c.1000 ArgolisNEMEA on north edge of Argolis, comes under Argos until 450. 1000 rcPl
c.1000 SUB-MYCENEAN Period ends.  Began 1060 1000 wikSMP
c.1000 Geometric pottery design becomes popular in Greece until 750.  ATHENS expands northwest over graveyards. 1000 B76 2-265
900 mxfld
c.1000 Temple of HERA at Olympia.  Survives until 600. 1000 B76 13-565, Dur 2-66
1000 ±100 Shrine of the Pythia (Delphic Oracle), from c.1400, dedicated to Poseidon from ?, is now dedicated to Apollo, who is said to have seized the temple and expelled the twin guardian serpents of Gaia, whose bodies he wraps around the caduceus. 1000 ±100 wikPyt
c.997 IXION ends.  Heraclid king of Corinth from 1035.  AGELAS-I succeeds until 960. 997 wikH 996 GHH
c.993 ARCHIPPOS ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 1012.  THERISIPPOS succeeds until 952. 993 rcSB3, wikEA 970 GHH
c.993 Sea power of the Aegean Pelasgi declines.  Thracian sea power ascends until 914. 993 GHH
c.989 Labotas and Prytanis are kings of Sparta. 989 GHH
c.960 AGELAS-I ends.  Heraclid king of Corinth from 997.  PRYMNIS succeeds until 925. 960 wikH 959 GHH
c.952 THERISIPPOS ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 993.  PHORBAS succeeds until 922. 952 rcSB3, wikEA 947 GHH
c.952 Doryssos and Eunomos are kings of Sparta. 952 GHH
c.950 PHOENICIAN Λ ALPHABET V adopted by Greeks, who add vowels to it.
(See Linear-B 1150 Phoenician 1100, Veracruz 1000, Semitic 950, India 850)
1100-900 SHT 1-104, wss
1000 B76 IV-706
800 B76 17-944, mxfld
750 PW 15, TTT
c.930 AGIS becomes king of Sparta until 900.
AGIAD DYNASTY begins until 215.
930 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.925 PRYMNIS ends.  Heraclid king of Corinth from 960.  BACCHIS succeeds until 890. 935 GHH     926 DGRBM 1-450, GHH     925 wikH
c.921 PHORBAS ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 952.  MEGACLES succeeds until 892. 922 wikEA
921 rcSB3     916 GHH
c.914 Thracian sea power, ascending from 993, declines until ?. 914 GHH
c.914 AETOLIAN LEAGUE begins. 914 GHH
DARK AGE (Protogeometric) of Greece from 1200 ends.
Protogeometric pottery decoration from 1035, in which arcs and circles were no longer drawn by hand, but with a compass, ends.
1000 B76 2-265, wikMP
B76 8-326, 19-285, CDCC 193, GRG 3, 6, PW 15, wikGA 875 OHG 750 OHG, RAH 140
GEOMETRIC PERIOD of pottery painting popular in Minoan times, resumes popularity until 750.
EARLY GEOMETRIC begins until 850.
Much trade with Near East.  Height of vessels increases.  Decoration is limited around the neck down to the middle of the body of the vessel.  The remaining surface is covered by a thin layer of clay, which during cooking takes a dark, shiny, metallic color.  The meander pattern begins.
c.900 ATHENS has become a culture center for the Greek world.  Euboeans and islanders trade with Near East, causing prosperity.  AEGEAN SEA is dominated by Greeks. by 900
B76 8-327
c.900 CORINTH conquered and occupied by Dorians. 1000 IDB 1-682     900 acrn
900-800 TToH 6
c.900 AGIS dies.  1st Agiad king of Sparta from 930.  Son ECHESTRATOS succeeds until 870. 900 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.900 Geometric potteryGeometric pottery design, popular 1000-750, becomes popular in Athens.  Different motifs appear, such as abstract animals and humans.  Popular shapes include: circles, checkers, triangles, zigzags. photo: Jastrow

900 wikMP
c.892 MEGACLES ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 922.  DIOGNETOS succeeds until 864. 892 wikEA
891 rcSB3     888 GHH
c.890 BACCHIS ends.  King of Corinth from 925.  AGELAS-II succeeds until 860. 891 DGRBM 1-450
890 wikH     889 GHH, rcPl
c.890 SPARTA, Under Echestratos 900-870, decides to have 2 kings.  EURYPON becomes 1st co-king until 860.
EURYPONTID DYNASTY begins until 228.
890 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.886 HOMER'S POEMS brought by Lycurgos from Anatolia to Greece. 886 GHH
c.886 AGESILAOS-I, Agiad king of Sparta from ?, dies. 886 DGRBM 1-69
c.875 ATHENS expands northwest over graveyards. 875 OHG
c.870 Son of Agis, ECHESTRATOS dies.  2nd Agiad king of Sparta from 900 (with Eurypon from 890).  Son LEOBOTES succeeds to 840. 870 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.864 DIOGNETOS ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 892.  PHERICLES succeeds until 845. 864 wikEA
863 rcSB3     860 GHH
c.860 AGELAS-II ends.  Bacchiad king of Corinth from 890.  EUDEMOS succeeds until 835. 860 wikH
859 GHH, rcPl
c.860 EURYPON dies.  1st Eurypontid king of Sparta from 890 (with Leobotes from 870).  Son PRYTANIS succeeds to 830. 860 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.850 IRON appears on Illyrian coast. 9-800 B76 19-278
c.850 CITY STATE gradually becomes the standard form of Greek life until 750. 850 GRG 4
GEOMETRIC PERIOD of pottery painting 900-750
EARLY GEOMETRIC ends.  Began 900.
MIDDLE GEOMETRIC begins until 760.
Decorative zones appear multiplied due to creation of a laced mesh, while the meander pattern dominates and is placed in the most important area, in the metope, which is arranged between the handles.
