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Terrorists of any religion,

I respect your integrity and sincerity.  You are not inherently evil, but you become evil when you obey evil orders.  If those orders came from God, then God is evil.  I do not believe those orders came from God because the God who created me gave me a sense of what is good and what is evil.  The same God created you.  You must admit that killing innocent people at least feels evil.  Why would God order you to violate the sense of good and evil that He Himself built into you?  Any God who does such a thing must be an evil God.

A good God will reward good behavior and punish evil behavior.  A good God will reward you for trying to do good whether you succeed or not.  A good God will not punish you for believing an error when you are trying to believe truth. But if you are not trying to believe truth, you deserve no reward even if you are accidentally right.  An evil God cannot be trusted to reward or punish anyone, or to pay off on his promises.

Evil feels wrong.  Even being rewarded for evil feels wrong.  Do you want to live forever being rewarded, but feeling wrong?  That is no heaven, but only a lesser hell.  If you bet your soul on the promises of an evil God, you lose either way. You cannot possibly get to worthwhile life by serving a God who tells you to violate the values He Himself has put into you.




Expecting to win the hearts and minds of religious zealots with our carnival culture is the height of stupidity.  People who are willing to kill and die for God cannot be bought, and cannot be intimidated by any amount of power.  They must be convinced that they are wrong - not by clever bullshit, but by a greater level of truth than they have yet experienced.  You cannot provide that if you don't have it to offer.
So if you're an atheist, buzz off.  If you're a theist, pull your head out of your ass, and don't serve the same God the terrorists serve.  Suicide bombers serve a God who promises an unjust reward for compliance (eternal happiness) and an unjust punishment for noncompliance (eternal damnation).  If your God does the same thing, then by whatever name you call him, he's the same quality of being, and he has nothing but injustice to offer.  Serve a just God!  i.e. One who rewards or punishes appropriately for willful actions done with the intent to help or harm His creation.  If that means reinterpreting your allegedly Holy Scriptures, then for Heaven's sake reinterpret them!




Make up your mind.  Do you believe the Torah or not?  If you believe it, do what it says.  Move to Israel, kick out the Muslims, tear down the Dome of the Rock, and rebuild your temple.  Frankly, I don't blame you for being - what is it?  70% atheists?  But if you are an atheist, don't pretend you have a legitimate claim to the land you call Israel.  You can't even claim right of conquest until 1967.  You were given the original land by Englishmen who had no right to give it.  Why?  Because they were dispensational Christians who figured they could jumpstart the Second Coming of Jesus by 1988.
They should have given you Utah.  The Mormons at least give you credit for a prior claim on the land.




Okay, you're saved.  My question is - are you saved by a just God, or an unjust God?  If your God tortures people in hell forever because they failed to believe the right spiritual sales-pitch, your God is unjust - in fact, he's evil.  If you think otherwise, your God-given concept of justice has been totally ecclipsed by stupid and irrational fear.  Before you thump your Bible at me, go look up the words for forever and eternal in Biblical Greek.  Not all Christians are stupid and irrational, but it's very difficult to be otherwise when you are told that the state of your eternal existence is based on believing things which any rational mind cannot help but see as highly improbable.




I am not a Muslim.  If Allah commands you to either make me Muslim or kill me, then Allah appears to be evil.  How can I possibly become a Muslim if Allah appears to be evil?
And if I became a Muslim, your Cairo Declaration of Human Rights would say I have no right to leave it.  Why would anyone freely join a religion that denies him the freedom of conscience by which he joined it?

Quran: peaceful or not?

Muslim terrorists can be reasoned with, but only by better Muslims who are just as willing to sacrifice their lives for Allah, but have the sense to know a good Allah from an evil Allah.




Apparently you either haven't read your own early literature, or you don't care about false prophesy.  At least read some Greek and Hebrew history.  If a band of Israelites sailed for America at the fall of Samaria in 734 BC, when the Greeks scarcely ventured out of the Aegean, why are there so many Greek names in the Book of Mormon, and none in Hebrew literature of the same period?  Greece is not even mentioned in the Old Testament until the Book of Daniel.

It's a rhetorical question.  Don't bore me with your answer.



Concerning politics:

If you know what your'e talking about, tell us how you know it, so we can know it too.  If your'e just pretending to know it in order to feel relevant, do the world a favor, and shut the fuck up.




No comment - assuming, of course, that you permit people to say no comment without suing them.



The creation/evolution debate should have ended a century ago.
It's obvious that evolution happens.
It's also obvious that dirt has no reason to get organized into self-replicating units that become more irritable and frustrated than their component parts, unless some conscious mind screws with either the rules or the molecules.
So what's the answer?   Theistic evolution would do it.
Unfortunately that answer doesn't satisfy either the theists with their allegedly inerrant Scriptures, or those atheists who would reject any position that leaves open the possibility of Bible-God.



Either show that your definition of human being is right, and your opponents' is wrong, or admit that you don't know if abortion is murder or not.  If you don't know, and have no way to know, then have a national vote on it and accept majority opinion.  Vote on it again when a sufficient number of people want a recount.  The definition will probably become narrower as global population increases.
Would you rather be an abortion or an unwanted child?  If a pregnant woman would honestly rather be dead than a child of hers, what does the Golden Rule say she should do?




I apologize for the way I treated you people when I was younger.  You're right, I was homophobic.  I stayed homophobic until I tried a blow-job from a man and didn't care for it.  After that - no problem.
We can all control what we do, but we can't control what we want to do.  If you choose to do something that doesn't hurt other people, it's none of my damn business, whether I think it's immoral or not.  In fact, I can relate.  I've always been a stud trapped in a twit's body.




God created them.  Unless you can prove it's not genetic, then admit that God may in fact want them to be exactly as they are.  The real issue is how you interpret what you believe to be Holy Scripture.  Do you interpret the passages condoning slavery with the same rigor?  Do you apply the same standards to everything you consider "sin"?  Or is this particular "sin" somehow greater?  If you think it's greater, is it truly greater, or does that simply say something about you personally?



Theists vs. Atheists,

It all boils down to this:  Theists ask, "What is the most reasonable explanation for the existence of X?" - the answer being a personal Creator.  Atheists respond, "X just is that way. It doesn't need a reason."  Atheists then ask, "What is the most reasonable explanation for the existence of God?"  Theists respond, "God just is. He doesn't need a reason."
Once you see that this is where the arguments end, there is little point in going through the motions.  If you must ride that merry-go-round, visit Apologetics.com.
My bottom line:  I need justice.  Therefore a just Deity holds my only chance of getting to worthwhile life.  Therefore I bet on one, but I don't claim to know it's true or even probable.



Truth Seekers,

You can't trust anyone to tell you the truth about God - no man, no institution, and no book.  You either find out for yourself, or remain ignorant.
Here's how:  If you don't think God exists, tell Him so, and ask Him to correct you if you're wrong.  If you have the balls, ask Him to convince you to your satisfaction by any means He chooses.  If you think God exists, but are not sure about your religion, ask Him about that.  "Seek and you will find" is either the truth or it's a lie.  Don't be afraid to find out which.



Fucked up church kids,

I was neither a church kid nor seriously fucked up.  But I've known some seriously fucked up church kids.  Some of them think like this:

I cannot be what my parents want me to be.
My parents are obviously good people.
Therefore there must be something wrong with me.

The problem is that even the best of people can be wrong.  So can your church.  They may want you to be something your Creator never designed you to be.