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c.2070 XIA (aka HSIA) DYNASTY of CHINA begins until 1600. 2100 wikC, wikHC
2070 wikX
2040 wik20
Existence of the Xia Dynasty has not been proven.
Wikipedia regnal years for Xia rulers are contradictory.  I have arbitrarily chosen those years that fit best into the 470 years of Xia rule, and added arbitrary years for the two usurpers.
c.2070 Son of Gun, YU ascends as 1st king of Xia dyn of China until 2025.  His ministers are Ji, Xie, and Gao Yao. 2070 wikC, wikX
c.2030 YU, king of Xia dyn 2070-25, bequeaths kingdom to BOYI, son of Gao Yao instead of to his own son, Qi. no date: wikC
c.2025 YU dies.  1st king of Xia dyn of China from 2070, dies while hunting at Kuaiji Mountain.  Son of Gao Yao, BOYI succeeds, but is not recognized as a XIA ruler to 2022. yr 45 wikC, wikX
c.2022 Son of Gao Yao, BOYI dies.  Ruler of Xia China from 2025, assassinated by Qi, son of Yu.  QI succeeds to 1993. no date: wikC
c.2000 TEA, growing wild in Manchuria, is now cultivated there.  At first the leaves are merely chewed. 2000 mxfld
c.2000 Zhukaigou ZHUKAIGOU culture in Ordos Plateau of Inner Mongolia begins until 1500.  Agriculturalists, millet main crop, also had sheep, pigs, and cattle. map Kanguole

2000 wikZuk
c.2000 Earliest metal BELLS appear in Asia.  They are hung in a wooden frame and struck with a mallet.  1 will be found in the Taosi site and 4 in the Erlitou site.   West 1000, India 1000 2100 wikBz 2000 wikBl, wikBlf
c.2000 BRONZE AGE V begins in north China. 2000 wik20 1500 mxfld
c.2000 OX CART known in China. 2000 mxfld
c.2000 PAINTED POTTERY culture of China enters final phase. 2000 B76 4-300
c.2000 ICE CREAM invented in China. 2000 EOET 418
c.2000 MAGNETS V used in Chinese MEDICINE V. 2000 pet
c.2000 AUSTRONESIAN people on Taiwan (island east of China) from 4000, arrive in Indonesia. 2000 wikInd
c.2000 JAPAN:  Neolithic Middle Jomon period from ?, ends.  Other Neolithic societies remain. 2000 wik20
c.1993 HANYUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 2047, ends.  USEOHAN succeeds until 1985. 1993 rcK
c.1993 Son of Yu, QI dies.  2nd king of Xia dyn of China from 2022.  Son TAI KANG succeeds to 1964. yr 10 wikX
c.1985 USEOHAN king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1993, ends.  ASUL succeeds until 1950. 1985 rcK
c.1980 Capital of China, at XIAYI from ?, moved by king Tai Kang to intersection of Luo and Yi Rivers and named ZHENXUN.  Capital remains there until 1936. no date: wikC
c.1975 1st ZOO in China. 2000-1951 TTS
c.1975 RICE paddies in Southeast Asia. 2000-1951 TTS
c.1964 Son of Qi, TAI KANG ends.  3rd king of Xia dyn of China from 2010, loses throne.  (doesn't die until 4 - 10 years later)  Bro ZHONG KANG succeeds to 1951. yr 29 wikX
c.1958 ZHONG KANG, king of Xia dyn of China, appoints KUNWU prime minister. yr 6 wikC
c.195? XIANG, son of Zhong Kang, leaves capital, Zhenxun, and lives in Shangqiu (Bo), in Shang province with a minister named Pi. no date: wikC
c.1951 Son of Qi, ZHONG KANG ends.  4th king of Xia dyn of China from 1978.  Son XIANG succeeds to 1923. yr 13 wikX
c.1951 XIANG, king of Xia dyn of China, sends troops against Huai and Fei barbarians. yr 1 wikC
c.1950 XIANG, king of Xia dyn of China, sends troops against Feng and Huang barbarians. yr 2 wikC
c.1950 ASUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1985, ends.  NOEUL succeeds until 1891. 1950 rcK
c.1944 YU tribe sends an envoy to Xiang, king of Xia. Xiang yr 7 wikC
c.1942 XIANG, king of Xia dyn of China, lives in Zhenguan. yr 9 wikC
c.1936 XIA CAPITAL, at ZHENXUN from 1980, moved by XIANG to SHANGQIU (BO) until 1887. yr 15 wikC
c.1931 HAN ZHOU conquers GE. Xiang yr 20 wikC
c.1925 HAN ZHOU orders his son, HAN JIAO, to fight in Zhenguan. Xiang yr 26 wikC
c.1924 HAN JIAO attacks Xia at Wei in Zhenxun, capsizes their boat and conquers them. Xiang yr 27 wikC
c.1923 HAN ZHOU orders his son, HAN JIAO, to kill Xiang.  Xiang's wife, Queen Ji is pregnant with son Shao Kang.  She escapes from Du, and hides in Youren.  MI, minister of Xia, flees to Youge. Xiang yr 28 wikC
c.1923 XIANG killed.  5th king of Xia dyn of China from 19, killed in battle against Han Zhuo's two sons, Han Jiao and Han Yi.  HAN ZHOU usurps throne until 1905, because few people know Xiang has a son. yr 28 wikC
yr 29 wikX
c.1907 HAN ZHOU usurper king of China, learns of Shao Kang's existence, dispatches his sons, Han Jiao and Han Yi, to find and kill Shao Kang, who is forced to flee from his grandfather's estate to a northern tribe. no date: wikC
c.1905 SHAO KANG, son of Xiang, defeats Han Jiao and Han Yi in battle and kills them, leads army to capital, greeted as liberator by people. no date: wikC
c.1905 HAN ZHOU dies.  Usurper king of China from 1923, suicides out.  SHAO KANG succeeds as 6th king to 1884, restores the Xia Dynasty. yr 16+ wikX
no date: wikC
c.1903 FANG barbarians send an envoy to Xia. Shaokang yr 2: wikC
c.1902 SHAO KANG, 6th Xia king of China 1905-1884, distributes land to his vassals, so that the position of vassal could be inherited by their sons.  One of his vassals will become the Zhou people. yr 3 wikC
c. 1900 Longshan LONGSHAN CULTURE ends.  (Black Pottery Culture), Began 3000.  Late Neolithic culture in middle and lower Yellow River valley areas of north China.  Noted for wheel-made highly polished black egg-shell pottery, widespread in north China, and also found in the Yangtze River valley and as far as the southeast coast. cup Ismoon
map Kanguole

