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c.200 Yashurmalik Nabat, king of Haram (Yemen) from 220, ends.  Hawtar'athat succeeds until 190. 200 rcAr, rri
c.190 Hawtar'athat, king of Haram (Yemen) from 200, ends.  Maadikarib Raydan succeeds until 175. 190 rcAr, rri
c.190 TULMAY-II ibn HANIOS-II, king of Lihyan from 215, ends.  ABDAN HANIOS-III succeeds until 180. 190 rcAr
c.190 Ilyafa Waqah, king of Ma'an from 210, ends.  Waqahil Sadiq-I succeeds until 175. 190 rcAr
c.180 ABDAN HANIOS-III, king of Lihyan from 190, ends.  LIHYAN comes under Ma'an until 120. 180 rcAr
c.175 Maadikarib Raydan king of Haram (Yemen) from 190, ends. 175 rcAr, rri
c.175 AL AKRAN, king of Yemen from ?, ends.  KALIKARIB succeeds until 140 175 rcAr
c.175 Waqahil Sadiq-I, king of Ma'an from 190, ends.  Abkarib-III Yitha succeeds until 155. 175 rcAr
c.175 SAMAHU ALI DARIH-II, king of Saba from 200, ends.  KARIB il BAYIN-II succeeds until ?. 175 rcAr
c.169 HARITHATH (Aretas)-I becomes king of Nabataeans until 150. 170 CDCC 603     169 IDB 1-183, MRDK 359, frH, hifiN, rcJdn
c.165 By this time, the Nabataeans already control the Kedarites to the south. 165 hifiN
c.160 KAMINAHU, state in southwest Arabia, probably under Ma'an from 430, goes independent until 120. 160 rcAr
c.160 WAYBU ibn MAS'UD becomes king of Kaminahu until 140. 160 hifiN, rcAr
c.155 Abkarib-III Yitha, king of Ma'an from 175, ends.  Waqahil Sadiq-II succeeds until 150. 155 rcAr
c.150 HARITHATH (Aretas)-I, king of Nabataeans from 169, ends.  MALIKU (Malichus)-I succeeds until 110. 150 hifiN, rcJdn
144 MRDK 359, frH
c.150 Waqahil Sadiq-II, king of Ma'an from 155, ends.  Ilyafa Yashur-I succeeds until 135. 150 rcAr
c.145 ALEXANDER BALAS, usurper of Syria from 150, flees to Arabia.  Beheaded by Zabdiel.  Balas' son ANTIOCHUS is protected by Malichus, Nabataean governor. 1Mac 11:16, Antiq 13-4-8
145 1&2BM 158, B76 III-457, CAH 8, Jud 5-489, 6-60, LEWH 95
c. 145 Spontaneous SEX CHANGE:  At Abae in Arabia a woman called Hera´s married a man named Samiades. After living together for a year, Samiades went on a long journey.  Hera´s, got a tumor at the base of her abdomen.  On the 7th day, the tumor burst, and there appeared a penis and testicles.  When the rupture occurred, only her mother and two maidservants were present.  They said nothing about it.  Hera´s continued to wear womens' clothes and remain subject to her husband.  It was assumed, by those privy to the secret that she was a hermaphrodite, and was thought to have consorted with him homosexually. 145 atl2
no date: Diod. Fragments of Book 32.10'2-9
c.145 Diodotus TRYPHO, general under Demetrius-II, sees discontent of troops, goes from Syria to Arabia, visits Malichus Governor of Nabataea, persuades him to deliver Antiochus-VI, 2 year old son of Alex Balas. 1Mac 11:39
145 atl2
c.140 WAYBU ibn MAS'UD, king of Kaminahu from 160, ends. 140 hifiN, rcAr
c.140 YATHI AMAR-III, king of Saba from ?, ends.  ???????? succeeds until 116. 140 rcAr
c.140 KALIKARIB, king of Haram (Yemen) from 175, ends.  Son ASAD succeeds until ? 140 rcAr
c.135 Ilyafa Yashur-I, king of Ma'an from 150, ends.  Waqabil Nabat succeeds until 120. 135 rcAr
c.120 LIHYAN, state in northwest Arabia, under Ma'an from 180, goes independent until 100.  MAS'UDU becomes king of Lihyan at Dedan until 100. 120 rcAr, rri
c.120 Waqabil Nabat, king of Ma'an from 135, ends.  Hufnum Riyam succeeds until 105. 120 rcAr
c.120 KAMINAHU, state in southwest Arabia, independent from 160, comes under Himyar until 631CE. 120 rcAr
c.116 ????????, king of Saba from 140, ends.  Saba comes under Himyar until 55. 116 rcAr
c.115 HIMYAR kingdom from Yemen starts in the Hijaz.  Lasts until 525. 115 B76 V-49, X-853, rri
115-09 B76 1-1044
c.112 HIMYAR emerges as a new state in SABA. 115-09 B76 1-1044
c.110 MALIKU (Malichus)-I, king of Nabataeans from 150, ends.  HARITHATH (Aretas)-II succeeds until 95, with EROTIM until 100. 110 MRDK 359, frH, hifiN, rcJdn
c.106 QEDAR, under Nabataeans from 250, comes under Tamya until 630CE. 106BC rcJdn
106CE hifiK
c.105 Hufnum Riyam, king of Ma'an from 120, ends.  Yitha'il Sadiq succeeds until 85. 105 rcAr
c.100 EROTIM, co-king of Nabataeans from 110, ends.  HARITHATH(Aretas)-II continues until 95. 100 frH
c.100 LIHYAN, state in northwest Arabia, independent from 120 under king MAS'UDU at Dedan, comes under Nabataea. 100 rcAr, rri

Arabia 100-0