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c.1000 BAK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 1030 ends.  CHUN succeeds until 972. 1000 rcK
c.1000 KOREA:  Bronze metalurgy enters from China. 1000 PW 15
c.1000 SOYBEANS, cultivated in Manchuria from 1475, now cultivated in Korea. 1000 wikSy
c.1000 Manchurian tribes 1st mentioned in Chinese texts. 1000 B76 11-435
c.1000 KANG GONG made prime minister by KANG, king of Zhou. no date: yut
c.1000 Duke YI of Qi from 1051 ends.  KUEI succeeds until 934. 1000 MRDK, rcC
c.1000 JIANG CHANG, 1st king of Qi from 1046 ends.  Luji becomes Duke DING of Qi until ?. 1000 wikQi
c.1000 Duke SUNG of Song from 1053 ends.  TING succeeds until 935. 1000 MRDK
c.1000 ICE used for refrigeration in China. 1000 TTPC 9
c.1000 Food PRESERVATION methods in China include salt, spice, drying, smoking, fermenting. 1000 TTT
c.1000 FORESTS of China cut down to create farm land.  Leads eventually to soil erosion, floods, and drought.   (see Greece 650) 1000 TTPC 9
c.1000 ORACLE BONE SCRIPT, used from 1500, fades out. 1500 ansc
c.1000 Pythagorean TheoremPythagorean Theorem used by Chinese.
Square of hypoteneuse equals sum of squares of other 2 sides.   (See Egypt 1200, 300)  But it will be credited to Pythagoras by Euclid.
1000 bhpt
c. 1000 bronze vessels Western Zhou ritual containers
Left:  Bronze fangzun - wine container.  Inscription commemorates a gift of cowrie shells (used as currency) from some aristocrat in Zhou society.
Right:  Bronze fangy.  Inscription of some 180 characters, appearing twice on the vessel, comments on state rituals that accompanied court ceremony, recorded by an official scribe.
photo: PericlesofAthens

1000 wikCC
c.1000 YO-YOs - 2 ivory disks connected by a central peg, and operated with a silk cord, originated in China. 1000
EOET 371
c.1000 ARCHAIC PERIOD of Chinese language ends.  Began 1122.  Texts consist of oracle-bone inscriptions and short inscriptions cast on bronze vessels.
PRE-CLASSICAL PERIOD begins until 600.  Corresponds to Western Zhou.  Many inscriptions on a variety of media, with development of a "Spartanlike" grammar and increased vocabulary.
1000 CHAC 89
c.1000 Austroasiatic languages begin contacting Chinese languages until 500 in state of Chu. 1000 CHAC 81
c.1000 JAPAN:  Northern Ainu (probably from Siberia) extend down to Honshu, while the southern aborigines, speaking a form of Japanese, lead sedentary lives as shell-fish eaters. 1000 mxfld
c.998 Duke YANG of Lu from 1058 ends.  Son YU succeeds until 984. 998 MRDK
c.998 YU, grandson of Nangong Quo, appointed military supervisor by Kang, king of Zhou 1021-996.  Yu commemorates this by casting an impressive bronze cauldron, still extant. Kang yr 23 = 981 CHAC 320
c.997 CHURO king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1062.  DUMIL succeeds until 971. 997 rcK
c.996 After 2 battles with the GUIFANG, 13,000 captives are brought to the Zhou temple and offered to king Kang. Kang yr 25: CHAC 320, 919     979 CHAC 919
c.996 Son of Cheng, KANG dies.  3rd king of Western Zhou dyn from 1021, dies.  Son Ji Xia succeeds as ZHAO 995-77. 1052 MRDK, icZ, yut    1002 ICMH 17
996 tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
997/75 frie     978 CHAC 25, rcC
c.984 Duke YU of Lu from 998 ends.  Bro WEI succeeds until 934. 984 MRDK
c.981 XIUNG AI, ruler of Chu from 1006, ends.  XIUNG TAN succeeds until 970. 1052 rcC
981 wikChu
c.977 Son of Kang, ZHAO dies.  4th king of Western Zhou from 996, invades Chu, fights several inconclusive battles, retreats, boat sinks and he drowns in the Han River.  His army is wiped out south of the river.  Son Ji Man succeeds as MU 976-22. 1002 bk     1001 MRDK, icZ, yut 977 tcgZ, wikChu, wikCM, wikT, wikZ     957 CHAC 25
956 frie, rcC
c.972 CHUN, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 1000 ends.  GONG succeeds until 968. 972 rcK
c.971 DUMIL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 997, ends.  HAEMO succeeds until 943. 971 rcK
c.970 Duke XIUNG TAN of Chu from 981 ends.  XIUNG SHENG succeeds until 946. 1001 MRDK 970 wikChu
c.968 GONG, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 972, ends.  CHANG succeeds until 957. 968 rcK
c.960 king MU of Zhou 976-22 visits Kun Lum Mountain via modern regions of Shansi, Mongolia, Gansu, and Xinjiang.  His chauffeur Zhao Fu prepars the best 8 horses and chariots for him.  At the peak of Kun Lum Mountain, Mu becomes guest of Xi Wangwu (possibly a local female tribal leader). yr 17 icZ, yut
c.960 While king Mu is in the west, XU kingdom rebells against Zhou. Mu yr 17 icZ
no date: yut
c.957 CHANG, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 968 ends.  CHAK succeeds until 943. 957 rcK
c.950 king MU of Zhou 976-22, sends army west as far as Qinhai-Gansu regions and defeats the Quan Rong.