2100 tcg 2000 vart 1900 wikLC 1700 brit
c. 1900 TaosiLongshan Culture TAOSI phase ends.  Began 2300.  Taosi is the largest Longshan site discovered in the Linfen basin, a community surrounded by a rectangular rammed-clay enclosure.  An internal wall separates the residential and ceremonial areas of the elite from the areas inhabited by commoners, signifying a stratified society.  It contains a semi-round foundation by the south wall, which could be used for astronomical observations.  If so, it is the oldest astronomical observatory in East Asia.  The cemetery covers 30,000 square meters, and contains over 1,500 burials.  Graves are in separate rooms with murals.  Large rooms include over 200 objects: jades, copper bells, wooden and crocodile skin musical instruments.  Mid-size graves have painted wooden coffins and luxury objects.  Most small graves have no grave goods. 1900 wikTs

1800 icXS
c.1900 Yueshi YUESHI CULTURE begins until 1500 in Shandong, eastern Henan, and north Jiangsu province.  It is centered in the Tai-Yi Mountains.  Bronze mostly consist of small, portable items.  Bronze vessels are not found.  More than 340 Yueshi sites have been identified in Shandong. map Kanguole

1900 wikYsC
c.1900 YANG SHAO, Chalcolithic site in northwest Honan, has wheeled pottery, domesticated pigs and dogs. 1900 MCAW 22
c.1891 NOEUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1950, ends.  DOHAE succeeds until 1834. 1891 rcK
c.1894 SHAO KANG, 6th Xia king of China 1905-1884, orders his vassal Shang to manage the river for irrigation and flood control. yr 11 wikC
c.1887 XIA CAPITAL, at SHANGQIU (BO) from 1936, moved by SHAO KANG to YUAN until 1879. yr 18 wikC
c.1884 Son of Xiang, SHAO KANG ends.  6th king of Xia dyn of China from 1905.  ZHU succeeds to 1867. yr 21 wikX
c.1879 XIA CAPITAL, at YUAN from 1887, moved by ZHU to LAOQIU until 1723. yr 5 wikC
c.1876 ZHU, 7th king of Xia dyn of China 1884-67, hunts in the East Sea and invades SANSHOU. yr 8 wikC
c.1871 MING, ruler of Shang tribe, vassal of Xia, dies at He. Zhu yr 13: wikC
c.1867 ZHU dies.  7th king of Xia dyn of China from 1884.  HUAI succeeds to 1841. yr 17 wikX
c.1864 Nine barbarians come to Xia capital to pay respects. Huai yr 3: wikC
c.1864 HUAI, king of Xia dyn of China 1867-41, appoints son of Kunwu as minister in Yousu. yr 3 wikC
c.1851 Xia minister LUOBO fights with minister FENGYI. Huai yr 16 wikC
c.1851 HUAI, king of Xia dyn of China 1867-41, creates the poem and music of Huantu. yr 16 wikC
c.1841 HUAI ends.  8th king of Xia dyn of China from 1867.  MANG succeeds to 1823. yr 26 wikX
yr 44 wikC
c.1840 ZIHAI, duke of Shang, vassal of Xia, moves Shang capital from SHANGQIU (BO) to ANYANG (YIN) for the first time. no date: wikC
c.1834 DOHAE king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1891, ends.  AHAN succeeds until 1782. 1834 rcK
c.1823 MANG ends.  9th king of Xia dyn of China from 1841.  XIE succeeds to 1807. yr 18 wikX
c.1820 ZIHAI, ruler of Shang tribe, vassal of Xia, moves to Youyi, where he is killed by Mianchen, leader of Youyi. Zihai yr 12: wikC
c.1820 Shang minister WEI leads troops from Hebo, invades Youyi and kills Mianchen. Wei yr 16: wikC
c.1810 XIE, king of Xia dyn of China 1823-07, fights and subdues surrounding barbarians:  Fei, Bai, Chi, Xuan, Feng, and Yang. yr 21 wikC
c.1807 XIE ends.  10th king of Xia dyn of China from 1823.  BU JIANG succeeds to 1748. yr 16 wikX
yr 25 wikC
c.1800 KOREA:  agricultural tools and painted pottery appear. 1800 ICMH 3
c.1800 SHANG civilization begins in northeast China until ?.  Urban settlements. 1800 PW 14 1700 mxfld
c.1782 AHAN king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1834, ends.  HOLDAI succeeds until 1721. 1782 rcK
c.1772 SHANG, vassal state of Xia, defeats PI. Bujiang yr 35 wikC
c.1766 ORACULAR PERIOD of Chinese LANGUAGE begins until 1122. 1766
B76 16-803
c.1750 ErlitouERLITOU Culture begins until 1500 in Yanshi in Henan Province.  Phase 1 of 4 phases begins until 1680.  Covers 250 acres, a growing regional center, estimated population: several thousand, but not yet an urban civilization or capital. map Kanguole

1900 or 1750 icXS, wikEC
c.1748 BU JIANG abdicates.  11th king of Xia dyn of China from 1807, abdicates to bro Jiong.  JIONG succeeds to 1727. yr 59 wikX
c.1738 BU JIANG, former king of Xia, dies. Jiong yr 10: wikC
c.1727 Bro of Bu Jiang, JIONG ends.  12th king of Xia dyn of China from 1748.  JIN (LI) succeeds to 1706. yr 21 wikX
c.1723 XIA CAPITAL, at LAOQIU from 1879, moved by JIN (LI) to XIHE (WEST RIVER) until ??. V yr 4 wikC
c.1721 HOLDAI king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1782, ends.  GOBUL succeeds until 1661. 1721 rcK
c.1720 JI FAN, leader of Kunwu, in land of Wey, moves his capital from WEI to XU. in reign of Jin: wikC
The land of Wey is also spelled Wei.  To avoid confusion with another Wei later, it is here spelled Wey.  It has a city called Wei in it.
c.1719 Serious DROUGHT in China. Jin yr 8 wikC
c.1706 JIN (LI) ends.  13th king of Xia dyn of China from 1727.  KONG JIA succeeds to 1675. yr 21 wikX
c.1700 Xia dynasty begins decline. reign of Kongjia: wikC
c.1700 TUNWEI, noble under Kong Jia, stripped of power. no date: wikC
c.1700 Dongxiafeng culture of southeast Shanxi Province from 2200 ends. 1700 icXS
c.1700 SHANG CAPITAL:  at YIN from ??, moved back to SHANGQIU (BO). reign of Kongjia: wikC
c.1700 UKRANIAN POTTERY reaches China. 1700 CWH
c.1700 SMALLPOX or a similar disease hits China. 1700 TTPC
c. 1680 ErlitouERLITOU Culture of Yanshi in Henan Province: Phase 1 from 1750 ends.  Phase 2 of 4 phases begins until 1620.  Expands from 250 to 740 acres, population 11,000.  A palace area of 30 acres is demarcated by 4 roads.  It contains the 150x50m Palace 3, composed of 3 courtyards along a 150m axis, and Palace 5.  A bronze foundry is south of the palace complex controlled by the elite who live in the palaces.    . map Kanguole

