Put Your Life Where Your Mouth Is #2
Meet me on Mt. Carmel.

Open challenge to any theist who thinks I (Cary Cook) am wrong about any theological issue.  Ask your God (Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, whatever) to correct (by any means at his disposal) whichever of us is wrong - or just further from the truth - on said issue.  Notify me that you have done so, and state the issue.  I will ask the God to whom I am accountable to do the same.

Here are some suggestions:
You pray, Yahweh, I think Jesus made no mistakes.  If I'm wrong, please correct me as soon as possible.
I'll pray, God to whom I am accountable, I think Jesus made mistakes.  If I'm wrong, please correct me...

You pray, God/Jesus, I think my interpretation of the Bible is more correct than that of Cary Cook.  If I'm wrong...
I'll pray the reverse.

You pray, ... I think Christianity is more correct than non-scriptural monotheism. ...
I'll pray the reverse.

You're also welcome to ask for correction regardless of the cost.  I don't advise it, but if you do it, I'll match you.  If the assumed God to whom we are accountable corrects errors of people who ask for it, one of us will be corrected.

If you refuse this challenge, you have no right to contradict me on said issue, and no grounds for disagreement on it.

More issues for you to disagree with me on:
Adam was not the first human.
The Noah story is knocked off from previous Mesopotamian stories.
Jesus had a human father.
The resurrection story is a fabrication.
The God to whom we are accountable doesn't care about worship.