Figure It Out (2)

Within the insane tragedy of human history, a few people have thought and done good things - men who not only changed the world, like Alexander, but improved the quality of human life, and furthered the evolution of mind.  e.g.  Thales, who first predicted a solar eclipse, thereby proving that men could figure out objective reality by observation and reason;  Aristotle, who discovered logic;  many more names up to Einstein and beyond.

Others, who while failing to discover anything demonstrably true, discovered ways to lessen the stupidity of their cultures.  e.g.  Akhenaton would have replaced polytheism with monotheism, which proved too soon for its time.  Abraham convinced people to replace human sacrifice with animal sacrifice, and laid a stable foundation for monotheism.  Jesus took it the next step, and should not be faulted for failing to denounce the absurdity of sacrificial atonement altogether.

The many anonymous anti-theists have received (and deserve) little credit, for while rightly bashing the absurdities of theistic cults, they wrongly blamed theism itself.  And even if they had successfully discredited theism, it would have left nihilism in its wake.

Currently, the major obstacle to the evolution of the human mind and spirit is scriptural monotheism.  What started as a sensible effort to unscramble and codify contradictory theistic writings has preserved "in stone" ideas that should (and otherwise would) have gone obsolete naturally.  The idea of a written Word of God has caused such travesties as the Muslim conquests, followed by the Crusades, Inquisition, Taliban, pogroms, suicide bombers, etc.  If not stopped, this insanity is likely to end in nuclear holocaust.

The solution, and next dialectic synthesis in theistic evolution, is NON-SCRIPTURAL MONOTHEISM, which allows every theist to be as devoted as he likes to his assumed God, without any obligation to believe absurdities, or a standard by which to denounce his opponents as infidels and heretics.

NSM is basic monotheism prior to dogma, and thus devoid of rational contradictions.  i.e.  A Supreme Being may exist.  It, or a subordinate thereof, may judge humanity, and give every creature what it deserves.  If there actually is a just God, a NSM-ist can prepare for Judgment Day by praying to that God for correction of error - even regardless of the cost, if he feels a need for maximum security - and he can handle the stress.  If he then does what he thinks that God wants him to do, he can rest in total confidence that he is as right as he can possibly be.

A theist can approach NSM cautiously, without renouncing those dogmas he considers necessary.  He can remain a non-scriptural Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc. - or transition thru the awkward position of semi-scripturalism.

Figure this out, admit you have figured it out, act accordingly, and help save the world from a deadly mind-virus.