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c.20 ADDEDOMARUS becomes king of the Trinovantes until 15, at Braughing in Hertfordshire until ?. 20 wikTrn
c.20 stater of TasciovanusTASCIOVANUS becomes king of the Catuvellauni until 10.  Capital at Verulamium.  He mints coins like this gold stater at Verulamium.  Right side has Celtic warrior on horse, carrying a carnyx (a wind instrument). coin: Numisantica

20 rcC, wikCtv, wikTsc
c. 20 Appearing in several Welsh Triads, Bran Fendigaid, Bran the Blessed, is son of Lir (Llyr in later Welsh) who comes from beyond the waves, from the Living Land.  Lir dwells with Penardin(Penarddun) White Throat in her bro's house (a Celtic custom of temporary marriage where no bride fee is paid), her bro being the otherwise unnamed high king.  Penardin is named by the  Mabinogion  (a 14th cent. document) as a dau of Beli Mawr, which would make her bro Lludd Llaw Ereint, tho the genealogy is confused (unusual, if this story is a complete fabrication and not based on partially-remembered events).  Bran's younger siblings by Lir are Manadan (Manawydan) and Branwen, and he has a half-bro born after Lir's return to the Living Lands in the form of Emnissien (Efnysien). 20 hifiKB
c.20 BRITAIN:  2 powers become distinguishable: the Catuvelauni under Tasciovanus north of the Thames at Verulamium until 10, and the Atrebates under Commius south of it. 20 B76 3-194
20 COMMIUS dies.  King of Atrebates in Gaul 57-35, residing in Britain at Calleva Atrebatum from 35.  Son TINCOMARUS succeeds until 7CE. 25 OCD 1078
20 wikAtr, rcC
20 MORAVIA (area northeast of Noricum), under La Tene culture from 400, comes under the Germanic QUADI until 400CE. 20 rcCE
20 late M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA leaves Rome until 18, goes to Gaul to quell disturbances on the RhineAdopted son of Augustus, Tiberius age 22 accompanies.  Agrippa succeeds.  In Gaul until 19. 20 B76 1-367, CAH 10-145, 179, CDCC 28, OCD 31
19 DGRBM 1-79
c.19 Cornish tin trade, under the Veneti from ?, takes a hit when Romans take over Spanish tin mines. 19 MCAW 269
19 Pont du Gard Aqueduct to Nemausus, begun by Agrippa to channel water from a spring near present Uzes.  Winding route of 50km covers a straight line distance of 20km.  35km is below ground.  Finished in 8. 19 TTT, wths
Newer excavations suggest a construction date of 40-60CE. wikPDG
19 MAISON CARREE "Square House", begun at Nemausus by Agrippa.  A temple to to Gaius and Lucius Caesar, grandsons and adopted heirs of Augustus.  Finished 2CE. 19 wikMVA
19 M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA goes from Gaul to Spain to deal with Cantabri rebellion. 19 B76 1-367, CAH 10-145, CDCC 429, OCD 31, wikMVA
18 LUGDUNUM, capital of Lugdunensis, becomes center of Agrippa's road system, begins growing in size and importance. 20 CAH 10-493 18 MCAW 269
c.16 M. LOLLIUS sent from Rome to be legate in Gaul until later 16.  He is responsible for several legions guarding the Rhine. 17-16 wikML
16 DGRBM 2-797
c.16 The Sicambri, Usipi, and Tencteri, spill over the Rhine, again invade Belgica. 17/6 CAH 10-179, 16 DGRG 2-974, HRE 126
c.16 Legate M. LOLLIUS is ambushed and defeated on the lower Rhine by German MELO leader of the Sicambri, loses an eagle.  Lollius never gets another command, but remains on good terms with Augustus. 17/6 CAH 10-521     16 CAH 10-179, DGRBM 1-429, GHH, HRE 126, wikScm     no date: LEWH 114, OCD 618
