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Early Merotic Period continues in Nubia, capital at Meroe 270-90. 270-90 triN
c.200 ARQAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 218 ends.  TABROQO succeeds until 190. 200 frN, rcNA
c.190 TABROQO king of Kush at Meroe from 200 ends.  ???IWAL succeeds until 185. 190 rcNA
c.185 ???IWAL king of Kush at Meroe from 190 ends.  ??????? succeeds until 170. 185 rcNA
c.170 ??????? king of Kush at Meroe from 185 ends.  SHANAKDAKHETE succeeds until 150. 177 wikShn 170 rcNA
c.150 SHANAKDAKHETE king of Kush at Meroe from 170 ends.  ???????? succeeds until 130. 155 wikShn 150 rcNA
c.130 ???????? king of Kush at Meroe from 150 ends.  NAQYRINSAN succeeds until 110. 130 rcNA
c.110 NAQYRINSAN king of Kush at Meroe from 130 ends.  TANYIDAMANI succeeds until 90. 110 rcNA
c.108 EUDOXUS of Cyzicus, Greek navigator working for Ptolemy-VIII Physcon, 2nd voyage, visits Ethiopia. 108 atl2
c.108 EUDOXUS of Cyzicus returning from India, is blown to south of Cape Guardafui on the spur of east Africa.  Upon landing, he finds a wooden prow with a horse carved on it, and is told by the Africans that it came from the west.  He concludes that it came from Gades Spain. 108 B76 7-1037
c.100 EUDOXUS of Cyzicus 3rd voyage, he sails from Gades Spain and tries to circumnavigate Africa, finds it too difficult, and returns to Spain. 100 atl2
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