850 wikGA
c.850 EUNOMIA (change from disorderliness to orderliness) occurs at Sparta.  It is attributed to Lycurgos, whom they worshipped as a god, but had no agreed place for in king lists.  The new government is 2 kings; a senate of 60 old men; 5 Ephors; iron money.  Spartans form the aristocratics, the Laconians are the tax payers.  Land is divided among 39,000 families.  Only Helots cultivate land, do handicraft, trading, and manual work in general.  Land cannot be sold but can be bequeathed. 884 DGRBM 2-850, GHH 852 GHH 850 CAH 3.1
c.845 PHERICLES ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 864.  ARIPHRON succeeds until 825. 845 wikEA
844 rcSB3     841 GHH
c.840 Son of Echestratos, LEOBOTES dies.  3rd Agiad king of Sparta from 870 (with Prytanis from 860).  Son DORUSSOS succeeds to 820. 840 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.835 EUDEMOS ends.  Bacchiad king of Corinth from 860.  ARISTOMEDES succeeds until 800. 835 wikH
834 GHH, rcPl
c.830 Son of Eurypon, PRYTANIS dies.  2nd Eurypontid king of Sparta from 860 (with Dorussus from 840).  Son POLYDECTES succeeds to 800. 830 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.825 ARIPHRON ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 845.  THESPIEAS succeeds until 824-797. 825 wikEA
824 rcSB3     821 GHH
c.820 Son of Leobotes, DORUSSOS dies.  4th Agiad king of Sparta from 840 (with Polydectes from 830).  Son AGASILAS succeeds to 790. 820 OCD 1007, wikKS
c.808 KARANOS becomes 1st king of Macedon to 778. 814 GHH
808 wikArg, wikLKM
c.800 MAGNETITE (magnetic iron rocks) first attested in iron mines in Magnesia Thessaly. 800 B76 11-311
c.800 ERETRIA, Euboea founded by Ionians. 800 OHG
c.800 ARISTOMEDES ends.  Bacchiad king of Corinth from 835.  AGEMON succeeds until 784. 800 wikH
799 GHH, rcPl
c.800 Son of Prytanis, POLYDECTES dies.  3rd Eurypontid king of Sparta from 830 (with Agasilas from 820).  Son EUNOMIOS succeeds to 778. 800 OCD 1007, wikKS
Homeric Greece
Homeric Greece according to the Iliad         GNU FDL
c.797 THESPIEUS ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 824.  AGAMESTOR succeeds 796-78. 797 rcSB3, wikEA 794 GHH
c.790 ARGOS, under tyrant PHEIDON-I, becomes dominant in Peloponese until 546. 895 Parian Marble
early 7th cen.: B76 VII-932, DGRA 810, GRG, OCD 811
c.790 Son of Dorussos, AGASILAS dies.  5th Agiad king of Sparta from 820 (with Eunomios from 800).  Son ARCHELAOS succeeds to 760. 879 GHH
790 OCD 1007, wikKS
785 MRDK
c.784 AGEMON ends.  Bacchiad king of Corinth from 800.  ALEXANDER succeeds until 759. 784 wikH
783 GHH, rcPl
c.783 PHEIDON-I, tyrant of Argos, tries and fails to take Corinth. 783 GHH
c.783 PHEIDON-I, tyrant of Argos, coins silver money at Aegina and introduces scales and measures. 869 GHH 783 GHH
c.780 1st Temple of Zeus at Olympia in Elis, financed by spoils from Pisa and neighboring cities, built by architect Libon of Elis.   2nd 469 780 DGRBM 2-781
CONFUSION ALERT:  Not same as Temple of Zeus Olympius at Athens 520.
c.778 KARANOS ends.  King of Macedon from 808.  KOINOS succeeds to 750. 778 wikArg, wikLKM
c.778 AGAMESTOR ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 796.  AESCHYLOS succeeds until 755. 778 GHH, wikEA 777 rcSB3
c.778 Son of Polydectes, EUNOMIOS dies.  4th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 800 (with Archelaos from 788).  Son CHARILLOS succeeds to 750. 780 OCD 1007, wikKS     775 MRDK
c. 776 FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES (traditional date) held in honor of Zeus at OLYMPIA in the Peloponnese, NOT at Mt. Olympos, which is on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia.  Sponsored by Elis.  Limited to pure blooded Greeks with no police record or relatives with police records.  An Olympic Truce enables athletes to travel from their cities to the games safely.  Limited to a 211 meter foot race until 724.  Coroebos of Elis, a cook, is 1st winner.   (See also Pythian, Isthmian, Nemean games.) 884 GHH     776 B76 III-853, 2-274, BCoC 291, CAH 3.1, CDGRA 450, DGRA 828, Dur 2-213, GHH, GRG, MCAW 62, OHG, SHWC 75, TAWH 16, TToH 7, TTPC 10, TTT, mxfld, wikAOG
c.776 OLYMPIC DATING begins.  First attempt to denote years consecutively from a single point rather than relative to a kings reign, becomes normative in west until 311. 776
DHoI 4-402
c.775 shipExact repros of Geometric period oil lamps by Hellenic-Art. 775
c.770 Human figures first appear on handles of vases.  Males have a triangular torso, an ovoid head, a blob for a nose, and long cylindrical thighs and calves.  Females have long hair depicted as a series of lines, as are their breasts, which appear as strokes under the armpit. 770 wikGA
c.764 CINAETHON of Sparta, poet, flourishes. 775 GHH     764/3 wikCn
c.760 Son of Dorussos, ARCHELAOS dies.  6th Agiad king of Sparta from 790 (with Charillos from 778), dies.  Son TELECLOS succeeds to 740. 819 GHH
790 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl, wikKS
GEOMETRIC PERIOD of pottery painting 900-750
MIDDLE GEOMETRIC ends.  Began 850.
LATE GEOMETRIC begins until 700.
The human form is introduced at the main metope between the handles.  Large vessels of Dipylon are placed on graves as funeral monuments.
760 wikGA
c.759 ALEXANDER ends.  Bacchiad king of Corinth from 784.  TELESTES succeeds until 747. 759 wikH
758 GHH, rcPl
c.755 AESCHYLOS ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 778.  ALCMAEON succeeds until 753. 755 wikEA
754 GHH, rcSB3
c.754 SPARTA:  EPHOI LIST begins:  board of 5 rulers (ephors). 754 CAH 3.1, MCAW 62
c.753 ALCMAEON ends.  Life term archon of Athens from 755.  Period of 3 lifetime arcons ends.  Decennial (lasting 10 years) archons begin until 682.
CHAROPS becomes archon until 743.   Archonship is still confined to the dynasty of Medon.
753 rcSB3, wikEA
752 CAH 3.1, CDGRA 65, Dur 2-66, GHH
750 OCD 101, SHWC 54
c.750 ILLYRIAN HALLSTATT period begins until 450.  IRON  used in Bosnia.   Increased commerce from trade with Rhone and Danube Rivers. 750 B76 2-615 650 MCAW 76
c.750 KOINOS ends.  King of Macedon from 778.  TYRIMMAS succeeds to ?. 750 wikArg, wikLKM
c.750 GEOMETRIC PERIOD of Greek pottery painting ends.  Began 900.
LATE GEOMETRIC ends.  Began 760.
800 wikArG
750 B76 I-486, 2-265, 8-334
700 B76 8-327, 19-285, 288, CDCC 193, GRG 6, PW 15, wikGA
ARCHAIC PERIOD begins until 480.
EARLY ARCHAIC begins until 580.