16 AUGUSTUS, and stepson TIBERIUS go from Rome to Gaul until 13.  They go to Rhine to deal with German incursions. 16 B76 2-371, CAH 10-151, 179, 521, DGRG 1-966, GHH, HRRP 4.1-107, OCD 150, 1011
c.16 The Sicambri, Usipi, and Tencteri, retreat back over the Rhine. 16 wikML
c.16 Gaius Caesar insults his uncle Tiberius.  M. Lollius is held responsible for the incident.  Tiberius and Lollius become enemies. 16 wikML
c.16 NOVAESIUM founded at the confluence of the Rhine and Erft as a reconnaissance camp. 16 CAH 10-525, wikNs
c.16 IstriaISTRIA peninsula under Rome 177, invaded by the Norici and the PannoniSilius Nerva quickly brings it under control. 16 CAH 10-174, 537, HRE 94, OCD 775, wikIlrc
c.15 ADDEDOMARUS king of the Trinovantes from 20, at Camulodunum from ?, supplanted until 10 by Tasciovanus of the Catuvellauni, who mints coins from Camulodunum at this time. 15 wikAdd 10 wikTrn
c.15 CAMULODUNON "stronghold of Camulos", a fortified settlement, is first mentioned as capital of the Trinovantes, on coins minted by Tasciovanus.  Camulos is the British god of war. 20-10 wikCm
15 LUGDUNUM made a center for minting coins by Augustus.  It produces coins for next 3 centuries. 15 MCAW 269, wikLg
15 The mint at Lugdunum produces almost all imperial gold and silver coinage from now until Nero (or possibly Caligula) transfers production to the mint at Rome. 15 CAH 10-317
15 DRUSUS comes from Rome, joins Tiberius, and they go to west Bohemia, reach the sources of the Danube, and soon afterwards the bend of the middle course. 15 CAH 10, OCD 365, wikTi
c.15 RAETIA (Rhaetia) conquered by Tiberius and Drusus, annexed to Rome as an imperial province, comes under Rome until 378CE. 16 B76 2-371, bk, wikTAR     16/5 CAH 10, OCD 150     15 B76 X-494, CAH 10, DGRBM 3-1118, DGRG 2-700, GHH, HRE 52, OCD 365, rcCE, wikRt
Details of the campaign of 15BC are disputed. CAH 10-537
15 The VINDELICI between Danube & Lech are conquered by Tiberius and Drusus. 15 B76 X-494, CAH 10, DGRBM 3-1118, DGRG 2-700, GHH, HRE 52, OCD 365, wikVnd
15 AUSTRIA (Raetia, Vindelicia, and Noricum), occupied by La Tene Celts from 450, conquered by Drusus, and formed into Roman provinces. 16 bk     15 GHH, ooctA, rcCE
North Europe
c.15 NORICUM, under La Tene Celts from 450, conquered by Drusus, and annexed to Rome as imperial province, comes under Rome until 395CE.  Important for agriculture, mining iron, gold, and lead.  Administrative seat at Virunum. 16 B76 2-371, bk, wikNr
16/5 CAH 10, OCD 150, hifiNT 15 B76 VII-389, 2-449, GHH, brtNr, rcCE, wikCrn, wikIlrc, wikTAR     13 DGRG 2-447
15 AUGUSTA VINDELICORUM (later Augsburg) founded on Lech River as a colony by Drusus.  Soon becomes capital of Raetia province. 15 B76 I-646, CDCC 741, wikAg 14 TTPC
15 JUVAVUM (later Salzburg) in Noricum founded by merging Celtic settlements into a town by Drusus.  (See 45 CE) 15 B76 VIII-825, wikSb
15 VINDONISSA (Windisch) receives a small Roman guard post until 15CE 15 wikVn
15 CARINTHIA, Slavic tribal state in south Noricum, under La Tene Culture from 450, comes under Rome until 395CE. 15 rcCE, wikCrn
15 LICINIUS, Gallic former slave of Caesar, appointed governor of Gaul by Augustus. 15 DGRBM 2-784
15 Legion XXI Rapax, one of 5 legions used by Drusus to suppress the Raetians, is stationed in Castra Regina (Regensburg), in the new province of Raetia. 15 wik21R
15 TREVERORUM, on the Moselle, main city of the Treveri from ?, renamed AUGUSTA TREVERORUM. 15 B76 X-120 16 wikTr
15 VINDOBONA (later Vienna) founded on the Danube as a frontier city to guard against Germans. 15 wikVn
