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The obligatory ABOUT ME page
(mostly to explain why I don't want an ABOUT ME page)

A picture of a 68 year old unattractive white man wouldn't tell you any more than this.
If I get any terrorist death threats, I'll post a photo so the fools don't accidentally kill my roommate.

People tell me I should have one of these pages, so here's why I'd rather not have one.  I made the decision a long time ago to talk straight and take what comes of it.  I can't talk straight and be a salesman at the same time.  Though I totally believe my book to be beneficial to the human species, I may be wrong.  My only provable relevant credential for writing Abram is being a Bible school dropout.

If I told you I spent my productive years "seeking first the kingdom of God and His [alleged] righteousness," in accordance with a certain person's instructions, it would be unprovable.  However, if you want evidence, you can trace my mental and spiritual evolution in 2nd Proverbs.   If I told you that all I have to show for 40 years of effort to "get right with God" is philosophical brilliance, some unproduced plays, and Abram, that would sound rather tacky.

If I told you why I consider myself qualified to write Abram, I would sound like a pompous ass -- which I am.  So I might as well admit it, rather than talk like a pompous ass who doesn't know he's a pompous ass.  But the fact that I'm a pompous ass doesn't diminish the value of what I'm saying.  And it's not like I'm a pompous asshole, because what I'm putting out is definitely not crap.  It is, however, something the world doesn't yet know it needs to hear.

Anyway, the bottom line is that, other than my endorsements, I have only a dogmatic assertion that I'm qualified to say what I'm saying.  If you don't find that sufficient to buy my book, I understand.  Try some of my essays.  They're free.

Religious terrorists are welcome to come and kill me.  I'm at 14682 Carfax Drive #D, Tustin California 92780.