I don't relate well to stupid people.  I don't want to relate well to stupid people.  I don't even want to know how to relate well to stupid people.  I wish all stupid people would quit talking to me.

Maybe I need to clarify what I mean by stupidity, as opposed to similar concepts:

But I keep running into stupid people.  And since I'm a theist, I have to assume that God wants me to learn how to relate to stupid people.  And it's not like I don't know they don't like to be called stupid.  I already know that.  I try to refrain from calling stupid individuals stupid.  But the set of all stupid people damn well deserves to be called a stupid set.  Not calling things what they are is one of the causes of stupidity.  And I refuse to knowingly abet stupidity.


God to whom I'm accountable, please cause me to figure out how to relate to stupid people in the way that you want me to relate to stupid people.

Ah!   Think I got something...
Hey stupid people, specifically stupid theists, unless you're also gutless cowards, ask God to cause you to quit being stupid.  If you don't even know if you're stupid, ask God to correct your errors.  Not just general errors - specific errors.  Try any of these:

God, Jesus, whatever,
please correct my most serious error.
please correct my most easily correctable error.
I think X is true.  If I'm wrong, please correct me.

There!   If you feel daring, ask him to correct you ASAP.  If you feel really daring, ask him to correct you regardless of the cost.  I don't recommend that, but it's there if you want to experiment.  If you get overstressed, just retract the prayer.  Come at it again later.

If you're too stupid and/or gutless to even do that much, try asking Jesus to cast out your demon of stupidity.

Apologies to stupid atheists.  I would have warned you up front that this was not for you, but it felt awkward.  Smart atheists already know all that.