c.14 DRUSUS Claudius Nero begins building a string of about 50 military bases along the Rhine. 14 wikNCD
c.14 Province of Alpes Maritimae created in west Alps by Augustus.  Capital at Cemenelum within Nicaea. 14 hifiCtrg, wikAM
c.14 DRUSUS Claudius Nero allies with the Batavi in preparation for military action in Germany. 14 wikNCD
14 The Carni and Taurisci (Norici) had quietly paid tribute for 33 years.  Both tribes are reduced to subjection by Tiberius and Drusus. 14 DGRBM 3-916, ooctA
13 AUGUSTUS campaigns in the Pyrenees, pacifies the Aquitani. 13 CAH 10-489
13 AUGUSTUS in Gaul from 16, leaves DRUSUS Claudius Nero in charge of Gaul until 11, and returns to Rome. 13 CAH 10-180, 354, DGRBM 1-429, GHH, MCAW 268, OCD 150, 365     12 CDCC 389, HRE 126
c.13 MOGONTIACUM fortress built at the confluence of the Rhine and Moenus (Main) by Drusus. 13 lvMg
no date: wikMnz
12 DRUSUS Claudius Nero attacks the Sicambri (Sugambri), whom he caught on the Gallic side of the Rhine, south of the Lippe. 12 CAH 10-180, OCD 366, hifiMr, wikNCD
c.12 DRUSUS Claudius Nero begins campaign, perhaps consisting of Legions I Germanica and V Alaudae.  He bridges the Rhine, crosses into Germany, attacks< the Usipi, then sails down the Rhine to the North Sea, defeats the Batavii, proceeds to an amphibious operation along the coast, to the mouth of the Amisus (Ems), where he defeats the Bructeri in a naval battle. 12 B76 III-677, 15-1110, CAH 10-180, DGRG 1-122, Dur 3-210, HRE 127, OCD 366, hifiMr, wikNCD, wikTAR
12 The Frisi northeast of Lake Flevo submit to Drusus without a fight, and become allies until 28 CE. 12 CAH 10-180, HRE 127, hifiTtn
c.12 North Europe DRUSUS Claudius Nero invades Chauci territory on the coast on either side of the mouth of the Visurgis (Weser), defeats the Chauci, then advances to the Albis (Elbe) and penetrates Chauci territory, defeats the Chauci near the mouth of the Weser.  His ships are stranded by ebb tide.  He extricates them with help of the Frisii, and builds a canal (Fossa Drusiana) connecting the Rhine with Lake Flevo (Zuyder Zee) so that the Rhine fleet could sail thru the Lake into the German Ocean. 12 CAH 10-180, 15-1110, HRE 127, OCD 366, wikNCD
no date: B76 III-677
12 The BATAVI submit to Drusus without a fight, and help him cut the canal. 12 HRE 127, OCD 162, hifiTtn
12 The Cherusci, Catti, and other tribes are defeated by Drusus; who carries his conquests from the Rhine to the Elbe, and occupies that territory until 9. 12 B76 III-677, GHH, MCAW 268, hifiTtn, wikChr
Drusus 12BCE map
12 Jul? DRUSUS Claudius Nero in charge of Gaul 13-12, holds a concilium of 3 provinces of Gallia Comata at Lugdunum.  Those 3 provinces are united. 12 CAH 10-846, OCD 277, HRRP 4.1-23
c.12 Ara Galliarum ARA GALLIARUM (Altar of CONDATE), an altar to Dea Roma and Augustus, built by Drusus at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone near Lugdunum.  It will be dedicated in 10.  Condate federal sanctuary is established. pic: François Artaud

12 CAH 10-468, 493, 524, CDCC 534, DGRG 2-214, HRRP 4.1-23, ISBE 4-113 11 OCD 365
10 CAH 10-180
12 Jul? 2nd CENSUS in Gaul. 12 CAH 10-490, OCD 220
c.12 BIBRACTE, original capital of the Aeduii, inhabitants transferred to newly founded AUGUSTODUNUM 25km west.  It takes several decades before Bibracte is fully abandoned. 15 wikBb
12 B76 II-3, OCD 12, 148, 166, hifiAd
c.12 MOGONTIACUM army camp built on site of a Celtic settlement on bank of the Rhine & mouth of Main river by Drusus. 14-9 B76 VI-511, 13-12 wikMnz