no date: wikEC
c.1675 KONG JIA ends.  14th king of Xia dyn of China from 1706, (known for hunting, drinking, song writing, superstition, & womanizing).  GAO succeeds to 1664. yr 31 wikX
c.1672 TUNWEI, noble stripped of power by Kong Jia, restored by Gao. Gao yr 3: wikC
c.1664 GAO ends.  15th king of Xia dyn of China from 1675.  FA succeeds to 1653. yr 11 wikX
c.1661 GOBUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1721, ends.  DAEUM succeeds until 1610. 1661 rcK
c.1653 FA ends.  16th king of Xia dyn of China from 1664.  JIE succeeds to 1600. yr 11 wikX
c.1650 Bronze used in Yellow River area. 1650 bk
c.1647 JIE, king of Xia dyn of China, receives envoy from the Qizhong Barbarians. yr 6 wikC
c.1642 JIE, king of Xia dyn of China, summons all vassals to his court.  Youmin did not come, so Jie attacks and conquers that kingdom. yr 11 wikC
c.1640 Λ XIA CAPITAL, at ZHENXUN from 16??, moved by JIE to HENAN until ??. yr 13 wikC
c.1639 JIE, king of Xia dyn of China, leads army to Minshan, where he marries two of the King of Minshan's daughters, Wan and Yan, renaming them Zhao and Hua.  He abandons his original wife, Moxi, and builds a PYRAMID on top of the Tilt Palace for them to live in. yr 14 wikC
c.1638 Duke of Shang moves his capital from LU to SHANGQIU (BO). Jie yr 15 wikC
c.1632 Duchy of Shang conquers their weak Youluo neighbors with an army led by Tang.  Then Shang conquers another vassal kingdom, Jing.  Tang gives cattle to the people of Jing for their surrender. Jie yr 21 wikC
c.1631 General TANG comes to pay homage to Jie, but Jie imprisons him at the Xia Pyramid. Jie yr 22 wikC
c.1630 General TANG, imprisoned at Xia Pyramid from ??, released.  Returns home.  Many of Jie's vassals come to visit and comfort Tang. Jie yr 23 wikC
c.1627 WEN state conquered by SHANG Duchy. Jie yr 26 wikC
c.1625 SHANG Duchy is attacked by KUNWU.  Several years of war between Shang and Kunwu follow. Jie yr 28 wikC
c.1624 Earthquake in China:  The Yi and Luo rivers dry up. Jie yr 29 wikC
c.1622 SHANG Duchy dispatches troops from Er to simultaneously attack Xia and Kunwu.  Kunwu is quickly defeated. Jie yr 31 wikC
c.1620 Erlitou 3 ERLITOU Culture of Yanshi in Henan Province: Phase 2 from 1680 ends.  Phase 3 of 4 phases begins until 1570.  Population 24,000.  The palatial complex is surrounded by a 2m thick rammed-earth wall.  Palaces 1 (diagramed here), 7, 8, 9 are built.  The earthwork volume of rammed earth for the base of largest Palace 1 is 20,000m cubed at least.  Palaces 3 and 5 are abandoned and replaced by 4,200 square km Palace 2 and Palace 4. pic Shibo77

no date: wikEC
c.1616 General TANG becomes ruler of Shang as TIAN YI until 1587. no date: wikC
c.1610 DAEUM king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1661, ends.  WINA succeeds until 1552. 1610 rcK
c.1600 SHANG army brings Jie's forces to battle at MINGTIAO, in a heavy thunder storm.  The Xia army is defeated.  Jie escapes and flees to Sanzong.  Jie is pursued by Shang forces under general Wuzi, to Cheng. 1763 ICMH 9
1600 wikC
c.1600 JIE ends.  17th king of Xia dyn of China from 1653, captured at Jiaomen and deposed by TANG, king of Shang, and exiled. 1766 icXS, scr
1750 ICMH 4
1600 wikC, wikHC, wikX
yr 52 wikX
1557 MCAW 28
XIA (aka HSIA) DYNASTY ends.  Began in China 2070.
Existence of the Xia dynasty has not been proven.
c.1600 SHANG (aka YIN) DYNASTY begins in China until 1046. 1765 icXS     1750 ICMH 5     1600 wikC, wikHC     1570 CHAC 232     1520 bk
1384 B76 1-1010
Wikipedia says Shang ruled China from 1600 to 1046, i.e. 554 years, but has a table showing regnal years totaling 678 years.  Fortunately linked pages show contradictory regnal years such that a total of 554 years can be formulated by arbitrarily choosing dates that make it come out right.
c.1600 The ruler of the Shang tribe from 1616, Tian Yi ascends as TANG, 1st king of Shang dynasty of China until 1587.  His capital is at SHANGQIU (aka BO) until 1590. 1600 wikC
c.1600 CHINA:  First urban civilization begins with Shang Dynasty. 1600 TAWH 16
c.1600 A walled city is built at Yanshi, about 6km northeast of Erlitou. 1600 wikEC
c.1600 Wucheng WUCHENG Culture begins in response to contacts with the expanding Erligang culture, melding Erligang influences with local traditions.  Has pottery shards with inscribed symbols, some similar to Shang writing.  Around 120 inscriptions have been found. 1600 wikWC
c.1600 Lower Xiajiadian Lower Xiajiadian culture ends.  Began 2200-2000 mainly in southeast Inner Mongolia.  Millet farmers with pigs, dogs, sheep and cattle.  Stone, bone, gold, lead, lacquer, jade, copper, and bronze and pottery artefacts discovered.  Most common copper and bronze artefacts are earrings. map Ismoon

1600 wikXiaj
1300 CHAC 897
c.1600 BRONZE PLOW used in north Vietnam. 1600-1551 TTS, TTT 1000 mxfld
c.1598 DROUGHT in China until 1593.  The Di and Qiang people send an envoy to worship Tang, king of Shang, and regarded him as their king. Tang yr 2 wikC
c.1597 JIE, last king of Xia, dies at Tingshan.
TANG, king of Shang bans dancing and singing, in order to plead with heaven to rain.
Tang yr 3 wikC
c.1596 King TANG makes gold coins to give to poor families that sold their children because of the drought, so they could buy their children back. Tang yr 4 wikC
c.1593 King TANG prays at Sanglin, and promises that if it did not rain, he would sacrifice himself to the God as a charge to rain.  It rains.  Drought from 1598 ends. 1593 wikC
c.1590 SHANG CAPITAL, at SHANGQIU (aka Bo) from ? moved by Tang to ANYANG (aka YIN) until 1586. no date: wikC 1400 ICMH 6
c.1590 TAI DING, son and heir of Tang, dies. before death of Tang: wikC
c.1587 Tian Yi (king TANG) dies.  1st king of Shang dyn of China from 1600.  Son Sheng succeeds as WAI BING until 1585.  His prime minister is Yi YIN. 1753 icXS
yr 13 wikC yr 29 wikS
c.1586 SHANG CAPITAL, at ANYANG (aka YIN) from 1590, moved by Wai Bing back to SHANGQIU (aka BO) until 1440. no date: wikC
c.1585 Son of Tang, Sheng (king WAI BING) dies.  2nd king of Shang dyn of China from 1574.  Bro Zi Yong succeeds as ZHONG REN until 1581.  His prime minister is Yi YIN. yr 32 wikS
yr 32 wikC
c.1581 Son of Tang, ZHONG REN dies.  3rd king of Shang dyn of China from 1585.  Neph TAI JIA succeeds until 1569.  His prime minister is Yi YIN. yr 4 wikS
c.1574 TAI JIA rules Shang so badly that prime minister YI YIN is powerful enough to get him exiled to the Tong Palace and act as regent for 3 years until 1571. no date: wikC
 Bamboo Annals  say Yi Yin usurped power and ruled as king of Shang for 7 years.
c.1571 YI YIN, regent for Tai Jia, retires.  TAI JIA resumes rule and rules well until 1569. Taijai yr 10 wikC
 Bamboo Annals  say Tai Jia secretly returned to the palace and killed Yi Yin.
c. 1570 ErlitouERLITOU Culture of Yanshi in Henan Province: Phase 3 from 1620 ends.  Phase 4 begins until 1500.  Population decreases to 20,000, but building continues.  Palace 6 is built as an extension of Palace 2.  Palaces 10 and 11 are built.  From 1600 to 1560, about 6km northeast of Erlitou, Eligang cultural walled city is built at Yanshi, which coincides with an increase in production of arrowheads at Erlitou.  Possibly the Yanshi City is competing with Erlitou. map Kanguole

