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10 Pontifications on Theodicy
10 Pontifications on Your Creator
A contest I didn't win
ATHEISM: the definition question
Hey Atheists !
Babylon Never Conquered Egypt
Belief is not complicated.
Beyond Pascal
Biblical Inerrancy
Burden of Proof
Categorical Relationships
Concepts & Categories
Cook's Creed
Core Differences
David Dana-Bashian Exchange
Deserved Offense
Determinism, Levels & Kinds
Emotions, Absolute & Relative
Defusing Islamic Terrorism
Epistemic Systems
Epistemology for Dummies
Extraordinary Claims
Foundation of Ontological Reality
Figure It Out
Genesis 1 "Literal" Translation
God Perfect?
God in the Pledge of Allegiance
Human Being - Definition
Humility is not Integrity
I believe in Jesus
Justice Algorythm
Justice, Law, Mercy, & Grace
Knowledge Definition
Knowledge Outlined
List of Statements Agreed On
Logical vs. Rhetorical Arguments
Meaning of Life?
Non-scriptural Monotheism
NSM Presentation
Best Argument Against NSM
Nothing is Ambiguous
Objective Morality
Offense: Deserved
Opposite:  Negativity vs. Absence
Pledge of Non-evasion
Prayer Test
Pride, Humility & the Bible
Principles of Critical Thinking
The Problem of the Problem of Evil
Professional Philosophers Are Sellouts
Put Your Life Where Your Mouth Is
Reasons for Doing Good
Resurrection & Rolling Stones
Toy Story:  the Prequel
Transcendental Argument for God
    TAG according to Cary
Truth Seekers, Lie Swatters, etc.
Tyre:  The Not So Amazing Prophesy
Ultimate Truth
Understanding Religionists
"Word of God"
Worldview Coherency
Zeno's Bogus Paradox