MU exiles some followers of Quan Rong to Taiyuan for better management and builds a road to the north west.
985 icZ
no date: yut
c.950 CHINESE SCRIPT fully developed. 950 TToH 6
c.950 Λ MATH V textbooks include plainimetry, proportions, rule of 3, arithmetic, multiplication, geometry, equations with 1 or more variables, theory of motion.   (See  Egypt 1650YBC7289 1600zero 876) 950 TToH 6
c.950 PAINTING:  Brush & ink method used in China. 950 TToH 7
c.946 Duke XIUNG SHENG of Chu from 1001 ends.  XIUNG YANG succeeds until 887. 946 MRDK, rcC, wikChu
c.943 HAEMO king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 971.  MAHYU succeeds until 909. 943 rcK
c.943 CHAK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 957 ends.  JO succeeds until 925. 943 rcK
c.935 Duke TING of Song from 1000 ends.  MIN succeeds until 908. 935 MRDK
c.935 ZHONG JU ruler of Cao from 1002 ends.  GONGPAI becomes duke of Cao until 894. 935 MRDK, rcC, wikCao
934 MRDK
c.934 Duke KUEI of Qi from 1000 ends.  AI succeeds until 893. 934 MRDK, rcC
c.934 Duke WEI of Lu from 984 ends.  Son LI succeeds until 897. 934 MRDK, rcC
c.925 JO, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 943 ends.  SAK succeeds until 896. 925 rcK
c.922 Son of Zhao, MU ends.  5th king of Western Zhou dyn from 976.  Son Ji Yihu succeeds as GONG until 900. 947 ICMH 17     946 MRDK, icZ, yut
922 tcgZ, wikCM, wikZ
918 CHAC 25, rcC     917/15 frie
c.909 MAHYU king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 943.  NAEHYU succeeds until 874. 909 rcK
c.908 Duke MIN of Song from 935 ends.  YANG succeeds until 893. 908 MRDK
c.900 Manchurian and Korean burial practices become more elaborate, indicating increasing social stratification. 900 wikJsn
c.900 WU becomes Marquis of Jin until 880. 900 MRDK
c.900 MONEY:  Bronze imitations of cowrie shells found in a tomb near Anyang. 900 wikACC
c.900 FEIZI, horse trainer of King XIAO of Zhou, is married to a Zhou princess, and granted a fief on the Gansu frontier called QIN in Quanqiu surrounded by the Rong barbarians.  FEIZI rules Qin until 858. 900 wikQn
897 ICMH 18
no date: wikQn
c.900 Son of Mu, GONG ends.  6th king of Western Zhou dyn from 922.  Son Ji Jian succeeds as YI-I 899-92. 935 ICMH 18     934 MRDK, icZ, yut
903 rcC     900 CHAC 25, tcgZ, wikCM, wikZ    899 wikT    899/97 frie
c.900 Λ MAGNETIC V COMPASS invented in China. 1120 fnch, ocmp     1000 TTT     500 vhnk 400 lndws     221-06 about, ehow
Apr 21
Λ ASTRONOMY:  SOLAR ECLIPSE V "During the first year of the reign of King Yi [of Zhou], in the first month of spring, the sun rose twice at Zheng." 899 Bamboo Annals
CHAC 329, nasa, wikKYZ
c.898 Zhou capital, at Haojing from ?, moved to Quanqiu until ?. reign of Yi-I icZ
c.897 Duke LI of Lu from 934 ends.  Bro XIEN succeeds until 855. 897 MRDK, rcC
c.896 SAK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 925 ends.  SA succeeds until 843. 896 rcK
c.894 Duke PAI (BO) of Cao from 934 ends.  XIAO succeeds until 865. 895 wikCao, rcC 894 MRDK
c.893 Duke AI of Qi from 934 ends.  HU succeeds until 859. 893 MRDK, rcC
c.893 Duke YANG of Song from 908 ends.  LI succeeds until 859. 893 MRDK
c.892 Son of Gong, YI-I ends.  7th king of Western Zhou dyn from 899.  Uncle Ji Pifang succeeds as XIAO 891-86. 910 ICMH 18     909 MRDK, icZ, yut