no date: wikEC
c.1569 Son of Tai Ding, TAI JIA dies.  4th king of Shang dyn of China from 1581.  Son Xuan succeeds as WO DING until 1550.  His prime minister is QINSHI. yr 12 wikC, wikS
1535 wikC
c.1561 WO DING honors former prime minister YI YIN in ceremonies. yr 8 wikC
c.1552 WINA king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1610, ends.  YEOUL succeeds until 1484. 1552 rcK
c.1550 Son of Tai Jia, WO DING dies.  5th king of Shang dyn of China from 1560.  Bro Bian succeeds as TAI GENG until 1545. yr 29 wikS yr 19 wikC
c. 1550 metalurgyMETALURGY in China.  Iron workers smelt iron ore to make pig iron and wrought iron.  Left shows a fining process.  Right displays men operating a blast furnace.  Fining process operates a reacting powder (the wuchaoni) and work on molted pig iron.  This is different from the later Chinese puddling processes. pic

16th cen. wikCFBF
c.1545 Son of Tai Jia, TAI GENG dies.  6th king of Shang dyn of China from 1550.  Son or bro Gao succeeds as XIAO JIA until 1528. yr 25 or 5 wikC
c.1528 XIAO JIA ends.  7th king of Shang dyn of China from 1545.  Bro Zhou succeeds as YONG JI until 1516. yr 17 wikC, wikS
c.1516 Son of Tai Geng, YONG JI ends.  8th king of Shang dyn of China from 1528.  Neph of Xiao Jia, TAI WU, succeeds until 1441.  He appoints Yishe and Chenhu as his higher officers. yr 12 wikC, wikS
c.1510 Erligang ERLIGANG CULTURE begins until 1460 in the Yellow River valley centered at Zhengzhou Henan.  In its early years, it expands rapidly, reaching the Yangtze.  The Zhengzhou site is part of a city surrounded by a roughly rectangular rammed earth wall of 7km perimeter.  As Erligang expands, the Yueshi culture retreats into Shandong. map Kanguole

1600 wikEC 1510 wikErg
c.1505 TAI WU orders Wu Xian to pray at Shanchuan. yr 11 wikC
c.1500 Neolithic JEULMUN pottery period ends.  Began 8000 in Korea.
MUMUN pottery period begins until 300.  Plain coarse pottery replaces earlier comb-pattern wares, possibly influenced by new populations migrating from Manchuria and Siberia.  New pottery has thicker walls decorated with wider variety of shapes, indicating improvements in kiln technology.  Earliest social-political developments.
1500 wikJsn
c.1500 ZhukaigouZHUKAIGOU culture ends.  Began 2000 in Ordos Plateau of Inner Mongolia.  Agriculturalists, millet main crop, also had sheep, pigs, and cattle. map Kanguole

CHAC 898, wikZuk
c.1500 Advanced BRONZE CASTING appears in China. 1500 ICMH 9
c.1500 Λ BRONZE AGE begins in central China until 650. 1500
B76 4-301, CWH
B76 4-300
ANDRONOVO Period begins in Siberia and west China until 1300.
AndronovoSmall settlements have up to ten semi-subterranean houses.  People grow wheat and millet and breed live-stock.
c.1500 Yang-shao Western China:  Pan-Chan phase of the YANG-SHAO Culture from 2500 ends.  Large urns painted in spirals with purple, brown, red and black gives way to Hsien-tien Culture which included farming, hand-made pottery and copper tools.
(For copper, see Sumerian cubit 1950, Asia 1800, Ganges Valley 1800)
map Kanguole

1500 mxfld
c.1500 SILK V production begins in China. 1500 TTPC
c.1500 ErlitouERLITOU culture ends.  Began 1750 in Yanshi in Henan Province.  Phase 4 from 1570 ends.  No evidence of destruction by fire or war.  Bronzes and other elite goods ceases.  The Erligang city of Zhengzhou is established 85km to the east. map Kanguole

1500 icXS, wikEC
c.1500 YueshiYUESHI Culture ends.  Began in Shandong and adjacent areas 1900, confined to Shandong from 1510, ends. map Kanguole

1500 wikYsC
c.1500 COSMOLOGY V:  Concept of HEAVEN begins in China.  Shang-Ti (Lord on high), an anthropomorphic god, lives in heaven, rules various spiritual beings who are considered ancestors, and watches over people. 1500 mxfld
c.1500 DAGGER AXE used as a weapon in Shang dynasty China. 1500 wikHb
c.1500 HORSE drawn vehicles used in northwest China. 2000 wikDHrs 1500 TTPC 6
c.1500 WATER BUFFALO and several species of fowl domesticated in China. 1500 TTPC
c.1500 Huang-Ho society on Yellow River has an IDEOGRAPHIC SCRIPT. 1500 mxfld
c.1500 CANNABIS, first recorded 2700, is grown in China for food and fiber.  Also Asia. 1500 nrcMT
c.1500 ORACLE BONE SCRIPT V (Jiaguen) begins until 1000.  Chinese begin to etch figures onto turtle shells and animals bones, which are used for divination in the Shang court.  Figures look like the objects they represent. 1500 ansc
pictographs   pub dom
c.1500  Pictograph Writing  appears in China independently of Mid Eastern scripts.
(See Hittites 1510, Mycenean 1500, Ugaritic 1500)
1600 wikHW
1500-1451 TTS
c.1500 KOREA:  Wet rice farming begins. 1500 PW 15
c.1500 MON people migrate into lower Irrawaddy valley in lower Burma. 1500 wikSeA, wikBrm
c.1500 CAMBODIA inhabited by a Neolithic culture. 2000-1000 wiki
c.1490 Queen of West Rong sends an envoy to Shang.  Tai Wu later sends Wangmeng on a return visit. Taiwu yr 26 wikC
c.1484 YEOUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1552, ends.  DONGUM succeeds until 1435. 1484 rcK
c.1475 SOYBEANS, cultivated in China 7000-6600, now cultivated in Manchuria. 1500 TTT
1500-1451 TTS
c.1475 BEER V making evidenced in Chinese bone inscriptions.   (See Egypt 1550) 1500-1451 TTS, TTT
c.1460 ErligangERLIGANG Culture ends.  In the Yellow River valley centered at Zhengzhou Henan from 1510. map Kanguole