c.12 FRISIA comes under Rome until 28CE. 12 OCD 448
c.12 Flavian Bridge FLAVIAN BRIDGE built of limestone in a single arch to replace a wooden bridge allowing the Via Julia Augusta to cross River Touloubre in Narbonensis.  Only surviving Roman bridge bounded by triumphal arches from the Augustan period.  Inscription says, "L. Donnius, son of C., Flavos, flamen of Rome and Augustus, has ordained in his will that [this] be built under the direction of C. Donnius Vena and C. Attius Rufius." photo: maarjaara

12 wikPF
11 Jan DRUSUS Claudius Nero in charge of Gaul from 13, returns to Rome until later 11. 11 OCD 366, wikNCD
c.11 DRUSUS Claudius Nero, now urban praetor, returns from Rome to Gaul, assembles 5 legions plus auxiliaries and, setting out from Vetera on the Rhine, ascends the Lippe.  Here he encounters the Tencteri and Usipi, whom he defeats in 2 battles, beginning Germanic War. 11 CAH 10-153, 180, GHH, OCD 366, wikNCD, wikTAR
c.11 The BRUCTERI conquered by Drusus. 11 hifiTtn
c.11 SIRMIUM on the Sava River, under the Amantini from ?, taken by Drusus, under Romans until ?. 12-9 B76 IX-238
c.11 ALISO fortress built by Drusus to secure advantages gained, and to have a safe place to oppose the Cherusci and Sicambri.  Remains under Rome until 9 CE.  He also builds another for nearer the Rhine. 11 DGRG 1-103, HRRP 4.1-114
c.11 North EuropeDRUSUS Claudius Nero subdues the Usipi and Marsi, bridges the Lippe, crosses Sicambri land into Cherusci land as far as the Wesser.  Want of supplies and approach of winter prevents crossing it. 11 CAH 10-153, 180, HRE 128, OCD 366, hifiMr, hifiTtn, wikNCD
c.11 Another fort is built on Mount Taunus, in the land of the Catti, whom Drusus drove out of their land into that of the Sicambri. 11 HRE 128
c.11 Part of the Germanic SICAMBRI tribe is forced by Drusus to move south of the lower Rhine. 11 wikScm
Drusus in 11BCE Drusus 11BC map
c. 11 DRUSUS Claudius Nero, reaches the Werra Valley, turns back for winter, because supplies are low, and omens unfavorable.  While going back thru Cherusci territory, they are ambushed at Arbalo.  The Cherusci fail to follow up, so the Romans brake thru their lines and defeat the Cherusci. 11 wikBA, wikNCD
11/10 DRUSUS Claudius Nero, garrisons several positions in Germany during winter, one on the junction of the Lippe and Eliso, perhaps at Haltern, and another near the Rhine in the region of the Catti. 11/10 CAH 10-181, wikNCD
c.10 TASCIOVANUS, king of the Catuvellauni from 20, at Camulodunum from 15, expelled from Camulodunum by ADDEDOMARUS, former king of the Trinovantes, who rules until 5. 10 wikAdd
c.10 The Catti fight to recover their old homes between the Laugonna and the Moenus (Main). 10 HRE 128
c.10 DRUSUS Claudius Nero attacks the Catti and the resurgent Sicambri, subjugating both. 10 OCD 366, hifiMr, wikNCD
Drusus in 10BCE Drusus 10BC map
c.10 DRUSUS Claudius Nero rejoins his wife Antonia and 2 children in Lugdunum before he and his family returns to Rome until later 10. 10 wikNCD
c.10 DRUSUS Claudius Nero, now a proconsul, returns from Rome to Gaul.  The Catti and Sicambri attack Drusus' camp, and are driven back. 10 CAH 10-181, wikNCD
c.10 DRUSUS Claudius Nero pursues the Catti and Sicambri, from Mogontiacum vicinity, where he sets up a supply base northeast to the lower Werra River, where a strong new camp is established. 10 wikNCD
