Technically these are copyrighted, but you're welcome to rip them off.  Just acknowledge me in the credits.  I probably never would have made any money off them anyway.  Philosophical brilliance is totally wasted on the theater crowd.

These are all one-acts.  The first five are arranged in order of intensity and statement explicitness (It just happened that way).  I'd recommend the same order if you produce any of them.  They're all heavy on the integrity theme, and most of them have a religious message - message about religion - not promoting it - not promoting stupid religion anyway.  You'll see.


1,870 words, 11 pages.  One of two G rated ones, and one of the few without any religious comment.  A cat catches a mouse who would rather discuss the meaning of life than escape.



2,250 words, 13 pages.  A mafia boss interviews his monsegnior on the possibility of using him for confession services.



2,450 words, 15 pages.  A dead atheist wakes up to find himself alive in a rejuvenated body.  He is questioned for the purpose of determining the state of his future existence.



4,260 words, 26 pages.  A man walks into his psychiatrist's office for therapy and discovers that he is on a theater stage (or is possibly hallucinating it).  This is generally considered my best.  If you only read one, read this one.



2,300 words, 16 pages.  A man is in one of a recurring set of dreams in which he is paralyzed from the neck down and interviewed by what may be an angel or demon.

The next three are based on Old Testament events.  If you don't know the history, you won't get them.  The combination of dorky Biblical names with modern speech patterns makes the last two a bit awkward, but I think their message justifies their existence, albeit to a limited audience.


1,800 words, 14 pages.  This is my most recent, and the only religious one that's not too profane, and possibly not even too heretical for church or synagogue production.



2,700 words, 15 pages.  Prophet Elisha, slowly dying of illness, is visited by an old acquaintance who wants to use him for social advantages.



4,460 words, 30 pages.  An explanation of the irritating passage in 2nd Samuel where a guy tries to keep the Ark from falling off a cart and God kills him for it.

The next two are set in classical Athens.


2,720 words, 17 pages.  Cynic philosopher, Diogenes, hires a prostitute to get his intellectual rocks off.  Its an early attempt to say what I said more clearly in SANITY.



The other G rated one.  This is a modern paraphrase of Plato's Euthyphro.  It's for philosophy geeks only.  Don't even think about it for a normal audience.