1460 wikErg 1450 wikEC
c.1458 PUGU city built by Tai Wu. yr 58 wikC
c.1455 Nine eastern barbarian YI tribes send envoys to Shang. Taiwu yr 61 wikC
c.1441 Neph of Xiao Jia, TAI WU ends.  9th king of Shang dyn of China from 1516.  Son ZHONG DING succeeds until 1430. yr 75 wikC, wikS
c.1440 SHANG CAPITAL, at SHANGQIU (aka BO) from 1586, moved by Zhong Ding to AO (aka ZHENGZHOU) until 1419. yr 1 wikC
c.1435 DONGUM king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1484, ends.  GUMOSO succeeds until 1380. 1435 rcK
c.1435 ZHONG DING attacks the Blue Barbarians. yr 6 wikC
c.1430 Son of Tai Wu, ZHONG DING ends.  10th king of Shang dyn of China from 1441.  Bro WAI REN succeeds until 1420. yr 11 wikS yr 9 wikC
c.1425 Shang vassals PEI and XIAN rebel. reign of Wairen: wikC
c.1420 Son of Tai Wu, WAI REN ends.  11th king of Shang dyn of China from 1430.  Son Zheng succeeds as HE DAN JIA until 1411. yr 15 wikS
yr 10 wikC
c.1419 SHANG CAPITAL, at AO (aka ZHENGZHOU) from 1440, moved by He Dan Dai to XIANG until 1410. yr 1 wikC
1380 wikS
c.1417 PEI, independent kingdom from 1425, recovered by Shang minister PENGBO.  Resumes as Shang vassal state until ?. Hedandai yr 3 wikC
c.1416 HE DAN JIA attacks the Blue Barbarians. yr 4 wikC
c.1415 The XIAN occupy Banfang but are later defeated by Shang ministers Pengbo and Weibo. yr 5 wikC
c.1411 Son of Wai Ren, HE DAN JIA ends.  12th king of Shang dyn of China from 1420.  Son Teng succeeds as ZU YI until 1392. yr 9 wikS
c.1410 SHANG CAPITAL, at XIANG from 1419, moved by He Dan Dai to GENG until 1409. yr 1 wikC
1371 wikS
c.1409 SHANG CAPITAL, at GENG from 1410, moved by He Dan Dai to BI until 1323. yr 2 wikC
1369 wikS
c.1408 WUXIAN appointed prime minister of Shang by Zu Yi. Zuyi yr 3 wikC
c.1404 Shang palace at Bi completed. Zuyi yr 7 wikC
c.1400 Fine white STONEWARE, pottery fired so hot it turns to glass, originates in China. 1400 B76 IX-587, 14-893
c.1400 DOMESTIC POULTRY, in Malay Peninsula from ?, introduced to China. 1400 TTPC
c.1396 GAOWEI appointed Shang vassal by Zu Yi. Zuyi yr 15 wikC
c.1392 Son of He Dan Jia, ZU YI ends.  13th king of Shang dyn of China from 1411.  Son ZU XIN succeeds until 1378. yr 19 wikS
c.1380 GUMOSO king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1435, ends.  SOTAE succeeds until 1285. 1380 rcK
c.1378 Son of Zu Yi, ZU XIN ends.  14th king of Shang dyn of China from 1392.  Bro Yu succeeds as WO JIA until 1358. yr 16 wikS
yr 14 wikC
c.1358 Son of Zu Yi, WO JIA ends.  15th king of Shang dyn of China from 1378.  Neph ZU DING succeeds until 1326. yr 25, or 15 wikC
yr 20 wikS
c.1326 ZU DING, neph of Wo Jia ends.  16th king of Shang dyn of China from 1358.  Cousin Geng succeeds as NAN GENG until 1297. yr 32 wikS
c.1323 SHANG CAPITAL, at BI from 1409, moved by Nan Geng to YAN until 1276. yr 3 wikC
c.1320 DAO SWORDS originate in Shang Dynasty.  Straight-blade or slightly curved with a single edge, originally bronze.  Hilts are sometimes canted, and/or pierced. no date: wikDao
Jun 5
SOLAR ECLIPSE:  "Three flames ate the sun, and big stars were seen." 1302 Jun 5 nasa
c.1300 CROSSBOW V mentioned in Chinese literature.
(Composite bow: V   Tutankhamun  1325)
1500-1027 sbh
c.1300 SIBERIA:  ANDRONOVO Period from 1500 ends.  FEDOROVO culture in south Siberia from 1600 ends.  KARASUK Culture begins until 700.  Extends from the Aral Sea to the upper Yenisei in the east and south to the Altai Mountains and the Tian Shan.  People change from settled communities to seasonal nomads.  Small curved knives similar to those at An-Yang in China have been found. 1500 wikKrs 1300 B76 V-708, 4-301 csen, 13-1200 mxfld
Slab Grave culture map
Slab Grave culture map Khiruge
brick tomb
Slab Grave culture tomb pub dom
c. 1300 SLAB GRAVE culture begins in Mongolia until 300.  Its graves, which have rectangular fences (chereksurs) of vertically set slabs of gneiss or granite, with stone kurgans inside the fence.  Artifacts include burial and ritual structures, rock paintings, deer stones.  Graves are both individual and collective in groups of 5-8 to large burials with up to 350 fences.  Large cemeteries have a clear plan.  In Aga Buryat District were found more than 3,000 fences.  Some are ritual fences - cenotaphs.  Graves are oriented west-east.  Dead are laid on back, with head east.  Fences vary from 1.5m to 9.6m; slab height 3m to 5m.  Grave pits under stone kurgan mounds are covered with slabs.  Depth of the pits vary from 6m to 3m, in deep graves the side slabs are stacked and covered with several slab layers.  In places within the fence sometimes are deer stones, single slabs with images of deer, less frequently of horses, accompanied with solar signs and armaments. 1300 wikSGC
