Reality Course


No!  I choose to believe what I want to believe.

Then go away, and don't come back until you acknowledge both the existence of objective truth, and the importance of believing it.

Still here?   Try some questions:

Figure what out?
Why should I figure it out?
How can I figure it out?
What if I can't  figure it out?

Whats the point ?!


Figure out something that bothers you because you haven't figured it out.



Because it's in your best interest to figure it out.


I disagree!
I think I should believe what I'm told by my chosen authority.

Then go away, and believe your chosen authority until you figure out that he/she/it is unreliable, or until your authority tells you to figure things out.


1.  Acknowledge the existence of objective truth.

I don't !

Then go away.  There is no point in talking to you.

2.  Acknowledge that some objective truth can be known.

I don't !

Then go away.  There is no point in talking to you.

3.  Recognize logic as reliable for determining objective truth.

Logic is NOT reliable!
What is logical is not necessarily true.

But what is illogical is necessarily false.

Some physicists say logic is not reliable on the quantum level.

And logic says those physicists are not reliable on the quantum level.  Which has track record?.
Whenever the known laws of logic are shown to have exceptions, new laws are discovered to accommodate them.

4.  Learn logic.
5.  Learn as much of the rest of critical thinking as you can.
6.  Gather observable data.


What about written data?.

That's other people's testimony.  You observe that someone said something.  But the content is not observable data until you observe that it's true.

But it's still helpful.

Maybe.  But you won't know until you figure it out.  Believing it's helpful doesn't mean it is helpful.


Then go figure out something else.  Some things can't be figured out until something else is figured out first.

What if it can't be figured out at all?

Then try to figure out why it can't be figured out.  Meanwhile, go figure out something else.



What's the point of any of this?!  It's trivial !

The point is that we are living in a world that keeps getting insaner.  People are forgetting how to think.  And many no longer care about truth.

Yeah, well get specific.  What's the meaning of life??  Does God exist??  Say something I care about!

Working on it.  First I want to get criticism of what I have so far.  You can comment in Facebook.  Meanwhile, for more of the same kind of thing, see the Reality Course in the left column.