c.10 COTINI tribe of Hallstatt Celts 1st mentioned in the  Elogium of Tusculum  as working mines in mountains among the Suevi.  They and their southeast neighbors, the Anarti, negotiate with a legate of Illyricum. 10 hifiCtn
10 DRUSUS Claudius Nero marches to the Elbe. 10 CAH 10-98
10 mid DRUSUS Claudius Nero returns to Lugdunum. 10 wikNCD
10 The MARCOMANNI are badly defeated by the Romans. 10 wikMrb
c.10 Temple of Augustus & LiviaTEMPLE of AUGUSTUS and LIVIA at Vienne built by Augustus.  Corinthian capitals.  Inscription says,  ROMAE ET AUGUSTO - CAESARI DIVI F  ("to Rome and Caesar Augustus, son of the Deity", implying son of the divine Julius Caesar).  2/3 of the east side will be rebuilt a few decades later in a different style. photo: Abderitestatos

10 vncndTAL, wymrk
10 AUGUSTUS returns from Rome to join DRUSUS in Gaul to inspect the Altar of the 3 Gauls at Lugdunum and to observe the German situation.  Drusus dedicates the altar. 11 OCD 365
11/10 CAH 10-181
10 CAH 10-98, 180, HRE 83, wikNCD
no date: B76 III-677
10 Aug 1 Ti. CLAUDIUS Drusus Nero, 2nd son of Drusus & Antonia Minor, born at Lugdunum.  Partly paralized, and believed to be stupid.  Augustus and Tiberius are in Lugdunum for this occasion. 10 B76 4-696, CDCC 208, DGRBM 1-775, GHH, IDB 1-640, OCD 245, TAWH 304, anhiCld, reCld, unrvCld, wikCld
c.10 AUGUSTUS, TIBERIUS, DRUSUS all return to Rome. 10 OCD 366, wikNCD
9 DGRBM 1-429, wikNCD
9 Jan Consul DRUSUS Claudius Nero returns from Rome to Germany. 9 B76 III-677, CAH 10-153, OCD 366
 9 Legion V Alaudae crosses the Wesser and reaches the Elbe. 9 wik5Al
 9 Consul DRUSUS Claudius Nero attacks and defeats the Cherusci, Suevi, Marcomani, the Cherusci near the Elbe. 9 OCD 366, 677, hifiMr
Drusus in 9BCE Drusus 9BCE map
c.9 MAROBODUUS, a Marcomanic noble, in Italy from ?, returns to Germany, becomes chief of the Marcomani until 37. 9 wikMrb
c.9 Consul DRUSUS Claudius Nero departs from Moguntiacum, attacks the Catti. 9 CAH 10-181
c.9 Consul DRUSUS Claudius Nero conquers the Mattiaci. 9 OCD 366, 677, hifiMr, hifiTtn, wikNCD
c.9 Sicambri, Cherusci, Suevi alliance fights Romans, and loses.  Part of the Sicambri is forced to move to the south side of the lower Rhine. 9 wikScm
c.9 Consul DRUSUS Claudius Nero advances into the Moenus (Main) Valley, drives back the Marcomani to the Elbe, where he also defeats the Cherusci, and sets up a trophy marking the limit of Roman expansion.  Drusus is thrown from his horse and breaks a leg.  Apparently his army has no competent surgeon. 9 B76 III-677, VI-605, 8-40, CAH 10-98, 181, 183, 364-5, DGRG 1-93, HRE 129, MCAW 272, OCD 366, 677, TToH, wikNCD
c.9 MAROBODUUS becomes chief of the Marcomani until 19CE, Germanics newly moved to Bohemia. 9 B76 VI-605, 639, MCAW 272, hifiMr
c.9 The UBII, pro-Roman Germanics on west bank of the lower Rhine, dedicate an altar to the imperial cult at their capital. 9 OCD 264
c.9 COTISCO, a king in DACIA from 40, ends.  COMOSICUS succeeds until 30nbsp;CE. 9 wikRTD
9 Aug DRUSUS Claudius Nero gets gangrene, and messages Tiberius in Pannonia. 9 B76 III-677, 2-371, CAH 10-98, 154, CDCC 389, DGRBM 1-1085, 3-1118, HRE 52, 130, LEWH 115, MCAW 272, OCD 75, 366, bk, wikTi
9 Sep TIBERIUS(5) Claudius Nero Caesar, in Pannonia from 12, rushes to Germany to help Drusus, and gets to him before death.  C. Caesar, age 11 accompanies. 9 CAH 10-154, 551, HRE 84, OCD 366
8 MCAW 272
9 Sep 14 2nd son of Ti. Cl. Nero & Livia, DRUSUS Claudius Nero dies of gangrene, age 29, near the Rhine, 30 days after his fall from the horse.  Rome is immediately notified. 9 B76 III-677, 2-371, CAH 10-98, 154, CDCC 389, DGRBM 1-1085, 3-1118, HRE 52, 130, LEWH 115, MCAW 272, OCD 75, 366, bk, reTi, wikCld, wikTi
