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c.114 Son of Lo Shang, YIZHIXIE dies.  Chanyu (chief) of Xiongnu from 126.  Son WU WEI succeeds until 105.  A leadership crisis among the Xiongnu begins to 60. 114 CHC 394, CHEIA 136, ICMH 157, MRDK 450, icX, rcN, spks, wikCny, wikIC, wikUC, wnck
CONFUSION ALERT!  Wuwei is a commandery.   Wu Wei is chanyu 114-05..
c.114 Han Dynasty is busy fighting 2 Yue statelets in the south, while Xiongnu refrain from attacking the border in the north. 114 icX
c.114 Wu Ti's travel causes 2 governors' suicides. 114 bk
c.114 ANDING, part of Longxi from ?, established as a commandery. Anding 114 bril
c.114 TIANSHU, part of Longxi from ?, established as a commandery. 114 bril
c.114 Office of Chief Commandant to the Governor of the Capital established to have charge of the troops in the district of the Governor of the Capital.  His headquarters are at Huayin. 114 HFHD8 28
c.114 CHANG CHIEN, explorer for Han emperor Wu Ti from 138, dies. 114 B76 II-731 113 HFHD6 40
c.114 Han government robs the rich to finance building projects. 114 ICMH 157
c.114 WANG WENSHU, Palace Military Commander from 119, is promoted to Commandant of Justice until 113. Meanwhile Yin Chi becomes Palace Military Commander, but he commits a crime and is executed. 114 HFHD6 71
c.114 LIU SHENG, son of Jing Ti and consort Jia, prince JING of Zhongshan from 154, dies.  His tomb in Hebei has a front hall with window drapes and grave goods, carriages and horses in the southern separate side chamber, and storage goods in the northern side chamber, the remains of real timber houses with tiled roofs erected within (along with a house made of stone slabs and 2 stone doors in the rear chamber).  Gold acupuncture needles are buried with him. 114 wikEJ, wikJg 113 wikSTH
c.114 QingheQINGHE, under Zhao from 135, revived as a separate kingdom until 65. 114 bril
c.114 LIU SHUN, son of Jing Ti and consort Wang Zhi, prince XIAN of Changshan from 145, dies.  Son LIU PO does not succeed until 111. 114 HFHD 136, HFHD6 56, wikEJ, wikJg
c.114 ChangshanCHANGSHAN, a kingdom from 145, becomes a Zhao commandery until ?. 114 bril
c.114 DAI, a separate kingdom from 206, split into 2 commanderies:  Dai and Daiyuan. Dai split 114 bril
c.114 LIU LANG, prince of Dai from 133, ends.  No rulers of Dai until 315CE. 114 wikPD
c.114 Dec 13 WU TI, Han emperor 140-87, worships the Sovereign Earth on Shui Mound, as a complement to his worship of the Five Emperors.  This god is a male, under the name of Chiulung, son of Kungkung. 114 HFHD6 52
c.114 Dec 13 CHI CHIA, an indirect descendant of the Zhou dynasty, is appointed by Emperor Wu as Baronet, Baron Descendant of the Zhou Dynasty until 108.  He is given the income of 3000 families. 114 HFHD6 53
c.114/3 Son of Liu Shun, LIU SHANG appointed King Ssu of Sushui until 104, by Emperor Wu, and given 3 prefectures of Donghai Commandery 114/3 HFHD6 56
c.114/3 ZHENDING, part of Zhao from 133, becomes a separate kingdom until the time of Wang Mang. 114/3 bril
c.114/3 YUEH-FU (Office of Music) founded to provide correct musical accompaniment for religious observances.  Lasts until 7 BC. 114/3 CHC 196, 708
c.113 GIMU, king of Jin Korea from 144, ends.  GIHYUNG succeeds until 73. 113 rcK
c.113 HOU TU, (Earth Queen), first worshipped by emperor Wu Ti.  Her cult is established at Fen-yin. 114 CHC 171 113 B76 V-157, 4-312
c.113 YIN CHI, Palace Military Commander from 114, is executed.  Commandant of Justice WANG WENSHU resumes until 111. 113 HFHD6 71
c.113 GuanzhongThe Guanzhong Metropolitan area, under Superintendents of the Right and Left (You, Zuo Neishi) from 155, reorganized.  Part of the land under control of the Right is detached to become Hongnong Commandery until 104. 113 bril
