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c.1000 KENYA & TANZANIA:  Caucasoid AZANIANS bring cattle and cereals to join the previously settled dark whites.  They leave stone burial chambers, hut circles, terraced fields, roads and traces of irrigation.  By tradition Azanians were tall, bearded and red-skinned. 1000 mxfld
c.991 MENKHEPERRA king of Kush at Napata from 1030 ends.  NESUBANEBDJED succeeds until 987. 991 rcNA
c.987 NESUBANEBDJED king of Kush at Napata from 991 ends.  PAINUTEN-II succeeds until 980. 987 rcNA
c.980 DmtKingdom of DAMOT on Red Sea emerges until 400. map (modified): Aldan-2

980 wikDmt
c.980 PAINUTEN-II king of Kush at Napata from 987 ends.  SEBI succeeds until 970. 980 rcNA
c.970 SEBI king of Kush at Napata from 980 ends.  POKEAMON succeeds until ?. 970 rcNA
c.930 AMENHOTEP becomes king of Kush at Napata until 880. 930 rcNA
c.900 Kingdom of Kush begins as Nubian monarchy emerges at Napata. 900 triN 800 wikMr
c.880 AMENHOTEP king of Kush at Napata from 930 ends.  PAMSES succeeds until 855. 880 rcNA
c.855 PAMSES king of Kush at Napata from 880 ends.  ASKERKAMON-II succeeds until 815. 855 rcNA
c.815 ASKERKAMON-II king of Kush at Napata from 855 ends.  Successor unknown until 795. 815 rcNA
c.795 SHABAKA-I king of Kush at Napata from ? ends.  ALARA succeeds until 760. 815 rcNA
780 Grim 334
by c.770 Kingdom of Kush had extended its borders north to the boundaries of the Upper Nile. by c.770 triN
c.760 ALARA, king of Napata from 795, ends.  Bro KASHTA succeeds until 747. 770 ae     767 pic     760 Grim 335, MRDK, rcNA     750 B76 VII-430, nar
c.750 MEROE, Kush (a place with iron deposits) settled by locals from 890, reaches peak.  See 660.  It lasts until 350CE. 750 wheMr
c.747 KASHTA, Kushite king of Napata from 760, ends.  Son PIYE (incorrectly called Piankhi) succeeds until 716. 753 pic     752 DMoN, ktut, wikP
751 B76 VII-983, GEoP, RAI3, Sdl 4-246     750 ae     747 Clay, Grim, JIAE, MRDK, Shaw, frie, frN, phou, rcNA, resh, scar, tig, treg
740 sud     730 nar
c.740 Kushites of Napata push northward. 750-30 triN
c.732 Kushite king Piye invades northward, seizing control of Thebes. 727 wikK
c.716 PIYE, son of Kashta, 1st king of Kushite 25th dyn at Napata from 747, dies.  Bro SHABAKA succeeds until 702. 730 GEoP     721 ktut, wikP     717 DMoN 716 B76 VII-983, CAH 3.2, Clay, Grim, JIAE, MCAW 64, RAI3, Sdl 4-246, Shaw, frN, lveg, nar, phou, resh, scar, tig, treg     712 ae
c.700 IRON AGE V reaches Nubia at Meroe before it reaches Egypt.  Meroe becomes an iron manufacturing center.   (See Indus Valley 1300, Crete 1200, Levant 1200, Europe 900, Egypt 670) 700
SHT 1-597, TTT
c.684 Temple of Kama in kingdom of Kerma built by Taharka, king of Kushite 25th dyn 690-64.  Erects a stele (still there) to commemorate it. Taharka yr 6 Grim 347-8
c.663 KUSHITES in control of Egypt from 715, under TANUTAMON 664-56, expelled by Ashurbanipal.  Tanutamon returns to Napata. 664 rcNA     663 BHoE 20
661 BHoE 559     656 Grim
c.660 MEROE, Kush (a place with iron deposits) founded over a previous 750 settlement by Kushite 25th Dyn of Egypt. 660 MCAW 69  
c.653 AMENARDIS queen of Kush at Napata from 663 ends.  ATLANERSA succeeds until 643. 653 rcNA
c.643 ATLANERSA king of Kush at Napata from 653 ends.  SENKAMENISKEN succeeds until 623. 643 rcNA
c.623 SENKAMENISKEN king of Kush at Napata from 643 ends.  ANLAMANI succeeds until 593. 623 rcNA
c.600 VOYAGE AROUND AFRICA commissioned by Neko-II (Necho) using Phoenician sailorsStarts at Ezion-Geber and sails clockwise around Africa, arriving back in Egypt 3 years later. 600 WPOT 277, TTS, TTT
Herodotus 4-42
BAR Jul-Aug 1979 vol V #4
c.593 ANLAMANI king of Kush at Napata from 623 ends.  ASPELTA succeeds until 568. 593 bk, rcNA
c.591 PSAMTIK-II king of Egypt 595-89, invades Nubia, sacks Napata. 593 bk     591 triN 590 B76 VII-430
c.590 NAPATA, capital of Nubia from 1070, sacked by Psamtik-II king of Egypt 595-89.  Capital moved to MEROE, near 6th cataract, but the religious center and royal cemetery remain at Napata until 300. 600 PW 16
590 B76 VII-186, 430, rcNA, sud, wheMr, wikMr
by 560 BHoE 561
c.568 ASPELTA king of Kush at Meroe from 593 ends.  AMTALQA succeeds until 555. 568 bk, rcNA
c.555 AMTALQA king of Kush at Meroe from 568 ends.  MALENAQEN succeeds until 542. 555 rcNA
c.542 MALENAQEN king of Kush at Meroe from 555 ends.  ANALMAYE succeeds until 538. 542 rcNA, wikMr
c.538 ANALMAYE king of Kush at Meroe from 542 ends.  AMANINATAKILEBTE succeeds until 519. 538 rcNA, wikMr
c.525 CAMBYSES-II king of Medo-Persia 529-22 reaches Nubia, campaigns until 52?. 525 B76 6-480, BHoE 561
c.519 AMANINATAKILEBTE king of Kush at Meroe from 538 ends.  KARKAMANI succeeds until 510. 519 rcNA
c.510 KARKAMANI king of Kush at Meroe from 519 ends.  AMANIASTABARQA succeeds until 487. 510 rcNA

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