892 tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
873 CHAC 25, rcC     872 frie
c.891 State of HUANG established until 648. 891 wikHuang
c.891 Duke of Chen is ordered by king XIAO of Zhou to attack the Quan Rong. Xiao yr 1 = 909 yut
c.887 Duke XIUNG YANG of Chu from 946 ends.  Son XIUNG CHU succeeds until 877. 887 MRDK, ICMH 18, rcC, wikChu, wikQn
c.886 Son of Mu, XIAO ends.  8th king of Western Zhou dyn from 891.  Nephew's son Ji Xie succeeds as YI-II 885-78. 895 ICMH 18     894 MRDK, icZ, yut     886 tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
868 rcC     866 CHAC 25, wikQi
865 frie
c.880 Marquis WU of Jin from 900 ends.  CHENG succeeds until 860. 880 MRDK
c.878 1st clash between RONG and Zhou.  Rong of Taiyuan attack area of Zhou capital. Yi yr 7: CHAC 921
859 CHAC 921
c.878 Son of Yi-I, YI-II ends.  9th king of Western Zhou dyn from 885.  Son Ji Hu succeeds as LI 877-41.  Gong Zhao is in charge of administration. 879 ICMH 18     878 GHCC 52, MRDK, bk, icZ, yut, tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ     860 rcC     858 wikQi
857/53 CHAC 25, frie
c.877 Duke XIUNG CHU of Chu from 887 ends.  Son XIUNG ZHI succeeds until 876. 878 ICMH 18     877 wikChu
Xiung Wu-Kang: MRDK
c.876 Duke XIUNG ZHI of Chu from 877 ends.  Bro Xiong Zhici succeeds as Duke XIUNG YEN of Chu until 847. 876 MRDK, rcC, wikChu
c.876 Southern YI again invade Luo River Valley.  King LI of Zhou sends general Guo Gong Changfu against them.  He fails. yr 3 of Li: CHAC 342
c.876 Western belligerents invade Quanqiu in Wei River valley. yr 11 of Li: CHAC 343
c.875 Natural GAS from wells used in China. 900-851 TTS, TTT
c.874 NAEHYU king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 909.  DEUNGOL succeeds until 849. 874 rcK
c.870 LI king of Zhou 877-41 marries daughter of duke of Chen. no date: yut
c.867 Western RONG attack Zhou. Li yr 11: CHAC 920     843 CHAC 920
c.865 Duke XIAO of Cao from 894 ends.  YI-II succeeds until 835. 865 ckCao, rcC, wikCao
864 MRDK
c.865 YEN becomes a marquisate until 690.  HUI becomes Marquis until 827. 865 ckY, rcC 864 MRDK
c.864 1st XIANYUN incursions against Zhou.  Reaches capital. Li yr 14: CHAC 920
840 CHAC 920
c.863 A son of Marquis Li of Cai becomes Marquis WU of Cai until 837. 863 MRDK, wikCai
c.863 Buchen, Duke Ai of Qi from ? ends.  Jing becomes Duke HU of Qi 862-60. 863 wikQi
c.863 Chu ruler XIONG QU overthrows the State of E, later making its successor city Ezhou the alternate Chu capital. 863 wikChu
c.860 Duke HU of Qi from 862 ends.  Shan becomes Duke Xian of Qi 859-51. 860 MRDK, wikQi 859 rcC
c.860 Marquis CHENG of Jin from 880 ends.  LI succeeds until 859. 860 MRDK
c.859 Marquis LI of Jin from 860 ends.  Yiju becomes Marquis JING of Jin 858-41. 859 MRDK, ckJ, wikJ
c.859 LINZI capital of Qi fortified. 859 ICMH 18
c.859 Duke LI of Song from 893 ends.  XI succeeds 858-31. 859 MRDK, ckS, wikS
c.858 FEIZI ruler of Qin from 880 ends.  Son QIN HOU succeeds 857-48. 858 wikQn
c.856 Duke XIEN of Lu from 897 ends.  Son CHEN succeeds 855-26. 856 MRDK, ckLu 855 rcC
c.855 XI becomes Marquis of Wey until 813. 855 ckW
This state is also spelled Wei.  To avoid confusion with another Wei later, it is here spelled Wey.  It has a city called Wei in it.
