Anybody Out There?

The world is clogged with scripturefucked minds yelling, "God says this, therefore this; and this says God, therefore God".  The more rational among them say, "Either God or nihilism; therefore God".  Unfortunately, their God is equally scripturefucked, therefore irrational and disgusting to rational minds.  Their debate evolves into "X is impossible, therefore not-X" vs. "Not-X is impossible, therefore X".  The more refined among them both evolve to, "I don't see X, therefore not-X".  But still, they remain on the merry-go-round.

I'm done with it.
I don't see X.
Things exist that I don't see.
Therefore maybe X.

But an agnostic conclusion is not a dead end;  it's only a split end.  Both possibilities can be explored.  Or you can back off and look for a more relevant direction, like, "what is the most reasonable bet?"
After Pascal is booted off the field for arbitrary conclusion jumping, there is an unexplored frontier that extends in ontological, epistemological, axiological, and maybe even spiritual directions.  Scientists are most qualified to explore the ontological;  but scientists make clunky philosophers;  and philosophers are needed to explore the rest.  Philosophers are unequally divided into mostly sophists and a few rational truth seekers, the latter of which are the only ones worth talking to.  Unfortunately, a party for rational truth seekers will attract herds of IRrational truth seekers, and ideologues in truth seekers' clothing.  Nevertheless, an invitation is necessary.

Are there any rational truth seekers out there who want to fucking go somewhere?  Like maybe the next dialectic step in worldview evolution?