A sudden upsurge of population and material goods causes cities with grand civic buildings, and colonies to be founded.  1st classical philosophy.  Written language, which had been lost during the Greek Dark Ages, is reintroduced.  Oral epics, such as Iliad and Odyssey are written, ostensibly by Homer himself.  Major sculptural forms are the kouros and its female equivalent, the kore.
c.750 Λ GREEK ALPHABET V:  uncials finalized in 2 branches:  Chalcidian in west, Ionic in east.
(See Semitic 950, India 850, Etruscan 690,  Latin 620 Zapotec 500, Mesopotamia 500)
800 CDCC 522
750 GRG 327, PW 15
750-00 OHG
no date:
B76 IV 706
"Chalcidian" usually means from Chalcis in Euboea, not Chalcidice on the north Aegean coast.
c.750 City states established and growing, common goods and law, hoplite military formation, heavy armed infantry in close order behind a wall of shields. 750
c.750 IRON metalurgy makes great improvements until 650.  Increased population changes focus from pasteurage to farming. 750
gold cupTerracotta Vase of late Geometric period, or beginning of Archaic period, from Dipylon cemtery on northwest side of Athens.  Shows a "prothesis" scene, i.e. a horizontal corpse with mourners covering their heads. photo pub dom

Dipylon AmphoraDIPYLON AMPHORA, a grave marker from the Dipylon cemetery.  160cm tall, made on a potter's wheel in 3 sections joined together. left: Prof saxx

right: clairity

bottom: inyucho

c.750 Dipylon shieldsDIPYLON SHIELD, named for the Dipylon cemtery in Athens:  Wicker frame covered with 2 or 3 layers of hardened skin totaling 6mm thick.  The reason for the cutouts on the sides is still debated.  Even ancient vase paintings show no understanding of it.  The handling system consists of a double grip combined with a leather baldric worn across the right shoulder.  Differs slightly from the 5th cen. Boeotian shield with smaller cutouts.  8th cen. hlarm
c.750 HOMER's  ILIAD  V written. 850 CAH 3.1, TTPC     840 Dur 2-66     800 HAG, bk
750 B76 8-1018, TAWH 16     750-700 GRG
c.750 HOMER's  ODYSSEY  V written.

AFTERLIFE:  Underworld beneath the earth, where Hades and his wife, Persephone, reign over drifting crowds of "shades".  Ghost of great Achilles tells Odysseus that he would rather be a poor serf on earth than lord of all the dead.   (See  Hosea 736)
850 CAH 3.1, TTPC
840 Dur 2-66
800 bk
750 B76 8-1018
750-700 GRG
no date: metmus
c.750 HOMER:  "Of all creatures that creep and breathe on earth there is none more wretched than man." (Iliad)
"The earth produces nothing feebler than man." (Odyssey)
MNDQ 737
c.750 CHARIOT 1st mentioned in western literature in the funeral games of Patroclus in the Iliad.  In Homeric warfare, elite warriors are transported to the battlefield in 2-horse chariots, but fight on foot; the chariot is then used for pursuit or flight. no date:
c.750 HOMER:  "In Egypt, the men are more skilled in MEDICINE than any of human kind"   "the Egyptians were skilled in medicine more than any other art." (Odyssey)   (see Sushruta 495, Alcmaeon 490) 800 wikAEM
c.750 Greeks begin colonizing Italy, establish mostly republics. 750 GHH, bk
c.750 Son of Eunomios, CHARILLOS dies.  5th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 778 (with Teleclos from 760).  Son NICANDROS succeeds to 720. 750 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl, wikKS
c.750 MYCENEAN GREEK Language period ends.  Began 14th cen.
CLASSICAL GREEK Language period begins until 300.
800-700 IDB 2-480
c.750 shipExact repros of Geometric period Attic ware:  a Kantharos and 2 Amphorae. 8th cen.
c.748 AEGINA island, with Epidauros and other cities on the mainland, comes under Pheidon, tyrant of Argos. 748 DGRG 1-33
c.748 8th OLYMPIC GAMES:  Pheidon, tyrant of Argos, seizes presidency of the Olympic games, but is soon defeated by Spartans and Eleans. 748 DGRG 1-203 747 DGRG 1-818
c.747 TELESTES dies.  Heraclid tyrant of Corinth from 759, murdered by Bacciads Arieos and Perantas.  HERACLID DYNASTY ends.  Ruled Corinth from 1074BACCIAD oligarchy succeeds until 657AUTOMENES becomes tyrant until ?. 748 DGRBM 1-450
747 CAH 3.1, DGRG 1-676, GHH, GRG, rcPl, wikH, wikHer
c.743 CHAROPS ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 753.
AESIMEDES succeeds until 733.
743 rcSB3, wikEA 742 GHH
c.743 ARCADIA joins Arcadian League until 222. 743 rcPl
c.743 EUMELOS of Corinth flourishes.  Bacchiad poet.  Writes poem on bees. 765 GHH     743 CAH 3.1
no date: wikEum
c.740 Son of Archelaos, TELECLOS dies.  7th Agiad king of Sparta from 760 (with Nicandros from 750).  Son ALCAMENES succeeds to 700. 779 DGRBM 1-96, GHH 758 wikKS     740 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl
c.736 11th OLYMPIC GAMES:  Last Messenian victor in Olympics. 736 CAH 3.3
c.736 Messenian POLYCHARES wins in Olympics.  He is wronged by Spartan Euaephnos, and takes revenge on other Spartans.  Sparta demands extradition.  Messenia refuses.  This causes 1st Messenian War. 743 DGRBM 3-453
c.735 1st MESSENIAN WAR with SPARTA begins until 715Spartans invade Messenia. 743 DGRBM 3-453, GHH, wik1MW
740 CAH 3.3, ISBE 2-562     736 OCD 111, 1007     735 B76 VI-822, 8-337, CDCC 575, GRG, LEWH 63     730 bk     725 Dur 2-66
c.734 CORCYRA Island, under Eretrians of Euboea from ?, taken by Corinthians.  Under Corinth until 585, but with problems in 664.  The previous inhabitants move to the mainland. 735 LEWH 62     734 B76 III-149, 985, DGRG 1-676, Dur 2-159
733 B76 8-330, 337, GRG 326, OCD 289-90, OHG     730 wikCrf
c.733 AESIMEDES ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 743.  CLIDICOS succeeds until 723. 733 rcSB3, wikEA 732 GHH
c.733 Cedar chest of Cypselos decorated with figures in ivory, gold, and wood, exhibited at Olympia in the temple of Hera.  Supposedly the one in which the infant Cypselos was hidden.  It will be seen and described in detail by Pausanias c.150CE. 733 DGRA 1061 no date: OCD 307
c.730 1st MESSENIA vs. SPARTA WAR 735-15:  Messenians withdraw to stronghold Ithome.  Aristodemos, future king of Messenia 722-14, offers his dau as sacrifice to gods in response to Delphic oracle. 730