c.855 YU becomes Duke of Chen until 832. 855 ckChu     854 MRDK
c.855 Duke GUO of Zhou attacks the RONG, captures 1,000 horses. 854 CHAC 921
c.851 Duke XIAN of Qi from 859 ends.  Son Shou becomes Duke WU of Qi 850-25. 851 MRDK, ckQi, rcC, wikQi
c.850 Upper Xiajiadian culture 1100-350:  Phase 1 from 1100 ends.  Phase 2 begins until 750.  Identified with Nanshan Gen type site in Nincheng County, Inner Mongolia. 850
CHAC 916
c.850 KOREA:  Bronze Age begins on the peninsula until ?. 9-800 wikBA
c.849 DEUNGOL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 874.  CHUMIL succeeds until 819. 849 rcK
c.848 Duke XIUNG YEN of Chu from 876 ends.  Son XIUNG YUNG succeeds 847-38. 848 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu     847 rcC
c.848 QIN HOU ruler of Qin from 858 ends.  Son GONGBO succeeds 847-45. 848 wikQn
c.845 GONGBO ruler of Qin from 847 ends.  Son ZHONG succeeds 845-22. 845 ckQn, wikQn
c.843 SA, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 896 ends.  RYUN succeeds until 793. 843 rcK
c.841 Son of Yi-II, LI ends.  10th king of Western Zhou dyn from 877, exiled at Zhi until death 828.  His son is taken by a minister and hidden.  Officials elect GONG BO regent.
Regency of GONGHE begins until 828.
853 frie     842 CHAC 21, MRDK, tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
841 B76 4-304, CHAC 25, bk, ckZ, icZ    scr, tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
c.841 Prior to 841, two literary sources had conflicting geaealogies and chronologies.  Consistent dated history of China begins. 842 CHAC 21
841 GHCC, LEWH 56
c.841 Yijiu, Marquis JING of Jin from 858 ends.  Situ becomes Marquis XI of Jin 840-23. 841 MRDK, ckJ
Li succeeds: wikJ
c.840 The Xianyun "western barbarians" allied with Marquis of E, invade the Zhou capital in 2nd year of regent GONGHE. 841 ICMH 18
840 CHAC 346
c.838 Duke XIUNG YUNG of Chu from 847 ends.  Bro XIUNG YEN-II succeeds 837-28. 838 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu 837 rcC
c.837 Marquis WU of Cai from 863 ends.  Son YI succeeds until 809. 837 MRDK, wikCai
c.835 Duke YI of Cao from 864 ends.  Son Ji Qiang succeeds as Duke YU of Cao 834-26. 835 MRDK, ckCao, rcC, wikCao
c.832 Duke YU of Chen from 854 ends.  Son Gui Xiao succeeds as Duke XI of Chen 831-795. 832 MRDK, ckChu, wikS
c.831 Duke XI of Song from 858, ends.  Jian succeeds as Duke HUI of Song 830-00. 831 MRDK, ckS, wikS
c.828 LI dies.  Former 10th King of Zhou 857-42, dies exiled in Zhi.  GONGHE, regent of Western Zhou from 841, is persuaded to retire by Shao Gong and Zhou Gong.  Li's son, Ji Jing becomes king XUAN of Zhou 827-782, with 2 dukes as prime ministers. 828 CHAC 25, 345, GHCC 52, ICMH 18, MRDK, icZ, tcgZ, wikCM, wikQi, wikT, wikZ     827 ICMH 19, bk, icZ     827/25 frie
c.828 Duke XIUNG YEN of Chu from 837 ends.  Son XIUNG XIANG succeeds until 827-22. 828 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu     827 rcC
c.827 Marquis HUI of Yen from 864 ends.  Son Ji Zhuang succeeds as Marquis XI of Yen 826-791. 827 MRDK, ckY, rcC
c.826 Duke YU of Cao from 834 killed by his younger bro Ji Su who succeeds as Duke TAI PAI of Cao 825-796. 826 MRDK, ckCao, rcC, wikCao
c.826 Duke CHEN of Lu from 855 ends.  Bro WU succeeds 825-16. 826 MRDK, ckLu 825 rcC
c.825 Duke WU of Qi from 850 ends.  Son Wuji becomes Duke LI of Qi 824-16. 825 MRDK, ckQi, wikQi 824 rcC
c.823 Marquis XI of Jin from 841 ends.  Son Ji becomes Marquis XIAN of Jin 822-12. 823 MRDK, ckJ
Li: wikJ
c.823 The XIANYUN "western barbarians" attack Zhou.  King XUAN of Zhou 827-782 commands Yin Jifu (aka Xi Jia) to counterattack.  He defeats them at Tuyu. Xuan yr 5 = 823 CHAC 346, 920
c.823 Zhou general Yin Jifu (aka Xi Jia) is commanded to regulate trade with the Huai Yi. 823 CHAC 347
c.822 SHAO GONG HU leads army to Huai River to enforce Zhou control.  He succeeds. 822 CHAC 347