c.1300 Λ SILK production begins at Anyang.  Rammed-earth architecture, near-porcelain ceramics, bronze casting of urns and chalices.  Questions to oracles are written on bones or tortoise shell and thrown into a fire.  Patterns in the smoke give the answer. 1300 MCAW 41, 43, 45
Bone carvings from Shang Dyn bear ideograms for "silk thread," "mulberry tree," and "bombyx" (silkworm moth).  Cocoon-shaped amulets excavated from a Chinese tomb. 1500-1050 slknt
Silk fragments found in royal tombs in Shang Dyn. 1600-1046 wikHS
c.1300 Solid wheeled carts and wagons, around upper Euphrates from 2200, in Asia from 2000, in Anatolia from 1800, appear in China. 1500 B76 19-521
1300 B76 5-970, SHT 1-211
c.1300 MATH V:  Decimal numbering system used in China.   (See Mesopotamia 2000) 1350-1251 TTS
13th cen.: csmt
c.1300 ASTRONOMY V:  Chinese begin recording eclipses. 1400 wikTlca 1300 higrd
c.1300 CHARIOTS with SPOKED WHEELS drawn by 2 horses used by Shang dyn.  (See Asia 2000, Aram 2000, Greece 1500, Anatolia 1400, Egypt 1300) 1300 SHT 1-726
1200 wikSD
c.1297 Cousin of Zu Ding, NAN GENG ends.  17th king of Shang dyn of China from 1326.  Cousin He succeeds as YANG JIA until 1290. yr 29 wikS
c.1294 YANG JIA, sends troops against barbarians of Danshan. yr 3 wikC
c.1290 Cousin of Nan Geng, YANG JIA ends.  18th king of Shang dyn of China from 1297.  Bro Xun succeeds as PAN GENG until 1263. yr 17 wikC yr 7 wikS
c.1285 SOTAE king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1380, ends.  SAEKBULLU succeeds until 1237. 1285 rcK
c.1283 YING, vassal of Shang, comes to Yan to pay homage to Pan Geng. yr 7 wikC
c.1276 SHANG CAPITAL, at YAN from 1323, moved by Pan Geng to BEIMENG.  Beimeng becomes known as YIN, possibly because of its closeness to a previous capital Anyang (aka Yin).  Capital remains at Yin for remainder of Shang rule. 1395 scr     1384 bk
1350 wikHC
yr 14 wikC
no date: B76 1-1010
c.1263 Cousin of Nan Geng, PAN GENG ends.  19th king of Shang dyn of China from 1290.  Bro Song succeeds as XIAO XIN until 1260. yr 28 wikS
c.1260 XIAO XIN ends.  20th king of Shang dyn of China from 1263.  Bro Lian succeeds as XIAO YI until 1250. yr 29 wikS
yr 3 wikC
c.1250 XIAO YI orders son WU DING to live at He and study under Gan Pan. yr 6 wikWD
c.1250 Bro of Xiao Xin, XIAO YI ends.  21st king of Shang dyn of China from 1260.  Son WU DING succeeds until 1191. 1324 ICMH 10
1251 wikCM
yr 21 wikS
yr 10 wikC
Wu Ding is first historically verifiable name of a Chinese king.
c.1250 GAN PAN appointed prime minister of Shang. 1250 wikC
c.1244 WU DING, king of Shang, orders GAN PAN to edit the book of ruling, also orders that all people must support their elders. yr 6 wikC, wikWD
c.1238 WU DING, king of Shang, promotes SHANGJIAWEI to supervise the QI people. yr 12 wikC
c.1237 SAEKBULLU king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1285, ends.  AHEUL succeeds until 1161. 1237 rcK
c.1225 ZU JI, son of Wu Ding, exiled to a remote place from ?, dies. Wuding yr 25: wikC
c.1218 WU DING, king of Shang, sends troops to GUIFANG. yr 32 wikC
c.1215 GUIFANG conquered by Wu Ding.  Under Shang until ?DI and QIANG barbarians send envoys to Shang to negotiate. Wuding yr 35: wikC
c.1207 DAPENG conquered by Wu Ding.  Under Shang until ?. Wuding yr 43: wikC
c.1207 TUNWEI conquered by Wu Ding, king of Shang.  Under Shang until ?. Wuding yr 50: wikC
c.1207 KITES V originate in China as a military signaling device. 1207 EOET 371
c.1200 Chariot burials of Shang nobles at Anyang show much interaction with areas to north.  Burial with chariot is a Central Asian custom. 1300 ICMH 10
1200 CHAC 208
c.1200 Earliest known CHOPSTICKS made of bronze, buried in Shang Tomb 1005 at Houjiazhuang, Anyang. 1200 wikLCI
c.1200 WRITING: Earliest known Λ ORACLE BONE script found at Anyang. 1200 CHAC 74, wikCC
c.1200 Wet-rice cultivation and bronze casting develop in Ma River and Red River floodplains of Viet Nam. 1200 wikVN
c.1200 28 Mansions Λ ASTRONOMY V:  Chinese divide sky into regions (constellations) called the 28 Mansions for recognition of stars. pic Mysid