OCD 111, OHG
c.730 LEONTIUM Achaia founded.  Probably between Pherae & Aegium. 730 GHH
c.730 CIMMERIANS from the Caucassus reach Pannonia. 730 vrb
c.725 chariot Late Geometric period 2 horse chariot painted on an Attic terracotta krater attributed to the Trachones settlement south of Athens. 760-00 wikGA

725 Marie-Lan Nguyen
c.725 EARLY IRON AGE, in Greece from 1200, ends.  Period of Oriental influence begins until 600. 725 B76 14-898-9, 19-286
c.725 1st Stone temple of Artemis Orthia built at Sparta. 725 CAH 3.3, OHG
c.725 3rd Temple of APOLLO DAPHNEPHOROS built at Eretria Euboea.  Stands until 490. 750-00 CDCC 332
800-520 prs
c.724 14th OLYMPIC GAMES limited to a 211 meter foot race from 776 are expanded to include another race around the stadium (400 meters). 724 B76 2-274, GHH, TTPC, wikAOG
c.723 CLIDICOS ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 733.  HIPPOMENES succeeds until 713. 723 rcSB3, wikEA 722 GHH
c.722 King of Messenia, EUPHANES is killed in battle by Spartans at Ithome.  He has no heir.  ARISTODEMOS is elected king until 714.  He continues the war against Sparta. 730 GHH
729 DGRBM 1-304, 935     722 OCD 111
c.720 Earliest Greek temples built at Corinth. 720 GRG 23
c.720 ChalcidiceCHALCIDICE V, inhabited by Sithonians from ?, colonized by Greeks of Chalcis who found @30 settlements.  Its 3 promontories from west to east are:  Pallene, Sithonia, Acte. 800-700 OCD 225 720 OHG
c.720 NICANDROS Eurypontid king of Sparta 750-20, with help of Asine township, ravages Argolis, fights for Messenian plain. 720
CONFUSION ALERT!  There is another Asine on the Gulf of Messenia.
c.720 Son of Charillos, NICANDROS dies.  6th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 750 (with Alcamenes from 740).  Son THEOPOMPOS succeeds to 675. 770 GHH     725 wikKS 720 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl
c.720 1st MESSENIA vs. SPARTA WAR 735-15:  Sparta defeats Messenia, gets control of rich Messenian plain.  Messenian nobles flee west by ship. 720 ISBE 2-562, MCAW 64 SHWC 59
c.720 15th OLYMPIC GAMES:  2 races from 724, adds a 3rd race of 12 times around the stadium (about 4800 meters).
ORSIPOS of Megara runs naked and wins.  LOIN CLOTH, worn in Olympics from 776, discarded after 14th Olympiad.  NAKED WRESTLING begins.
724 TTPC 10
720 B76 2-274, CAH 3.3, CDGRA 391, 600, GHH, OHG, wikAOG
c.718 Spartan war with Argos. 716 DGRBM
c.716 Heraclid survivors flee from Lydia to Greece. 716 GHH
c.716 1st Spartan victory recorded in an Olympic game. 716 B76 8-337, CAH 3.3
c.715 1st MESSENIAN WAR with SPARTA from 735 ends. V  ARISTODEMOS king of Messenia defeats Spartans. 724 wik1MW     723 DGRBM, GHH
720 CAH 3.3     716 LEWH 63
715 B76 8-337, GRG, OCD 111
710 CDCC 575, OHG, bk     705 Dur 2-66
c.715 ARISTOCRATES of Arcadia rapes the priestess of Diana, for which he is executed. 715 GHH
c.714 King of Messenia from 722, ARISTODEMOS suicides on grave of his daughter.  DAMIS is elected supreme general, but without title of king.  He dies soon after. 723 DGRBM 1-935, GHH   714 OCD 111
c.713 HIPPOMENES ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 723, deposed for cruelty.  LEOCRATES succeeds until 703. 713 GHH, rcSB3, wikEA
c.713 ARCHONS of Athens, restricted to dynasty of Medon from 1068, opened to all of the Eupatridae "good fathered", and elected by assembly until 487, but restricted to certain families until 479. 713 CDGRA 65
711 Mar 14 SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aegean and Greece. 711 Mar 14 OCD 98, wikLSE
Macedonia Thrace
c.710 METHONE on northwest Aegean coast, founded by Eretrian Greeks. 710 OCD 264
c.710 GYGES, king of Lydia 716-648, sends gifts to the temple of Delphi. 710 GHH
c.710 MITA, king of Mushku 738-696, sends gifts to the temple of Delphi. 710 GHH
c.710 THRACE invaded repeatedly by groups from northeast. end of 8th cent.: B76 2-615
c.708 18th OLYMPIC GAMES:  3 races from 720, adds a PENTATHALON (5 events):  broad jump, javelin throw, 200 yard dash, discus throw, wrestling. 708 B76 2-274, GHH, TTPC, wikAOG
c.706 PARTHENIAE, disenfranchised Spartans, plot with the Helots against the Homoioi.  Plot is discovered.  They sail away under Phalanthos to Italy and found Taras. 707 GHH 706 wikPrθ
c.704 AMEINOCLES of Corinth builds ships for Samians of Samos. 704 OCD 290, 949
c.704 shipSHIP painted on a vase found at Dipylon. 8th-7th cen. CGS 573
c.703 LEOCRATES ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 713.  APSANDER succeeds until 693. 703 rcSB3, wikEA 702 GHH
c.700 Argead Star PERDICCAS-I becomes Argead king of Macedon until 678.
ARGEAD DYNASTY of Macedonia begins until 310.
ARGEAD STAR becomes symbol of Macedonia, put on shields.
pic SilentResident

729 GHH
700 B76 I-501, rcSB2, wikArg, wikLKM
650 MRDK
c.700 War chariot made obsolete in Greece by cavalry. by 700 OCD 517
c.700 LELANTINE WAR between Chalcis and Eretria over Lelantine Plain in Euboea begins until 680.  Chalcis partisans include Corinth, Samos, Thessaly.  Eretria partisans include Aegina, Megara, Miletos. 734 OHG     710 bk
700 B76 III-985, GRG 123, 127, 184
c.700 Son of Teleclos, ALCAMENES dies.  8th Agiad king of Sparta from 740 (with Theopompos from 720).  Son POLYDOROS succeeds to 665. 742 DGRBM 1-96, GHH 741 wikKS     700 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl
c.700 CORINTHIAN POTTERY begins painted black figure decoration.  It becomes the main pottery painting style until 530. 700 B76 19-287
c.700 SPARTA has conquered the whole west coast of Peloponnese.  Doric and pre-Doric population becomes perioikoi (vassals) or helots (surfs). 700
OCD 1007
c.700 TEGULAE (roofing tiles) of baked clay appear in Greece, and corresponding lower angle on roofs. 700 B76 19-287
c.700 DITHYRAMB, the song of Dionysus, is sung by a band of revelers led by a flute player. 700 DGRA 1141
c.700 DRAMA V:  First PLAY at Athens. 700 wikTG     576 GHH

HESIOD, Boeotian farmer, poet, writes:
 Works and Days : practical & ethical advice, efficient farming

ASTRONOMY V:  Contains practical astronomical advice for navigation and agricultural activities.