c.822 QIN ZHONG ruler of Qin from 845 killed by invading Jung barbarians.  Son Qi becomes duke ZHUANG of Qin 821-778. 822 CHC 1-31, ckQn, icHu, wikQn
c.822 Duke XIUNG XIANG of Chu from 827 ends.  Bro XIUNG XUN-I succeeds 821-00. 822 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu     821 rcC
c.819 CHUMIL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 849.  GAMMUL succeeds until 795. 819 rcK
c.819 King XUAN of Zhou 827-782 holds conference of lords at Luo. Xuan yr 9 = 819 CHAC 347
c.817 Duke WU of Lu 825-16 and his sons visit court of Zhou.  Younger son Xi impresses king Xuan, who orders Duke Wu to declare xi his heir, bypassing older son Kuo. 817
CHAC 347
c.816 Duke LI of Qi from 824 ends.  Son Chi becomes Duke WEN of Qi 815-04. 816 MRDK, ckQi, wikQi 815 rcC
c.816 Duke WU of Lu from 825 ends.  Son Xi succeeds as duke YI 815-07. 816 MRDK, ckLu 813 rcC
c.816 King XUAN of Zhou 827-782 attacks and defeats the Xianyun "western barbarians". 816 CHAC 347, 920
c.815 King XUAN of Zhou 827-782 again defeats the Xianyun.  This is the high point of Xuan and his dynasty. Xuan yr 13 = 815 CHAC 347
c.813 Marquis XI of Wey from 855 ends.  WU becomes Duke of Wey 812-758. 813 ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.812 Marquis XIAN of Jin from 823 ends.  Son Feiwang becomes Marquis MU of Jin 811-785. 812 MRDK, ckJ, wikJ
c.809 Marquis YI of Cai from 837 ends.  Son Ji Suosh becomes Marquis LI of Cai 809-761. 809 MRDK, wikCai
Xi succeeds: friC
c.807 Duke YI of Lu from 815 deposed by people.  Older bro PO-YU succeeds 806-796. 807 CHAC 347, MRDK, ckLu     806 rcC
c.806 ZHENG duchy founded until 375.  King Xuan of Zhou makes his younger bro Prince You Duke HUAN of Zheng until 771. 806 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC, rcC, wikZ, wikZg
c.804 Duke WEN of Qi from 815 ends.  Son Shuo becomes Duke CHENG of Qi 803-795. 804 MRDK, ckQi, wikQi
c.800 RICE becomes an important part of Chinese diet. 800 TTPC
c.800 Λ MATH:  COUNTING BOARDS originate in China.  A checker board with rows and columns.  Numbers are represented by little rods made of bamboo or ivory.
(See Baudhayana 800, Pythagoras 520, zero 520)
1000 TTS, TTT, idfnd, mkmnd
400-300 gwyd, hstpc,
c.800 Duke HUI of Song from 830 ends.  AI succeeds and ends.  DAI succeeds 799-66. 800 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.800 Duke XIUNG XUN-I of Chu from 822 ends.  Bro XIUNG-O succeeds 799-91. 800 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu     799 rcC
c.796 Duke TAI PAI of Cao from 825 ends.  Son Ji Zhi succeeds as Duke HUI PAI of Cao 795-60. 796 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.796 Army of Zhou unvades its duchy, Lu. 796 CHAC 347
c.796 Duke PO-YU of Lu from 806 killed.  King Xuan of Zhou appoints former duke Yi's younger bro Cheng, who succeeds as duke XIAO 795-69. 796 CHAC 26, 347, MRDK, ckLu, friC
795 rcC
c.795 GAMMUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 819.  ORUMUN succeeds until 772. 795 rcK
c.795 Duke CHENG of Qi from 803 ends.  Son Shu becomes Duke ZHUANG of Qi 794-31. 795 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     794 rcC
c.795 Duke XI of Chen from 831 ends.  Son Gui Ling succeeds as Duke WU of Chen until 781. 795 MRDK, ckChu
c.793 RYUN, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 843 ends.  WUL succeeds until 778. 793 rcK
c.791 Marquis XI of Yen from 826 ends.  Son QING succeeds 790-67. 791 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.791 Duke XIUNG-O of Chu from 799 ends.  Son Ruo'ao succeeds as Duke XIUNG YI of Chu 790-64. 791 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu   790 rcC
Juo succeeds to 764 friC
c.790 JIN expedition against the Northern RONG. 790 or 88 CHAC 921
c.788 King XUAN of Zhou attacks and annihilates the Rong of Jiang clan. 789 or 87 CHAC 921
c.788 King XUAN of Zhou attacks the Rong of Jiang clan, but is defeated. Xuan yr 39: icZ
