Extraordinary Claims

Under what circumstances is a claim extraordinary?  There is no official answer to this question, so we all have to answer it subjectively.  I would say a claim is extraordinary to the degree to which I find it improbable based on logic and my life experience to date.  Scriptures are full of such claims.  But the question of theism vs. atheism is not based on scripture, regardless of how much both sides would like to make it so.

All probability judgments should be based on logic and life experience.  But sometimes people allow their probability judgment to be based on emotion:  e.g.
fear of an unjust God
disgust with those who fear an unjust God

Which of the following claims are more extraordinary than their contraries?

Nothing comes from nothing.
Something comes from nothing.

A Supreme Thing created the first created thing.
There was no first created thing.
Eternal regression is true.
Time is cyclical.

The Supreme Thing is personal.
The Supreme Thing is non-personal.
Persons evolved because physical laws require it.

Science will eventually discover the physical laws that cause life.
Science will eventually discover that physical laws can't cause life.

This universe is all that exists.
This universe is not all that exists.

Which of the above claims require more evidence than their contraries?
What possible evidence could there be for those that require more evidence?