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Backyard Skeptics  is a Meetup group, probably the most active skeptic group in Orange County, CA.  Most of them are atheists, but they have let me participate in some of their debates against Christians, offering a 3rd alternative.  Here are videos of their debates.  On the black bar, click Streaming Video.  Then Click here to watch and select the DEBATES from the dropdown list.  I participated in 4 of them so far.

Brady Lenardos  is an intelligent and logical Scriptural inerrantist (this one a Calvinist) with whom I've had good discussions.

Masters of Divinity  offers online degree programs in all the worlds major religions.  I can't claim any personal experience with them, because I'm way too arrogant to seek anything so mundane as a divinity degree.  But they offered to trade links with me, so they must have some spiritual cojones.

AgnosticWeb.com  D H Wilson's Agnostic's Brief Guide to the Universe is good.  But in his forum he doesn't appear to value knowledge over speculation.

WrongPlanet.net  This has a religious discussion section about as good as any.

Robert M. Price was the first PhD to see the value of my book Abram.
Professor of Theology and Scriptural Studies, Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary
Founder and Editor, The Journal of Higher Criticism
Fellow, The Jesus Seminar
Executive Board Member, The Jesus Project
Fellow, The Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion
Research Fellow, Center for Inquiry Institute

For good essays go here: Truth Contest.


Act For America  Brigitte Gabriel's very active site

Apologetics Index  Research Resources on religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues

Peaceful Tomorrows  Families of 9/11 victims speak out.

Watchman Fellowship  James Walker's nondenominational Christian research and apologetics ministry

World's dumbest terrorists
Even dumbester terrorists


I had one here, but it's gone.


The following sites gave Abram good reviews:
AllBooks Reviews
Independent Book Reviewers
Story Sense

The following sites gave (or sold) me good literary criticism:
Linda Malcor
There was also Donna Peerce, but I can't find a current websites for her.

The following sites sold me good literary criticism on Abram as a screenplay before I converted it to a book:
ArtMar Productions - Marilyn Horowitz
ScriptZone - Paul Young

Mutual Links (sites that link to this site)

DiscoverTruth Blog
Religious Madness
Religious Tolerance


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Rich Griese helped me with all that PayPal insanity.  His site is Webulite.com


The following sites helped me develop my plays:
Orange County Playwrights' Alliance