9 Sep TIBERIUS takes body of Drusus to Rome, and returns to Germany to finish work begun by Drusus. 9 B76 III-677, 2-371, CAH 10-98, 154, CDCC 389, DGRBM 1-1085, 3-1118, Dur 3-217, HRE 52, 130, LEWH 115, MCAW 272, OCD 75, 366, bk, wikTi
c.9 The BOII in Bohemia are displaced by Maroboduus of the Marcomani. 9 8 B76 II-122, hifiMr
c.9 The SEMNONES, LANGOBARDS, LUGII between the Elbe and Vistula are conquered by Maroboduus. 9 8 B76 8-43
c.8 Alpine tribes are finally subjugated. 8 DGRG 2-1113
c.8 Augustus visits Gaul 4th time, accompanied by Caius and Tiberius 8 HRE 83, HRRP 4.1-118
c.8 Triumphal Arch of Augustus at Segusio in west Alps, erected by a Romanized Segusian chief to Augustus.  Still Stands. 8 HRE 94, wikSP
c.8 The MARCOMANI under Maroboduus in Bohemia from 9, extend north between the Elbe and Vistula. 8 B76 8-43
c.8 TIBERIUS(5) Claudius Nero Caesar, commander of the Rhine 9-7, first acts treacherously towards the Germans, and afterwards defeats them.  Begins campaign until 7. 8 Dur 3-217, GHH
c.8 TIBERIUS, commander of the Rhine 9-7, operates against the Sicambri.  CAIUS Caesar, age 12 accompanies. 8 CAH 10, DGRBM 1-555
c.8 TIBERIUS relocates 40,000 Sicambri and Suevi west of the Rhine. 8 CAH 10-182, GHH
c.8 TIBERIUS overruns all of Germany as victorious commander without any losses, gets all Germans but the Sicambri to agree to peace terms. 8 CAH 10-99, 182
c.8 Pont du Gard Pont du Gard Aqueduct to Nemausus, begun 19, finished.  Shown here crossing the Gardon River.  Used until c.6th cent, when lack of maintence allows it to be clogged. Photo: Benh Lieu Song

8 MCAW 273
Newer excavations suggest a construction date of 40-60CE. wikPDG
c.8 40,000 Germans deported to the Gallic side of the Rhine by Tiberius. 8 CAH 10-182
c.8 Protection of Gaul seems secured by a German buffer zone. 8 CAH 10-526
c.8 The MARCOMANNI, in northwest Bohemia and Main valley from ?, begin migrating south. 8 hifiTtn
c.7 TIBERIUS, commander of the Rhine tries a pincer movement against the Marcomani.  Moving northwest from Carnuntum fortress on the Danube with 4 legions, Tiberius goes thru Quadi land to invade the Marcomani from the east.  Meanwhile, general C. Sentius Saturninus with 2 or 3 legions departs east from Mogontiacum on the Rhine, goes thru newly annexed Hermunduri land, and attacks the Marcomani from the west.  The campaign succeeds, but Tiberius can't subdue the Marcomani because he is soon summoned to the Rhine frontier to protect Rome's new conquests in Germany. 6 wikGSS, wikTi
c.7 Consul TIBERIUS, commander of the Rhine from 9, returns victorius to Rome. 7 CAH 10-99, DGRBM 3-1118, Dur 3-217, HRE 130, wikTi
c.7 Maroboduus forms a confederation of tribes including Langobards, Lugii, Marcomanni, Quadi, and Semnones. 8-6 hifiMr
 7 L.(4) Domitius AHENOBARBUS is sent from Rome to be legate of Illyricum until 2, but is sent against the Marcomanni on the upper Rhine, where he is commander in chief until 1CE. 7 GHH, OCD 361 7-2 OCD 361
6 CAH 10-526
no date: DGRBM 1-86, wikLDA
Saturninus & Tiberius map: Cristiano64
c.6 The QUADI, subtribe of Suevi, east of the Marcomanni, first mentioned. 8-6 wikQd
c.6 After losing the Semnones and Langobardi from their confederacy, the Marcomani under Maroboduus, move en masse south across the Danube to Bohemia, pushing out the Celtic Boii, who are settled in the Hercynian forest in south Bohemia.