mid Shang period: wikCA
1200 wikTlca
c.1200 IRON from meteors used and treated like a semi precious stone.
(Elsewhere in 1200: Hittites, Europe, Levant, Persia)
1200 mxfld
c.1200 axe head Decorated bronze axe head, Shang Dynasty. photo Vassil

1300-1000 wikMHC
c.1191 Son of Xiao Yi, WU DING dies.  22nd king of Shang dyn from 1250.  Son Yue succeeds as ZU GENG until 1179. 1264 ICMH 10, icXS     1192 wikCM
1189 CHAC 25, frie    yr 59 wikS
c.1179 Son of Wu Ding, ZU GENG ends.  23rd king of Shang dyn from 1191.  Zai succeeds as ZU JIA until 1158. 1178 CHAC 25, frie
yr 12 wikS
c.1175 Bronze BELLS cast in China. 1200-1151 TTS, TTT
c.1167 RONG, west of Shang, attacked by Shang troops. Zujia yr 12 wikC
c.1166 RONG, defeated by Shang troops, send envoy to Shang capital. Zujia yr 13 wikC
c.1166 ZU JIA orders vassal, Fen to establish an army at Gan. yr 13 wikC
c.1161 AHEUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1237, ends.  Successor unknown until 1150. 1161 rcK
c.1158 ZU JIA dies.  24th king of Shang dyn of China from 1179.  Xian succeeds as LIN XIN until 1149. 1158 CHAC 25, frie
yr 20 wikS
c.1150 SOLNA becomes king of Dangun dyn of Korea until 1062. 1150 rcK
c.1150  I CHING (aka Yi Jing) - Book of Changes , appears in China.  A set of oracular statements represented by 64 sets of 6 lines each called hexagrams.  Contains a dissertation on divination. 1200 MCAW 47
1030 bk
end of 2nd mil: wikIC
c.1150 ZHOU tribe moves from Fen River valley to Wei River valley where they settle among the Rong and Di barbarians. 1220 ICMH 10
1150 ckZ
c.1149 LIN XIN ends.  25th king of Shang dyn of China from 1159.  GENG DING succeeds 1148-32. 1149 CHAC 25, frie
yr 6 wikS     yr 4 wikC
c.1134 WU YI moves one of his palaces to MO. yr 15 wikC
c.1132 GENG DING ends.  26th king of Shang dyn of China from 1149.  Ji Fa succeeds as WU YI until 1114. 1148 wikCM     1147 wikC
1134 icZ     1132 CHAC 25, frie     yr 6 wikS
c.1128 KOUFU, leader of Zhou, vassal of Shang, dies. Wuyi yr 21 wikC
c.1125 CHENG, tyrant of BI, is attacked and defeated by ZHOU. Wuyi yr 24 wikC
c.1122 Ex-Shang royal family member, Ji-zi (Qi Zi or Kija), is given northern Korea.  JA becomes 1st king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea until 1082. 1122 rcK 1121 icZ
c.1122 State of LU begins until 255.  CHOU TAN is duke until 1115. 1122 MRDK, rcC
c.1122 QiState of QI begins until 226.  TAI SHANG is duke until 1077. 1122 MRDK, rcC 1046 wikQi
c.1122 ChuState of CHU begins until 223, a duchy until 705.  XIUNG E is duke until 1078. 1122 MRDK, rcC
c.1122 ORACULAR PERIOD of Chinese LANGUAGE ends.  Began 1766.
ARCHAIC PERIOD begins until 1000.  Texts consist of oracle-bone inscriptions and short inscriptions cast on bronze vessels.
1300 B76 19-1036 1200 CHAC 88
1122 B76 16-803
c.1119 ZHOU attacks YIQU and captures its king. Wuyi yr 30 wikC
c.1119 The GUIFANG (aka Gui Rong) attack Shang. 1119 CHAC 919
WuYi yr 35 CHAC 919
c.1116 LOYANG built by the Zhou as an army fort to guard the east. 1115 scr     1114 ICMH 16
c.1116 LIQUOR:  A Chinese imperial edict makes it clear that use of alcohol in moderation is believed to be prescribed by heaven. 1116 wikHAB
c.1114 Duke CHOU TAN of Lu from 1122 ends.
Son PO CHING succeeds until 1062
1115 rcC 1114 MRDK
c.1114 JILI of Zhou, attacks GUIRONG at Xiluo and captures 20 kings of Guirong tribe. Wuyi yr 35 wikC
c.1114 WU YI dies.  27th king of Shang dyn of China from 1149, goes hunting at He, and is killed by lightning.  WEN DING succeeds until 1106. 1117 CHAC 25, frie
1115 icZ     yr 35 wikS 1113 wikCM     1112 wikC
c.1112 JILI of Zhou, attacks the RONG barbarians in Yanjing, but is defeated. Wending yr 2 wikC
c.1111 SONG state begins until 286.  WEI TZU CHI 1st ruler until 1077. 1111 MRDK
c.1111 HENG River dries up. Wending yr 3 wikC
c.1110 YUWU under the RONG, defeated by JILI of Zhou, becomes vassal to Zhou. Wending yr 4 wikC
c.1107 JILI of Zhou, defeats the RONG at Hu. Wending yr 7 wikC
c.1106 JILI of Zhou, killed by WEN DING at Saiku. no date: wikC
c.1106 WEN DING dies.  28th king of Shang dyn of China from 1114.  DI YI succeeds until 1077. 1106 CHAC 25, frie
1102 wikCM     yr 11 wikS
c.1100 DI YI, king of Shang, orders Nanzhong to fight Kun Barbarians and builds Sufang City after winning the battle.  DI YI also fights the Renfang, eventually capturing and sacrificing their chief. yr 3 wikC
c.1100 Upper Xiajiadian culture begins in Inner Mongolia until 350.  Farmers & nomads producing inferior ceramics, superior bronze, bone and stone artifacts:  Phase 1 begins until 850.  daggers, axes, chisels, arrowheads, knives, & helmets.  Bronzes decorated with animal and natural motifs. 11th cen: CHAC 914 1000 wikUXC
c.1100 ROAD system in China is well developed and under a highway commissioner. before Zhou dyn: 713
c.1100 Λ COSMOLOGY:  Chinese worship a natural force called tian, usually translated Heaven.  Like Shangdi, Heaven ruled over all other gods, and it decided who would rule China, called the Mandate of Heaven.  Ruler could rule as long as he or she had the Mandate of Heaven;  it was believed that the emperor or empress had lost the Mandate of Heaven when natural disasters occurred in great number, and when the sovereign had apparently lost his concern for the people.  In response, the royal house would be overthrown, and a new house would rule, having been granted the Mandate of Heaven. 1100 wikHC
c.1100 GREATER SEAL SCRIPT (Dazhuan) begins until 700.  Unlike Jiaguwen, which was carved on bones, Dazhuan mainly appeares on cast bronze vessels.  Jiaguwen and Dazhuan overlap in time, and may have been the same script, inscribed on different materials, so their visual styles differ. 1100 ansc
c.1100 Λ ASTRONOMY V:  Chinese determine spring equinox. 1100 wikTlca
c.1100 LIQUOR:  From now to 1400CE the Chinese will pass and repeal laws against wine making 41 times. 1100 wikHAB
c.1099 Ji Chang becomes chief WEN of Zhou until 1056. 1100 rcC     1099 CHAC 25, frie     1097 tcgZ
c.1082 JA, 1st king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 1122 ends.  SONG succeeds until 1057. 1082 rcK
c.1078 Duke XIUNG E of Chu from 1122 ends.  XIUNG AI succeeds until 1052. 1078 MRDK
c.1077 Duke TAI SHANG of Qi from 1122 ends.  TING succeeds until 1051. 1077 MRDK, rcC
c.1077 DI YI ends.  29th king of Shang dyn of China from 1103.  Son Zhou succeeds as DI XIN (Chou Hsin) 1076-46. 1087