(See Babylonia 700, Thales 600)

 Theogony :  origin of world and gods (which are confused as abstractions, physical things, and persons), a synthesis of local Greek traditions.
Universe begins in chaos.  Then came Gaia (Earth), Eros (Love), Tartarus (cave-like space under the earth); Then Erebus (evening) and Night, who unite to beget Ether and Hymera (day).  Gaia bears Uranos (sky), then creates high mountains and Pontus (sterile sea).  Gaia & Uranos beget 12 Titans and 3 monsters.
(See Phrygians 1200, Hinduism 950, Hippo 450)

Other works attributed to him are spurious.
850 CAH 3.1
800 B76 IX-937, 8-335, 10-1091, SHT 1-116
750 Dur 2-66, TAWH 16
MCAW 65 & 67
700 B76 8-830, BCoC 266,
OCD 511, SHWC 52, bk, higrd, wikTgn
8th cen.: GRG, NLEM 87
plowPLOW described in  Works and Days . no date: CGS 637
c.700 Corinthian POTTERY is widely traded. 700 bk
c.700 THEOLOGY:  "Now all the gods were divided thru strife; for at that very time Zeus who thunders on high was meditating marvelous deeds, even to mingle storm and tempest over the boundless earth;  and already he was hastening to make an utter end of the race of mortal men, declaring that he would destroy the lives of the demi-gods, that the children of the gods should not mate with wretched mortals,..." no date: Catalogues of Women and Eoiae, Book 2
c.693 APSANDER ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 703.  ERYZIAS succeeds until 683. 693 rcSB3, wikEA 692 GHH
c.688 23rd OLYMPIC GAMES:  Boxing is added. 696 TTPC     688 B76 2-274, GHH, wikAOG
c.685 Λ 2nd MESSENIAN WAR with SPARTA begins until 668.  Messenians ally with Argos, Arcadia, and Elis. 685 DGRBM, GHH, wik2MW
c.683 ERYZIAS ends.  Decennial archon of Athens from 693.  Decennial archons from 753, replaced by 9 archons until 594.  Archons are chosen annually from the nobility by the areopagos.  The EPONYMOUS ARCHON is in charge.
CREON becomes 1st eponymous archon until 681.  The title of Basileus is abolished for the head of state, but retained for the head of religion.
685 DGRBM     684 DGRA 122, GHH     683 CAH 3-767, CDGRA 65, Dur 2-66, LEWH 65, MCAW 69, OCD 101, OHG, rcSB3
683/2 OCD 140
682 GRG, bk, wikEA
682/1 CAH 3.3
c.681 CREON, eponymous archon of Athens from 682, ends.  LYSIADES succeeds until 680. 681 GHH, wikEA
c.681 Aristocrates of Arcadia, stoned to death for treason. 681 GHH, wikEA
c.680 25th OLYMPIC GAMES:  1st equestrian event.  A 4 horse chariot race is run at a nearby hippodrome. 682 TTPC
680 B76 2-274, GHH, wikAOG, wikBCh
c.680 LYSIADES eponymous archon of Athens from 681, ends.  TLESIAS succeeds until 679. 680 wikEA
c.680 LELANTINE WAR between Chalcis and Eretria over Lelantine Plain in Euboea from 700 ends.  Chalcis partisans include Corinth, Samos, Thessaly.  Eretria partisans include Aegina, Megara, Miletos.  Euboean influence ends. 700 GRG 123, 127, 184
680 OHG
c.680 PHEIDON-II becomes tyrant of Argos until ?. 680 Dur 2-66
early 7th cen.: B76 VII-932
675 GRG 20
700-650: Proto-Attic vase-painters wikPAVP   wikPAP
Vulture Painter
710-690 Vulture Painter
N Painter
c.700 N Painter
Mesogeia Painter
Marcus Cyron
700-675 Mesogeia Painter
Polyphemos Painter
Napoleon Vier
670-50 Polyphemos Painter
Analatos Painter
Marie-Lan Nguyen
700-675 Analatos Painter
Mesogeia Painter
Marcus Cyron
c.655 Ram Jug Painter
c.679 TLESIAS eponymous archon of Athens from 680, ends.  Successors unknown until 671. 679 wikEA
c.679 Messenians defeated by Spartans at battle of the trenches. 679 GHH
c.678 PERDICCAS-I ends.  Argead king of Macedon from 700.  Son ARGAEUS-I succeeds until 640. 678 GHH, rcSB2, wikArg, wikLKM     630 MRDK
c.676 FEAST of APOLLO CARNEIUS introduced at Sparta.  MUSIC contests 1st introduced at this feast.  Terpander is victor. 676 DGRBM 3-1003, GHH
c.675 DOBROGEA (land between north turning of Danube as it approaches Black Sea, and Black Sea itself), under Cimmerians from before 1000, comes under Thracian tribes until 492. 675 rcEB
c.675 ELEUSIS on Saronic Gulf taken by Athens, which gives Athens control of Attica.  Membership in Eleusinian Mysteries, until now essential to civic status, is reduced to religious significance. 675 GRG, bk 600
B76 12-779
c.675 Eleusinian Mysteries include drinking "kykeon", a thick gruel of unknown composition. no date:
B76 14-201
c.675 Son of Nicandros, THEOPOMPOS dies.  7th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 720 (with Polydoros from 700).  Son ANAXANDRIDAS-I succeeds to 665. 676 Anaxander succeeds Eurycrates
675 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl, wikKS
c.675 Messenians emigrate to Zancle and other parts of Sicily. 675 GHH
c.675 The full HOPLITE panoply (suit of armor) is first shown on a vase. 675 agb
c.674 POLYMNASTOS, poet, flourishes at Sparta. 674 GHH
c.672 Pantaleon king of Pisa in Elis, revolts from the Eleans, and espouse the cause of the Messenians. 672 DGRBM GHH
c.671 LEOSTRATOS becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 670. 671 GHH, wikEA
c.670 LEOSTRATOS eponymous archon of Athens from 671, ends.  Successor unknown until 669. 670 wikEA
c.670 PHEIDON-II, tyrant of Argos 680-?, marches across Peloponese, siezes OLYMPIA. 672 or 668
B76 VII-932
c.670 COINS V, in Lydia from 680, introduced to Greece by Pheidon, tyrant of Argos.  An ear of wheat is portrayed on them. 680 Dur 2-66, LEWH 62
640-30 B76 8-345, OCD 258 625 TTPC
600 PW 16, TAWH 17
c.670 WEIGHTS & MEASURES:  in Greece from ?, system changed in Peloponnese by Pheidon-II, tyrant of Argos.  (talent, mina, drachma) 670 bk
no date: Herodotus
725-600: Proto-Corinthian pottery style 725-600 brit
720-625 chron
Claire H
Pyxis with female heads at rim and friezes of lions, sirens, sphinxes, & birds below.