c.785 Marquis MU of Jin from 812 dies.  Eldest son Ji Shou is displaced by Mu's bro Shang, who becomes Marquis SHANG SHU of Jin 785-81. 785 MRDK, ckJ, wikJ
c.785 King XUAN of Zhou 827-782 unjustly kills popular minister DUBO for no reason.  Dubo"s son Xishu flees to Jin.  A legend says the ghost of Dubo kills Xuan 3 years later. Xuan yr 43 = 785 CHAC 347-8
3 yrs before death: icZ
c.782 Son of Li, XUAN dies.  11th king of Western Zhou dyn from 827, killed by an assassin's arrow.  Succession struggle follows until 781. 782 B76 4-305, CHAC 25, GHCC, ICMH 19, bk, icZ, tcgZ, wikCM, wikQi, wikZ
781 friC, frie, rcC, wikT, yut
c.782 JI SHOU, rightful marquis of Jin from 785, brings troops to Jin, attacks uncle usurper Shang Shu. 782 wiki
c.781 Marquis SHANG SHU of Jin from 784 dies.  Neph Ji Shou becomes Marquis WEN of Jin 780-46. 781 MRDK, ckJ, friC, wikJ
c.781 Son of Xuan, Ji Gongsheng becomes YU, 12th king of Western Zhou until 771.  His queen and first wife is dau of the Marquis of Chen. 781 CHAC 25, GHCC 52,
ICMH 19, MRDK, friC, frie, icZ, rcC, tcgZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ, yut
c.781 Duke WU of Chen from 795 ends.  Son Gui Yue succeeds as Duke YI of Chen 780-78. 781 MRDK, ckChn
c.779 Earthquake hits Western Zhou capital, causing its 3 rivers: Wei, Luo, and Jing to dry up, and Mt. Qi to crumble.

Λ ASTRONOMY VEclipses of sun and moon said to have happened in same year.
Yu yr 2
CHAC 348, icZ
c.778 WUL, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 793 ends.  JIK succeeds until 776. 778 rcK
c.778 Duke ZHUANG of Qin from 822 ends.  Bro becomes Duke XIANG of Qin 778-66. 778 MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.778 QIN dynasty begins until 207. 778 wikQn, wikSA
c.778 Duke YI of Chen from 780 ends.  Bro Gui Xie succeeds as Duke PING of Chen 777-57. 778 MRDK, ckChn
c.776 JIK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 778 ends.  U succeeds until 761. 776 rcK
c.776 SHIFU, son of Duke Xiang of Qin taken prisoner of war by the Xi Rong.  Released one year later. 776 icHu
776 Sep 6 Λ ASTRONOMY V:  Earliest reliable record of SOLAR ECLIPSE recorded in China.   (See Anaxagoras 450) 776 wikTlca     775 TTOH
c.772 ORUMUN king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 795.  SABEOL succeeds until 704. 772 rcK
c.771 Duke HUAN of Zheng from 806 ends.  Son Ji Juetu succeeds as Duke WU of Zheng 770-44. 771 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC, rcC, wikZ
c.771 Marquis of Chen allies with Zheng and Quan Rong nomads, attacks and sacks HAOJING, the Zhou capital. 771 CHAC 350, GHCC, TTPC, icHu, WeiSA, wikQn, WikT, wikZ
770 tcgEZ, yutZ
c. 771 Son of Xuan, YU dies.  12th king of Western Zhou from 781, summons his nobles but none come.  The Quan Rong storm Haojing.  YU is murdered by the Rongs at the foot of Lishan.  Rongs who stay at Lishan are called Li-rong. 771 B76 II-891, 4-30, 304, 19-179, CHAC 25, 350, GHCC 52, ICMH 19, LEWH 56, MRDK, TAWH 16, bk, friC, frie, icZ, mxfld, rcC, scr, tcgZ, wikCM, wikJ, wikT, wikWS, wikZ
770 ckZ, icHu, mxfld, rcC, yut
Western Zhou effective rule ends.  Began 1046.
WESTERN ZHOU kingdom ends.  Began 1027.
To escape from invasion of the Quan Rong, Zhou nobility leave their capital Haojing in Wei River valley and move east to LOYANG, which becomes Zhou capital until 512.  Kings rule as figureheads until dyn terminates in 256.
c.771 BRONZES of Eastern Zhou period after 771 show a gradual rennaissance and regional variation. 771 B76 19-180
c.770 EASTERN ZHOU (Dongzhou) DYNASTY begins until 249. 771 ICMH 19, wikSA
770 B76 4-307, CHAC 350, MRDK, PW 15, friC, frie, icZ, rcC, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikSA, wikT, wikZ, yut, yutZ
Zheng and Jin states enthrone a son or grandson of Yu.  Yijiu becomes king PING of Zhou in the state of Chen until 720.