c. 113 A queen of one of the feudal kingdoms recommends to emperor Wu a magician named Luan Da.  Luan had studied with the same teacher as had Shaoweng, but because emperor Wu now regrets having killed Shaoweng without first learning all his arts, he greets Luan Da with enthusiasm.  Apart from being able to turn cinnabar to gold and commune with the immortals (who he says had specifically declined to give him their secrets until he was in the service of the emperor), he also claims the power to repair a break in the Yellow River dikes. 113 IUG 4.8
c.113 Emperor Wu Ti begins to incessantly tour the commanderies, initially nearby Chang'an, but later extending to farther places, worshipping the various gods on the way, perhaps in search of immortality.  Wu has a succession of magicians whom he honors, making one, Luan Da, a Marquis until 112, and marrying a dau to him. 113 nweW, wikWu
c.113 Magician LUAN DA is made Marquis of Lotung until 112 with income of 3,000 families.  He is given a palace, 1,000 slaves, the oldest dau of Empress nee Wei as a wife, and the equivalent of 100,000 catties of gold. 113 HFHD6 55, nweW, wikWu
c.113 Kung Chin, Superintendent of Agriculture from 115, ends. 113 CHC 163
c.113 YI KUAN is made Eastern Prefect of the Capital. 113 HFHD6 95
c.113 ZHAO YINGQI, king of Nanyue from 122, dies.  Son ZHAO XING succeeds until 112. 113 ICMH 157, rcC
c.113 Nee Shih enters the harem of Heir-apparent Liu Ju and becomes a Sweet Little Lady.  Liu Ju has 3 grades of spouses:  the Crown Princess, Sweet Little Ladies, and Maids. 113 HFHD8-03, 110
c.113 Son of Liu Shun, LIU PING is appointed King Ching of Chenting until 90, by Emperor Wu Ti.  Chenting is composed of 4 prefectures of the former kingdom of Changshan. 113 HFHD6 56
c.113 Han envoy visits Southern Yue to persuade king Zhao Xing to come to court and perform the expected vassal sycophancies.  Zhao Xing chooses to send troops under Lu Bode to the border at Guiyang.  Zhao Xing later relents, but is talked out of it by his chancellor Lu Jia.  Emperor Wu Ti sends a new envoy under general Han Quianqiu with secret instructions to kill Lu Jia.  Lu Jia kills the envoy.  Zhao Xing's mom Queen Dowager Jiu sets up his bro as king. 113 ICMH 157
c.113 ANKUO SHAOCHI, former lover of Queen Dowager nee Jiu is sent to Nanyue as ambassador. 113 HFHD6 59
c.113 Lu Jia, chancellor under the last 3 kings of Yue, accuses Dowager Queen Jiu, who is Chinese, of scheming to surrender the kingdom to China.  He asserts that she plans to take many attendants to Chang'an, and sell them as slaves. 113
c.113 Han general HAN QUIANQIU with only 2,000 men, invades Yue, and takes several towns.  The locals deceive him and kill him along with all his men. 113
ICMH 157
c.113 HAN expeditionary forces advance into Guangdong (Kwangtung, Canton) area and delta of Red River. 113
GHCC 126
c.113 MINH VUONG TRIEU, king of Nam Viet from 122, ends.  AP VUONG TRIEU succeeds until 112. 113 rcSAM
c.113 COINAGE in China from 520, minting becomes state monopoly.  Commandery minted coins, allowed from 144, are banned.  All previous coins are declared worthless.  Wu Ti's copper coin of one denomination remains standard until ?. 113 CHC 161, 587, MCAW, wikGHd, wikHD, wikHH
112 B76 4-313, CHC 234, 489, wnck
c.113 DAI Yi (the Grand Unity) cult established at the winter solstice by Wu Ti at his summer palace of Kanchuan. 113 CHC 171
c.113 end Cult of the Supreme One is introduced at winter solstice by Emperor Wu Ti, on suggestion of Miu Chi. 113 HFHD6 57
c.112 Magician LUAN DA, marquis of Lotung from 113, exposed as a fraud, cut in 2 at the waist.  Lotung marqiusate continues until 109. 112 HFHD6 55, wikLD
c.112 Almost all surviving holders of Gaozu's marquisates are purged.  A technical failing in their conduct at an annual ceremony is sufficient for ending their nobilities.  106 marquises are deprived of honors and demoted to commoners.  After this, no more than 7 of the original marquisates remain. 112 CHC 159, 592
c.112 GONGSUN HE, Marquis of Nanxiao from 124, fails to furnish money for the wine-offering at the imperial ancestral temple.  He is deposed. 112 HFHD6 17
c.112 HAN YUE, Marquis of Lunglo from 124, deposed for not making the full contribution to the expenses of the sacrifices.  Marquisate vacant until 88. 112 HFHD6 70, HFHD7-23