CHAC 24, frie
1076 wikCM
yr 26 wikS
His posthumous nickname, Zhou, is a pejorative unrelated to the name of the Zhou dynasty.
c.1077 WEI TZU CHI 1st ruler of Song from 1111 ends.  WEI CHUNG succeeds until 1053. 1077 MRDK
c.1062 SOLNA, king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 1150, ends.  CHURO succeeds until 997. 1150 rcK
c.1062 Duke PO CHING of Lu from 1114 ends.  Son KAO succeeds until 1058. 1062 MRDK, rcC
c.1058 Duke KAO of Lu from 1062 ends.  Son YANG succeeds until 998. 1058 MRDK, rcC
c.1057 SONG, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 1082 ends.  SUN succeeds until 1030. 1057 rcK
c.1056 WEN, chief of Zhou tribe from 1099, becomes duke of Zhou, vassal of Shang until 1053. 1056 frie
1050 CHAC 25
c.1053 WEI CHUNG ruler of Song from 1077 ends.  SUNG becomes Duke of Song until 1000. 1053 MRDK
c.1053 Duke WEN of Zhou, vassal of Shang, takes title of king, captures Qi (aka Li) state near Changzhi and Yu state at Qinyang on the Qin River.  This gives him control of southeast Shansi, and threatens the Shang capital to the east.  Wen moves his capital downstream to Fenghao. 1053
CHAC 307, wikZ
c.1053 ZHENDUO, ruler of Cao from ?, ends.  Pi succeeds as count TAI until 1002. 1053 rcC, wikCao
c.1052 Duke XIUNG AI of Chu from 1078 ends.  XIUNG TAN succeeds until 1001. 1052 MRDK
c.1051 Duke TING of Qi from 1077 ends.  YI-I succeeds until 1000. 1051 MRDK, rcC
c. 1050 DI XIN bulids a large pool, big enough for several canoes on the Palace grounds, fills it with wine.  A small island is built in the middle of the pool, where trees are planted,  which have branches on which roasted meat hangs over the pool.  Di Xin and associates drift on canoes in the pool.  When they thirst, they reach down with their hands and drink the wine.  When they hunger, they reach up to eat the roasted meat. no date: wikC
c. 1050 DI XIN bulids a large bronze cylinder, covers it with oil, and puts it over burning charcoal.  Prisoners are made to walk on the slowly heating cylinder.  The oil makes it difficult for the prisoners to stand.  The heat forces them to dance, to the amusement of Di Xin and his wife, Daji.  Eventually, the prisoners would fall into the charcoal and burn to death. no date: wikC
c.1050 WEN, king of Zhou from 1053, dies.  Son Ji Fa succeeds as king WU of Zhou (and is counted 1st king of the western Zhou dynasty) until 1043. 1134 yut     1133 scr
1050 rcC, wikC    1049 frie
1046 tcgZ, wikCM, wikZ
c.1049 KOREA awarded to QI ZI by Wu, king of Zhou. 1121 yut
c.1048 WU, king of Zhou under Shang, calls for a meeting of surrounding dukes, marches down Yellow River to Meng Jin ford.  More than 800 dukes come to the meeting. 1048 wikC, wikKWZ
c. 1046 WU, king of Zhou, with many allied dukes, leads an army of about 45,000 men and 300 chariots against Shang.  Di Xin's army is at war in the east, but he still has about 530,000 men to defend the capital - Yin.  Di Xin arms about 170,000 slaves to protect the capital.  The slaves defect to the Zhou army.  Zhou army defeats Shang army at the Battle of MUYE 35 km from Yin. 1122 ICMH 15
1046 tcgZ, wikC
1045 CHAC 292, 309
c. 1046 Son of Di Yi, DI XIN dies.  (Chou Hsin), 30th king of Shang dyn of China from 1069, adorns himself with jewelry, and burns his palace, dying in the fire.  Or he flees to the Deer Tower where he is caught and beheaded. 1122 B76 II-892, 4-303, 14-1, ICMH 15, MCAW 48, TTPC 9, icXS, mxfld, scr
1111 B76 1-1010
yr 30 = 1046 CHAC 24, wikCao, wikCM, wikHC, wikQi, wikS
1045 CHAC 232, frie
1027 TAWH 16     1025 GHCC
SHANG DYNASTY of CHINA from 1600 out of power, but continues as vassal of Zhou until 1027.
c.1046 CAI state founded until 447.  Du is first ruler as CAI SHUDU until ?. 1046 wikCai
c.1046 QI kingdom founded until 221.  JIANG CHANG is 1st king until 1000.  JIANG clan rules until 386.  See 301. 1122 MRDK
1046 wikQi
c.1046 ZHOU (aka CHOU) DYNASTY begins in CHINA.
Rules effectively until 771.  Lasts until 256.
1122 B76 II-891, TTPC     1046 GHCC, scr, tcgZ, wikZ
1045 CHAC 15, wikC
WU is now officially 1st king until 1043.
c.1046 CAO becomes independent duchy until 487. 1046 wikCao
c.1043 Son of Wen, WU dies.  1st king of Western Zhou dyn of China from 1053 or 46.  Son Ji Song succeeds as CHENG 1042-21.  Wu's bro ZHOU GONG is regent until 1036. 1116 ICMH 16, icZ
1115 MRDK, yut     1043 CHAC 25, tcgZ, wikC, wikCM, wikZ     1042 frie     1037 rcC
c.1043 ZHOU GONG regent of Zhou makes GONG DAN prime minister. 1115 icZ, yut
c.1042 XIUNG YI, son of Xiong Kuang, becomes ruler of Chu until 1006. 1122 rcC
1042 wikChu
c.1042 CHENG, king of Zhou, gives land of Tang in Shansi, to his younger bro, Tang Shuyu with the rank of marquis.  Tang Shuyu's successor will change the name of Tang to Jin. 1042 wikTS
no date: wikJ
c.1040 Capital of Zhou moved to LEYI by Zhou Gong regent of Zhou. 1102 yut
c.1036 ZHOU GONG regent of Zhou from 1043, ends. 1036 frie
c.1030 SUN, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 1057 ends.  BAK succeeds until 1000. 1030 rcK
c.1030 Dukes meet at Dongdu.  Neighboring tribes come and pay tribute to Cheng, king of Zhou. 1091 yut
c.1030 CHENG, king of Zhou, awards the land of WEY to Ji Shu, ancestor of the Sun family. no date: wikJ, yut
c.1030 CHENG, king of Zhou, makes WEI ZI QI duke of Song. no date: wikJ, yut
c.1030 DANYANG becomes capital of Chu until 689. 1030 wikChu
c.1027 SHANG DYNASTY ends.  Vassals of Zhou from 1046. 1100 LEWH 56     1046 wikQi     1027 CWH, PW 15, TAWH 16     1025 GHCC, bk
WESTERN ZHOU kingdom begins until 771.
c.1021 Son of Wu, CHENG dies.  2nd king of Western Zhou dyn from 1042.  Son Ji Zhao succeeds as KANG 1020-996.  Duke of Zhao becomes regent. 1079 ICMH 16     1078 MRDK, icZ, yut 1027 wikT     1021 tcgZ, wikC, wikCM, wikZ     1020 bk     1006 CHAC 25, rcC 1005/03 frie
c.1014 Jiang Taigong (age 100+) dies.  Wrote 1st military strategy and tactics books, "Liu Tao", 6 volumes. Kang yr 6 icZ
c.1006 XIUNG YI, ruler of Chu from 1042, ends.  Son XIUNG AI succeeds until 981. 1078 rcC 1006 wikChu
c.1002 TAI, count of Cao from 1053, ends.  Ping succeeds as Lord ZHONG JU until 935. 1002 rcC, wikCao
c.1001 Duke XIUNG TAN of Chu from 1052 ends.  XIUNG SHENG succeeds until 946. 1001 MRDK 970 wikChu
c.???? IRON used in Siam (Thailand). 1600 or before mxfld
400 about     300CE wikPT

East Asia 1000-721