BOHEMIA, under La Tene culture from 450, comes under the Marcomani until 400CE.
20 rcCE
10 wikNCD 6 ooctA
c.6 Tropaeum AlpiumTROPAEUM ALPIUM "Trophy of the Alps" built in honor of Augustus to celebrate his victory over the 45 Alpine tribes between 16 and 7.
Inscription says "To the emperor Caesar Augustus, son of the deified [Julius Caesar], Pontifex Maximus, hailed as Imperator for the 14th time, in his 17th year of tribunician power, the Senate and people of Rome [built this], in commemoration that, under his leadership and auspices, all the Alpine peoples, from the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea, were submitted to the Imperium of the Roman People.
Conquered Alpine peoples".
Trumpilini, Camunni, Venostes, Vennonetes, Isarci, Breuni, Genaunes, Focunates, Vindelici, Cosuanetes, Rucinates, Licates, Catenates, Ambisontes, Rugusci, Suanetes, Calucones, Brixenetes, Lepontii, Uberi, Nantuates, Seduni, Veragri, Salassi, Acitauones, Medulli, Ucenni, Caturiges, Brigiani, Sogionti, Brodionti, Nemaloni, Edenates, Vesubiani, Veamini, Gallitae, Triullati, Ecdini, Vergunni, Eguituri, Nematuri, Oratelli, Nerusi, Velauni, Suetri
photo: Peter Gugerell

12 wikVnd
6 wikTA
c.5 ADDEDOMARUS ends.  King of the Trinovantes and Catuvellauni, at Camulodunum from 10, ends.  Son DUMNOVELLAUNUS (Dubnovellaunus), succeeds until 5 CE.  He is also king of the Canti, and rules the Coritani in Canti (Kent). 15 rcC
10 wikDbn, wikTrn 5 wikAdd
DUMNOVELLAUNUS ends.  VODENOS possibly succeeds until 15CE. 5 wikDbn, wikTrn
c.5 ROAD built from Belgica Vicus/Billig to Ara Ubiorum/Cologne. 5 CAH 10-525
c.5 ARA UBIORUM (Altar of the Ubii) sanctuary built in Oppidum Ubiorum (city of Ubii) (later Cologne) and dedicated to the goddess Roma and the Roman emperor.  High ranking Germans serve as priests. 10-1 CAH 10-527, wikAU
c.4 Cymbeline, king of Britain. 4 GHH
 4 The BATAVI are conquered by Romans. 4 hifiTtn
c.4 GLANUM in Narbonensis, under Rome from 7, founded as a colony. 4 DGRG 1-1002
Julian Bridge
photo: Hawobo
c.3 JULIAN BRIDGE built in 3 arches to allow the Via Domitia to cross River Calavon in Narbonensis.  It will be used until 2005. 3 wikPJ
c.2 2nd son of M. V. Agrippa & Julia, LUCIUS CAESAR dies in Massilia. 2 B76 18-370
c.2 L.(4) Domitius AHENOBARBUS marches from the Danube to the Elbe. 2 OCD 361
c.2 L.(4) Domitius AHENOBARBUS is 1st Roman general to cross the Elbe. 3 DGRG 1-93
c.1 L.(4) Domitius AHENOBARBUS comes to banks of the lower Elbe, meeting the fleet which had sailed up the river from the sea. 1 DGRG 1-93
c.1 Local rebellion in Germany quelled by M. Vinicius . 1 HRE 130

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