Simultaneously courtier Guo Gong Han, conspires with the Quan Rong to crown Yu Chen as King XIE of Zhou 770-60 in city of Hui.
c.770 The Rongs move east to live between Jing & Wei Rivers. after fall of Zhou: icZ
c.770 Duke Xiang of Qin provides protection for Ping, king of Zhou, while he moves his capital to Loyang. 770 CHC 1-33
c.770 WEAPONS in China:  Swords are common.  Bronze helmets and body armor for aristocrats.  Halberds reach optimal length.
(See Celts 750)
by 771 ICMH 15
COMPOSITE BOW.  (Tutankhamun  1325Λ Crossbow V) 17-1100 wikCB
by 771 ICMH 15
c.770 From this time on, local provinces become more autonomous.  Dukes become powerful and establish their own kingdoms.  Formal recognition of Zhou Emperors remains, but real power falls to petty kingdoms. 770 rcC, yut
c.770 Worship of the White Di (Bai Di) of the west introduced by Qin.  Reaffirmed 374. 770 CHAC 980
c.769 XIAO, duke of Lu from 796, ends.  Son HUI succeeds 768-23. 796 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, friC, rcC
c.767 Marquis QING of Yen from 790 ends.  Son AI succeeds 766-65. 767 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.766 Duke XIANG of Qin from 777 dies campaigning against the Rong at Qishan northeast of Baoji.  Son becomes Duke WEN of Qin 765-16. 766 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQn, friC, icHu, icZ, wikQn
c.766 Duke DAI of Song from 799 ends.  Sikong succeeds as Duke WU of Song 765-48. 766 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.765 Marquis AI of Yen from 766 ends.  CHENG succeeds 764-29. 765 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.764 Duke XIUNG YI of Chu from 790 ends.  Son Xiung Kan succeeds as Duke XIAO of Chu 763-58. 764 CHAC 26, ckChu, wikChu
Juo: friC     762 MRDK, rcC
c.762 BIANJIAZHUANG on the Qian River becomes capital of Qin until 715.  762 CHAC 493
c.761 U, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 776 ends.  MOK succeeds until 748. 761 rcK
c.761 Marquis LI of Cai from 809 ends.  Son Ji Xng becomes Marquis GONG of Cai until 760.
Son becomes Marquis DAI of Cai 759-50.
761 MRDK, wikCai
Xi ends: friC
c.760 XIE dies.  Rival King of Zhou in city of Hui from 770, killed by Marquis WEN of JinZhou is now reunited under king PING of Zhou until 720.  Ping greatly rewards Marquis WEN. 760 rcC, yut 750 EnoSA
c.760 Duke HUI PAI of Cao from 795 ends.  Son Ji Wu succeeds as Duke MU of Cao 759-57. 760 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.758 Duke WU of Wey from 812 ends.  ZHUANG succeeds 757-35. 758 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.758 Duke XIAO (Xiung Kan) of Chu from 763 dies.  Son Xiung Xun succeeds as Duke FEN MAO of Chu 757-41. 758 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     757 rcC
c.757 Duke MU of Cao from 759 ends.  Son Ji Zhongsheng succeeds as Duke HUAN of Cao 756-02. 757 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.757 Duke PING of Chen from 777 ends.  Son Gui Yu succeeds as Duke WEN of Chen 754-45. 757 MRDK, ckChn
c.753 Annalists are established in Qin to record events. 753 CHC 1-32, GHCC
c.753 Duke WEN of Qin 765-16 defeats the Quan Rong at Qishan northeast of Baoji. 753 yut
yr 16: icHu
c.750 Upper Xiajiadian culture 1100-350.  Phase 2 from 850 ends.  Identified with Nanshan Gen type site in Nincheng County, Inner Mongolia.  Phase 3 begins until 650. 750 CHAC 916
c.750 Marquis DAI of Cai from 759 ends.  Son Ji Cuofu becomes Marquis XUAN of Cai 749-15. 750 wikCai
c.750 King PING of Zhou tries to reassert Zhou authority.  It does not last. 750 ICMH 20
c.750 Duke WEN of Qin 765-16 asserts sovereignty over the old Zhou royal domain after the Zhou government moved east to Loyang. 750
CHC 1-33
c.748 MOK, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 761 ends.  PYUNG succeeds until 722. 748 rcK
c.748 Duke WU of Song from 765 ends.  Son Li succeeds as Duke XUAN of Song 747-29. 748 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.747 Temple to the Jewel of Chen is built by Duke Wen of Qin.  Jewel of Chen is a female diety in the form of a liver-shaped stone, supposed to have been a divine pheasant, which had been a patron deity of Qin since the 7th century.  She is worshipped at Chentsang, at the foot of Chentsang Mountain.  See 14. 747 HFHDX 24
