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10 Pontifications on Theodicy

1.  Any creature that is going to be rewarded or punished for its behavior has a moral right to have its behavior corrected if it asks for correction.

2.  Your Creator would not program noble values into you, and then bully you into sycophancy.

3.  Life is not worth living in the kingdom of any god who doesn't make life worth living.

4.  A just God would never punish anyone for what he believes or fails to believe, but neither would He allow into a community committed to justice anyone who is not committed to justice.

5.  Only an evil god would allow his creation's good & evil evaluator to become corrupt and then judge him by an uncorrupted standard.  A righteous god would judge his creature by the creature's standard, and change that standard if he doesn't like it.

6.  Nothing screws up a person's sense of justice more than faith in an unjust God.

7.  Serving your God is good only if your God is good.

8.  If there is an afterlife, and the quality it depends on believing things that appear improbable, then the creator of the system is evil.

9.  If a creator (Supreme Being or otherwise) does not provide worthwhile life to those members of his creation who prove worthy of it, then that creator is evil.  Proving worthy of worthwhile life does not imply never erring.  It implies trying not to err, and trying to correct errors made.

10.  If you seek a righteous God, then act in a manner worthy of a righteous God.