Chigi Vase
650-40 Chigi Vase with hoplites
c.630 aryballos
Upper: horses;
lower: owl
Robert Valette
625-00 Oenochoe with animal frieze
c.625 skyphos with winged genius and animals
640-20 aryballos
Shoulder: hare hunt; belly: panther, goat and bull
Corinthian Ware
Exact repros of CORINTHIAN WARE with approx. dates by
c.669 ArgolisPHEIDON-II, tyrant of Argos, defeats Spartans at HYSIAE for control of the plain of Thyrea.  ARGOS, at height of its power, controls Mycenae and Tiryns.
THYREA is under Argos until 546.
669 B76 I-506, VII-932, 8-336, DGRBM, DGRG 1-203, 1108, GHH, GRG, ISBE 2-562, OCD 1007, MCAW 70, bk
669/8 CAH 3.3   668 OHG
c.669 PISISTRATOS becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 668. 669 OCD 836, wikEA
c.668 BYZANTIUM, in Thracian land, founded by Megarian Greeks under Byzas.  Under Greeks until 512. 715 GHH     668 CAH 3-767, OCD 186, 836     668 or 659 CAH 3.3-160
667 OCD 265     660 CAH 4-104, Dur 2-157     658 DGRBM 1-520, Dur 2-66, GHH, TTPC     657 DGRBM, rcT
c.668 PISISTRATOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 669, ends.  AUTOSTHENES succeeds until 667. 668 GHH, wikEA
c.668 2nd MESSENIAN WAR with SPARTA from 685 ends. V 668 DGRBM, GHH, wik2MW
c.668 28th OLYMPIC GAMES:  Pheidon-II, tyrant of Argos, interferes in Olympic festival, takes presidency from Eleans.  Presidency is under Pisa until 572. 668 B76 8-336, CAH 3.3, OCD 835
c.667 AUTOSTHENES, eponymous archon of Athens from 668, ends.  Successors unknown until 664. 667 wikEA
c.665 Son of Alcamenes, POLYDOROS dies.  9th Agiad king of Sparta from 700 (with Alexandridas from 675), murdered by Spartan Polemarchos.  Son EUCRATES succeeds to 640. 709 GHH     665 MRDK, OCD 1007, bk, rcPl, wikKS
c.665 Son of Theopompos, ANAXANDRIDAS-I dies.  8th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 675 (with Polydoros).  Son ARCHIDAMOS-I succeeds to 645. 665 OCD 1007
645 MRDK, rcPl, wikKS
Zeuxidamos succeeds: wikKS
c.665 GYMNOPAEDIA "naked youths" festival for gymnastic, dance, singing, and orchestra performances in honor of Apollo Pythaeos, Artemis, and Leto 1st held in Sparta.  - naked youths display athletic and martial skills by war dancing  Celebrated annually, lasts up to 10 days.  Songs honor Spartans fallen in battle.  On the last day, adult men also perform.  Old bachelors are excluded.  Outsiders visit Sparta for it. 668 GHH, wikGym
665 DGRA 584, DGRBM 1-107
c.665 SICYON in Peloponnese founded by ORTHAGORAS who becomes tyrant until 648.  Dynasty lasts until 565. 676 Dur 2-66     672 DGRA 1182     665 OCD 249
660 OCD 986     656 RAH 150
630 CDCC 914
c.665 THALETAS of Crete, musician and lyric poet, introduces to Sparta elements of music and rhythm, which did not exist in Terpander's system, thereby founding the 2nd musical school of Sparta. 665 GHH
700-630 SHIELD PATTERNS by Luke Sarson.
c.664 CORCYRA, under Corinth 734-585, has war with overlord.  Remains hostile until 600. 712 mxfld     665 DGRG 1-676, wikCrf
664 CAH 3-767, LEWH 62
664 or later: GRG 326     660 MCAW 70
c.664 1st recorded Greek sea battle:  CORCYRANS defeat CORINTHIANS off Sybota Island south of Corcyra. 712 mxfld     665 wikCrf
664 CAH 3.3, LEWH 62, bk
664 or later: GRG 326
660 MCAW 70
c.664 MILTIADES-I becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 663. 664 wikEA
c.663 MILTIADES-I, eponymous archon of Athens from 664, ends.  Successors unknown until 659. 663 wikEA
c.663 SELYMBRIA (Silivri) Thrace, west of Byzantium, founded on top of a Thracian settlement by Megarans. 663 GHH
c.660 MESSENIA, under Sparta from 715, rebels. 660 B76 8-337, OCD 1007 640 SHWC 59
c.659 MILTIADES-II becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 658. 659 GHH, wikEA
c.659 PHIGALIA Arcadia taken by Lacedaemonians, but soon recovered independence with help of the Oresthasians. 659 GHH, wikΦg
c.658 MILTIADES-II, eponymous archon of Athens from 659, ends.  Successors unknown until 645. 658 wikEA
c.657 BACCHIAD TYRANNY of Corinth from 747, overthrown by CYPSELOS, who succeeds until 625.  Cypselid tyranny begins at Corinth until 583. 658 GRG     657 B76 8-336, CAH 3.3, CDCC 486, DGRBM 1-450, 959, DGRG 1-676, ISBE 1-772, OCD 158, 290, 306, OHG, rcPl
656 DGRA 1182     655 DGRBM, Dur 2-66, GHH, MCAW 70, RAH 150, bk
c.657 DEMARATOS, rich Bacchiad merchant of Corinth, banished by Cypsellos, goes to Tarquinii, Etruria, marries an Etruscan woman. 657 DGRBM 1-959 655 Dur 3-14
c.657 Craftsmen Eucher, Diopus, and Eugrammus follow Demaratos to Tarquinii, Etruria, introduce Corinthian pottery. 664 DGRBM 2-62
c.657 ISTROS on the Danube delta at the Black Sea, founded by Greeks of Miletos. 657 CAH 3.3-161, GRG 326     633 GHH
c.656 Timesias of Clazomenae, trying to found a colony at Abdera, driven out by Thracians. 656
DGRG 1-2
c.655 ORTHAGORAS siezes power at Sicyon in north Peloponnese. 655 CAH 3.3 650 bk
c.655 Orthagorid dictatorship of Megara in Peloponese begins until 555. 655 GRG
c.655 SANE on the east (Pallene) prong of Chalcidice founded by Ionians of Andros Island. 655 CAH 3.3-162 600 OCD 225
c.655 STAGIRA on the east coast of Chalcidice founded by Ionians of Andros Island. 655 wikSt     654 GHH 600 OCD 225
Macedonia Thrace
c.654 ACANTHOS, on Athos the eastern peninsula of Chalcidice, founded by Greeks from Andros Island. 655 CAH 3.3-160, GRG 260 654 DGRBM, GHH, OCD 264
c.654 ABDERA Thrace founded by Greeks of Clazomenae under Timesias.  Attributed to Heracles on behalf of his fallen friend Abderos. 656 DGRBM 3-1136, rcSB2     654 CAH 3.3-160, DGRBM     652 GHH     650 Dur 2-66
c.650 STRYME Thrace founded by Greeks of Thasos Island. 650 CAH 3.3-162
c.650 DODONA, religious and oracular center mainly for northern tribes, becomes important for southern tribes. 650 wikDd
c.650 Chigi Vase Massed HOPLITE PHALANX first appears on vases, like the Chigi Vase right.  Hoplites line up in close order, locking shields together with spears projected out between them to make a human wall.  They march in formation towards the enemy until they get close and then speed up before colliding into them. photo

B76 8-335, 339, agb
Illyrian helmet
Illyrian helmet
ILLYRIAN HELMETS, left with funerary mask from cemetery of Sindos.  Originated in Peloponnese, and developed 700-640.  Accurate representations on Corinthian vases indicate that the Illyrian type helmet was developed before 600.  It soon becomes the most widespread style.  Helmet was misleadingly named Illyrian due to a large number of early finds in Illyria.