c.746 A Qin law punishes some criminals with execution of "3 sets of relatives".  This law continues until 187. 746 HFHD 187
c.746 QUWO state founded by Jin north of its capital as a buffer against the Rong, becomes capital of a fragment of Jin until 677. 746 CHAC 558, wikJ
c.746 Marquis WEN of Jin from 780 ends.  Son Bo becomes Marquis ZHAO of Jin 745-39. 746 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckJ, friC, wikJ
c.745 Marquis Zhao of Jin gives the land of QUWO in Shansi, to his uncle, Chengshi, son of Marquis Mu of Jin 812-785.  Chengshi becomes HUAN SHU of Quwo 745-31. 745 wikJ
c.744 Duke WEN of Chen from 754 ends.  Son Gui Bao succeeds as Duke HUAN of Chen 744-07. 744 MRDK, ckChn
c.744 Duke WU of Zheng from 770 ends.  Son Ji Wusheng succeeds as Duke ZHUANG of Zheng 743-01. 744 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZ, ckZg, friC, wikSA, wikZ     743 rcC
c.741 Duke FEN MAO (Xiung Xun) of Chu from 757, ends.  Either he or his son is murdered by his younger bro, XIONG TONG who succeeds 740-690.  He becomes king WU 704. 741 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     740 rcC
c.740 Duke WEN of Qin 765-16 defeats the Rong at Qishan northeast of Baoji, gives land east of Qishan back to the Zhou court. yr 16: icZ
c.740 Marquis ZHAO of Jin from 745 murdered by minister Panfu, who invites Huan Shu of Quwo to take the throne.  Huan Shu enters Jin but is driven out by the people and returns to Quwo.  Son Ping becomes Marquis XIAO of Jin 739-24. 740 CHAC 26, MRDK, chJ, friC, wikJ
735? SOLAR ECLIPSE recorded in China.   "The Sun was eclipsed, a thing of very evil omen. Then the Moon became small, and now the Sun became small. . . . For the Moon to be eclipsed is but an ordinary matter. Now that the Sun has been eclipsed - how bad it is!"
Refers to successive eclipses (one lunar, one solar) in 8th century BC.  Solar eclipse is said to have occurred on the day hsin-mao, which was the first day of the 10th lunar month.
(Shih-ching "Book of Odes")
maybe 735 mrec
c.735 Duke ZHUANG of Wey from 757 ends.  HUAN succeeds 734-19. 735 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.731 Duke ZHUANG of Qi from 794 ends.  Son Lufu becomes Duke XI of Qi 730-698. 731 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     730 rcC
c.731 HUAN SHU of Quwo from 745 ends.  Shan becomes ZHUANG BO of Quwo 731-16. 731 ckJ, wikJ
c.729 Marquis CHENG of Yen from 764 ends.  Son MU succeeds 728-11. 729 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.729 Duke XUAN of Song from 747 ends.  Brother, He (that's his name) succeeds as Duke MU of Song 728-20. 729 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.724 Marquis XIAO of Jin from 739 murdered by Quwo Zhuangbo.  Xi becomes Marquis YI of Jin 723-18. 724 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckJ, friC, wikJ     O succeeds: MRDK
c.723 HUI, Duke of Lu from 768, ends.  Son YIN succeeds 722-12. 723 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, friC, icZ     722 rcC
c.722  Spring and Autumn Annals  of Lu, called CHUN-QIU begin.  Covers years 722-481. 722 CHAC 978, GHCC, wikT, yutZ
c.722 PYUNG, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 748 ends.  GWUL succeeds until 703. 722 rcK
c.722 SPRING and AUTUMN PERIOD begins in China until 481. 770 CHAC 545, tcgEZ, wikSA
722 B76 II-891, GHCC, ICMH 20, bk, frie, wikT
720 tcgEZ
At least 154 states of which about 15 are significant.  Many changes in economy, politics, military affairs and culture.  Over 480 wars are fought among 140 states.
c.722 JI ZHONG, an officer in Zheng, writes:   "According to the rule of the former [Zhou] kings, the larger capital [of a lord?] does not exceed ⅓ the size of the national capital.  The middle capital [of a minister?] does not exceed ⅕ the size of the national capital, and the smaller capital [of an officer?] does not exceed 1/9 the size of the national capital."  722 CHAC 655
c.722 ZHUANG duke of Zheng 743-01, with 200 chariots, suppresses a revolt. 722 ICMH 24

East Asia 720-501