c.112 Han envoy is sent to the Xiongnu, challenges chanyu Wu Wei to come south and fight.  Wu Wei chooses to remain north of the Gobi. 112
ICMH 158
c.112 ZHAO PONU, Marquis Who Followed the Agile General from 121, fails to pay the full contribution for the 7th month wine sacrifice, loses marquisate. 112 HFHD6 72
c.112 Yellow River changeYELLOW RIVER, having flooded in 132 and moved south to the Huai River, is changed back to its original course - north of Shandong Peninsula until 4 CE. 112 ICMH 158
109 HFHD6 76
c.112 WU TI, Han emperor 140-87, sends Gongsun He with 15,000 cavalry and Zhao Ponu with 10,000 cavalry into central Asia against the Xiongnu.  Both campaigns end without battles. 112 B76 4-314, wikUC
111 ICMH 159
c.112 LU BODE, Marquis of Peili 119-104, becomes Commandant of the Palace Guard. 112 HFHD6 59
c.112 Han general ZHAO PONU charged with corruption. 112 ckZP
c.112 Han finances, drained by war, are boosted by forced contributions from nobility. 112 LEWH 146
c.112 WU TI, Han emperor 140-87, abolishes hereditary privileges of aristocrats.  Rank can only be gotten thru government service - theoretically 112
ICMH 158
c.112 WANG SHOU, Marquis of Kai from ?, dismissed. 112 HFHD7 03
c.112 Han government uses criminals in army and construction. 112 bk
c.112 Sep SHIH CHING, Grandee Secretary from 115, is made a Marquis, in accordance with the custom that Lt. Chancellors must be nobles. 112 HFHD6 93
c.112 Oct SHIH CHING is made Lt. Chancellor until ?. 112 HFHD6 93
c.112 People of Dongyue attack and kill some isolated Han officials. 112 CHC 456
c.112 MING WANG, son of Wen Wang, ruler of Cao at Nanyue from 124, ends.  Son AI WANG succeeds until 111. 112
MRDK 469
c.112 ZHAO XING, King of Nanyue, and his mother Queen Dowager Jiu - a Chinese woman whom Zhao Xing's father Zhao Yingqi had married while an ambassador to Han - are both in favor of incorporating into Han.  This is opposed by chancellor Lu Jia, who wants to maintain Nanyue's independence.  Queen Dowager Jiu tries to goad the Han ambassadors into killing Lu Jia, but the ambassadors refuse. 112 nweW, wikWu
c.112 Emperor Wu Ti sends 2,000 men, led by Han Qianqiu and Jiu Le (bro of Queen Dowager Jiu), to try to assist king Zhao Xing of Nanyue and queen dowager Jiu, chancellor Lu Jia stages a coup. 112 GHCC 118, wikWu
c.112 Amphibious (including riverboats) Han expedition against YUE kingdom in Guangdong and north Vietnam begins until 111.  Han general LU BODE sails down the Bei River into the Pearl River to invade Southern Yue.  Han general YANG PU sails up the Gan River.  X-convicts march from Shu to Guangxi.  All columns are to converge on Nanyue capital Panyu. 112
GHCC 118, ICMH 158
c.112 ZHAO XING, king of Nanyue from 113, and his mom Queen Dowager Jiu, are killed in a coup by chancellor Lu Jia.  The coup fails because of Han troops.  Emperor Wu Ti makes another son of Zhao Yingqi, ZHAO JIANDE king of Nanyue with Lu Jia as prime minister until 111. 112 CHC 453, HFHD6 58, 59, rcC, wikSeHd, wikWu
c.112 Han general YANG PU wins renoun as a general against Nanyue.  He is made Marquis of Qiangliang. 112
SDFH 101
c.112 Han general LU BODE tries to force a Yunan chief of Julan to join him.  The chief rebels.  Han forces are diverted to Julan.  They kill the chief and form Julan into Yangge province. 112 ICMH 159
c.112 HSU TZUWEI, Chief of the Gentlemen-at-the-Palace 117-05, is sent with 20-30,000 Han cavalry to chastise the west Qiang, who had raided Han territory. 112 HFHD6 96, ICMH 158, wikQn
c.112 Han general LI XI is sent against the Western Qiang. 112 HFHD6 17
c.112 AP VUONG TRIEU, king of Nam Viet from 113, ends.  DUONG VUONG TRIEU succeeds until 111. 112 rcSAM
c.112 Oc/Nv ZHAO ZHOU, Han chancellor from 115, is fired because he knew that the marquises had not been paying the full amount as their offerings.  He is imprisoned and suicides.  He is replaced by SHI QING, who is made marquis of Muqiu. 112 HFHD6 64, ICMH 158

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