHO, usurper of Syria, sends a statue of victory and other gifts to Roman senate, asks for support.  Senate accepts his gifts, but has them inscribed with the name of Antiochus-VI. 142 CAH 8-368 138 atl2
c.141 SELEUCIA on the Tigris, under Seleucids from ?, taken by Mith-I, under Parthians until 130. 141 Jud 4-37, Sdl 5-332, icsPE, lvD2, wikPE
c.141 SELEUCID PERIOD of Syria / Babylonia from 312, ends in Babylonia, except for a brief recovery 130-29, Seleucid period continues in Syria until 65, dynasty until 56. 141 mtms
c.141 MARI, under Seleucids from 301, comes under local Bedouin Arab tribes until 115CE. 141 rcS
c.140 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator, king of Syria 145-40, leaves wife CLEO THEA to hold Antioch against Trypho, marches east to deal with Parthians in Babylonia until 132. 1Mac 14:1       141 BI+N 167, OCD 326, ISBE 1-299     140 1&2BM 188, BHS 2-233, CAH 8-368, GHH     139 wikD2
c.140 DEMETRIUS-II Nicator captured.  King of Syria 145-40, captured in Babylonia by Mith-I of Parthia, taken to Hyrcania until 129. 1Mac 15:6     142/1 CHJ 2-319     141 Jud 5-1489     140 1&2BM 188, CDCC 647, 803, bk, frH     140/39 B76 8-385, CAH 8-368, 9-284, 580, ISBE 1-918, Sdl 5-332     139 B76 III-457, 9-842, BI+N 167, CAH 8-528, IDB 1-816, ISBE 1-146, 2-623, LEWH 95, MRDK 353, OCD 326, atl2, wikD2     139/8 CHJ 2     138 DGRBM 1-354, GHH, lvA, lvD2
c.140 /39 SCIPIO AEMILIANUS heads an embassy including Spurius Mummius and L. Caecilius Metellus Calvus, sails from Cyprus to Syria. no date: Diodotus 33.28b
143 SORH     139 atl2
c.138 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes, son of Demetrius-I, younger bro of D-II ruler? of Rhodes, sails from Rhodes to claim throne of Syria.  Lands at Seleucia Pieria, where Cleo Thea is confined.  Gains support of most Syrian troops. 1Mac 15:10, Ant 13:7:1
139 BI+N 168, E2LM 145
139/8 Sdl 5-337
138 1&2BM 199, BHS 2-237, CDCC 803
c.138 early ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes, king of Syria 138-29, messages Simon Maccabee, demands either surrender of strongholds taken: Joppa, Gazara, Akra, or payment for the loss of them.  Simon refuses, but offers 100 talents for use of Joppa & Gazara.  A-VII takes this as an insult. 138 BI+N 168
c.138 ANTIOCHUS, son of Demetrius-I, bro of D-II becomes 3rd husband of CLEOPATRA THEA and becomes ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes, king of Syria /Babylonia until 129. Ant 13:7:1     140 GHH     139 rcM 139/8 B76 I-423, CAH 8-368
138 BHS 2-237, CAH 8-529, IDB 1-152, 4-265, Jud 3-74, atl2, lvA, lvA7S, lvCT     137 MCAW
c.138 Diodotus TRYPHO, attempted usurper of Syria from 142, defeated by Antiochus-VII Sidetes, flees to Dor. 1Mac 15:11     139 LEWH 95
139/8 CDCC 803     138 1&2BM 199, BHS 2-238, IDB 4-717, Sdl 5-337, atl2, lvD2,     137 DGRBM 1-199
c.138 Diodotus TRYPHO dies.  Attempted usurper of Syria 142-38, flees by ship from Orthosia to Apamea, his home town, where he is either killed or suicides. 139 GHH, LEWH 95
138 1&2BM 209, Jud 6-61, lvD2
c.138 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes king of Syria 138-29, marries CLEOPATRA THEA, dau of P-VI and Cleo-II, widow of Balas & Demetrius-II. 138 lvD2
c.138 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes king of Syria 138-29, sends general Cendebaeus to enforce his demands in Judea, and fortify Kedron. 1Mac 15:38     138 BI+N 168, CAH 8-529, ISBE 1-147, Jud 3-75
137 DGRBM 2-541, 879 136 atl2
c.138 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes, king of Syria 138-29, bids for friendship with Simon Maccabee, sends him a letter confirming all previous possessions and privileges, guaranteeing independence of Judea, and the right to mint copper coins. 1Mac 15:1-6
139 E2LM 143, IDB 3-426
138 CAH 9-285, Jud 3-74
c.136 EDESSA region, under Seleucids from ?, conquered by Arab tribesmen until 132 when it becomes Osroene. 136 Jud 12-1502
c.134 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes is advised by his counsellors to destroy the Jews. 134 CHJ 2-645
c.134 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes personally invades Judea. Ant 13:8:2, Wars 1:2:5 134 BHS 2-239, GHH
c.133 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes, king of Syria 138-29, sends gifts to Rome for P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus, not knowing he is besieging Numantia Spain. 134 BHS 2-241
133 lvA7S
c.132 OSRHOES, Nabatean Seleucid satrap of Babylonia from ?, confined to northwest Mesopotamia from 140, declares independence, rules as king until 127, forms state of OSROENE until 163CE, independent until 88.  Capital EDESSA. 136 B76 VII-611
132 CAH 9-586, MRDK 354, ODCC 444, frH, rcT, wikOs
c.132 ANTIOCHUS-VII Sidetes king of Syria 138-29, returns from Jerusalem to Antioch. Ant 13:8:3     134 CAH 8-370 133 DGRBM 1-199
132 CAH 8-530

Syria - Armenia 130-101