7-600 wikIW 6th-5th cen wikITH
c.650 Temple of ASKLEPIOS starts treating sick people. 700-601 TTS
c.650 Lyric poetry first appears. 650 TAWH 17
c.650 Life-size STATUES appear in Greece. 650 wikArG
c.650 TYRTAEOS, elegiac poet of Sparta flourishes.  Wrote to inspire Spartans to fight. 683 GHH     650 B76 X-224, OHG     640 CAH 3.3
c.650 Hills stripped of trees for building leads to erosion and loss of fertile soil.  Peasants go in debt.  Greeks depend on imports for food.   (see China 1000) 650 TTPC, mxfld
c.650 Greeks begin to visit Egypt regularly, and bring back Egyptian architecture and sculpture ideas. 650 B76 19-287
c.650 1st TRIREMES built by Corinthians, but biremes are still popular. 703 GHH     700 CGS 578 650 LS 38, TTT
Bireme on a vase by painter Aristonophus.
Rowers, though still exposed to view, are rowing thru ports.
650 CGS 573
c.650 1st stone Temple of APOLLO built at Corinth by Cypselos.  Lasts until ?.  2nd 550. 700 CAH 3.3
625 prs     650 wikAC
c.650 Λ 3rd MESSENIAN WAR with SPARTA begins until 620.  MESSENIA, under Sparta from 716, rebels under Aristomenes. 685 DGRBM 1-308, wik2MW
660 OCD 1007, bk     650 CAH 3.3, GRG, LEWH 63, OCD 112, OHG
640 Dur 2-66     630 MCAW 72
c.650 GREAVES, until now made of leather, bronze greaves become used by Illyrian soldiers. 7-600 wikIW
c.648 33rd OLYMPIC GAMES introduces PANKRATION (pan = all, kratos = strength)  i.e. fighting.  Rules:  no biting or eye gouging.  Victory secured by knockout, submission, or death of opponent.  Also introduces horse & rider competition, which includes no saddles or stirrups. 652 B76 VII-712 650 TTPC
648 B76 2-274, GHH, wikAOG,wikPnk
c.648 Myron of Sicyon wins chariot race at 33rd Olympics. 648 CAH 3.3
c.648 ORTHAGORAS tyrant of Sicyon in Peloponnese from 665 ends.  MYRON succeeds until 600?. 648 Dur 2-66
c.645 Son of Anaxandridas, ARCHIDAMOS-I dies.  9th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 665 (with Eurycrates from 665).  Son ANAXILAS succeeds to 625. 645 OCD 1007
Zeuxidamos dies, Anaxidamos succeeds. 645 MRDK, wikKS
c.645 DROPIDES becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 644. 645 wikEA     644 GHH
c.644 DROPIDES eponymous archon of Athens from 645, ends.  Successors unknown until 639. 644 wikEA
c.644 34th OLYMPIAD:  King Pantaleon of Pisa makes himself master of Olympia by force. 644 DGRG 1-818, GHH
c.640 ARGAEOS-I ends.  Argead king of Macedon from 678.  Son PHILIP-I succeeds until 602. 640 GHH, rcSB2, wikArg, wikLKM     620 MRDK
c.640 CANAL dug across Leukas penninsula on western Greece just to save ships 80km of sailing around it.  Leucas only now becomes an island. 640 TTT
c.640 Son of Polydoros, EUCRATES dies.  10th Agiad king of Sparta from 665 (with Anaxilas from 645), dies.  Son ANAXANDROS succeeds to 615. 640 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl, wikKS
c.640 Capital of Macedonia:  LEBAEA from ?, moved to AGAE (Aegea) until 400 by Perdiccas king of Macedon 650-30. 640 GRG 326, OCD 12
c.640 AMBRACIA, a Thesprotian town north of the Ambraciot Gulf, made a Greek city by a colony of Corinthians under Gorgos (Tolgos), son or bro of Cypselos. 655-25 CAH 3.3-160 635 DGRG 1-119
c.640 35th OLYMPIC GAMES:  CYLON wins foot race. 640 CAH 4-27
c.639 DAMASIUS becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 638. 639 GHH, wikEA
c.638 DAMASIUS eponymous archon of Athens from 639, ends.  Successors unknown until 634. 638 wikEA
c.636 36th OLYMPIC GAMES:  PHRYNON wins something. 636 CAH 4-32
c.635 LEUKAS Island west of Greece, colonized by Corinth.  Autonomous until 314.   See 625. 635 rcSB3
c.633 EPAENETUS eponymous archon of Athens from 634, ends.  Successor unknown until 632. 633 wikEA
c.632 MEGACLES becomes eponymous archon of Athens until 631. 632 wikEA
c.632 37th OLYMPIAD adds a foot race and wrestling for boys. 632 B76 6-323, GHH, wikAOG
c.632 Athens, at the time of Cylon, is under the direction of 48 presidents of the Naucraries - 12 out of each of the 4 tribes. 620 DGRA 210
c. 632 Eurypatrid CYLON, son-in-law of Theagenes, tyrant of Megara, aristocratic Olympic victor, gathers friends and troops from Megara, siezes the Acropolis at Athens, intending to overthrow the 9 archons and become tyrant.  The archons under Alcmaeonid Megacles besiege Cylon and followers huddled around the altar of Athena in the Acropolis.  Cylon escapes.  His followers run out of food.  Archons agree to let them live.  They surrender.  Archons kill them. 632 B76 4-706, 8-340, CAH 3.3, GRG, HAG 74, ISBE 2-562, LEWH 65, MCAW 72, OHG, SHWC 55, bk, wikCln
Cylon killed: CDCC 102 620 DGRBM, GHH     612 CDGRA 65
