Barking Dogs

The following emails are from people who clearly don't like something I've said, but refuse to discuss it with me.

Interesting read but you, as most critics of the ancients fail to consider that human sacrifice, slavery, and many other beastly practices that contemporary mores view as violations of "human rights" were quit moral and common.  Literally every ancient society practiced what we now call insane or immoral over the entire religious and secular political spectrum, in all human society for as far as we have record.  The irony is all of you self righteous critics are oblivious to the fact that your contemporary self righteous understanding of what is "moral or "insane" is the results of thirty five hundred plus years of the Jude-o-Christian struggle to understand what Jehovah wants from us.  Enter Jehovah, teaching Abram the basic tenant of human value, with his superbly crafted object lesson, He dose not require human sacrifice.  In this first object lesson for the world we are taught that human sacrifice is a ignorant human distortion of service to GOD and later it is revealed to be an abomination to Jehovah.  When you contemporary critics understand that a loving GOD has worked centuries in the face of human evil and ignorance to teach love "agape" as the highest moral virtue you will have found a sound basis from which to teach your ideas.

danh green   8/17/2008

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First off this isn't "Hate" Mail,

I would like you to know that I am disappointed deeply by what I saw being promoted on Myspace, which would be your website and book.  Was King Constantine's "God" evil when he murdered in the name of Christ?  It is a shame how we as human beings are so week that we cling to the most popular belief system of the particular era.  What Religion is the "God" becuase there is only one, not mine, not yours, just one, our God.  You would be narcassitic to even claim that your God is your religion.  Religion is man made.  You are all sepratists.  You who claim to be the chosen.  You are the false idols, you are the true evil.  You are the reason why the church is corrupt from the lowest to the highest teirs of power.  You should all be ashamed of yourself, but I know you aren't, because you know not what you do.  Find the light, find the truth, find GOD.

This comes from a man with no religion, but a man with great spirituality.

Dope City   6/14/2009