c.631 ALCMAEONID clan of Athens becomes dominant until 595. 631 guess
c.631 MEGACLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 632 ends.  Successors unknown until 624. 631 wikEA
c.630 THEAGENES of Megara kills livestock of the wealthy, hires a bodyguard, becomes Megara's only tyrant until 620. 640 OCD 1051, OHG     632 B76 8-337     630 DGRBM 3-1021, 1075     610 bk
c.630 ANACTORIUM, on south coast of Ambracian Gulf, founded by illegitimate son of tyrant Echiadi of Corinth for trade and shipping. 655-25 CAH 3.3-160
630 wikVn, wikAA
620 OCD 57
c.630 PLATAEA in Boeotia colonized by Greeks from Thera Island and Crete.  Independent until 519. 630 CAH 4-109
c.630 LAWS V of LYCURGOS at Sparta. 750 bk     675 OHG
630 Dur 2-66     600 RAH 692
c.628 38th OLYMPIC GAMES adds pentathalon for boys. 628 wikAOG
c.626 PROCLOS becomes tyrant of Epidauros. 626 GHH
c.625 LEUKAS Island near Acarnania, autonomous 635-314, colonized by Corinthians. 655-25 CAH 3.3-161 625 OCD 600
c.625 EPIDAMNOS on the coast of Illyria in the Ionic gulf founded by Corcyrans and Corinthians led by Phalios.  They hold it jointly until 435. 627 B76 8-330, CAH 3.3-161, DGRBM 1-450, DGRG 1-795, GHH, OCD 265     625 GRG 326, OCD 392     617 DGRG 1-670
c.625 CYPSELOS, tyrant of Corinth from 658, ends.  Son PERIANDER succeeds to 585.  He encourages literature and the arts. 629 GHH, ISBE 1-772     627 B76 VII-874, DGRG 1-676, rcPl     625 CAH 3.3, CDCC 486, DGRBM 3-190, Dur 2-66, MCAW 72, OCD 306, 800, OHG, RAH 150, bk
c.625 Son of Archidamos, ANAXILAS dies.  10th Eurypontid king of Sparta from 645 (with Anaxandros from 640).  Son LEOTYCHIDAS succeeds to 600. 625 OCD 1007
Anaxidamos dies, Archidamos succeeds. MRDK, wikKS
c.624 PERIANDER, tyrant of Corinth from 625-585, invites nobility to a party, strips all the guests of their gold to finance his government. 624 TTPC
c.623 ARISTAECHMUS, eponymous archon of Athens from 624, ends.  Successor unknown until 621. 623 wikEA
c. 621 DRACO, eponymous archon of Athens 621-20, appointed to codify Athenian Λ LAW.  Until now, blood feuds and oral laws could be made up at any time, and punishment was often by vendettas.  Only upper classes were made aware of the laws.  Laws prescribe death for most crimes.  When asked why, Draco says small offenses deserve death, and he knows no worse penalty for great offenses.  Posted on wood tablets.  Content now lost.  All repealed by Solon 594 except homicide laws. 624 BCoC 302
621 CAH 4-28, CDGRA 65, 445, DGRBM, GHH, MCAW 73, OCD 363, OHG, RAH 157, TTPC, bk, dracdev, wikEA
621/0 CAH 3.3, GRG 42, wikDrac
620 Dur 2-66
c.620 THEAGENES, the only tyrant of Megara from 640, driven out. 620 OCD 1051
600 DGRBM 3-1075
c.620 DRACO, eponymous archon of Athens from 621, ends.  Successors unknown until 615. 620 wikEA
c.620 3rd MESSENIAN WAR with SPARTA from 650 ends.  Messenia is under Sparta until ?.  Sparta begins policy of perennially suppressing the helots. 668 wik2MW     631 Dur 2-66 630 LEWH 63, MCAW 73
620 CAH 3.3, GRG
c.620 Spartan ALCMAN, earliest poet of choral lyric whose work has survived, flourishes. 671 GHH     625 MCAW 75
620 B76 10-1091     600 Dur 2-66
c.616 41st OLYMPIC GAMES adds boxing for boys. 616 wikAOG
c.615 Son of Eucrates, ANAXANDROS dies.  11th Agiad king of Sparta from 640 (with Leotchidas from 625).  Son EURYCRATIDAS succeeds to 590. 615 MRDK, OCD 1007, rcPl, wikKS
c.614 HENIOCHIDES, eponymous archon of Athens from 615, ends.  Successors unknown until 605. 614 wikEA
c.611 PERIANDER becomes tyrant of Ambracia until ?. 611 GHH
Corinthian Ware
Exact repros of CORINTHIAN WARE with approx. dates by
630-590 SHIELD PATTERNS by Luke Sarson.
c.609 POTIDAEA, west Chalcidice founded by Corinthians. 625-585 CAH 3.3-162     609 LEWH 62 600 B76 8-332, OCD 870
c.608 PANAETIOS becomes tyrant of Leontium Achaea until ?. 608 GHH
c.606 War in Boeotia between Athens and Mytilene for possession of Sigeum and surrounding coast.  Mytilene commander Pittacos kills Athenian commander Phrynon in single combat, but Athenians win the war. 608 GHH     606 DGRBM 1-95, 3-191, GHH
c.606 Periander, king of Corinth, mediates between Athens and Mytilene. 606 GHH
c.606 Epic poet Chersias of Orchomenos Boeotia, flourishes.  Known only from a single quote by Pausanias. 606 GHH
620-00 wikChr
c.604 ARISTOCLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 605, ends.  Successors unknown until 600. 604 wikEA
c.602 PHILIP-I ends.  Argead king of Macedon from 640.  Son AEROPOS-I succeeds until 576. 602 GHH, rcSB2, wikArg, wikLKM     590 MRDK

Balkan Peninsula 600-501